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Bayou boys

By: Cody Stewart and Grant English

One day John and I were going to check our gator lines. Then my friend Jo-Jo called us over. John and I hopped out the boat to see Jo-Jo and he was crying. Jo-Jo told us that a big ole’ gator had snatched his dog off the bank. He said, “If ya’ll boys catch this big gator for me ill give yall a 100 dollars a piece”. So John and I set off to check our lines for the big gator. John and I were feeling good about today’s hunt. The first line we came to is down and thought we got the big gator we are looking for. John reaches down to grab the gator line and started slowly pulling the line up. He said, “Oh boy this fells like a big one boy”. I started to load up my 22 pistol as he pulled it up. I seen the gators head surface then POW!!!!. As we pulled the gator up that’s when we realized it was not the gator we have been looking for. So we set off to check our next line.

After twenty minutes of riding we arrived at our next line. We started to ease to the line and John pointed out our bait pole was broke in half. John started to pull the line up out the water and that’s when the fight started. I had my pistol ready to shoot at any second. John said shoot so I pulled up my pistol and let it rip. Boy I think we got the gator we have been hoping for. John and I started to pull the gator up on the boat; with a massive size of thirteen feet weighing 800 hundred pounds.

“Jo-Jo is going to be proud of us”, John said. “Oh yes he will”, I exclaimed. John said, “let’s role out of here and get this to Jo-Jo” So we set off back to Jo-Jo’s house to cook the gator. We finally got to Jo-Jo’s and he was hysterical about us catching the gator. We cleaned the gator and cooked him for the whole swamp. So we set off again to catch some more gators.


Bayou Boys  

Short Story