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Name: Gregar Age: unknown Hobbies: unknown Pokedex: ??? Extra Info: Not much is known about this boy except for the fact that he likes minecraft and joined this magazine group against his will. (May or may not be semi related to a person who can or can’t be maybe Han Baker.)

Name: Felix/ Hardstyleforlife21 Age: 15 Hobbies: Listening to Dubstep, Hardstyle, Playing old and new games... Playing Minecraft and hanging with my “Son” Gio. Extra Info: Dubstep is his life. He loves Skrillex , Deadmau5, (pronounced Dead Mouse for those noobs out there) random rave videos, and anything that doesn’t involve schoolwork.

Name: Octavia/ SkyeBlue Age: 14 (youngest in the group.) Hobbies: Anime, video gaming, being a nerd, cats Extra Info: Mario and Sonic lovers unite! This girl loves video games and anime so much it’s not even funny. Seriously, she does. She was born with an Nintendo 64 in her hands.

Name:Angie/ Da PurpleNinja Age: 14 (15 in January) Hobbies: Anime, manga, Portal, dubstep, being an idiot, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Pokedex: What’s that? Extra Info: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope, just Chuck Testa. Just kidding, it’s just Angie. This fantard loves all things related to the internet memes and anime. Now give her a PS3. She needs it.


It’s been a long journey for us, but we’ve finally made it. Our first (and possibly last) issue of Mega-Tainment. After many hardships and many blunders, we bring this magazine to you from the bottom of our gaming hearts. We highly appreciate you, the readers, for picking up our magazine, for we have but only one main purpose with many small purposes: we want to spread the knowledge of many unknown forms of entertainment, such as many small video game companies, anime, manga and dubstep. These are forms of entertainment that are becoming more widely known around the world and espsecially the United States. Once again, thank you for reading and hope to see you again soon!


The Heroes of Megaman

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krillex is a multi talented, make sure to have your speakers turned multi project one-man maALL THE WAY UP! It’s a great song. Like chine. He is versed in many in Jay-Z’s and Kanye West’s Song “Who different genres including Dub Gon’ Stop Me” they try to put Dubstep in Step, Drum & Bass, Electrothe background but what they don’t realize House. If you don’t know who Skrillex is that Dubstep is mostly focused on the is you should go search up Dubstep but beat with few vocals in the back so they beware there are some crappy versions of poorly portrayed it in this song and that’s what people think are Dubstep, Either a bad image for Dubstep. As mentioned for first time listeners or long time fans earlier Skrillex made a song with corn that people realize Dubstep is becoming more mixes metal with Dubstep and Electro Mainstream. That’s not good for the genre House music called ”Narcissistic Cannibal” because it damages roots of this type of With a sound that is playing a vital role in music at least for the people who do it changing the face of the music industry, wrong. Skrillex’ latest collaboration with KoRn and Kill the Noise is undeniably epic, Dubstep is an art that too many people unquestionably vengeful, and infused with think they can do but can’t. Listen to the darkest feelings of rage, fear and doubt. an actual Dubstep artist like Skrillex he has these sick drops that can really be pointed out and even a famous video for “Skrillex & company have taken things to his song “Equinox” but recently he has the next level with their Mothership Tour. made a track with Korn mixing in some Between the 3D mapping light show, moDubstep called “Narcissistic Cannibal”. In tion capture, and phenomenal support acts my opinion it sounds cool and as long as (12th Planet, Nadastrom, Dillon Francis, Skrillex approves it’s good to me but it’s Steve Duda, Foreign Beggars, etc) its hard not good when other rappers or regular not to file this tour under major success. I people try to do it themselves. He’s so popular he even performed a show in the can’t imagine where they’re going to take 2011 Austin City Limits. Joshua Steele, things from here but I have a hunch they’re known professionally as Flux Pavilion, is going to disprove all the non-believers and an English Dubstep producer and DJ. He blow the lid off the game” Says T3RR0R is the co-founder of Circus Records, along from with Doctor P and DJ Swan-E. He is best known for his 2011 single “Bass Cannon”, which peaked at number 56 on the UK Singles Chart, and was placed on the Radio Dive into this new hybrid fusion of Dub1 A-List. Along with Doctor P, Flux Pavilstep, electro and nu-metal, and make sure ion presented the 2011 compilation album to have your speakers turned ALL THE Circus One, to which he contributed four WAY UP! It’s a great song. tracks. In August 2011 his track “I Can’t Many people make their own custom Stop” was sampled by producer Shama tracks and put them on YouTube and for “Sak Pase” Joseph for hip-hop album, first time listeners of Dubstep they might Watch the Throne by Jay-Z and Kanye get the wrong first impressions of Dubstep West later mentioned in this article. by these crappy custom Dubstep songs. As mentioned earlier Skrillex made a song For example there’s “Rebecca Black – with corn that mixes metal with Dubstep Friday Anal Filth Dubstep Remix” It has and Electro House music called ”Narcissisa great drop but its focus is retarded and tic Cannibal” With a sound that is playing its really inappropriate at the drop. There’s a vital role in changing the face of the muthis other one that’s pretty funny and gets sic industry, Skrillex’ latest collaboration stuck in my head it’s Peanut Butter Jelly with KoRn and Kill the Noise is undeniTime Luke Da Duke Dubstep Remix It has ably epic, unquestionably vengeful, and innice vocals and a great drop. fused with the darkest feelings of rage, fear and doubt. Dive into this new hybrid fusion of Dubstep, electro and nu-metal, and

10 Dubstep songs you should hear! 10.Dj Fresh: Gold Dust Flux Pavilion Remix 9.Alpha Twins: Spank My Derb 8.Flux Pavilion: Hold Me Close 7.This is dubstep by KeNG 6. Infected Mushroom: Vicous delicous 5.UFK Podcast 4 Circus Records 4.Skrillex: Reptile 3.Deadmau5: Raise Your Weapons 2.Blue Foundation: Eyes On Fire Zeds Dead Remix 1.Skrillex: Scary Monsters and nice sprites

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ave you ever started fighting a boss in Legend of Zelda and suddenly realized that you are holding the wrong weapon but, you can’t easily change it? Did you ever want to see the golf ball in Wii sports so you can aim and get the last putt? Have you ever thought that the Wii was missing something? the answer to your prayers is here, the WiiU is now here. The WiiU is coming out Spring next year and will be the Wii’s newest and best invention. Starting in the year 2012 the wiiU will stop the end of the world and save all of humanity. It controls the Wii and is fully compatible. It has a new variety of game play and menus so as to not clutter up the screens with facts you don’t need right quick. The WiiU has a built in camera on both sides, a gyroscope (like the 3DS), A 6” touch screen, and built in Wii controllers. It is fully compatible with original

Shield Pose in which you catch arrows with your WiiU. Now that’s all great right? Not to some people. Why should we buy it? It has no real purpose and I am fine with my Playstation or xbox. It’s going to be super expensive and not actually worth the money to play any games because they will all be boring. Wrong, wrong, wrong! If you play with the Wii you get health benefits from the exercise. It will have games that will be far beyond the coolness of

STARTING IN THE YEAR 2012 THE WIIU WILL STOP THE END OF THE WORLD AND SAVE ALL OF Wii controllers and has even more interesting Wii made games to play with, some of which are chaseMii, BattleMii, and Sheild Pose. ChaseMii is a Mario like game in which one person is chased by other people where the first person uses the WiiU and the other people use the tv screen. BattleMii is a metroid like game where you try to shoot a ship down controlled by the WiiU. Another is Mario in which your Mii character gets to play. And

playstation and xbox. Wait for about a few months and it will be cheap enough. It in itself is purpose to make all games have the most enhanced gameplay ever so don’t skip out! I think this will be better than any puny little game systems that have been made (except for the gameboy) and will be the one should-bebought-item.

For more info on the WiiU go to: http:// GAMES TO LOOK FOR


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Art and Story By Angela Douglin Brushes by their respectable owners

By Angela Douglin


nilguoD alegnA yB Why manga should be shouldn’t be changed from right-to-left format and the consequences of doing such.


anga; a Japanese style comic book. Usually written in small books, or published with other titles in a manga magazine (ex: Shonen Jump), these comics are becoming increasingly popular in the US. Written in a right-to-left format, it may seem confusing at first, but over time it becomes second nature to readers. Some readers might even say that they prefer reading this way over the regular American way. However, since 2002, some manga publishing companies started “flipping” manga to read left-to-right, despite the preferred right-to-left reading format by fans. This process of flipping manga has begun to anger fans and the original manga artists. Manga should be right to left, and not left to right. One of the main reasons why flipping is considered “forbidden” in the manga world is the fact that it ruins artwork in the story. How you ask? Well the answer is simple; flipping mirrors every character in the manga, change the entire layout and design of a character. For example, if a main character had an asymmetrical hairstyle on their right side of their face, it would then be on their left. Not only does this change the total idea of the character that the artist had in mind, it may even make a character look like that of another (ex: if she had a twin with asymmetrical hair too or if there is a similar looking character in a totally different anime). This confuses readers (it may even anger some die-hard anime fans), and angers and frustrated the original manga artist. My second reason behind this subject is that it offends the original manga artist. The artist, called the mangaka, will publish their manga in the format to which they want it to be read. They have been some that let publishing companies around the globe know that they are free to flipped or left alone, but most will want them to be kept in the original format. The people or groups of people (in some cases) that flip manga (they do this through a process of scanning the manga pages and flipping the order, or scanlations) will do so without consent of the artist. Of course,

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common sense tells you not to do something you’re not supposed to, but in legal terms, if something is not yours (that will be the manga in this case), then you do not alter it in any way, fashion or form. Flipping manga also proves that Americans would rather make things the way we want them instead of preserving the original. “I might be farther into it (a manga) if this thing were ‘flipped’, but its layout been kept the way it was in Japan, so I have to read it left-to-right,” said Tom Pinchuk on He later goes on to say, “I do understand the thinking behind this - - the effort to preserve the mangaka’s (meaning the artist of the manga) original intent - - but it makes the whole thing more difficult to follow than it needs to be, in my eyes.” I believe everyone has a right to their own opinion, and that everyone has their preference to reading manga, but this is ignorant and lazy. I can see why you would rather read left-toright is you have a hard time understanding the right-to-left format, but if you’re just too lazy to learn how to read it a different way, then you’re just making excuses. While the intentions of flipping manga are to make them easier on American readers, it instead only makes things more complicated and unnecessary in the long run. Like I stated before, it ruins the artwork and angers the original artist, but it also can end up in lawsuits and illegal activity. The only way to really make things easier on readers is to have the manga in the original format. They may not understand it at first, but it’s better than getting sued or flipping the content illegally. And at the end of the day, they learn a little bit more about the culture of Japan.

Roll is the caretaker of the Light house hold. She was also made by Doctor Light, and the brother of Proto and Mega Man. Her weapons are a broom, a vacuum hand that shoots lasers, and a single shot mega buster.

The main character in the series is Megaman. Megaman, also known as the blue-bomber or his human name Rock Light, Can shoot beams out of his cannon, and can asorb beaten bosses powers. He can combine with his dog Rush and his bird Beat. He was created by Doctor Light and his ‘sister’ is Roll and his Brother is Proto Man

Above is Eddie the robot created by Dr. Light and, when called, Drops random weapon power ups. When he is Super Eddie, a robot named Auto comes out his top and can sell items to Megaman. The above is Beat. Beat is a robot bird made by Dr. Cossak to Megaman for saving his daughter. Megaman can combine with Beat to make himself more powerful. To the right is Dr. Light. Dr. Light worked with Dr. Wily until Dr. Wily became evil. He created Megaman, Protoman, Roll, Eddie, Rush, and the robot masters, Elecman, Bombman, Iceman, Gutsman, Flameman and Cutman.

Above is Rush, the robot dog that assists Megaman throughout the game. He can become a jet, a submarine or a space ship to aid Megaman through his journey. When he combines with Megaman, he becomes the Rush Power Adapter which lets Megaman shoot his hand out as an attack and break blocks.

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By Octavia Brown

Why Sonic Colors didn’t succeed in topping Sonic Unleashed.


et me tell you a little story about what I’m going to talk about. It was winter, sometime around Christmas and my brother wanted a game called Sonic Colors© which is for the Nintendo Wii. It had just come out, and it was around $50 to $60. We waited a few days, at least until my father was paid, then they went to Target to buy the game for him. He was excited, and I felt that it was worth the money to get the game for him because I wanted the game too. It was fun for the first week, but then the next week, he beat the story mode. That is when I felt like the game was a waste of money, since it was so short and easy. First off, I would like to say that I’m not really saying that it’s something else that makes sonic colors a waste of time and money, it’s just the length of the story and the difficulty of the levels that I’m giving criticism to. I mean, the level design is beautiful, but some of the levels could be a bit longer and some could be a bit more difficult. According to the review on, which says “You might finish all the levels (there are seven for each of the six main zones) in about 10 hours, but you’re encouraged to improve your score and rank in each by collecting more rings, stars, and wisps, as well as improving your time and seeking out the alternative routes through the mostly linear levels.” I’d say that I agree, but it does get tiring when you do that so

many times just to get your money’s worth in game length. Now I would like to set aside the regular levels and address the boss battles of the game, which I think are the most disappointing. In the game, there are two boss battles that repeat almost back to back, with only onetwo battles in-between. Now I would hate to say this, but I think that was very sloppy and that the programmers could defiantly do better than to repeat these boss fights. Usually, the player has to fight different boss battles at every stage and at times fight all of them at the final level, but they didn’t do that in this game. I do consider that they might have not had enough time to create original bosses for each stage, but it still isn’t smart to do that. Lastly, I will share that I think collectables shouldn’t be in the game to replace the single-player length and experience. To tell you the truth, there is not many collectables at all. All you really can do that is worth something in the game is collecting the multiplayer levels and collect the red rings. So really, not all of the game play is that great anyway. So, I’ll just repeat this before closing off, I really love everything else that’s in the game. It’s just the length of the game that I don’t like, and that it was way too easy to beat to say that I bought it for fifty dollars. I would say that it’s worth about thirty to forty dollars. That’s why next time, I’ll wait

for a while after the game comes out and read a review on it to see if it’s any good.

More Facts About • Sonic meets little aliens called Wisps, and there are different types assorted by color. In the Wii version of the game, there are 8 different wisps: Cyan, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple and Orange. • The gameplay consists of both side-scrolling and third-person perspecives.


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Screenshot taken and edited by Octavia Brown

Battlefield 3


n average evening to you could sound like this; doing homework, chores, eating dinner and going to bed. However, there are kids that go by this routine: doing homework, chores, going on missions in order to create peace for all, then eating dinner and going to bed. The difference between these two is simple, one plays a First Person Shooter game and the other does not. Kids and teens from about 12-20 years old are most interested in video games and most are playing First Person Shooters (FPS). From the very first FPS, “Maze-war” to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, FPS games have been a hit since their very existence, and these teens set an example of that. The teens of LBJ at times play video games, but when they do, it would be a

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FPS for sure. A large fraction of the LBJ boys has at least one FPS, while others have more. “I say whoever doesn’t know about [Call of Duty] is stupid,” says young freshman Chris Jones. He played a few FPS games before, but his specialty is Call of Duty. “It’s a shame if someone has never even heard of it.” However, as it may not seem, some people do not know that some of the other games that they play could possibly be a FPS. “Portal is a first person shooter? I would have never guessed. I thought it was just a regular action game,” freshman Stephen Hunter claims. Even though you might not think it, a game could be a FPS unless you search online or it says it directly on the case. It is always good to check, or you will be in a big surprise.

I think that whoever doesn’t know about [Call of Duty] is stupid.

“I don’t really know how the game plot goes, but I do have a good time playin’ it.” Chris Jones says. This shows that even though you might not know the plot of the game, the fun part is the actual playing. Plus, the overall feel of a FPS game makes playing it enjoyable, because the creators make it seem like you’re in the game itself. “The Call of Duty games make it seem like you’re in an actual war,” says Stephen Hunter. The multiplayer part of the game is the main feature of FPSs. “I usualy play the online version, because it’s more fun to play with people over the internet,” Chris Jones claims.

is Call of Duty. “It’s a shame if someone has never even heard of it.” The multiplayer part of the game is the main feature of FPSs. “I usualy play the online version, because it’s more fun to play with people over the internet,” Chris Jones claims.

• A lot of first person shooters people are familiar with are games like Call of Duty, Halo and Battlefield. • Some people are not familiar with other FPS games like Delta-Force and Catacombs • Minecraft, Portal and Half-life are FPS games, despite what you think.

However, as it may not seem, some people do not know that some of the other games that they play could possibly be a FPS. “Portal is a first person shooter? I would have never guessed. I thought it was just a regular action game,” freshman Stephen Hunter claims. Even though you might not think it, a game could be a FPS unless you search online or it says it directly on the case. It is always good to check, or you will be in a big surprise. An average evening to you could sound like this; doing homework, chores, eating dinner and going to bed. However, there are kids that go by this routine: doing homework, chores, going on missions in order to create peace for all, then eating dinner and going to bed. The difference between these two is simple, one plays a First Person Shooter game and the other does not. Kids and teens from about 12-20 years old are most interested in video games and most are playing First Person Shooters (FPS). From the very first FPS, “Mazewar” to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, FPS games have been a hit since their very existence, and these teens set an example of that. The teens of LBJ at times play video games, but when they do, it would be a FPS for sure. A large fraction of the LBJ boys has at least one FPS, while others have more. “I say whoever doesn’t know about [Call of Duty] is stupid,” says young freshman Chris Jones. He played a few FPS games before, but his specialty

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Anime has been popular in the U.S since the 90s, and the Internet continues to keep it popularity grow. There is an approximate total of 30-50 million anime fans in America alone, and at least half of those people attempt to draw anime in their own style at one point in time. What makes it so popular? What encourages people (the majority being early teens, and most of that is girls) to draw anime? Octavia, Harmony, and Mimi, three 9th grade anime artist will lead us on their journey of how they got into anime and what encouraged them to draw it.

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For each of these three girls, their love of anime started at a young age, ( about 5 years old), with the introduction series being Sailor Moon, (a very popular series for young girls in the 90s). This was their first taste of the gigantic “feast” of anime. They branched out from there, moving on to other anime shows years later, reading manga, and eventually drawing fan pictures of their favorite characters or making their own. Mimi, a 14 year old at LASA got into anime at a young age, and started reading manga during middle school. She says the reason she got into was “I kinda grew up watching anime...around middle school... I kinda got obsessed with it.” She began, like Harmony and Octavia, drawing her own anime in 6th grade. At first, she just drew eyes and practiced, but eventually she went further as she improved. “I got better!” she said, comparing her work now to her earlier drawings. She even went so far as to go and a graphic tablet for her computer and work on Photoshop. Now

for her, anime and and drawing are a bit of a hobby. Unlike our other two artists, going to work in the anime field is only a possibility for her. “I would like to work in the anime field but I would probably prefer to work in the Japanese field. But my plans on that I major in the Japanese language and minor in arts...”. Despite this, she enjoys drawing and anime to the fullest. “Anime is awesome...”. Right now, she is currently trying to improve on her anime and start working with traditional media like color pencils and Sumie ( Japanese ink paintings). Her favorite anime is Neon Genesis Evangelion. Harmony, also a 9th grader at LASA, got started into it thanks to her sister watching Sailor Moon in the mornings, and

Neon Genesis Evangelion

t’s approximately 2:40 in Ms. Brosche English class, and 9th grader Octavia Brown is sketching away at a new character she just made not to long ago. She draws and erases her drawing with such concentration and precision that you would think that she’s working on some project for school. “Um, Octavia, do you mind putting that away while we’re in class..?” Ms. Brosche says, pointing at the sketch. She puts away, feeling just a bit sad at not being able to finish her picture. She is just one of the anime artists in LASA high school, each with their own indivual styles and interests in the subject.

Sakura Pens: Good quality pens for inking your finished drawings. Avaiable at Jerry’s Artarama, Set of 6 for Prismacolor Colored Pencils: Thick leads and a varity of colors for richly colored pictures. Faber Castel Pens: Another good brand of inking pens for drawings. Copic Markers: Excellent quality markers that creates a airburshed effect when used in a certain way. Very pricey (over $300), but worth it.

returned to it around 4th grade, watching Naruto, Death Note, Fruits Baskets, and others. “ I started just kinda flipping through TV I saw this yellow haired dude and I saw him fighting this ninjas and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, what is this magic?”’,

Death Note

she said, describing her first time watching Naruto. From there, it went on to watching more and more anime. “It went on forever.” After watching so much, she attempted to start drawing anime, but gave up and started up again in 6th grade ( Harmony said she stopped because people were better than her and she felt like she wasn’t good enough She was just drawing character from the shows that she watched but, “I realized, ‘Hey drawing, it’s fun!’” and started making her own characters. To her, anime is “awesomeness” that she just

had to watch and create herself. And to further draw it this love of “the awesomeness”, she plans on becoming a graphic designer, video game animator, or an animator when she gets older. Her favorite anime is Death Note. Last but not least, we have Octavia. She enjoys the “cute” side of anime. For her, she started watching it in 6th, contrary to everyone else watching anime at a young age. “During the school year is when I started watching anime and reading manga, and during the summer I started drawing it.” Also, she feels like she developed her own anime style, and she likes and thinks it’s good. However, she feels like her anime is developing slow, compared to other artist. Despite this, she doesn’t feel like it should change. “It’s still like overall the same and I like it.” Her favorite anime is Full Moon wo Sagashite. Each girl liked anime and manga for their own reasons. Mimi liked it because she thought it was cool and drew her own because she got “obsessed” with it. Harmony loved the “awesomeness” and

wanted to create it herself. Octavia just thought it was really cute and awesome and wanted to try it out. Though all these reasons are different, they all conclude to one present theme; the love of anime. Why and when it happens if different for everyone, (that is, if it ever interest someone or not...). But regardless, your love for it will grow, and who knows? You just end up like these girls, drawing your own characters and making plans for the future that involve it.

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The Underground Transformation The “Underground Music” Changed His Life Story and photos by: Felix Martinez

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arly in the morning this 15 year old with red highlights is blaring his “underground” music from his cell phone speakers with his friends in the band hall of Lyndon Baines Johnson High School in Austin, Texas. Often other students walk by and look at him weird but maybe they don’t know what he thinks about his music. Giovanni A. says this music changed his life in many ways. He listens to his music in and out of school and doesn’t care what people think he spends time with people that respect him and he could care less because its what keeps him calm and chill and what introduced him into all his new friends. “Yeah it introduced me to my best friend, my girlfriend Rosemary and tons of other people I hang out with now, it changed my life home and school I listen to it to calm me down because i can just put in my headphones and drift off into my thoughts.” Many people often wonder what got him into Dubstep and Hardstyle. There are many different ways and reasons friends, but the reason he started liking it was just searching youtube. “The reason I got interested in Hardstyle was because I saw a video of Moonboy and when I heard megatron I knew Dubstep was the next good thing.” It’s weird for someone to walk down the hall and just here a lot of bass coming out of speakers or blasting from someones head phones. Someone can only wonder does anyone judge him for listening to his music? “Yeah but I could care less I hang out with people that’ll like me and

Gio and his friends all hanging out at LBJ lunch

respect me, people often judge before they even give me a chance just because of my apearance and crowd I hang with but that’s gonna happen all my life so I’ll just be around people who accept me.” Why just stick to Dubstep and Hardstyle when there’s so many different kinds of underground music? “I listen to house music and Tektonik but tektonik’s not as interesting as the other two mostly because the only way to really dance to it is hand movements I like something with a little more creative dance.” Why should this music be classified as “Underground Music” when a lot of people listen to it on the regular? “I listen to this so called “Underground music but I see it as my music because I listen to it on the regular, to be honest it’s becoming more popular might not be the best songs but I don’t think it’s classified as “undergound” if it’s coming out in some of the newest songs.” There are some amazing Hardstyle and Dubstep dancers out in the world, ever put your time and effort into trying to learn? “Yeah but there’s so many different steps in the Melbourne Shuffle I mean its fun to learn and I’m slowly progessing and dubstep the dancing it’s way to complicated for me.” This music changes so much of your teenage years do you want it to keep going on even through your adult years? “When I grow up I want to try to be a DJ it would be really cool and is kind’ve my dream so I could make and show off the music I love and be arpound people who respect me and look up to me instead of a lot of the people that are around me now.”

Gio and his girlfriend Rosemary

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1. Mechanical and Ticonderoga pencils I recommend 0.5 lead because the thin lines are perfect for sketching, but 0.7 lead is good too. Just don’t use 0.9, the lead is way too thick and if you’re drawing small details, like strands of hair, it’ll come out badly. For those of you who prefer wooden pencils, Ticonderoga works best, (it is “the world’s best pencil”). The eraser cleans everything, which is pretty good for a pink eraser. They also have hard leads, and they’re not so easy to break. 2. Online Tutorials and How-to-Draw books This is how most manga artists (including myself) teach themselves how to draw. Learn from a lot of sources, it helps for seeing the variety in anime so you can develop your own style. How-to-Draws books are ok, but if you’re gonna get one, go through it first before you buy. It would be bad if you waste your money on a book that has a bad (or cheap, as I call it) anime style or teaches you something that you already know. 3. Erasers!! MOST. IMPORTANT. THING. EVER! The best erasers are the white ones, since they erase all lines, without leaving any stray marks (as long as you buy the right kind). Pink erasers are good, but you shouldn’t but cheap ones, for they may leave stray pink marks everywhere and ruin your picture.

No matter who you ask, read, or see, everyone will tell you this. You can’t master any talent without practicing every so often. Draw your anime eyes, shade your drawing, perfect your coloring technique, and so on. Even sketching a picture everyday will help get better at drawing. Doing this will also show you how you progress everyday and how your style develops. (Trust me, this is what I did, and my style changes just every week.) If you don’t see much progress i your work, don’t get angry or frustrated. Be patient, for developing your anime style takes years. (FYI, I’ve been drawing since I was a child, and doing anime since ‘08, so I progress fairly fast.) 5. Most importantly, don’t ever give up! If you enjoy drawing anime, you shouldn’t quit on it. Sure, if you change your mind about it that’s ok, but you shouldn’t quit your dreams because people make fun of you/ don’t approve of it, or because people tell you “You can’t do it, you suck.” Don’t listen to those people that put down. Surround yourself with people that support you and your talents. Good luck and I hope this helps!

4. Practice practice practice

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o at the start of Minecraft you start with absolutely nothing so you should immediately start on trying to make a house if not your permanent one then one for the first night with all the updates now you can’t just kill animals and expect them to spawn you have to grow a wheat farm collect the wheat then breed the animals just to get more food so your food bar won’t go all the way down but there’s a way to do all of this without the risk of dying and that’s going to your menu and switching to peaceful but not in Hardcore

Mode! Mojang put in a new game mode called Hardcore and let me tell you it is so beyond epic. You only get one life. This is different because on normal survival you can die and just continue on from your spawn point or bed. Some things taken out of hardcore mode are coordinates, respawning, seed #, and being able to change the difficulty. It’s so much fun because you have to fight and fight just to stay alive at night (unless you have a bed) and cave systems are so much more dangerous. Holy crap a creeper! It’s so much harder it’s nearly impossible to explore without caution and only pro’s should go to the nether and/or the end.

I suggest this for those who want the real life experience in Minecraft and don’t mind doing all of this for the sense of adventure and danger even though you’ll just end up dying. I sadly found 7 daimond then ran from creepers dug my self into safety then dug down into a giant ravine and died and that was the end of my adventure. Try surviving for a long time and from then on you can make personal records for yourself You can buy Minecraft at for about 25-30 dollars or get the cracked version like I did! I really suggest buying the full game because it’s just plain amazing for those who like a challenge (even a creative mode for noobs).


Wheat farm for breeding

Map so you don’t get lost

Animal farm for food supply

What 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Character Are You?

What is your favorite genre of music? a. Rock! b. I like any love song. c. Heavy Metal d. Rap

What is your favorite color?

7. 8.

a. Blue b. Pink c. Black d. Red

Personality type?

What mood are you usually in? a. Relaxed b. Cheerful c. Determined d. Pessimistic

What are people’s first impressions of you? a. Reckless, Carefree and much like the wind b. Feminine with aggressive behavior c. Protective and aggressive d. Dark and mysterious

a. Carefree b. Obsessive c. Protective d. Serious

What do you do in your free time? a. I chill out by doing whatever I want b. Fantasize about my love c. Protect my treasure d. Read, listen to my music, anything I can do alone

What is most important to you? a. The lives of others b. My love c. My treasure d. Nothing...


If you could go anywhere in any time span, where would you go? a. I would stay in the present and go where ever I please b. I would go where ever my love goes c. I would stay here and protect my treasure d. I would go where I made mistakes

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You are Sonic the Hedgehog! You like the wind; unpredictable and is always at some other place and never congregates in one location for too long. You are a carefree, easy going, and laidback young hedgehog who likes nothing more than to just venture across the endless boundaries of the world and enjoy their prized freedom. This is probably why you’re not too interested in dating.

You are Amy Rose! You are hopelessly obsessed with whoever your crush is, although they might not feel the same way. Whenever you’re not obsessing, you are positive, protective, erratic, cheerful attitude and optimistic urge to pull the team together is always beneficial to the cast. But like the person whom you seem to love, your temper can at times be just as short. The sassy, quick-witted temper of yours is mostly accentuated vocally in the form of taunting and verbal slurs.

Mostly A’s Mostly B’s

You are Knuckles the Echidna! Mostly You are like the mountain: stern, and unmovable. As long as you could remember, you was just sitting there protecting the Master Emerald at the shrine on Angel Island. This sworn duty, which you have made a well-defended allegiance to, has caused You to grow into a rather antisocial, reclusive individual; you are a loner by nature. You are very uncaring, coldly honest, egotistical, wild-tempered, and generally hard to get along with


You are Shadow the Hedgehog! You are a person with ambition, to put it simply. With a wit and conduct as crude, sharp, and fast as your physical ability, you are definitely not an individual whose buttons are to be pressed. You are as serious as a heart attack and is usually very quiet and reserved, but when necessary, you are quick to throw in your 2 cents, no matter how coldly honest it is. You are not often the type to make a quick yarn or is very jocular. In many ways, you are the polar opposite of Sonic (except for the ego; you can both be rather full of yourselves). If anything, only physically are you similar to the blue blur.


Mostly D’s

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megatainment final mag