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MARCH 6, 2003

CONTENTS COVER STORY 8 Nudity: The Bare Truth LOCAL NEWS 6 Wildfire by Joseph W. Bean

Is Your Home Fire Safe? by Denise Laitinen

SURF & SPORTS Lose those tan lines - P. 8 11 Munro Wins Quiksilver 12 Lisa Andersen Goes DEPARTMENTS Hollywood WCT 2003 Pro Trials in Australia by Jesse Faen

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Maui Musician/Songwriter Gail Swanson by Rita Sakajian




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MARCH 6, 2003





Although Spirit of the Dance is an International sensation, from what country does the show originate?

ONE WEEK ONLY! MARCH 19-23, 2003 • Maui Arts & Cultural Center CALL 528-0506! Tickets also available at the Hawaii Theatre Box Office.

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MARCH 6, 2003


LETTERSTOTHE EDITOR HERE WE GO AGAIN! After the new administration’s appointment of Mike Foley to head of the planning department, we saw a new power play of anti growth and anti development immediately flying off the desk of our new director. Now the Mayor has nominated Diane Shepard as a candidate on the planning commission. What an insult and poor judgment for our future of Maui County. Diane has spoken up against every project, sub division, residence or just about any project that would bring jobs to our local community, and in my opinion, has very poor judgment for determining the future for our county. Maui needs sustainable growth and fiscal health if we are to continue to provide a future for our local people to remain here. The attitude of "I can come and live here but no one else can" has got to go. The new administration’s ideas of “no growth” will hurt us all and put a lot of families in financial hardship. Only through sheer numbers objecting to these types of people being appointed can we make a difference. Contact your Mayor, planning commission, and local representatives and voice your opposition to these types of decisions that are trying to be made under our noses. Watch for Diane Shepard's council confirmation hearing in the paper and please come and voice your objection. Maui will grow, and how to plan for the island's future growth is in our hands and should not be left to the few people who wish to have everybody suffer financial hardship from zero growth instead of smart sustainable growth. -Steve W. Kear Concerned businessman and resident

WAR & PEACE COMMENTARY Let me get this straight, for 12 years we have had an economic embargo against Iraq, which is just doublespeak for let’s just starve the bastards out. Let's not mince words, in the last 12 years we have been instrumental in the destruction of a once thriving economy. I am sure that this was no easy feat until the USA donated a trillion dollars to Saddam during the Reagan era. A majority of the weapons including chemical weapons were given with our good graces. We knew exactly what weapons we were going up against during the Gulf War, we knew those Scud missiles couldn’t hit the broad side of barn if you tried. Shit, they were lucky to hit Israel - let alone an F-14 or whatever we wanted to throw at them. We knew this was just a way to clean out the old Inventory, target practice, video games - an excuse for the Pentagon to appropriate more of your hard-earned tax dollars, about 75% of your dollars to be exact. Yeah, we knew exactly what Saddam had; we knew what he could do and what we wanted to do. WE really didn't give a damn about Kuwait. Kuwait is no democracy. No, in fact, it is very much like America

- a Plutocracy - except there, they don't pretend to have personal freedom, or freedom of the press. Kuwait was an excuse, a decoy for our Destabilization theory for the Middle East. You see, we haven't hurt the Iraqi people enough, there are still some children and old people left. In fact, I would venture to say that we have hurt the innocents of Bagdad, more than Saddam has, with our Embargo. For the last 12 years we have been bombing their country - now that’s a real Christian thing to do. Don't you agree? Let’s take a look at how old Saddam is going to level his weapons of mass destruction upon us. He hasn’t got a Navy, does he? We have pretty much destroyed his Air Force and I can't see him flying 8000 miles with no gas stations along the way carrying a bomb, can you? We're accusing Saddam of violations of international laws, and right around the corner, a convicted war criminal by the name of Sharon is doing everything that we are supposedly afraid Saddam will do, right now: ethnic cleansing, land-grabbing, occupation, a violation of countless UN resolutions. Let’s not be nice, Murder, with weapons of Mass Destruction, upon a people armed with stones and human bodies so despondent that they turn themselves into human bombs, now that is a threat to Freedom. Israel, qualifies as a Rogue nation with capabilities of Mass Destruction in violation of not only UN resolutions but everything that is Decent and Sacred to Human life. We must bear in mind that we are all Children of God - one no more or no less than the other. And as long as these myths are the inspiration that fuels Ignorance and Prejudice we are bound to be prisoners of Ancient Religious Dogma misinterpreted by men of little knowledge. Like old Chief Seattle so wisely spoke: "The land does not belong to us. We belong to the land." When we need strength and inner fortitude, we have a bunch of wimps who buy into this whole terrorist bullshit. They have the country believing that starting wars is the answer to eliminating hatred for America, instead of eliminating the very reason we are hated. Oil and military industrial complex go hand in hand, don't they? The real threat to the warmongers is PEACE. Peace is the most powerful of weapons. Let us use Peace for Peace. -Marcus Ramirez Makawao Maui Time welcomes letters commenting on our coverage or other topics of local interest. Send your letters to the editor via e-mail (, regular mail (Letters to the Editor, Maui Time Weekly, 658 Front Street, Ste. 126A7278, Lahaina, HI 96761) or fax (808661-0446). Visit our website at Letters may be edited for clarity and length (please be succinct). All correspondence must include your full name, home town and daytime contact phone number, for verification purposes.



Talk about the pot calling the kettle black: U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner D-NY, took vicious aim at NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe as O'Keefe sat in front of a Congressional Inquiry Board recently and was pelted with questions regarding why e-mails warning of the impending shuttle disaster never reached his desk. "I read about this before you did. That's crazy," said Rep. Weiner. First of all, O'Keefe's title at NASA is administrator, which means that his job is to sit up in his cozy office and point directions. He has no more control over shuttle missions than Weiner has over the rebuilding of the WTC in his home state of NY. Second, it there was ANY place that epitomized the idea of information getting lost in the vortex that is administrative bureaucracy, it is Washington D.C., the very place from which Weiner sits and issues ultimatums. Third, if a member of the lower management decides to withhold information from O'Keefe, how is that his responsibility? Granted, he has to be held ultimately responsible for the comings and goings of his agency but he has to assume he is receiving all the information necessary. Weiner's own aides undoubtedly filter information that comes across his desk and he is no more responsible for that lost information than O'Keefe. Sounds to me like someone is trying to make a name for himself by burning someone else at the stake. We may think we've come a long way from the Salem Witch Trials, but so long as there are Puritan finger-pointers like Anthony Weiner D-NY who would rather create fire than prevent more burnings, we'll never be too far removed.

PACK YOUR BAGS AND LEAVE In the "In case you didn't know" department, there is a female basketball player from a small school in New York who thinks it is cool to turn her back on the American Flag during the playing of the National Anthem before games. This has obviously, and understandably, created quite a stir in the stands as her reputation for protest grows, but my question is: she may be turning her back on the U.S. flag, but what exactly is she turning her face towards? If she doesn't believe in the policies of the U.S., whose policies does she believe in? Because for all the bad things the U.S. is guilty of, if someone else is doing it better, then I would like to know who that is. And furthermore, if she does have an idea about which country is doing things the right way, why doesn't she go there?

ROAD RAGE It would seem that there are 35 repairs being slated for the famed Road to Hana. These repairs include installation of draped meshing on the mauka slopes to prevent rockslides, construction of a concrete barrier in the event of unpreventable rockslides, and moving the highway seaward to create catchment areas for falling rocks. I just wonder if any of us are going to live long enough to see the actual project completed. I've seen road crews on Maui take four months to repave eighty yards of street. And this is going to kill poor Hana. That road's already tough enough to navigate with all the tourists driving 5 mph so they don't miss a single coconut. This is just going to make it a massive cluster-#$%@ as traffic has to be held up every five minutes so large machines can maneuver across the roads. I hope the Maui division of the Department of Transportation is drawing up contingency plans for excess traffic and the ensuing problems that it causes when most people begin trying to take the back way to Hana. And the initial price tag of $2 million? Not a chance. I figure that's about $98 million short of what it will end up costing.

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I work at this restaurant here on Maui. It is inspection time, so I am cleaning extra every night, and trying to feed the staff early before I get started cleaning. Some shithead didn't put his food order in after the kitchen is broken down, and he wants to eat! Sorry brah, get a salad. He tattles to the floor manager like a big baby that I won't feed him. The floor manager tells me I take my job too serious, he says it's only a cook's job. Well Mr. Ego Manager, it's too fuckin’ bad I take this job serious - I take my life serious! Fuck You. My "only a cook's job" has put my daughter through college, bought a home, and done a helluva lot more than your sorry ass. The next time you think that cooks "only cook", someone's gonna pull your head out of your ass and slap your face with some reality, and it just might be me, Mr. Ego Manager. It’s time to think before you open your pie hole, for once, jackass. -Don’t bite the hand that feeds you





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MARCH 6, 2003




Wildfire Is your home fire safe? Do you think there's a wildfire risk in Maui or in Hawaii in general? Chances are you might say no. But think again. Anywhere you have wooded or wildland areas and houses you have what's called a "wildland urban interface." Urban doesn't necessarily mean city, it's anywhere there are houses and wild land: Kihei, Kula, Haiku, Lahaina, Wailuku, essentially all of Maui is a wildland urban interface. Yet many people don't realize that they are at risk. "Wildfire on Maui? Nah, doesn't happen here," they say. Unfortunately it does. Between 1998 and 2000, 462 wildfires burned 60,000 acres across the state. In 1998 there were 99 brush fires in Kihei alone. Even small fires affect our island, given the number of endangered plants and animals found only here in Hawaii. Wildfire doesn't need to happen in your backyard to affect you. People all over the island were impacted by wildfire in some manner during a 1998 3,340-acre wildfire in Maalaea that jumped across Honoapiilani Highway, causing the evacuation of nearby residents. Traffic to Lahaina was disrupted for days affecting locals and tourists alike. People weren't able to get to and from work, tourists weren't able to get to their hotels. Westside traffic came to a halt again in 2001 when a brush fire came dangerously close to the Pali, closing the key road for hours. It's not just the economic impact of road closures that make wildfires expensive. A 1998 12,000-acre wildfire on Molokai cost $1 million dollars to extinguish. Since few county, state, or federal agencies have that money sitting around, the cost is eventual-


MARCH 6, 2003


ly passed on to all of us taxpayers. Ever in denial, skeptics persist. "There's nothing I can do," they say. "Wildfires are freak accidents." Wrong. Although lightning often causes wildfires on the mainland, humans are the number one cause of wildfires in Hawaii. And human behavior can change. The need for people to take action and reduce their risk to wildfire is all the more acute given current weather patterns. Any long-time resident will tell you that Maui's weather is cyclical with drought and rainy years. In 1998 the Department

of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) commissioned the state's climatologist, Pao-Shin Chu of the University of Hawaii's Department of Meteorology, to study El Nino weather patterns and its correlation to wildfire. Chu's published report shows a direct increase in the number of wildfires in the spring and summer following an El Nino winter, even a mild one. Hawaii is currently in the middle of a mild El Nino winter. The last time the island experienced an El Nino winter was in 1998, when wild fires wreaked havoc on Maui and Molokai. "Based on that report we're concerned about the rest of this year," says DLNR's Glenn Shisido, Maui District Forest Management Supervisor. Councilwoman Johnson is also concerned, "particularly because we're having a wet season and a lot of greenery is growing up with more and more fuel that will become dry as the summer months go on," she says. "During previous wildfires there's been problems with large amounts of fuel." "We're trying to prepare ourselves and the public should do the same," adds Shisido. Firewise is a national program that helps communities reduce their risk to wildfire. As part of the National Wildland Urban Interface Fire Program, it's sponsored by the USDA Forest Service, the Department of the Interior land management agencies, the National Association of State Foresters, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), United States Fire Administration, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Firewise evolved from the devastating 1985 fire season when 1,400 homes were lost to wildfire around the country. Officials realized that wildfire was not geographically specific, but rather specific to a set of conditions: the wildland urban inter-

face. The more people move into wildland areas, the more the wildfire risk increases. The USDA and NFPA developed a series of workshops and brochures on wildfire safety to help people protect their homes. Catastrophic fire seasons in 1987 and 1991 fueled the need for more Firewise material, and a few years later an information-packed web site was launched. Recognizing that wildfire is everyone's responsibility, Firewise educates and encourages action that minimizes home loss to wildfire, building on a collaborative effort by bringing together homeowners, fire department personnel, building contractors, landscapers, architects, designers, land use planners, and other interested people. Working with officials from federal, state, and county wild land fire agencies, as well as community organizations, Firewise provides information on wildfires and mitigation techniques specific to that area. "People who live in remote areas or areas that are difficult for the fire department to access need to realize that they're going to be the first line of defense for their own property," says Johnson. "I think the Firewise program is great because it offers people an educational opportunity, providing them with everything they need to know to protect themselves from fire." Firewise practices include homeowners creating a buffer zone around their house, landscape architects using drought-resistant plants, and building developers using fireresistive construction materials. Once a neighborhood or community association determines the risks it faces, it works together with cooperating agencies to apply local solutions. One such effort on Maui is a green waste pickup project in Kihei's Maui Meadows developed by the Maui Fire Department and Tri-Isle Resource Conservation and Development Council Inc., (RC&D) and funded by a fire prevention matching-dollar grant. "The project will help protect homeowners and communities from the devastation fire can bring," says Sharon Souza, Tri-Isle RC&D program assistant. TriIsle RC&D has already received half the grant from federal agencies and now must find matching contributions in order to start the project. Working with the Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association in Kihei, Tri-Isle RC&D, Firewise, and the Fire Department plan to hold four workshops educating homeowners about Firewise in conjunction with green waste pick-up. Green waste that's collected will be turned into mulch for homeowners to use. "There's a lot you can do with Firewise," says Deputy Fire Marshal Neal Bal, Captain of the Fire Prevention Bureau. "I have a great outlook on what it can do in terms of public safety for communities." Hawaii is fortunate that it has the first Firewise Community Liaison in the country, serving as a pilot program for other states to follow. A longtime Maui resident with a background in fire and life safety, the Hawaii Firewise Community Liaison assists neighborhoods and communities around the state in adopting Firewise practices. To learn more about Firewise contact the Hawaii Firewise Community Liaison at 2803497, or check out <>.

NEWSOFTHEWEIRD LEAD STORIES In January, the engineers and hobbyists of Utah's Salt Lake Astronomical Society told reporters they were planning to airdrop bowling balls, at very high altitude, to check out their impact when they land on the salt flats, to simulate the impact of meteorites. The society said it had been frustrated that it could not find any meteorites so far and had been wondering whether they had disintegrated or been pulverized on impact. Two days later, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, citing the many people engaged in work projects on the salt flats, said it was a bad idea to be dropping bowling balls around them.

READERS' CHOICE The race-discrimination lawsuit of two black sisters (Grace Fuller, 48, and Louise Sawyer, 46) against Southwest Airlines is scheduled to go to trial in Kansas City, Kan., in March. The sisters' entire case is that a white flight attendant, in a hurry to get passengers seated, recited Southwest's version of a rhyme that has a racist history: "Eenie, meeny, minie, moe / Pick a seat, We gotta go." The sisters felt degraded and believe they are due some money.

NATION AT WAR Most recent antiwar demonstrations have been by clothed people, but since November, nude demonstrations against an invasion of Iraq have taken place in Marin County, Calif. (200 women at three sites); near West Palm Beach, Fla. (23 people); Byron Bay, Australia (700); and New York City's Central Park (30, in the snow). And the U.S. Navy announced in February that it is way short of "morticians" and is willing to pay sign-up bonuses of $6,000 (but denied the job search was related to Iraq). And according to Britain's The Sun, both George Bush and Saddam Hussein recently ordered the same $975 handmade shoes from the Milan, Italy, shoemaker Vito Artioli (Bush in size 10, Saddam 9 1/2).

THE LITIGIOUS SOCIETY In February, a 23-year-old woman who had once changed clothes in the office of a talent agency in Brighton, Mich., while a hidden video camera was running, convinced a jury that that one humiliating experience was worth $575,250. She said that the incident was so severe (even though she had not sought counseling or taken medication for it), she had lost all trust in people and would have to give up on being a model.

SOMETHING ELSE TO WORRY ABOUT In her Daily Telegraph (London) column of Jan. 16, Medical Editor Celia Hall reported that a family doctor in western England has been summoned to a formal hearing before his local primary-care trust






because he refused to certify a male patient for a Pap smear to screen him for cervical cancer. The man sincerely believes he is a hermaphrodite, but his doctor said he can find no evidence of that (and in fact, the man once fathered a child). At least one colleague suggested appeasing the patient, which the doctor said he might do if someone would teach him the procedure for performing a cervical smear on a 34-year-old male.

PEOPLE DIFFERENT FROM US Kenneth Patrick Porche Jr., 22, was arrested outside the ladies' room at Dillard's department store in Houma, La., in January, carrying four plastic bags of urine and several empty bags labeled with descriptions such as "old woman." Police said they believed that Porche would enter a stall, disable the toilet's flush mechanism, and line the bowl with a plastic film to catch the urine, before hiding away in an adjacent stall. After a woman used the toilet and left, Porche would collect and bag the urine from the plastic film. Since Porche's behavior was difficult to characterize, police charged him under the catch-all "criminal mischief."

Maui, HI – A new free report has recently been released that reveals information every car accident victim should have before they speak to anyone. Research shows that even a “fender bender” can cause pain, headaches, even arthritis. Many car accident victims worry more about their car than they do their rights. If you have been involved in an auto accident listen to the 24-hour toll-free recorded message by calling 1-800-4887106. The call is free and so is the report.

ALSO, IN THE LAST MONTH ... A worker at the Brown-Forman Distillery sent 1,800 gallons of tequila into the sewer system when he mistakenly unloaded one tank into an already full one (Louisville, Ky.). Circus clown Gavin Riley, 37, was jailed for two years for beating up his girlfriend because she declined to go watch him perform (Newcastle Upon Tyne, England). Entomologists explained that warm weather was the reason that hordes of cutworms and army worms were slithering across northwestern New Mexico, covering roads and invading homes (but not to worry, in that they would turn into moths in a few weeks, anyway) (Shiprock, N.M.).


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THINNING THE HERD Motorist B.J. Justin Lundin, 20, stopped his car in the middle of a two-lane road near Weatherford, Texas, in January, got out, and attacked the driver behind him in a fit of road rage over the driver's having earlier objected to Lundin's tailgating; Lundin was then accidentally struck and killed by another car trying to get around the two cars. And retired Belgian engineer Louis Dethy was accidentally blown up in November by one of the 19 deadly booby traps he had rigged in his home near Charlerois to prevent his ex-wife and 14 children (with whom he was feuding) from legally taking ownership of the house.


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LATEST RELIGIOUS MESSAGES According to the police report on Farhad Qaumi, 19, who was arrested in Parramatta, Australia (near Sydney), in October and charged with raping a 16-year-old girl, Qaumi said he removed his Islamic pendant before the assault, telling the girl, "I have to take it off, as it is disrespectful."









MARCH 6, 2003


Nudity: The Bare Truth Getting naked on Maui is a lot like shopping for real estate. What matters is location, location, location. If you’re on the sidewalk, you’re “in public” and certain laws apply. If you step off the sidewalk into a park, you have to ask whether you’ve entered federal land where National Parks regulations apply, a State Park where Hawaii laws apply, or private property where different laws and the will of the property owner apply. And, strangely, the enforceable laws about “lewdness” and “indecency” are far more stringent with regard to a photograph of your bare butt being displayed in public than your actual ’okole. In addition to location, there are four other factors that can be important in determining whether you are simply nude or legally lewd, although which laws apply (location) can matter in each of these as well. First, your attitude or intention matters


MARCH 6, 2003


except in National Parks where only your state of undress is considered. Anywhere else, if you can be seen as intending to “alarm” or “affront” someone, that gives at least a chance that you’re criminally naked under existing statutes. Second, the first factor does not apply if you are married to the person you expose yourself to. Really! It doesn’t say anything about people you’ve been sleeping with for years, or your brother or anyone else. But it specifically excludes a person you are married to. In other sections, case law is very clear that law enforcement officers are not “the public,” and can not claim injury, alarm or affront by your “crime.” Third, it matters whether the other people who see you naked are also naked or are seeing other people naked at the same time. The most likely laws to be enforced against someone who takes off too much clothing in Hawaii are

By: Joseph W. Bean about “indecent exposure.” The law is not specific about the question of other people being naked too. However, a case note under §707734 added in the 2002 Supplement to Hawaii Revised Statutes of 1993 says, “Defendant did not act intentionally… to cause affront by exposing defendant’s genitals to a fellow sunbather… since the other sunbather was also nude….” Finally, again reading case law interpretations, it matters whether your nudity happens in a place established and known for nude sunbathing or other clothing-optional activities. On Maui, you find relative safety under this umbrella only in one location: Little Beach in Makena. Many guide books, web sites and magazines have identified Little Beach as clothing-optional for more than 40 years. So, not only do you get the safety of “established place” on this little stretch of sand, it’s also

where you will find others who are naked and can, therefore, not be alarmed or affronted.

About Little Beach Over the decades, Little Beach has pretty much developed its own community of people who either like to get naked or like to be around naked people. Some Maui residents have the idea that it is a “gay beach.” (I’m tempted to wonder if that means it only sleeps with other Southwest-facing beaches like itself!) While it’s true that a lot of gay men go to Little Beach, and it is often referred to as the closest thing Maui has to a gay community center, there is also a degree of segregation on the sand. Gay men and the people who want to be with them, including lesbians, tend to congregate at the far end of the beach. Single adults, couples and even families with children become aware of the gay-end and—usually—decide to scatter across other areas of the beach. Maui, according to Visitor Channel 7, has 33 miles of white sand beaches. Little Beach is less than 250 yards long, leaving well over 32 miles for the people who prefer to keep their pants on. You’d think that would be a settlement suitable to those who always exercise the option to remain clothed. It isn’t. Dr. George Harker, who is better known as “Dr. Leisure” and probably deserves to be thought of as the unofficial mayor of Little Beach, was actually drawn to Maui to testify in a case involving nudity there. Since moving to the island many years ago, he has become a Little Beach fixture, painting there as well as enjoying the beach. And he is constantly always up to date about laws and law enforcement around the issue of nudity. Dr. Harker’s web site,, has a wealth of information and resources, including details about Harker’s own books and videos. He has testified as an expert witness on public nudity in Hawaii, New York and Florida, and is as interesting as he is informed. Naturally, sticking his neck out has also earned him enemies. “Uncle” Charlie Maxwell, a self-styled expert on all things Hawaiian and a former Maui police officer, is the most vocal opponent of nudity at Little Beach and, therefore, Dr. Leisure’s number one enemy. He is joined by Na Kupuna o Maui, a group of Hawaiian rights activists who are trying to establish Little Beach as a sacred site where—despite the fact that ancient Hawaiians would have used it naked themselves—nudity could be banned as offensive. And Na Kupuna has a natural ally you wouldn’t expect: The landowners and developers who are filling in the spaces around Makena Beach with mansions and estates. Many of them reportedly feel that a clothing-optional beach is bad for property values. Dr. Leisure would disagree, of course. He says many millions of dollars a year are pumped into the county’s economy by people who come here to visit Little Beach, “one of the top ten nude beaches in the world.” Maxwell told the Honolulu Star-Bulletin in November 2001 that state and county law enforcement tried unsuccessfully to curb nudity at Little Beach in the 1960’s and 1980’s. The most recent arrest there (that anyone remembers) was in 1987. The man arrested then was found guilty, but his conviction was overturned because the courts found that the anti-nudity rules for the area were invalid and unenforceable ab initio because of how they were originally added to the books. (This is from Recreational Nudity and the Law by Gordon Gill.) Interestingly, both the State House and Senate of Hawaii had bills before them in 2001 which would have given counties the right to end the controversy simply by designating specific beaches as “set aside for nude

sunbathing.” Senate Bill 1284 and House Bill 384 were identical and faced no “voiced” opposition, but were stalled in committee through the legislative session, and did not carry over to the next year. What makes these bills interesting is not the fact that they would have provided the possibility of a magic bullet of protection for nudity at Little Beach, but that the organized naturist (nudist) lobby did not wish to see them passed because they were written as exemptions to laws defining lewd behavior. Naturists didn’t want to have nudity sullied with the word lewd even if it followed the phrase “exempted from prosecution for.” The facts boil down to this about being naked on Little Beach: The laws, including case law and judicial commentary are such that it is almost impossible to find a basis for citation or arrest of nude people on this particular stretch of sand as long as their only offense would be their nudity. The situation just doesn’t support an intention to “affront.” As Dr. Leisure says, “by the 1993 law, your appearance may ‘alarm’ someone, but it must not ‘affront.’ Remember the operative word is ‘intentionally.’ It is not your fault if you are well endowed and the very sight of it makes people shudder.” So, to strip or not to strip. At Little Beach, it looks like the laws, the courts, and the other beach-goers are all on the strip side. Until Maxwell, Na Kupuna or the developers orchestrate new laws, you’re safe. Well, not safe, you probably still need sunscreen.

About the rest of Maui When you are anywhere other than Little Beach, the rules are not so accommodating, but they’re not so bad either. All the general details about intentionally causing alarm or affront apply; it’s just a lot harder to claim you didn’t intend to alarm anyone if you stroll into a café or grocery store naked. On federal land - National Parks - the only detailed rules about nudity were written in the course of closing a nude beach on the Big Island. They say you must cover with a fully opaque covering your genitals, your pubic area, your

Photos: Sean M. Hower LETTERS












MARCH 6, 2003


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MARCH 6, 2003


rectal area and, if you are a woman, your breasts downward from “a point immediately above the aureole.” That means, in effect, no pink or any part of the breast below the nipple is to be visible. In public places that are neither Little Beach nor a National Park, again, the alarming and affronting restrictions apply. Certainly, there are at least a couple of laws that could be used to cite or arrest a person whose genitals were visible, and the courts have made it clear that they would accept the implication that a “reasonable person” would have been affronted as sufficient grounds for prosecution and a guilty verdict. Nothing specific could be found in the law or commentary about breasts or butts, but there are two ways to think about your choices. One, you could go with the National Park rule described above. It makes room for even the skimpiest (other than string-style) thong bikini, even if there could be some debate over the exposure of the non-pink breast skin below the nipple. Or two, you could go with the standards actually written into law for photographs and other depictions. Your thong won’t work under these restrictions because the fully opaque covering here must cover not the “rectal area” but the “buttocks.” What it comes down to is this, in the absence of a highly specific law, at least initially, the citing or arresting officer’s judgment will be supported concerning breasts and genitals, but only if he starts by giving you a warning and time to respond. The same can not be said for your butt. A photograph of a butt not opaquely covered is illegal in some cases, but not likely to result in prosecution under most circumstances. Off the beach however, an actual derriere not opaquely covered, while not mentioned in the law per se, is almost sure to be cited or result in arrest. Written commentary in the Hawaii Revised Statutes of 1993, §712-1211 (Displaying Indecent Matter) says, “while nudity and nearnudity now have gained wide acceptance many people would be affronted by a public display of the sort here prohibited.” Right, as we noticed, to display a picture of a naked ass is still taboo, despite whatever wide acceptance (even admiration) real flesh may get. Sadly, there is no way to say ‘this is OK and that is illegal’ with regard to nudity. Or, maybe that’s not so sad. It leaves room, in the event that anyone is deemed to have crossed the line, for them to argue that the line was indistinct. This is a defense that often works even if it does fly in the face of the old saw about ignorance of the law being no defense. Finally, on private property - even if the property is used for a publicly accessible business - don’t push it. If you are asked to cover up more or leave, put on some clothes or go. There are just too many criminal and civil actions possible if you don’t. Similarly, if a police officer asks you to cover up or go to a different place, it is probably best to comply immediately. Even if your first thought is to report his overzealousness, your immediate response must not escalate the encounter. Just one degree off ordinary conversation with an officer - there are various assaults and failure-to-comply regulations just waiting to be broken. Don’t risk it. And, don’t forget the sunscreen.



Munro Wins Quiksilver Pro Trials Defending Quiksilver Pro Trials champion Luke Munro (Gold Coast, Aus) today proved superior for the second consecutive year, earning a wildcard spot into the US$250,000 World Championship Tour (WCT) main event. Earlier an official press launch held on-site welcomed all competitors and kicked off the 2003 Quiksilver & Roxy Pro in style. Munro, 20, fended off 11 other hopefuls to advance through the Quiksilver Pro Trials. Despite being the last surfer to qualify for the four-man final after a count back on his accumulative round-robin scores, the defending champ found form during the 30-minute decider. Having posted an 8.75 near the start, he kept closest rival Will Lewis at bay, as well as fellow Australians Todd Prestage and Ry Craike, respectively. He now faces reigning world champion Andy Irons (Haw) and Lee Winkler (Aus) in one of the most anticipated first round heats. "It doesn't really feel like two in a row, but more like I'm back to where I want to be," said Munro, on defending his title. "I wish there could have been two wildcards as Will is pretty much the best out at Snapper. I can't say how good he surfs out here, but to beat him is great. "It's a year down the track and my surfing has changed," he continued. "Hopefully it will reflect in my heats. Last year I took it way too seriously and ended up not surfing how I would have liked, but this year I'll hopefully stay relaxed and enjoy myself. I'm stoked going up against Andy. I can't wait." Former WCT surfer John Shimooka (Haw) hosted the capacity crowd of local

TIDES&TIMES Tide times set for Honolulu - adjust as follows: Kahului -1hr 41min. Hana -1hr 23min. Makena -0hr 32min. Kihei/Ma`alaea -0hr 22min. Lahaina -0hr 40min. 6 Sun R 6:48A Thur Set 6:38P

H 5:46A +1.4 L 12:09P 0.0 H 6:42A +1.4

7 Fri

Sun R 6:47A Set 6:38P

L 12:43A +0.4 L 12:31P +0.1 H 6:11A +0.7 H 7:30P +1.4

8 Sat

Sun R 6:46A Set 6:38P

L 1:51A +0.5 L 12:56P +0.1 H 6:35A +0.9 H 8:27P +1.5

9 Sun

Sun R 6:45A Set 6:39P

L 3:37A +0.6 L 1:28P +0.1 H 6:59A +0.7 H 9:38P +1.5

10 Sun R 6:45A Mon Set 6:39P

L 2:16A +0.2 H 10:54P +1.6

11 Tue

L 7:44A +0.3 L 3:34P +0.2 H 10:18A +0.4

Sun R 6:44A Set 6:39P

12 Sun R 6:43A Wed Set 6:40P



H 12:01A +1.7 H 12:07P+0.4 L 8:06A +0.2 L 4:59P +0.1




ASP 2003 WCT in Australia

Mark Occhilupo (Australia), Andy Irons (Hawaii), & Joel Parkinson (Australia) and international media, alongside many of the world's top rated surfers for the official event launch this morning. After explaining the addition of three expression sessions during the Quiksilver Pro, one for the Mitchell Surfing Foundation (MSF), another to highlight the talents of the ASP Masters competitors, as well as the newly created 'Foster's Expression Session', he addressed contestants of both the Quiksilver & Roxy Pro. Reigning world champion Andy Irons (Haw), who incidentally suffered a cut to the back of his head while free-surfing the Gold Coast last week, is anxious for the season to commence. The 24-year-old recently had February 13th (the day before Valentine's Day) named in his honor in Hawaii, though there will be no love lost as he battles each opponent throughout the tournament.


PHONE National Weather Service 877-3477 Hana Highway Surf 871-6258 (NALU) Hi-Tech Surf Sports 877-3611 DINING




"I love coming to the Gold Coast," began Irons. "The waves are so fun and the talent is amazing here. I'm psyched and just trying to get in shape again. It's like a marathon surfing up here, with all the running and surfing, so I'm just trying to get comfortable with the waves and my equipment. To start off the year well here is always a good confidence booster. The talent is so deep I couldn't name the contenders for the crown this year." Defending Quiksilver Pro champion and world #2 Joel Parkinson (Aus), who was presented a special handmade painting by renowned Australian artist Peter Webb for his 2002 victory, spoke of his preparation for this year's event. "Hopefully the result will be the same," reasoned Parkinson. "I've been doing a lot of swimming and running. I'm ready for it again. I haven't been surfing a lot lately, as I wanted to be really hungry during the event. By the end of the contest you would have surfed so much, so I just tried to starve myself beforehand." 1999 world champion Mark Occhilupo (Aus) had the crowd laughing with his candid comments and speculation on being an expectant father. "There are some really good new guys on tour I've been checking out, but I've been surfing with Luke (Egan) a lot and he's been unbelievable," said Occhilupo. "There is a big range (in ages) on tour, so it'll be exciting. I think having a child will just inspire me more." Western Australian Jake Paterson, who took out the 2002 World Qualifying Series, offered his enthusiasm on the 'Torquay Time-Tunnel' award, whereby the longest tube rides during both the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro will be presented AUD$5,000 additional prize money. "What a bonus," said Paterson. "Five grand for getting kegged off your head... It's probably going to take 20 seconds to win it, but hopefully we'll get a stronger swell so you can get barreled from behind the rock (at Snapper) all the way through."




Five-time world champion Layne Beachley (Aus) was on hand to express her desire of getting 'back to work' in the Roxy Pro. The driven competitor entered the record books last year by becoming the first women to amass more than four world titles, though has her sights set even higher in 2003. "It's the best place to start the world tour, here in Australia at Snapper," began Beachley. "It's fabulous Roxy have picked up the first event of the year and I'm looking forward to getting back to work. I've told everyone that I want to win six world titles, but I'm not putting the pressure or expectations on myself that I have over the past five years. There's going to be a lot of challenges this year, so it's going to be a tough season." 2002 Rookie of the Year Chelsea Georgeson (Aus), who finished sixth overall, recently won her first professional event in the Roxy Pro World Qualifying Series (WQS) at Phillip Island (VIC, Aus) for as an ominous campaign indicator. "It was the first win I've had on the WQS and an awesome feeling," explained Georgeson. "Last year was a great experience surfing all the breaks, so I'm excited about going back everywhere more prepared. There's definitely going to be more of a push this year and hopefully I'll finish even higher." WCT newcomer Sofia Mulanovich (Peru), who actually eliminated Beachley during last year's Roxy Pro as a wildcard, now has the ability to stake her own claim on the ratings. "I'm happy to be here as the waves and people are great," said Mulanovich. "I've surfed a lot of 'CT contests before, but this is my first time on the tour so I'm just going to try hard and enjoy." Defending Roxy Pro champion Lynette MacKenzie (Aus) has her work cut out this year from the get go, facing young standouts Chelsea and Sofia in round one. The former Gold Coast resident reasons knowledge of the points is her best asset. "I lived up here for a couple of years and know exactly how to surf the point breaks," stated MacKenzie. "I'm just going to have fun and enjoy myself. I've got Chelsea and Sofia in my first heat, so it's pretty much the best heat of the draw. I like it hard first up, so it's great for me." Four-time world champion Lisa Andersen (USA) is the dark horse of the Roxy Pro, having been granted the wildcard spot. She faces Beachley and 2002 WQS champion Pauline Menczer (Aus) first up, but is happy just to be included. "I didn't know I was getting a wildcard until just a few weeks ago," admitted Andersen. "Out of any of the contests I'd probably rather be in this one as the waves are so fun. I'm stoked to be part of the event and am amping to surf." The Quiksilver & Roxy Pro will be based at Snapper Rocks from March 4th through to the 16th, and being mobile means they will utilize the best surf between North Stradbroke Is, Qld and Ballina in Northern NSW during the allotted waiting period. A decision will be made each morning by 7am (local time) as to the day's schedule, with details posted soon after.


MARCH 6, 2003



Pleasant Island Holidays

Lisa Andersen Goes Hollywood Retirement is supposed to be relaxing. That is of course, unless you are Lisa Andersen. The four-time world surfing champion from Florida, has found that life after full-time competition can be just as hectic, if not more so, than it was before. In Queensland for the Roxy Pro where she has a wildcard entry, Andersen is actually relishing this one-off return to the women's World Championship Tour. "I don't know if I'd want to be competing this year full-time," said Andersen, "it's pretty tough out there with so many good surfers on the tour. I'm very happy with my life at the moment, but surfing a heat again is going to be fun, especially if we get some good waves out there. I didn't expect to get this wildcard, I figured they would give it to one of the younger girls. I was just going to come here anyway as (Lisa's partner) Paul's parents live here, and I just wanted to be amongst it all. Of all of the events, I would want this one the most.” But at the moment Andersen's number one focus is not winning heats, but looking after her two children, eight-year-old Erica and one-year-old Mason. "It's hard to leave home to go compete, and I couldn't do it full-time," said Lisa "The kids are great. They get along pretty good. One instigates the other, but Erica has been great, she helps me out a lot." Motherhood has certainly agreed with the 34-year-old, as she is in amazing shape and she feels her surfing is better than ever. "There's no real secret to it,” states Lisa. "It kind of took me a while this time around. I went on a boat trip two months later (after Mason's birth) and once you get older it definitely takes a little longer. I was 24 the first time around (with Erica) and

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now it's a little different, I've got a bit less time to myself. But I stay active, the kids make sure of that, and I surf as often as I can." Although her children are Lisa's priority at the moment, there is no shortage of opportunities on the horizon for her... the least of which is a movie based on her life story. "I'm working with Warner Brothers on a movie," said Lisa. "It's still being worked on script-wise. It's on the backburner at the moment, it's been going on for seven years, and once it happens it happens." When your life story is being filmed, you generally assume that you've achieved everything you wanted to achieve. But it appears Lisa is adding new chapters all the time. "Yeah, it's a bit weird having your life story being made into a film. I still feel so young and like there's so much to do. The movie only spans up to my first world title," says Lisa, looking out over Snapper Rocks where she is due to surf against reigning champion Layne Beachley in round one, "otherwise we could go on forever." Andersen is happy her celebrated rivalry with Beachley and the attention and pressure it drew has simmered since Beachley eclipsed her record of four world titles, winning a fifth in December last year. "It's mellow, for sure. It's kind of good actually. It's great that Layne is in the spotlight, she deserves it so much. I've got so many things on myself at the moment that not having so much attention is kinda good." Apart from surfing as a wildcard, raising two kids, meeting sponsor commitments, directing surfing contests, making surf movies, filming her life story, and acting as a stunt double for Cameron Diaz in the new Charlie's Angels movie (Andersen surfs Pipeline in the role), life is "pretty mellow" for the smiling, relaxed Floridian. "I'm not looking too far ahead. I just want to go one year at a time. It's hard."

Four times ASP world surfing champion & mother of Mason



For many years I’ve heard wonderful things about the Café O’lei family of restaurants without ever setting aside the time to discover them for myself. So today I make the drive south to the salty winds and invigorating views of Ma’alaea Harbor to have lunch at their flagship restaurant, the Ma’alaea Grill. I feel a welcome relief as I step through their doors, not only for the sudden cessation of wind but also for the spacious, comfortably designed dining room I get to spend my afternoon in. The restaurant is well designed, with tiered seating to give everyone a perfect panoramic look at Maui’s beautiful southern shore. The kitchen has a clean, professional look and the servers have an efficiently busy attitude about them. All signs seem to indicate a pleasurable dining experience ahead. The menu is an easy read with just the right combination of familiar favorites and exotic accents. What surprises me most is how cheap everything is. The entire menu of salads, sandwiches and entrees is priced under $10, with the exception of the Prime Rib Dip, which barely squeaks over at $10.95. Their luncheon salads start at $6.95 for the Caesar, which comes with Parmesan cheese, creamy garlic dressing, a garlic crostini and fresh romaine lettuce grown at Watanabe Farms. You can add a chicken breast for a dollar more or blackened Mahi for two extra. The Asian Salad sounds interesting with oriental vegetables, fresh mint, and Chinese noodles in a Sesame dressing

over organically farmed baby greens. Ma’alaea Grill also features a Curry Chicken Salad with Mango Curry dressing, a Taro Salad, and a Hot Chicken and Shrimp Salad with chicken strips and jumbo shrimp stirfried with chiles, peanuts, ginger, and vegetables served hot over cool baby greens with a ginger vinaigrette. Hot Chiles and peanuts sound like a winning combination to me, but we’re all going to get sandwiches and share a big salad, so I give in to peer pressure and choose the Quinoa Salad. I thought I was settling for something less, but I was wrong. The salad comes out in a large bowl with grilled eggplant, roasted sweet peppers and tomatoes, and crumbled goat cheese draped over and sliding down the sides of a mound of organic baby greens tossed with basil vinaigrette. The vegetables are full of herb-roasted flavor, especially the grilled eggplant with its rich, creamy texture. I love eggplant almost as much as I love goat cheese, a heavenly creation that surely had its origins in the larders of the gods. No kidding! The firm heartiness of Quinoa, a nutritionally rich grain originally grown by the Incas high in the Andes Mountains, plays perfect counterpoint to the rich undertones of goat cheese and roasted vegetables. My wife’s Roast Turkey Breast Sandwich is served on twelve-grain bread with alfalfa sprouts, avocado, tomato, lettuce, and Dijon mustard. You can’t, and shouldn’t try to, reinvent a classic comfort food like this; all you can ask for is fresh ingredients, and this sandwich certainly has them. The infamous Roxanne, our lunch date today, has the Crab Salad Club, with bacon, avocado, tomato, and greens on Foccacia bread. It’s good and satisfying in a



Ma’alaea Grill

Don’t miss the boat

non-exceptional kind of way. I know because I helped her finish it after cleaning my plate and nearly everything else on the table. I hope this job comes with a health plan. My Seared Ahi Sandwich is impressive with a thick slab of perfectly seared ahi and wasabi mayonnaise on foccacia. The ahi is high quality and just the thing for my afternoon hunger, but the wasabi mayo is virtually undetectable. The ahi also pulled a disappearing act on me as I made my way through the sandwich. It apparently was all show along the cut line and


not much beyond that, a trick I’ve used once or twice in my cooking career. But at $9.95 a plate with a fresh, crisp Caesar salad on the side, I’m not complaining. The Ma’alaea Grill is, all in all, a good choice for an afternoon of fresh, creatively done food and stunning ocean views. Visit them at the shops by the Maui Ocean Center between 10:30 and 3:00 for lunch or 5:30 to 9:00 for dinner. They also have locations at 839 Front St. in Lahaina, 2051 Main St. in Wailuku, and 3669 Baldwin Ave. in Makawao.


New Management!

Six reasons to dine with us… 1. Lobster Feast - $25.99

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MARCH 6, 2003


DININGLISTINGS CENTRAL MAUI Ale House - Wide selection of food with sports and games all around. 355 E. Kamehameha Ave. 877–9001 Aloha Grill - 22 different burgers including veggie styles, plus all the extras. kids meals. Dairy Road Marketplace. 893–0263 Ba-Le - French Vietnamese sandwiches, noodle dishes, pho, saimin & more. 270 Dairy Rd. 877-2400 Bangkok Cuisine - Casual setting featuring exceptional Thai food with plenty of crisp vegetables and fresh seafood. Lunch, dinner, or take-out. 395 Dairy Road, Unit F. 893-0026 Biwon Restaurant - Fresh and flavorful, authentic Korean food. Open 10am to 10pm, lunch and dinner. 752 Lower Main 244-7788 Cupie’s Drive-In - Local lunch take-out. Open Monday thru Saturday. 134 W Kamehameha Ave. 877-3055 Dragon Dragon Chinese Restaurant Excellent service and fair prices with dishes like Kung Pao Chicken, Crispy Gau Gee Mein, Sweet and Sour Pork, and Honey Walnut Prawns. Maui Mall 893-1628 Dunes Restaurant - Adventuresome revisions of local and American breakfast, lunch, and dinner favorites. Maui Lani Golf Course. 877–7461 Hale Imua Internet Cafe - Espresso bar, deli sandwiches, salads, real fruit smoothies, and iced blended coffees. 1980 Main St. Wailuku. 242-1896. Ichiban Restaurant and Sushi Bar Breakfast, lunch and dinner featuring modestly priced Japanese and Local cuisine. Kahului Shopping Center. 871–6977

Ramon’s - Contemporary Mexican, full sushi bar, awesome desserts. Banquet area available. 2102 Vineyard St. 244–7243

Capiche? - Contemporary Italian with a twist; extensive wine list. Commanding ocean views from every table. Diamond Resort. 879–2224

Ruby’s - Walk down memory lane at this fabulous fifties cafe. Quintessential American dining morning to night. Queen Ka`ahumanu Center. 248-7829

Cyberbean Internet Cafe - Gourmet coffee, espressos, cappucinos, lattes, sandwiches, smoothies & salads. 1881 S. Kihei, #112. 879-4799

Saeng’s Thai Cuisine - Vegetarian, meat, & seafood Thai entrees in a casual garden setting. 2119 Vineyard 244-1567

DeanO’s Maui Pizza Cafe - Top quality pizza with traditional toppings, full menu with salads, pasta and sandwiches. 2439 S. Kihei Rd. 891–2200

Saigon Cafe - Wailuku’s hidden secret! Delicious and affordable Vietnamese cuisine with excellent service. 1792 Main 243-9560

Dick’s Place - Incredible all-you-can-eat food specials, free pool playing with purchase. 8 pool tables. 2463 S. Kihei Rd. 874–8869

Shakalaka Fish ‘N Chips - Mahimahi, Ono, Shrimp & Calamari in a light, crisp batter with homemade tartar sauces. Yum! 2010 Main St. 986-0855

El Restaurante Pasatiempo - Authentic homestyle Mexican food, with a wide range of dishes and meats to choose from. Azeka’s Plaza II. 879–1089

Sheik’s Restaurant - Local favorites including Loco Moco and Shoyu Chicken. 97 Wakea Ave. 877-0121

Ferraro’s - Gourmet Italian cuisine oceanfront with live violin & guitar, outdoor kiawe-wood-burning oven, all-day lunches and cucina rustica dinners. Four Seasons Resort Wailea, 874-8000.

Stillwell’s Bakery & Cafe - Specialty cakes and desserts, breads and pastries, with sandwiches, salads and soups for lunch. Open 6am-4pm Mon-Sat. 1740 Kaahumanu Ave. 243-2243 Tasty Crust - Local style cuisine for Breakfast (try their famous hotcakes!), lunch & dinner. Serving Maui since 1944. 1770 Mill 244-0845 Tokyo Tei - Lunch and dinner featuring teriyaki beef and fish, tempura, datsu, saimin and more. 1063 E. Lower Main St. 242-9630 Wow-Wee Cafe - Unique candy bars, ice cream shakes, bagels, coffees, great sandwiches, soups, and an oxygen bar. 333 Dairy Rd. 871-1414 <>

Maui Coffee Roasters - Ono grinds and freshly roasted coffee in a fun and casual atmosphere makes this the place to ‘take five’. 444 Hana Hwy. 877–CUPS

Bocalino Bistro & Bar - Affordably priced Mediterranean cuisine. Open for dinner, pupus served until 1am. Live entertainment and dancing 10pm ‘til 1am. 1279 S. Kihei Rd., #314. 874-9299

Piñata’s - Fresh and wholesome Mexican food from the Kitchen Sink burritos to quesadillas ala carte. Casual dining, pinatas available too. 395 Dairy Rd. 877–8707

Bubba Burgers - Burgers and fries done the oldfashioned way, fresh & made-to-order. 1945 S. Kihei Rd. 891-2600

Marco’s South Side Grill - A lavish and beautiful setting, compliments the hearty Italian food and excellent wines. 1445 S. Kihei Rd. 874–4041

Horhitos Mexican Cantina - Burritos, salads, appetizers and “Food for Gringos”, too! Located next to Hapa’s Nightclub. Open 5pm to 2am Mon.-Sat.

Mulligan’s On the Blue - Maui’s authentic Irish pub, plenty o’Irish food, whiskey and beer. Breakfast is served till 3PM. 100 Kaukahi St. Wailea 874–1131


LOBSTER! $12.99


Wednesdays & Saturdays at


Open 11am-8pm, Fri & Sat til 2:30am


MARCH 6, 2003



672 Front Street 667-4044


Corner of Dairy Rd. & Hana Hwy.


Longhi’s Wailea - Seafood, meat and pasta entrees with many not listed on the menu. Ask the server for details. 3750 Wailea Alanui Dr. 891–8883

Harlow’s Restaurant - Enjoy fine dining among the cozy and chic furniture and great sunset views. 2511 S. Kihei Rd. 879–1954

444 Hana Hwy. Kahului, HI 96732

71 Baldwin Ave. • Pa`ia • 579-9999

Lobster Cove - Varied menu of seafood including fresh island fish. 100 Ike Dr. 879–7677

Ma’alaea Waterfront Restaurant - Seafood and Continental cuisine. Open for dinner daily from 5pm. Milowai Condominium, 50 Hauoli Street. 244-9028

• 12 Gourmet Styles • Burgers, Salads & Hot Sandwiches • Vegetarian Meals • Outdoor Seating 1913 South Kihei Rd. • 874-6444

Life’s a Beach - Food & drinks in a fun atmosphere. Best Mex, nachos, burritos, prime rib, and grilled mahimahi are just some of the specialties. 1913 S. Kihei Rd. 891–8010

Greek Bistro - Moderately priced Greek and Continental Cuisine. Open for dinner 5-10pm. Kai Nani Village, 2511 S. Kihei Rd. 879-9330

COFFEE The best place to eat in Pa`ia is now your North Shore night spot

La Creperie - French cuisine in a stylish and comfortable atmosphere. Serving escargot, ratatouille, and many other dishes. 1913 S. Kihei Rd. 891–0822

Ma`alaea Grill - Reasonably priced fine dining overlooking the harbor from the Maui Ocean Center. Ma`alaea Harbor Village Shops. 243–2206

Antonio’s - Homemade Italian cuisine in a cozy atmosphere, extensive wine list and friendly service. 1215 S. Kihei Rd. 875-8800 BadaBing! - Homey Italian haven, award-winning thin crust pizzas, veal, calamari or chicken picatta. 1945 S. Kihei Rd. 875–0811

Humuhumunukunukuapua’a - Hawaiian and Polynesian cuisine oceanside. Grand Wailea Resort, 875-1234 ext. 4900 Kai Ku Ono - A tapas-style menu, where everything is ala carte, special late night menu. 2511 S. Kihei Rd. 875–1007

Five Palms Beach Grill - Local produce and fish featured in Pacific Rim cuisine. 2960 S. Kihei Rd. 879–2607


Manaña Garage - Latin American cuisine. Chicken Tortilla Epozote, vegetarian enchiladas and paella. 33 Lono St., Ste 150. 873–0220

Lipoa St. 891-MEXI



Tuesdays & Saturdays at


101 North Kihei Road 879.5275

DININGLISTINGS Mama’s Fish House - Fresh island fish with fresh local ingredients at “Maui’s favorite restaurant.” 799 Poho Pl., Kuau. 579–8448

572–2666 Nick’s Fishmarket - Fine dining in open air and elegance with amazing seafood dishes and fresh fish preparations. Kea Lani Hotel. 879–7224 Pita Paradise - Good food, fast. Serving up a mean Mediterranean-style “gyro”, salads or wraps, Kihei Kalama Village Center. 875–7679 Roy’s Kihei Bar & Grill - Mouth-watering Hawaiian Fusion entrees in a spacious and upbeat atmosphere. Open nightly from 5:30 to 10pm, Fine dining, reservations recommended. Piilani Shopping Center, 303 Piikea Ave. 8911120 Sansei Restaurant - Japanese based Pacific Rim dining, sushi bar and late night menu. Award winning cuisine, early bird and late night specials. 1881 S. Kihei Rd. 879–0004 Sarento’s on the Beach - Contemporary dining near the water’s edge. Private VIP table available. 2980 S. Kihei Road. 875–7555 Sausage Shack - Homemade sausage in meats or veggie style on fresh baked buns, with every condiment you could desire. 1913 S. Kihei Rd. 874–6444

Stella Blues Cafe - Healthy, quality food in a casual, homestyle setting. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with daily specials. 1215 S. Kihei Rd. 874-3779 Taj Mahalo’s - The only Indian restaurant on Maui, homemade curries and naan, chicken tandoori, wraps, lots of vegetarian delights. Lipoa Center. 874–1911 Tommy Bahama’s Tropical Cafe - Relaxed island luxury in ambience and cuisine, with ocean views and live music. The Shops at Wailea. 875-9983

UPCOUNTRY Cafe Des Amis - Charming cafe with delicious sweet & savory crepes and Mediterranean fare. 42 Baldwin Ave. 579-6323 Cakewalk Paia Bakery - High quality baked goods, sandwiches & specialty cakes. 2 Baldwin Ave., Paia. 579-8770 Casanova’s - First class service, first class food. Fine Italian dining at night and Makawao’s favorite deli by day. 1188 Makawao Ave., Makawao. 572–0220 Charley’s Restaurant & Saloon - Hankering for some grub? Charley’s serves it hearty and healthy from breakfast to dinner. 142 Hana Hwy., Pa`ia. 579–9453.

Spago - Gourmet cuisine as presented by world-famous chef-owner Wolfgang Puck, oceanfront dining at its finest! Four Seasons Resort Wailea. 874-8000

Cow Country Cafe - Homestyle breakfast and lunch in a decidedly bovine atmosphere. 7 Aewa Pl., Pukalani. 572-2395 Hali`imaile General Store - Gourmet dining in a charming atmosphere. Chef Beverly Gannon’s awardwinning menu. 900 Hali`imaile Rd, Hali`imaile.

Spices - Steak, seafood & more! Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Maui Coast Hotel, 2259 S. Kihei Rd. 891-8860

Hana Hou Cafe - Hawaiian homestyle cooking with aloha-filled ambience and local musicians. 810 Haiku Rd., Haiku Cannery. 575-2661

Maui’s Best Tamales & Local Food - Authentic, fresh & tasty mexican cuisine along with local favorites. 81 Makawao Ave/Pukalani Square 573-2998

Hokus Pokus - Vegetarian and Vegan cuisine. Open 3-9pm. 115 Baldwin Ave., Paia. 579-9144

Milagros Food Co. - South American cusine with an island influence. Best people watching spot in Pa`ia! 3 Baldwin St. 579–8755

Island Tacos - Taco stand with fresh, made-toorder fish, beef, and chicken tacos. Daily, from 11am4pm. 810 Haiku Rd., Haiku Cannery

Moana Bakery & Cafe - Pacific rim dining for vegetarians and meat eaters. Bakery provides wonderful goodies for the sweet tooth. 71 Baldwin Ave., Pa`ia. 579–9999

Jacque’s Northshore Bistro - Tropical yet festive atmosphere, with a sushi bar, indoor and lanai dining. 120 Hana Hwy, Pa`ia. 579–8844 Kitada’s - Saimin for breakfast is a standard. Teri beef, hamburger steak, tofu and hekka all available. 3617 Baldwin Ave., Makawao. 572–7241

Pa`ia Fish Market - By serving fresh local Hawaiian fish daily, they are the hot spot for seafood lovers without the upscale pocket. 100 Hana Hwy., Pa`ia. 579–8030

Kula Lodge & Restaurant - Upcountry’s familystyle restaurant with sweeping views of the island. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Haleakala Highway. 878-1535

Picnics Restaurant - Home of the famous Spinach Nut Burger. Breakfast & Lunch. 30 Baldwin Ave. 579-8021

Livewire Cafe - Gourmet desserts, coffee drinks, smoothies. Open 6am to 10pm Sun. thru Thurs. 6am to midnight Fri. and Sat. 137 Hana Highway, Paia. 579-6009

Polli’s Mexican Restaurant - Paniolo country’s premier Mexican cantina, with nachos, burritos, ensaladas & more! 1202 Makawao Ave. 572-7808

Lynne’s Cafe - Affordable homestyle local food including breakfast, plate lunch, chow fun & more! Catering available. 810 Kokomo Rd. 575-9363

WEST MAUI Athens Greek Restaurant - Affordable and authentic gyros, shish kebabs, falafels and more! Ya’Sou! Lahaina Cannery Mall 661-4300

Makawao Steak House - Classic and comfortable menu with daily fish preparations and salad bar. 3612 Baldwin Ave., Makawao. 572-8711

A&J Kitchen, Deli & Bakery - Choose from American, Hawaiian, Korean and Chinese cuisines. Bakery with cakes & cookies. Lahaina Center. 667–0623



Pastas, Salads, Pizzas, Sandwiches and Nightly Seafood Specials with nothing over $12.95


Beer and Wine






661-6633 • 180 Dickenson Street • Lahaina








MARCH 6, 2003


DININGLISTINGS Ba-Le - French Vietnamese sandwiches, noodle dishes, pho, saimin & more. Lahaina Cannery Mall 661-5566 Banyan Tree - “Eclectic Pacific Cuisine with a Hawaiian Twist.” Lodge atmosphere, ocean views. Ritz Carlton Kapalua. 669–6200 BJ’s Chicago Pizzeria - Deep-dish specialty pizzas and homemade Pizookies with live music nightly. 730 Front St. 661-0700. Blue Lagoon - Casual dining with local grinds, surrounded by waterfalls and palm trees. Wharf Cinema Center. 661–8141 Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. - Fine Southern foods, with Forrest Gump movie memorabilia and logo wear. 889 Front St. 661–3111 Cafe O’Lei - Oceanfront dining featuring light and healthy yet hearty gourmet lunch and dinner. Delicious salads and Focaccia sandwiches. 839 Front St. 661–9491 Cafe Sauvage - Gourmet, hearty, satisfying fare in an unpretentious setting. Extensive beer and wine menu, after-dinner cordials, and desserts! 844 Front St. 661–7600 Canoes - Casual yet elegant dining serving a combination of island-inspired contemporary and traditional cuisine.1450 Front St. 661–0937 CJ’s Deli & Diner - Reasonably priced “comfort foods” such as Reuben sandwiches, pot roast, freshly baked pies, and more! Open daily from 5:30am-6pm. 2580 Kekaa Drive Fairway Shops, Kaanapali 667-0968 Compadres Bar & Grill - Western cooking with a Mexican accent. Oceanview dining & Margarita bar - serving breakfast, lunch & dinner. Lahaina Cannery Mall, 661-7189 David Paul’s Lahaina Grill - Fine dining in the intimate dining room on the ground floor of the Lahaina Inn building. 127 Lahainaluna. 667–5517 Erik’s Seafood Grotto - Fresh seafood and sushi - great steamers! Open nightly. BYOB. 843 Wainee St., Lahaina 669-4806 Gaby’s Pizzeria - Casual Italian dining with pizza and pasta from $6-$25. Open 11am to 12am daily. 505 Front Street, 661-8112. Gazebo Restaurant - Full breakfast and lunch menu, casual atmosphere, beautiful oceanside setting. 5315 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, 669-5621. Gerard’s - Fine French dining in Lahaina. Rich, flavorful yet light foods await your taste buds. 174 Lahainaluna. 661–8939 Fish & Game Brewing Co. & Rotisserie - Maui’s own restaurant brewery, with rotisserie grill, featuring steak, seafood, and ambience, Also, late-night menu served until 1:30am! 4405 Honoapiilani Hwy. 669-3474 Fleming’s On the Green - Fine dining, on the golf course. Delicate raviolis, to the Filet Mignon, wonderful sauces. 2000 Village Rd., Kapalua 665–1000. Hard Rock Cafe - Good American food at decent prices amongst rock ‘n roll memorabilia. Love All-Serve All. 900 Front St. 667–7400 Hecocks - Italian restaurant & cocktail lounge


MARCH 6, 2003


oceanside. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. 505 Front St., Lahaina 661-8810 Honokowai Okazuya & Deli - Gourmet plate lunches, sandwiches and pastas prepared as you order. Take out available. 3600-D Lower Honoapi`ilani Hwy. 665–0512 House of Saimin - Ono homemade Saimin, chicken sticks, and Haupia pie are just some of the local favorites here.Old Lahaina Center. 667–7572

Nalu Sunset Bar & Sushi - Sushi rolls, sashimi, various Japanese appetizers, sandwiches and more. Maui Marriott, Kaanapali 667–1200 ext. 51 Outback Steak House - Quality steaks, shrimpon-the-barbie, and the Bloomin’ Onion in a casual and lively atmosphere. 4405 Honoapiilani Hwy, Kahana 665-1822 Pacific’O - Elegant oceanfront award-winning contemporary Pacific cuisine. 505 Front St. 667-4341.

Hula Grill - Barefoot Bar and beachside dining in a 1940’s style. Menu is a seafood lover’s delight. Whaler’s Village. 667–6636

Pancho & Lefty’s - Delicious and spicy appetizers, traditional and specialty Mexican food. Wharf Cinema Center, Lahaina 661–4666

i`o - Pacific Rim cuisine among awesome sunset views, and indoor or outdoor dining. 505 Front St. 661–8422

Penne Pasta - Mark Ellman’s inexpensive Italian bistro with homestyle pasta, pizza and salad. 180 Dickenson St., Suite 113. 661–6633

Java Jazz - Coffee bar and restaurant with great food, ecclectic atmosphere, loungey ambience. Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner. 3350 Lower Honoapiilani Rd. 667-0787

Pioneer Inn - Breakfast, lunch & dinner daily, with live entertainment nightly. 659 Wharf St., Lahaina 661-36362

Johnny’s Burger Joint - The greatest burgers on the west side, served late, with bar and pool table! 2395 Honoapiilani Hwy, Kaanapali. 661-4500 Kahuna Kabob - Healthy food, low prices! Soups, brown rice, veggies & kabobs, will deliver. Lahaina Marketplace. 661–9999 Karma Kafe - Coffee drinks, specialty smoothies, tea drinks and fabulous vegetarian food. Zen garden and internet access. Anchor Square. 662–1258 Kimo’s - Fresh fish, prime rib, and their famous Hula Pie, oceanside dining. 845 Front St. 661–4811 Kobe - Japanese Steak House and Oku’s Sushi Bar, featuring teppanyaki cooking and fabulous sushi. Dinner nightly from 5:30-10pm., Sushi 5:30-11:30pm. 136 DickensonSt., Lahaina 667-5555 Lahaina Coolers - Off the beaten path “surf bistro”, Good food, good quality, late night menu. 80 Dickenson St., Lahaina 661–7082 Lahaina Fish Co. - Chef’s Signature Pacific Rim Specialties prepared with fresh island fish, and seafood, dine on the oceanside lanai. 831 Front St. 661–3472 Leilani’s On The Beach - Relaxed beachfront dining, specializing in fresh seafood and Pacific Rim cuisine. 2435 Kaanapali Parkway. 661-4495 Lemongrass - Serving ala carte to the seven course traditional Vietnamese dinner. Reasonably priced and full of flavor. 930 Waine`e St., Lahaina 667–6888 Longhi’s - Elegant fine dining, freshest ingredients, pasta, seafood and steaks. 888 Front St. 667–2288 Mama’s Ribs & Rotisserie - Serving ribs and roasted chicken, BBQ baked beans, cole slaw, and macaroni salad. Napili Plaza. 665–6262 Maui Brews - Daily specials, great appetizers salads and entrees in large portions. Lahaina Center. 667–7794 Maui Mama’s - A quaint shop serving coffees grown throughout the islands. Light food, souvenirs, internet access. 578 Front St. 667–7700 Moose McGillicuddy’s - Great value, large portions, all you can eat specials and merry atmosphere. 844 Front St. 667–7758 Nachos Grande - Fresh mexican food fast. Vegetarian too. Honokowai Marketplace. 662–0890

Plantation House Restaurant - Hawaiian Mediterranean cuisine. Breakfast, lunch & dinner daily. 2000 Plantation Club Dr., Kapalua. 669-6299 Reilley’s - Known for their choice award winning beef. Gourmet steaks and seafood overlooking the Ka`anapali Golf Course’s 18th hole. 2290 Ka`anapali Pkwy, 667–7477 Roy’s Nicolina Restaurant - A quiet ambiance suffuses this dining experience, enhanced by the Pacific Rim cuisine. 4405 Honoapi`ilani Hwy, upstairs. 669–5000 Rusty Harpoon Restaurant and Tavern Quench thirst, satiate hunger, and watch sports. Large parties welcome. Whalers Village. 661–3123 Ruth’s Chris Steak House - USDA Prime Steak, fine wines. Dinner served nightly. 900 Front St., Lahaina 661-8815 Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar D.K. Kodama has combined the highest quality sushi bar infused with Hawai`i’s cultural flavors. 115 Bay Drive #115., Kapalua. 669–6286 Sea House Restaurant - Looking out over incredible Napili Bay, dining is an amazing experience here under the direction of Chef Michael Gallager. 5900 Lwr. Honoapi`ilani Hwy. 669–1500 Sir Wilfred’s - Lahaina Cannery Malls gourmet coffee house and cafe. Soups, Salads and Sandwiches grace this simple menu. Lahaina Cannery. 667–1941 Spats Trattoria - Step into old Northern Italy. Tables are private, the Antipasti serves two. The Hyatt Regency. 667–4727 Sports Club Kahana Grill - Upscale, healthy restaurant inside Sports Club Kahana. Breakfast, lunch & take-out. 4327 Lwr. Honoapi`ilani Rd. 6693539 Swan Court - One of the top ten romantic restaurants in the world, extensive list of contemporary fine wines. Hyatt Regency Maui. 667–4727 Thai Chef - Thai food like you’ve never had it, curry, pad thai, summer rolls and more. Old Lahaina Center. 667–2814 Tropica - Enjoy the fire and ice-themed restaurant where the cold food and drink bar is tucked between two “volcanoes.” The Westin Maui. 667–2525 Whale’s Tale - All open-air lanai dining. Casual dining, specials, large portions. 672 Front St. 667–4044





‘99 Delcetto - Mendocino $10.99 Enotria’s ‘99 Delcetto is the wine of the week. Delcetto usually is the type of wine the Italians drink as an everyday drinking wine, described as "little sweetie". Not as big and full bodied as some of its Piedmont counterparts, the scruffy and manly Barolos and Barbarescos, the Delcetto is a softer wine that pairs up well with many types of food. Enotria, translating to “land of wine”, is an Italian family owned winery from Mendocino. Originally from northern Italy, Piemonte region, this label focuses on the Piedmont varieties. These varietals, mostly brought to the us in suitcases, thrive in the cooler climate regions of northern California’s Mendocino County. This Californian-made wine is aged in oak for eighteen months and has a bright purple color. It shows ripe plum on the palate, with a nice soft but firm tannin structure. This wine can age for a couple years but is mainly made to drink now. Enjoy! visit:



laughing at it all

A&E pg. 17 Film Critique pg. 18 Movie Times pg. 19 THE GRID 25-27 Da Kine Calendar 20-23




Remember my Heart "When I'm gone, I hope people say, ‘she was a nice person.' If they don't remember any of my music, that's okay. I just want them to remember my heart." I am quite sure that many people will not only remember Gail Swanson's heart, but you can bet they will remember the deep and profound lyrics that she writes and sings. That's where Gail's music comes from - straight from her heart. "My whole family was musical,” said Gail, “everyone played some instrument." Her mom, who sings and plays the guitar, taught Gail her first chords. "We'd get together and have family hootenannies!” said Gail. “That's what my dad called them." Gail was the only one who pushed her talents to a professional level. Born and raised in Chicago, Gail fell in love with Maui while vacationing here and has made it her home for the past 16 years. Along with learning how to play guitar, at the age of nine Gail was also studying the classical flute in school. "I was really into it and I loved playing in the school band," said Gail. When she got into high school, she stopped playing the flute for a while until someone handed her a Jethro Tull rock flute album. After listening to it, she realized playing "rock stuff" on the flute would be a lot of fun. She didn't get serious about music until 8 years ago. Not only was stage fright a problem, but she admits she never thought she could sing and still gets blown away when people refer to her as a singer. "I used to sing in the car with Bonnie Raitt and tried to sound like her," said Gail. The first time Gail appeared on a stage was in an "all-girl" band called the Double Takes. She sang backup while playing rhythm guitar. Unfortunately, problems with a bad relationship caused Gail to walk away from music for about 6 years. "When the problems disappeared I really started getting serious about my music again. I'll





never walk away now!" exclaimed Gail. In 1996 Gail read a book called “Get Off Your Butt And Do It”, which helped to inspire her. "The book suggested that you make a wish list," said Gail. “I knew I wanted to make a CD so I called this real nice guy named Tommy Hall who had a local studio." She honestly told Tommy that she didn't know what she was doing and didn't even have but a few songs written nor connections with any musicians. "I sat down and wrote some songs, then booked the time and just did it. I wouldn't have been able to without Tommy's help," said Gail. Putting her CD out taught Gail a lot about the music business. She researched several music-publishing companies on the web and sent her CD out to about 20 of them. A publisher named Christy Jackson got in touch with her and offered her a Nashville-based publishing deal where she will be pitching one of her songs, "Standing On The Bridge", to several country artists. Her life-long dream is to have major label artists record her song. Christy has not only become a close friend, but she also helped Gail produce her fourth and latest CD, “Living In A Movie”, which was released in July 2002, and features special guests Willie Nelson and Patrick Simmons of the Doobie Brothers. This CD has won the prestigious Hawaiian music award, "Na Hoku Hanohano”, for best rock album of the year (Hawaiian Academy of Recording Artists). In addition to this award, she has deservedly won five other accolades for her heart-warming music. Through the help of some friends five years ago, Gail had the outrageous opportunity to open for Willie Nelson at a restaurant & saloon called Charley's in Paia. They have been friends ever since. "When I asked Willie if he would sing with me on one of my songs,” said Gail, “I almost started crying when he said yes. Pat and Willie are both a tremendous inspiration to me musically and as human beings. They are incredibly humble and thankful of their gifts and I cherish their friendship more than I can say." While maintaining a large and loyal fan base





in Hawaii, she gets a lot of help from her regional fan clubs and street teams who support her "alternative folk/rock" acoustic shows when she entertains on the mainland. "Kealii Reichel and Fred Kraus have both been a tremendous inspiration and help to me in the Hawaiian music scene and I would like to thank them for their support," said Gail. As if Gail isn't busy enough, she recently became the co-author of a book called “Chicken Soup For The Music Lover's Soul” (she originated the title). She connected with Jack Canfield, who is the co-author along with Mark Victor-Hansen of the "Chicken Soup" book series, through Eve Hogan, a good friend of hers. It doesn't surprise me to hear that Gail has earned the title "rock-chick with a heart of gold." She is the founder of "Dream To Make a Difference", a non-profit organization that raised $17,000 for Hawaii AIDS Foundation at a concert in 2000. Pat Simmons, his wife Cris, and Gail have gotten together to come up with "Pat & Gail's Local Licks," a benefit concert that will be held on March 29, Saturday, at Seabury Hall, of which the proceeds will be donated to the Seabury Hall Music Program. Because the benefit sold out in 2 hours last year, a second benefit at Hapa's in Kihei will be presented on Sunday, March 30. This year Pat and Gail are joined by legendary artist Norton Buffalo, multi-Hoku winner Barry Flanagan and Maui singer/songwriter Steve Sargenti. Look for details on Gail's website <>. You can also join Gail's mailing list for up & coming events by e-mailing her at gail@gail



ALO’HA Thursday (tonight!) at Hapa’s in Kihei, Saturday at Casanova in Makawao. Another import funk fusion band from California, ALO creates a blissful blend of trance backbeats with groovy keyboards, poppin’ funky basslines, and Steely-Dan-smooth vocals. They sound pretty damn good, and I am pleased to report that they are not your typical “wish-it-was-Jerry jam band knockoff,” but rather, co-exist in the happy-medium world of bohemians and urbanites alike.

BRAZIL FEST IN IRISH PUB 8pm Friday at Mulligan’s in Kihei. The Brazilian Carnaval “Carna Penta” 2003 brings you Sensasamba featuring Dandara with Capoeira and DJ Elmar. Come shake your thang and sip on a Brazilian Caipirinha (it’s a drink, not a sexy Brazilian girl okay) or two, and chase it down with a creamy Guinness. Ew, or not. But definitely come see.

FRIDAY’S ENCORE Gomega Fest at Maui Brews in Lahaina. This is a great opportunity for you to witness the diversity of our musical talent on Maui in this eclectic showcase of artists ranging from Jawaiian to Hard Metal. Last week, I was blown away by the rap skills of Desmond D, Hev B Wyld, and Demune, especially when Demune and Gomega took the stage to combine their power - it was pure poetry. And Khrinj has never sounded better - it warms my heart (or something) to hear those guys rock so hard and so naturally. One band missing off the bill this week but deserves mention is Crowd - a truly gifted punk band that seemingly came from nowhere, but I’ll be sure to watch for them next time. And so should you.

TELEVANGELISTS ARE FUN Tartuffe Born Again, thru Sunday at Iao Theater. Final weekend to see Maui OnStage’s hilarious play about religious hypocrisy - so see it!





MARCH 6, 2003




DMX Go Home Rap and Kung Fu Don't Mix ) Cradle 2 The Grave (

DMX’s best Gary Coleman impersonation

Fashion Fun!

Live Entertainment!

Saturday, March 22nd 7pm A Benefit for the Iao Theater Advance Tickets $15 Limited Seating For info call 249-9710


MARCH 6, 2003


Even if Jet Li didn't spend most of his fight scenes with his left hand stuck inexplicably in his pocket while he does a "I can beat you with one arm tied behind my back” routine, "Cradle 2 The Grave" would still be a nightmare of illconceived genre melding. Given that director Andrzej Bartkowiak ("Romeo Must Die") worked as cinematographer on such respectable films as Sidney Lumet's "The Verdict" and John Huston's "Prizzi's Honor", it implies that he would have a better eye for scripts than this action cliché miasma under a thick coat of plastically sentimental dialogue. Rap embarrassment DMX couldn't act wet in a rainstorm as thief/caring father Tony Fait. To make matters worse, Tony has a penchant for incurring a chant of "faith" from his minions when he isn't praying insipidly about angels to his 9-year-old daughter. The best moment in the movie comes early on when Taiwanese Government Agent Su (Jet Li) breaks into a bad guy's high-rise beachfront apartment by dropping from balcony to balcony, many stories above the ground. The camera pulls back to record the dangerous scale of the feat, and the effect is a breathtakingly exciting moment of physical derring-do. But the film never again hits such a high note of excitement, thanks mainly to a lack of focus on Li's character. We see Su employ his lightening-fast martial arts skill to devastate villain after villain with one hand and two feet flying, but never get an explanation about why we're being short-changed in the fighting department. It seems probable that Li hurt his left hand during filming, and the production was forced to continue in spite of the problem. But audiences go to Jet Li films to see the master do battle at top form. So it's a double insult to fans that Li is made to share protagonist duties and he isn't even fit to fight with both hands. Tony Fait (DMX) is a diamond burglar working with a talented but undisciplined group of hoods to steal a collection of precious "black diamonds". But when the thieves, including one gorgeous Gabrielle Union as Daria, expertly blow a hole in a giant vault filled with hundreds of locked drawers, they don't even know which com-

partment to heist. Luckily for them, they blunder into the right drawer before much time has past, but it brings into question the competence of the crew. The suddenly relevant black Asian stones are also being sought by the evil Ling (Mark Dacascos "Brotherhood of the Wolf"), who was Su's former partner in Taiwan before turning bad with a capital "B". Ling soon kidnaps Fait's daughter Vanessa (Paige Hurd) to ransom the stones from Fait, who has recently joined forces with Su. The ransomed daughter device is pathetically employed to mitigate the fact that Tony is a thieving scum riding on Su's coattails of legitimacy, and to similarly obscure the chasm of talent differences between DMX and Li. The search and rescue mini-plot expands however barely when it's revealed that the stones are actually synthetic plutonium being auctioned off to a gathering of international arms dealers offering "five million dollars" per stone. The auction scene forfeits a perfect opportunity at satire, considering how much of the world's "illegal arms" are made and sold to countries like Iraq by the U.S. military. For an idea of where that scene could have gone, check out Malcolm McDowell as a young British salesman in Lindsay Anderson's nearly brilliant "O Lucky Man" (1973). Tom Arnold ("Animal Factory") adds much needed comic spice as a Los Angeles small-arms dealer who sweats greedy beads of Republican war hunger with a fitting devilmay-care approach to the role. But it's Mark Dacascos as Ling who steals the movie with his exotic looks and experienced fighting skill. The film's laughable "ring of fire" climax between Su and Ling is made palatable by Dacascos' believability at being a wellsuited opponent for Li. That's not to say that director Andrzej Bartkowiak knows the first thing about staging and filming fight scenes, but you can see the germ of possibilities between the two fighters given a proper setting for their skills. Dacascos is a better actor than Jet Li, and they enhance one another whenever they share the screen. The possibility that these two may face off again in a better movie may be the only saving grace "Cradle 2 The Grave" has to offer.


TWILIGHT GOLF NOW STARTS at 12:00 noon Visitor Rate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$50 Kama’aina . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$25

242-GOLF(4653) 2500 Honoapi`ilani Highway (Hwy. 30) • Waikapu, Maui

Custom Tattoos

Pain Free

10-10 Tues-Sat, 10-6 Mon, Closed Sun

193 Lahainaluna, Lahaina • 667-2156


MOVIECAPSULES MAUI FILM FESTIVAL’S CANDLELIGHT CAFÉ & CINEMA Wednesday, March 12 Frida 5:00 & 7:30pm, Castle Theater Julie Taymor (The Lion King) directs and Salma Hayek (Best Actress Oscar® nominee), Alfred Molina, Geoffrey Rush, Ashley Judd, Antonio Banderas, Edward Norton, Valeria Golino, and Saffron Burrows star in this 6 time Academy Award nominated biopic of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. "A dynamic portrait of an artist by an artist, one as wry, audacious and erotically charged as its flamboyant subject" (Philadelphia Inquirer). "The most effective moments in Taymor's gorgeous, surprisingly romantic Frida are those that evoke the visual world from which Kahlo's work was formed or the paintings themselves, often using clever animation and other special effects" (New York Post). "Salma Hayek makes the character an icon of female independence, courage and nonconformity, forecasting special appeal for women viewers" (Variety). Rated R. 120 min. Tickets: $7 w/MFF passport. $10 single.

New This Week BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE - (PG13) Comedy - A divorced man (Steve Martin) finds love on the internet, but she (Queen Latifah) arrives it's evident she's not the woman he thought she was. Moving into his house and wreaking havoc on his life, she soon helps him to rediscover who he is and atone for the mistakes he's made in his personal life. THE GURU - (R) - Comedy - A man (Jim Mistry) travels from India to the United States with dreams of becoming the next big dance celebrity, but winds up becoming a highly popular sex therapist on the talk show circuit. Also stars Heather Graham and Marisa Tomei. TEARS OF THE SUN - (R) - Action/Adventure - A Special-Ops commander (Bruce Willis) leads a group of men into the jungles of Nigeria in order to rescue a kidnapped doctor and 70 fellow refugees.

Kevin Spacey as David Gale (Matthew McConaughey) bets his friends that he can stay in a relationship for more than 10 days. Unluckily for him, however, the girl (Kate Hudson) that he picks just happens to try to get rid of him almost immediately. JUNGLE BOOK 2 - (G) - Animation - Continuing the classic story of The Jungle Book, as the boy Mowgli has now grown into a young man and longs to return to the jungle to see his old friends, including the loveable Baloo. Leaving behind his girlfriend Shanti, Mowgli sets off into the jungle not knowing that the sinister tiger Shere Khan is plotting his revenge.

LIFE OF DAVID GALE - (R) - Drama - A devoted father and respected professor (Kevin Spacey) finds himself on Death Row for the rape and murder of a fellow activist (Laura Linney) due to a strange twist of fate. With only 3 days left before he is scheduled to be executed, he grants an interview to a journalist (Kate Winslet) - who soon discovers that she holds the very life of this man in her hands. OLD SCHOOL - (R) - Comedy - A trio of thirty-something buddies try to recapture the outrageous, irrepressible fun of their college years by starting their own off-campus fraternity. Mitch (Luke Wilson), Frank (Will Ferrell) and Beanie (Vince Vaughn) have all reached a crossroads in their lives. They can choose to be responsible adults, with wives, families and steady jobs.or they can postpone adulthood in favor of the reckless abandon of frat house living with all of the fun, and none of the education. No contest. THE PIANIST - (R) - Drama - Based on the autobiography of Wladyslaw Szpilman, a man who survived the Nazi occupation of Poland in a desperate Warsaw ghetto. He struggled to stay alive and would eventually succeed in finding his artistic gifts once again. THE RECRUIT - (PG13) - Action/Adventure - A young man is recruited into the CIA by veteran agent Walter Burke (Al Pacino), who teaches him the ways of espionage. Before he becomes an official agent, James Clayton (Colin Farrell) has to pass the test of the CIA's top training facility, the Farm. SHANGHAI KNIGHTS - (PG13) - Action/Comedy - In this sequel to Shanghai Noon, Chon Wang (Jackie Chan) and Roy O'Bannon (Owen Wilson) head to England in pursuit of the man who killed Chon's estranged father. Meanwhile, Chon's sister Lin has also come to Britain for the same purpose, and discovers a plot to murder the Royal Family along the way.



MAUI MALL MEGAPLEX Maui Mall, 249–2222 D - Daily: Fr, M-Th Biker Boyz - PG13 - D (1), 9:50, Sa-Su (1), 9:50 Daredevil - PG13 - D (1:15, 1:45, 4:15, 4:45), 7, 7:25, 9:30, 10, Sa-Su (1:15, 1:45), 4:15, 4:45, 7, 7:25, 9:30, 10 Gods and Generals - PG13 - D (2), 7:30, Sa-Su (2), 7:30 The Guru - R - D (2, 4:20), 7:20, 9:35, Sa-Su (2), 4:20, 7:20, 9:35 Jungle Book 2 - G - D (1:30, 3:30, 5:30), 7:30, SaSu (1:30, 3:30), 5:30, 7:30 Life of David Gale - R - D (1:10, 4:10), 7:05, 9:55, Sa-Su (1:10), 4:10, 7:05, 9:55 Night Marchers 2 - NR - D (1:15, 3:15, 5:15), 7:15, 9:15, Sa-Su (1:15, 3:15), 5:15, 7:15, 9:15 Old School - R - D (1:45, 3:30, 4:45, 5:40), 7:45, Sa-Su (1:45, 3:30), 4:45, 5:40, 7:45 The Pianist - R - D 7:35, Sa-Su 7:35 Shanghai Knights - PG13 - D (1:20, 4:05), 7:10, 9:30, 9:45, Sa-Su (1:20), 4:05, 7:10, 9:30, 9:45 Tears Of The Sun - R - D (1, 1:30, 4, 4:30), 7, 7:15, 9:40, 10, Sa-Su (1, 1:30), 4, 4:30, 7, 7:15, 9:40, 10

KA`AHUMANU 6 Queen Ka`ahumanu Shopping Center, 875-4910 Bringing Down The House - PG13 - D (12:35, 1:15, 2:55), 4:15, 5:15, 7:05, 7:40, 9:30, 10 Chicago - PG13 - D (1:15), 4:30, 7:20, 9:55 Cradle 2 The Grave - R - D (12:35, 2:50), 5:05, 7:30, 9:50 How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days - PG13 - D (1), 4:15, 7:10, 9:45 The Recruit - PG13 - D (12:30, 2:50), 5:10, 7:35, 9:55 1819 South Kihei Road, 875-4910 Bringing Down The House - PG13 - Fr-Su (12:45, 3), 5:30, 7:50, 10:05, M-Th (1:45), 5:30, 7:50 Chicago - PG13 - Fr-Su (12:15, 2:45), 5:10, 7:45, 10:15, M-Th (1:15), 5:10, 7:45 Cradle 2 The Grave - R - Fr-Su (12:30, 3:15), 5:30, 8, 10:10, M-Th (1:30), 5:30, 8 Tears Of The Sun - Fr-Su (12, 2:30), 5, 7:30, 10, MTh (1), 5, 7:30

FRONT STREET THEATERS 900 Front Street, 249–2222 D - Daily: Fr, M-Th Chicago - PG13 - D (4:30), 7:30, 10, Sa-Su (1:30), 4:30, 7:30, 10 Daredevil - PG13 - D (4:15), 7:15, 9:55, Sa-Su (1:15), 4:15, 7:15, 9:55 The Life of David Gale - R - D (4), 7, 10, Sa-Su (1), 4, 7, 10 Tears Of The Sun - R - D (3:45), 6:45, 9:45, SaSu (12:45), 3:45, 6:45, 9:45

BIKER BOYZ - (PG13) - Action/Adventure - an action-packed contemporary Western on wheels with desperados who live every day on the edge. In the world of underground motorcycle clubs, the undefeated racer known as Smoke (Laurence Fishburne) is the undisputed "King of Cali." But Smoke's dominance of the set is about to be threatened by a young motorcycle racing prodigy called Kid (Derek Luke), who is determined to win Smoke's helmet and earn the coveted title. Also stars Orlando Jones, Lisa Bonet, and Kid Rock. CHICAGO - (PG13) - Musical - Based on the hit Broadway musical, Chicago is the story of Roxie Hart (Renee Zellweger) and Velma Kelly (Catherine Zeta-Jones), two murderesses and chorus girls who dance and drink their way to the top of fortune and infamy under the care of their 'razzle dazzle' lawyer, Billy Flynn (Richard Gere). CRADLE 2 THE GRAVE - (R) - Action/Adventure - The daughter of a skilled thief (DMX) is kidnapped and held ransom for jewels, which the thief sets about stealing with the help of a Taiwanese Intelligence Officer (Jet Li). DAREDEVIL - (PG13) - Action/Adventure - Matt Murdock (Ben Affleck), is a lawyer blinded by radioactive waste that renders the rest of his senses highly powerful, allowing him to become the superhero Daredevil, the man who knows no fear. At his side is the sleek Elektra (Jennifer Garner), as they go up against the evil Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan) and the assassin Bullseye (Colin Farrell). GODS AND GENERALS - (PG13) - Drama This epic prequel to Gettysburg (1993) follows the rise and fall of Stonewall Jackson and the early battles that began the Civil War. HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN TEN DAYS (PG13) - Romantic Comedy - A regular ladies man


Castle Theatre, 572-3456 Frida - R - Wednesday 5, 7:30pm


Now Showing



WHARF CINEMA CENTER 658 Front Street, 249–2222 D - Daily: Fr, M-Th Bringing Down The House - PG13 - D (11:30, 2, 4:30), 7, 9:30, Sa-Su (11:30, 2), 4:30, 7, 9:30 Cradle 2 the Grave - R - D (11:45, 2:15, 4:45), 7:15, 9:45, Sa-Su (11:45, 2:15), 4:45, 7:15, 9:45 Old School - R - D (12, 2:30, 5), 7:30, 9:55, SaSu (12, 2:30), 5, 7:30, 9:55

$7* ™ GRE AT FI







* with MFF passport (5 films - $35) • $10 - single tickets Phone: 572-3456 •

Heather Graham and Jim Mistry in “The Guru”






MARCH 6, 2003



Aspen Santa Fe Ballet - March 6. An exciting, critically acclaimed group of dancers, with a repertory ranging from classical Balanchine to Dwight Rhoden’s sizzling Ave Maria to Gamonet De Los Heros dramatic “tango” ballet. 7:30pm, Castle Theater, MACC, 242-7469. New Shanghai Circus - March 7 & 8. Featuring an impressive array of acrobats, jugglers, and contortionists. Tickets: $22, $16, $10, 1/2 price kids 12 & under. 7pm Fri. & Sat., 2pm Sat., Castle Theater, MACC, 242-SHOW. The Get Up Kids - March 8. With opening act, Linus. All ages. 7pm, Pipeline Cafe, Oahu, 526-4400. Kona Brewers Festival - March 8. An annual event designed to promote the microbrewery revolution in Hawai’i, featuring mainland & local breweries, restaurants, and live music. 2:30pm, King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, (808) 334-1133. Tartuffe Born Again - Now thru Mar. 9. A comedy based on Moliere’s classic, presented by Maui OnStage. 7:30pm Fridays & Saturdays, 6pm Sundays, Iao Theater, 242-6969.


“Journey Home” - March 14. Cody Gillette CD Release Celebration. Tickets can be purchased at Maui Music in Queen Kahahumanu Center, Bounty Music, and Postal Plus and Mandala in Paia. 7:30pm, Iao Theater, 875-8820. Spirit of the Dance - March 19-23. A heart pounding production featuring a spectacular blend of traditional culture, Irish in origin and bursting with raw energy. Powerful, show stopping Irish Dance combines with the passionate Latino rhythms of Flamenco and Red-Hot Salsa. Tickets: $10-$45, visit MACC box office or call 242-7469. Los Angeles Guitar Quartet - March 23. In a repetoire that spans Bach to Bizet’s Carmen, Brazilian sambas to original compositions, this quartet pro-

duces a rich texture of sound that can make four guitars sound like harpsichords, koto, and gamelan. 5pm, McCoy Studio Theater, MACC, 242-7469. Margaret Cho - April 13. Tickets: $45, $29.50. 7:30pm, Castle Theater, MACC, 242-SHOW.


BJ’s Chicago Pizzeria – John Kane, Wed., Thurs. and Fri.; Harry Troupe, Sat.; Kaleo Phillips, Sun.; Benny Uyetake, Mon.; Maurice Bega, Tue.; All sets from 810:30pm. 730 Front St., Lahaina, 661-0700. Cheeseburger in Paradise – Brooks Maguire, Thurs., Sat., and Wed.; Harry Troupe, Fri.; Gail Swanson, Sat., Mon. and Tues. All sets from 4:30-7:30 and 8-11pm. 811 Front St., Lahaina, 661-4855. Fish & Game Brewing Co. & Rotisserie - Nino Toscano, Thu. & Fri.; Kawiko Lum Ho, Sat.; Ernest Pua’a, Sun.; Brian Haia, Mon.; Kawika Lum Ho, Tue.; Ernest Pua’a, Wed. All sets from 6:30-9:30pm. 4405 Honoapiilani Highway, 669-3474. Hula Grill - Ernest Pua’a and Brian Kaui Haia, Thurs.; Ernest Pua’a, Kawika Lum Ho & Brian Haia, Fri.; Maurice Bega, Da Ukulele Boys, Sat.; Kawika Lum Ho, Da Ukulele Boys, Sun.; Kawika Lum Ho, Albert Kaina & Brian Kaui Haia, Mon.; Jarret Roback, Don Kaulia & Albert Kaina, Tues.; Ernest Pua’a, Brian Kaui Haia & Roy Kato, Wed. Live music is from 3-5 and 7-9:30pm. 2435 Kaanapali Parkway, Building P, Kaanapali, 667-6636. Java Jazz/Soup Nutz – Live music 6:30-9pm Mon., Wed., Fri. 3350 Lower Honoapiilani Rd., 667-0787. Kahana Terrace Restaurant – Harry Troupe, Tue., Thu.; Randy Reno, Sat.; Sets from 6-9pm. Sands of Kahana Resort, 669-5399. Kimo’s – Sam Ahia, 7-8:30pm Wed. thru Sun. 845 Front St., Lahaina, 661-4811. Leilani’s On The Beach – Crazy Fingers, 4-6pm Thu.; Classic rock with JD & Mario, 3-6pm Fri.;

Anastasia Gilliam & friends, 3:30-6pm Sat.; Kilohana, 3:30-6pm Sun.; Jarret Roback, 4-6pm Wed. 2435 Kaanapali Parkway, Building J, Kaanapali, 661-4495. Maui Brews - Jonah Livin Band, 6-10pm, Fri. 900 Front St., Lahaina, 667-7794. Moose McGillycuddy’s - Bruddah Damien, 6:30pm, Sat.; Jonah Livin, 6:30pm, Sun. 844 Front St., Lahaina, 667-7758. Pancho and Lefty’s Cantina & Restaurante Pianist Rene Alonzo & Friends play light rock, country, and blues, during happy hour on Thursdays from 3-6, and Saturdays from 6-9. 658 Front St., Lahaina, in the Wharf Cinema Center, 661-4666. Pioneer Inn – Ah-Tim Eleniki (Hawaiian Style), Thurs.; Greg DiPiazza (Classic Rock N Roll), Fri.; Ed Truthan (Versatile Contemporary Rock N Roll), Sat.; Erik Pietsch (if you like Jimmy Buffet, you will love Erik), Mon.; Ricardo Dioso (Flamenco Guitar), Tues.; Rene Alonzo (New Orleans Style Piano), Wed.; All 69pm. 658 Wharf St., Lahaina, 661-3636. Reilley’s Steak House - Dinner jazz with Eve Moffatt, 6-9pm Mon. and Tues. 2290 Kaanapali Parkway, Kaanapali, 667-7477. Sea House Restaurant – Hawaiian music with Albert Kaina and Kincaid Basques, 7:30-9:30pm Wed. Napili Kai Beach Resort, 5900 Honoapiilani Road, Napili, 669-1500. Whale’s Tale Bar & Grill - Eric Pietsch, Thurs.; Patrick Major, Fri.; Greg diPiazza, Sat.; Cryin’ Out Loud, Sun.; Eric Pietsch, Mon.; Patrick Major, Tues.; Armadillo, Wed. All sets from 6-9pm. 672 Front St., Lahaina, 667-4044.


Capische? – Joyce and Gord, Wed. & Thu.; Esther Godinez (vocals) Salvador Godinez (piano), & Ed Connors (bass) perform a mix of standards, bossa nova and original music, 7-10pm Fri. & Sat. Call ahead for details. Diamond Resort, 555 Kaukahi, 879-2224. KKO Kai Ku Ono – Lono, Thu. thru Sat.; Kawika, Sun.; Howard Ahia, Mon.; Kenny Roberts, Wed.; all sets 6-9pm. 2511 S. Kihei Rd., 875-1007. LuLu’s - Patrick Major, 4-7pm Thu. 1945-H S. Kihei Rd., 879-9944. Maalaea Grill – Benoit Jazz Works, 6:30-9pm, Thurs., Fri. & Sun.; Miguel Maldonado Quartet, Sat. Maalaea Village Shops, 243-2206. Marco’s Southside Grill – Mark Johnston solo piano, Wed. thru Sun.; Brian Cuomo solo piano Mon. & Tues. Sets from 7-10pm. 1445 S. Kihei Rd., 874-4041. Margarita’s Beach Cantina – Cool Steel, 5-7pm Friday. 101 S. Kihei Rd., 879-5311. Mulligan’s on the Blue – Celtic Tigers, 7-10pm Thu. & Sun. 100 Kaukahi St., Wailea, 874-1131. Seawatch Restaurant - Pianist Angela Carr, 6-9pm Fri.; Guitarist Luis Diaz, 6-9pm Sat. 100 Wailea Golf Club Dr., 875-8080. Tommy Bahama’s Tropical Café – Latin guitar w/ Luis Diaz, Thu., Fri. & Wed.; Guitar & vocals w/ Brado, Sat.; Patrick Major, Sun.; Steel drums & sax w/ Brian Wittman, Mon. & Tue. All from 6-10pm. The Shops at Wailea, 875-9983.


Manana Garage – Neto & Friends, 6:30pm Thu. & Fri.; Fortunato’s Magic, 7pm Fri.; Neto & Hot Salsa, Sat.; Neto Peraza, Tue.; Bobby & Tula, 6:30pm Wed.


MARCH 6, 2003


33 Lono Ave., Kahului, 873-0220.


Jacque’s - Greg DiPiazza & Tato Duo, 7-10:30pm Mon. 120 Hana Highway, Paia, 579-8844. Livewire Cafe - Live music 7-10pm Thu. 137 Hana Highway, Paia, 579-6009. Moana Cafe - Jazz w/ Eve Moffatt, 6:30-9:30pm Fri.; Bo Shores on guitar & Andrea Wells on violin, 6-9pm Sun.; Vintage Hawaiian tunes w/Ginger & Robin, 69pm Wed. 71 Baldwin Ave., Paia, 579-9999.


Embassy Vacation Resort – Kaanapali Beach 104 Kaanapali Shores, Lahaina, 661-2000 Ohana Bar & Grill: Ed Truthan w/ contemporary classics, Thurs.; Patrick Major, Fri.; Wayne & Friends, Sat.; Ed & Ron, Sun.; Ernest Pua’a w/ Hawaiian music, Mon.; Scott Baird & Friends w/ contemporary music, Tues.; Howard Ahia w/ Hawaiian music, Wed.; all 5:30-9:30pm. Torch lighting ceremony nightly. Hyatt Regency Maui 200 Nohea Kai Drive, Kaanapali, 661-1234 “Tony ‘n Tina’s Wedding” 6:30pm Mon., Wed., Fri., & Sun. in the Swan Court. Torchlighting ceremony at 6:15 nightly followed by live Hawaiian entertainment 6:30-9:30 nightly in the Weeping Banyan: Sam Fukuhara, Thurs., Sun.-Tue.; Larry Gollis, Fri-Sat.; Stephanie Anderson, Wed. "Drums of the Pacific" luau by Tihati, 5:30-8 nightly. Ka’anapali Beach Hotel 2525 Kaanapali Parkway, 661-0011 Black Rock Illusions dinner show at 5:30pm Sun., Tue. & Thu. in the Kanahele Room; Ka’anapali Serenaders, 6-9:30pm Sat.; Free hula show 6:30-7:30 nightly; Auntie Aloha’s Breakfast Luau, 8:15am Mon.Fri.; Paniolo Barbecue w/ live music & dancing, 6pm Mon.; Sunday champagne brunch w/ Hawaiian music by Polinahe, 9am-1pm. Kapalua Bay Hotel / Kapalua Bay Hotel, A Luxury Collection Resort 1 Bay Drive, Kapalua, 669-5656 The Bay Club: Solo pianist from 6-9:30 nightly. Gardenia Court: Hawaiian guitar, 11am-1:30pm Sun.; Lehua Lounge: Hawaiian guitarist 5:30-9:30 nightly. Napili Kai Beach Resort 5900 Honoapiilani Highway, Napili, 669-1500 Sea House Restaurant: Kincaid Basques, Sun.Tue.; Albert Kaina, Wed.; Kincaid & Albert, Thu.; Napili Kai Foundation Polynesian Dinner Show, 6pm Fri.; Kincaid Basques, Sat.; All shows from 7-9pm unless otherwise noted. Ritz-Carlton Kapalua One Ritz-Carlton Drive, Kapalua, 669-6200 Lobby Lounge: Reiko, solo guitarist & vocalist beginning at 5:30pm nightly. Banyan Tree Restaurant: World fusion duo Ranga Pae 6:15-9:45pm Fri.-Tue. Royal Lahaina Resort 2780 Kekaa Drive, Kaanapali, 661-3611 "Eddie and Eddie" w/ Eddie Lilikoi & Eddie Sebala, 5-9:30 nightly in the Royal Ocean Terrace. Royal Lahaina Luau featuring authentic Hawaiian & Polynesian songs and dances at 5 nightly. Sheraton Maui Hotel



Maui OnStage Presents... 2605 Kaanapali Parkway, 661-0031 Lagoon Bar entertainment w/ hula dancers, 6-8 nightly: Bobby & Ralph, Thu., Mon. & Tue.; Ralph & Allan, Fri.; Fausto & Kawaika, Sat. & Sun.; Nathan & Ralph, Wed.; Torchlighting and cliff diving ceremony at sunset, 7 to 8 nightly. The Westin Maui Hotel 2365 Kaanapali Parkway, 667-2525 Tropica: Bobby Ingram Trio, Sun., Wed. & Sat.; JD Band, Tue.; Keoki Kahumoku, Mon., all 7-9pm; Fortunato’s magic 6:30-8:30pm Tue., Thu. & Sat.

Renaissance Wailea Beach Resort 3550 Wailea Alanui, Wailea, 879-4900 Sunset Terrace; Jamie Lawrence, Tue.-Sat.; solo guitarist Sun. & Mon., 6-9pm Wailea Sunset Luau, 68:30pm Tue., Thu. and Sat. Maui Prince Hotel 5400 Makena Alanui, 874-1111 Molokini Lounge: Ron Kuala’au, Hawaiian &contemporary guitar & vocals, 6-10:30pm Sun., 68:30pm Tue., Thu. and Sat. Mele ‘Ohana duo, 6 -8pm Mon., Wed. and Fri., 8:30-10:30pm Mon.-Sat. and 9am-1pm Mon., Wed. and Fri.


Ta r t u f f e

Born Again


Four Seasons Resort Wailea 3900 Wailea Alanui, Wailea, 874-8000 Lobby Lounge, Hawaiian music w/Steve Repollo & Alan Villeran, 5:30-7:30pm, jazz with Sal Godinez & Marcus Johnson, 8:30-11:30pm Thu.; Contemporary music w/Clay Mortensen & George Tavoularis, 8:3011:30pm Fri.; Island Style Trio, 5:30-7:30pm w/hula dancer 5:30-6:30pm Sat. & Mon.; Pam Peterson & Rudy Baria, 8:30-11:30pm Sun.; Tiffany Lee & Josh 8:3011:30pm Mon. & Sat. Clay Mortensen & Gilbert Emata, 8:30-11:30pm Wed. Sunset torchlighting nightly. Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa 3850 Wailea Alanui, Wailea, 875-1234 Botero Bar entertainment, 5:30-9:30 nightly: Larry Golis, Thu.; Brian Mansano, Fri.; Ricardo, Sat.; Luis Diaz, Sun.-Tue.; Mitch Kepa, Wed.; Strolling Hawaiian duo in the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a nightly. The Fairmont Kea Lani Maui 4100 Wailea Alanui, Wailea, 875-4100 Jazz entertainment from 6-9 nightly in the Lobby Bar. Outrigger Wailea Resort 3700 Wailea Alanui, Wailea, 879-1922 Hawaiian entertainment w/ hula 6-9 nightly in Kumu Bar & Grill. Hawaiian entertainment 9-11 nightly in the Mele Mele Lounge featuring Mitch Kepa & Raymond "Mundo" Medeiros. Paradyse & Ka Poe O Hawaii perform at the Luau, Mon., Tue., Thu., Fri.

Hotel Hana-Maui Hana, 248-8211 Hawaiian music in Paniolo Lounge, 6:309:30pm Thu.-Sun.; Hula show, 7:30-8:15pm every Thu. and Sun. in the Main Dining Room.

Directed by

David C. Johnston Translated and adapted by


Freyda Thomas

University of Hawaii Center Maui is pleased to be offering the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Secondary Education (PBSCE) and the Master of Education in Special Education (Med SPED) programs. For more information, call 984-3525. ESL Classes Offered - 9am-12pm Tues., Thur. & Fri., at Hui Malama Learning Center, Wailuku – English as a Second Language (ESL) classes offering multiskills instruction. For more info, call 244-5911. Sing Your Heart out! with Louise Lambert Beginners to Karaoke singers to Grammy Winners! Gain range expansion,flexibility, power, stamina, breath control,harmonizing and the joy of singing! Weekly in Kihei and Pukalani. Call 875-1891.

Tickets 242-6969

February 21 – March 9 Shows Fri. & Sat. at 7:30 pm Sundays at 6:00 pm


$18 Adults, $16 Students/Seniors

Maui Safety Association's Conference on Ways to Reduce Injury Costs in Workplace 8am-2:45pm, at the Westin Maui. Includes lunch,

a n n a W e? Danc




A modern day twist on Moliere’s classic French farce, Tartuffe Born Again exposes the uproarious events of a deposed televangelist who rooks a family of their money and property, and nearly their morality!


Iao Theater, 68 N. Market St. Wailuku, Hawaii 96793 Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French Inc.. Sponsored in part by the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, the County of Maui and the Hawaii Tourism Authority.


Wild Wahine Wednesday


• $5 cover after 9:30PM House DJ Ged & Guest DJ B Boy Rob!


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id ul • ac ky so t a n e • fu al b triban jam urb

Make it a Memorable Evening • Dine and Dance at Casanova For reservations and information, call 572–0220 • Log on! LETTERS












MARCH 6, 2003


DA KINECALENDAR refreshments, and workshop handouts. Call 877-6905. Free Lecture on Polaroid Transfers & Manipulations Demystified - 7pm, at Hui Noeau in Makawao. Learn about two very creative and fun alternative photographic techniques that give unique results using Polaroid film. For info, call 572-6560. Beginning Ukulele Class - 8-10am, at Hale Mahaolu Elima. Learn the fundamentals of playing the 'ukulele, including tuning, strumming, and picking. Students need to bring their own 'ukulele. $1 donation. Call Kaunoa Senior Center at 270-7308 for info. Lahaina Arts Society’s Outreach Arts Program - 3-5pm, West Maui Boys and Girls Club, Lahaina. Also, Upcountry Boys and Girls Club, Makawao. Free public classes. All materials provided. Ages 5-18. For more info, call 874-3104.

FRIDAY, March 7

Modeling & Photography Workshops - 6-7pm, at Pacific Custom Lab, 1787 Wili Pa Loop, Wailuku. Call 244-7733.

SaturDAY, March 8

Compassionate Communication in Relationships - 10am-5pm, at Ohana Makamae, Hana. Sponsored by East Maui Domestic Violence Task Force. For more info, call 248-7808. "Comprehending Color" - 10am-1pm, at Art School at Kapalua. For more info, call 665-0007.

MONDAY, March 10

"It's Our Nature: Sustainability in Action" - 45:30pm, the Planning conference room, ground floor of Kalana Pakui, 250 S. High Street, Wailuku. Discussion of challenges and successes experienced by a premier sustainable resort community. Country Line-Dancing Lessons - 7-8:30pm, at Lahaina Cannery Mall. Call Cynda Hearn at 661-5304. Lahaina Arts Society’s Outreach Arts Program - 3-5pm, Central Maui Boys and Girls Club, Wailuku. Free public classes. All materials provided. Ages 5-18. For more info, call 874-3104.

TuESDAY, March 11

Free Literacy & Family-Strengthening Workshop - 5-6:30pm, at the Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Maui Mentoring Ctr, Wailuku. For parents and children ages 9-13. Call Kathleen at 242-9754. "Wrecks to the Northwest: Our Maritime Legacy in the Hawaiian Archipelago" - 7pm, at 726 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei. Dive in and uncover the maritime history of the Hawaiian Islands and the Pacific as it is revealed through wreck sites located in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands. Call 879-2818 for info.


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Love Shack

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Kihei Kalama Village 875-0303 22

MARCH 6, 2003


Substance Abuse Assessment Tool Training 8:30am-4:30pm, at Cameron Center Auditorium. Call Christina Fisher at 573-1929 for more info. The Art of Singing - 6:30pm, in Olinda at the Kapila Institute. All Ages, All Levels, all Styles. Call 572-7100.


Na Mele O Maui Scholarship Program Seeking Applicants - Its purpose is to provide financial assistance to students pursuing a college education for Hawaiian Studies. All applicants must be currently enrolled as a high school senior in Maui County. Submissions due by March 21. Call 661-3271. Maui Community Food Bank's 2003 Annual Food Drive - Thru April 19. We are accepting food donations during the food drive period at the warehouse location, 330 Hoohana St., Bay 17, Kahului, from the hours of 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., M-F or at any of the Fire Stations on Maui. Call 877-4357. Camp Imua T-Shirt Design Contest - Due by April 1. For more information, call 244-7467 x152. SCA Conservation Crew Summer Volunteers - 4-weeks. Crew members will complete three weeks of trail work in the Haleakala backcountry and will participate in a Hawaiian cultural and natural history education week. Meals and lodging are provided during the work periods. Applications must be sent to SCA and received by March 1. For applications: 873-3101. The Art of Trash - at Queen Kaahumanu Center. The state's most environmentally conscious art exhibition celebrating recycling! Enter that art piece you've been thinking about for years. Start collecting materials today and finish your work of art by April 5th. Entry forms are at all Public Libraries and Queen Kaahumanu Center Customer Service Booth. Call 572-6668. Whale Mania - Now thru March. Whale sculptures by local artists displayed island-wide to be auctioned off in March. Soroptimist of West Maui Fundraiser benefiting Maui Humane Society. Contact Louise Rockett at 669-6311 for more info.


Free Oral HIV Testing – By the Dept. of Health available by appointment only. Call 984-2129. Free HIV Counseling and Testing by Drop In or by Appointment. Confidential and Anonymous. Testing hours are Monday thru Friday 8:30am-4:30pm and on Wednesdays until 7pm at 1935 Main Street, Wailuku, Call 242-4900 for information. The Maui AIDS Foundation HIV/AIDS Prevention and Education department offers free HIV/AIDS, STD and Viral Hepatitis training and education. If you have workplace, group or organization in need or this information, please contact Dean Wong at 242-4900 ext. 113. The Maui AIDS Foundation Asian & Pacific Islander Support Network invites local Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Islander gay, bisexual or questioning men to join a weekly Na Kane Hula Halau with Kuma Hula Kekoa Yap, Wednesdays at 3pm. The Halau is free and open to beginners as well as experienced dancers. For location and information call Dean, John or Hale at 2424900. Kihei Youth Center Needs Adult Volunteers For health & fitness programs as well as cultural activites. Call Amber at 879-8698 for more info. Haiku Community Association Seeks Volunteers - Contact Tim Wolfe at 575-7474. Hale Kau Kau Volunteers Needed - 3:30-6:30pm, located at St. Theresa's Catholic Church, Kihei. Volunteers are needed for meal prep, serve, & cleanup. Donations of food and/or funds accepted. Contact Marie Osaki @ 875-8754. Maui Friends of the Library Used Bookstore 8am-4pm, Mon.-Sat. Central Maui. Accepts donations of books & can always use energetic volunteer help. Call 871-6563. Maui Artists Program - Many of Maui's finest resident artists display & discuss their original works at Four Seasons Resort Maui on Wed., Fri. & Sun. 8am1:30pm. For more info, call 874-8000. East Maui Animal Refuge - 9am Thu. at refuge, 25 Malu Aina Place, Haiku, for volunteer orientation meetings & tours. Call Sylvan @ 572-8308. 9th Life Cat Sanctuary – 1pm Thu., Haiku. Volunteer orientation meeting. Call Lela; 573-7877.

Catch Khrinj live at Gomega Fest, Friday at Maui Brews


31st Annual Sacred Hearts School Bazaar 3:30-11pm Mar. 7-8, at Wainee & Dickenson Streets, Lahaina. Free admission. Entertainment, games, food, live/silent auction, rummage sale, plant sale, massage, novelties and our famous kountry kitchen. Taste of Japan Kitakata Ramen Fair - Thru March 9, at Tamakawaya in the Queen Kaahumanu Center. Ramen chefs from Japan will be here for special demonstrations. For info, call 877-5551. Art Maui 2003 - March 9 – April 5, in the Schaefer International Gallery, MACC. A unique and electrifying multimedia mix by established and emerging artists. Founded 25 years ago, Art Maui remains one of the most respected and prestigious juried exhibits in the state. Gallery hours: Daily, 11am - 5pm & before Castle Theater shows and during intermission. Free. Whale Mania Maui - March 1-15. 7' whales painted or otherwise decorated by Maui's most well known artists are on display around the island. March 1 all 30 of them will be brought to Maui Tropical Plantation and on March 15, they will be auctioned off with all proceeds benefiting charity. Maps to the whale sites are available at concierge desks and other locations around the island. Call Marilyn Maulin at 385-4206. Whale Information Station - 8:30am-3:30pm daily, at McGregor Point Lookout. Staffed by Pacific Whale Foundation's knowledgeable naturalists. McGregor Point is on Route 30, Honoapiilani Highway, between Maalaea and Lahaina. Call 249-8811.


33rd Annual Maui Music Festival - 7pm, at the Wailuku Gym. This event will be the Parade of Bands representing 3 schools: Emmanuel Lutheran, Iao Intermediate, and Stevenson Middle of Oahu. For more info, call 984-5618. Maui Live Poets Society - 6:30-9pm, at the Wailuku Public Library. For more info, call Melinda Gohn (”gawn”) @ 661-0517. Waikamoi Hike - 9am, at Hosmer Grove shelter (6800 ft.) at Haleakala National Park Summit Area. 3hour, 3-mile hike. For more info, call 572-4400. Lahaina Toastmaster’s Meeting - 6pm, at the Lahaina Civic Center Auditorium. For more info, call 662-0455 or 875-1166. Rotary Club of Wailuku - 7am, at Maui Tropical Plantation. Cost of the breakfast is $9. Call Jennifer Bohlin @ 244-0908. Weekly Gathering of Maui's Top Artists 8:30am, on the grounds of Keolahou Hawaiian Church, in North Kihei. Call Michael Stark at 879-9337.

Country Dance - 8-9:30pm, at the Mayor Tavares Community Center in Pukalani. Ballroom dancers and beginners always welcome. Call 661-8639 for info. Maui Executive Association - 7:15-8:30am. Business to business lead generating organization. Breakfast meetings. Call Joni Brotherton at 244-1464. Kiwanis Club of Maui - 12pm, at Maui Beach Hotel. Call Kathy Suguitan @ 893-2088. Rotary Club of Lahaina - 12-1pm, at the Royal Lahaina Hotel's Alii Room. Contact Tanya Every, President, at 242-7882.

FRIDAY, March 7

Maui Chamber of Commerce's 2003 Mayor's Breakfast - 7-10:30am, at Maui Tropical Plantation in Wailuku. The business community will have the opportunity to converse with The Honorable Alan Arakawa For more info, call 871-7711. “Evening of Fine Food & Wine” - 6-9pm, at Roy’s in Kihei. A benefit for diabetes research. Renowned chefs, spirits and wineries are featured. For more info, call 891-1120. Kailua High School Band Performance - 12pm, at Lahaina Cannery Mall. For more info, call 661-5304. Tahitian Performance by Te Tiare Patitfa 7pm, at Queen Kaahumanu Center, Kahului. Sliding Sands Hike - 9am, Sliding Sands Trailhead (9740 ft.) at Haleakala National Park Summit Area. 2hour, 2-mile hike. For more info, call 572-4400. Rotary Club of Maui Upcountry - 7:15am, Pukalani Community Center. Guests are welcome. Call Rick Woodford at 877-0027. No Ka Oi Toastmasters Club - 12-1pm, at old MEO location on Kane Street. Communication training. Call 874-5263. Open to public. Friday Night is Art Night in Lahaina - 7-10pm. Stroll through dozens of art galleries in Lahaina Town for special gallery shows, featured artists-in-action, and refreshments, all free & open to the public! Call Theo Morrison at 667-9194. Aloha Friday Craft Fair - 9am-2pm, Outrigger Wailea Resort. Maui artisans display and sell their handcrafted island products, part of award-winning Ho'olokahi cultural program. For info, call 879-1922.


Annual Spring Ball - 6-11pm, at the Westin Maui, Valley Isle Ballroom. Semi-formal affair. All you can eat buffet. Elegant Exhibition Dances and silent auction. Hosted by the American Lung Assn of Hawaii and Hawaii Ballroom Dance Assn Maui Chapters. Call 2445110 or 244-9730 for more info. Kahului Hongwanji Mission Bazaar - 7:3011:30am, at 291 South Puunene Ave, Kahului. Featuring popular "local" favorite foods, plants, gift

DA KINECALENDAR items, rummage. Call Geraldine Kodani at 871-4732. 53rd Annual Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner - 5:30pm, at the Maui Prince Hotel. Open to all Scouts, adult leaders, and supporters of Scouting. Attire is Scout uniform, evening dress, or coat and tie. For more info, call 244-3724. "Parties, Parties, Parties" Event - 10am-2pm, Queen Kaahumanu Center's Centercourt. This event will feature caterers, entertainment, equipment rental companies, party stores and more! "Put a Whale in Your Classroom" Day - 10am, at Pacific Whale Foundation, Maalaea. For Teachers Day! Includes free whalewatch cruise and great ideas for teaching about whales in your classrooms. Free for all Maui teachers. Register at 249-8811. Keanae Craft & Farmers Market - 7am, Keanae Ball Park. Auction of Store Contents of Teak Imports USA - 9am, at 1999 Main St., Wailuku. 8am preview. For info, call 891-2233. 33rd Annual Maui Music Festival - 7pm, at the Wailuku Gym. A set of performances composed of all the participants and the select band. Call 984-5618. Keawala`i Congregational Church's Annual Luau - 10am, at 190 Makena Road, Makena. Performing will be Raiatea Helm, Kanoeau Dance Academy, and the dancers of Na Lei Kaumaka O Uka. There will be an exhibit, children's tent, gift center and lei table. For more info, call 879-5557. KAI Open House - 7-9pm, 562-A Front St., Lahaina. Drug-Free Tutoring/Mentoring program. Silent Auction, raffle drawings. For more info, call 298-9501. AARP's Annual Free Tax-Aide Program - 9am12pm, at Kahului Union Church Hall. Free income tax assistance to the elderly and others with low to moderate incomes. For info, call Dorothy Hew at 572-8633. Free Fishpond Presentation - 9-10am, at 726 S. Kihei Rd. Lecture focusing on the history, structure, function, and importance of Ko’ie’ie Fishpond within the Hawaiian culture and our communities. For info, call 875-9059. Keiki Ocean Discovery Time - 10am, PWF Marine Resource Center at the Harbor Shops, Maalaea. Free program led by marine educators w/crafts, activities and stories. For ages 4 to10. Free Junior Naturalist bag for all participants. For more info, call 249-8811. Seaside Stories on "Marine Mysteries" - 11am, Children’s section at Borders Books & Music, Kahului. The program is free and is conducted by the marine education staff of Pacific Whale Foundation for kids age 4-10. For information, call 249-8811. Maui Marine C.O.R.E. Service Project Conserving Ocean Resources through Education is a free program for for all youth in grades 8 - 12. For information, call Pacific Whale Foundation at 249-8811. Maui's Swap Meet - 7am-1pm, Puunene Ave. in Kahului. Maui's largest flea market is a great place to shop for unique, home-made, hand crafted, quality products at reasonable prices. Admission is 50 cents and free after 12:30pm. For more info, call 877-3100.

SUNDAY, March 9

Maui Humane Society's Dog Day Afternoon 12-4pm, at the Maui Humane Society on Mokulele Highway, Kahului. Put your dogs on a leash, grab a towel and head on over to the shelter where your dog will be treated to a bath, toenail trim and ear clean for one low, low price. Also available: micro chipping, Creature Comforts store, refreshments and more. For more info, call 877-3680. A Gathering For World Peace - 8pm, upcountry. A Healing Event of Peace, Song & Dance. Call 2838754 for more information. Maui’s Best Gift & Craft Show - 9am-4pm, Lahaina Civic Center. $1 Admission benefits South Maui Learning ‘Ohana. For info, call 879-7594. Stephanie Anderson Performs - 5:30-8:30pm, in the East Wing of the Shops at Wailea. Swap Meet at the Kihei Open Market - 9am4pm, on Piilani Highway past Tesoro, off Ohukai Street, Kihei. Call 283-0461 or 870-4011.

Maui Camera Club - 6pm, at the Hale Mahaolu Elima Community Meeting Room, Kahului, off of Kamehameha Avenue. Call Carolyn Pavloff at 2421033 for more info. Oral HIV Testing - 10am-1pm at Keolahou Church in Kihei. Call Takako @ Dept of Health @ 984-2129. Rotary Club of Kahului - 12-1pm, at the Dunes Restaurant. For more info, call David Cain @ 242-9350 or President Bob Yeager @ 244-1130. A Course in Miracles - A Study/Reading Group - 6:30-8:30pm, at Unity Church, Wailuku. By donation. For info, call Michael or Richard @ 242-9327. Needlework-in-Progress - 6-8pm. Bring any piece of needlework (quilting, needlepointing, x-stitch) for help, encouragement, or technique instruction. Contact Dolphine or Ruth Ann at 662-8554.

TUESDAY, March 11

AARP's Annual Tax-Aide Program - 9am-12pm, at Lahaina Civic Center. Free income tax assistance to the elderly and others with low to moderate incomes. Call Dorothy Hew at 572-8633 for more info. Sliding Sands Hike - 9am, Sliding Sands Trailhead (9740 ft.) at Haleakala National Park Summit Area. 2hour, 2-mile hike. For more info, call 572-4400. Free Guided Whalewatching - 7:30-8am, from Wailea Ocean Path Shoreline by the Maui Outrigger (near the telescope). For info, call 249-8811. HIV Counseling & Testing Clinic - 8:00-11:30 a.m. and 1:00-3:30 p.m., Wailuku Health Center. Sponsored by State Dept. of Health. Call 984-2129. A Group of Our Own--Women's Group - 6-8pm, South Maui. For women who are committed to high level self-exploration & accelerated personal and spiritual growth. Contact Debra Greene, Ph.D. at 874-6441. Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunrise - 7am, Pioneer Inn's Snug Harbor Parlor. Call Brian Blundell @ 667-2709. Rotary Club of Kihei/Wailea - 11:45am, Outrigger Wailea Resort. Call Greg Knue, President, at 871-8272. Kiwanis Club of Kahului - 12-1pm, Maui Beach Hotel room 282, Kahului. Open to anyone! Lunch may be obtained from the snack shop in the Maui Beach Hotel Lobby. Call 244-6042 for more information. Maui Toastmasters Club - 12pm, in the Maui Mall Merchants' Conference Room, Kahului. Open to public. Call 877-3894. Maui Lions Club - 6:30pm, Maui Beach Hotel. Open to visiting Lions & general public. Call James Sato @ 572-8590. Kihei Toastmasters Club - 6-7pm. Toastmaster's is a club that provides a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member develops communication and leadership skills, which aids in personal growth and self-confidence. It is a nonprofit organization and has been around for over 75 years. Contact Rita Mihaly at 572-3838.


Phil Benoit and the Benoit Jazz Works - 79pm, in the Lower Courtyard of the Shops at Wailea. Call 891-6770. HIV Testing/Counseling Clinic – 9am-1:30pm, at Lahaina Comprehensive Health Center. Call 984-2129.






Alcoholics Anonymous - 12pm, Monday thru Friday at St Theresa Church, 25 West Lipoa Street at South Kihei Road. For info, call 244-9673.


Maui Parkinson Support Group - 10:30am, at 172 Kualapa Street in Lahaina. For info, call 244-3734. United Self-Help Mental Health Support Group - 10am, at the Cameron Ctr. Call 879-7696.F Hana Women's Support Group - 5:30-7 p.m. Presented by Child & Family Service. Call 877-6888. Wailuku Noon Al-Anon Family Group - Noon at Hina Mauka, Wailuku. Call 242-0296. Bridges Youth Group – in Wailuku. Maui's gay, lesbian, bisexual transgender or questioning youth group. Call 242-6821 for more info. All calls are confidential. Cancer Talk Story - 6:30 p.m. at Cameron Center, Hui No Ke Ola Pono. Call 243-2967.

Pattycake – 4pm. An infertility support group. For more info & location, call 280-0539. Sunshine Group - 1pm, at Sandalwood Restaurant. Fellowship among those who have lost a loved one. Call Carole @ 242-5583 or Paul @ 874-3063.

MONDAY, March 10

Sex A-holics Anonymous - 8pm, at St. Theresa's Church, So. Kihei Rd. & Lipoa St. in Kihei. Overeaters Anonymous - 7:30-8:30pm, Kealahou Church, 177 S. Kihei Road. Call Jill at 874-3486. Al-Anon - 12pm, Lahaina Baptist Church. 12-by-12 Study Group. Call Kate @ 661-3906. Hepsters Hepatitis-C Support Group – 6:30pm, at the Hannibal Tavares Community Center multi-purpose room. Call Lora- 573-6366, or Mark- 283-7427. P.A.R.E.N.T.S. - 6pm, old Kihei library. Videos & discussion on parenting techniques. Free. Child care also provided for free. Call Trudy @ 879-3595 Women Helping Women - 6-8pm in Kihei. For women whose lives have been affected by domestic violence. For more info, call 579-9581.

TUESDAY, March 11

Overeaters Anonymous - 6:00-7:30pm, Good


FRIDAY, March 7

Nicotine Anonymous - 6-7pm, at Hoololi Room of the old MEO building on Kane St. Call Earl @ 879-5796. A Ho`omalu Ala Al Non – 12pm, at Lahaina Baptist Church. Group meeting. Call Kate @ 661-3906. Women's Al-Anon - 12-1pm, at St. Theresa's Church in Kihei. Call Fumi, 879-1432 or Pat, 875-1153.


Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous - 6:30pm, at Trinity Episcopal Church By The Sea, 100 Kulanihakoi, north end of Kihei. Al Anon, Adult Children of Alcoholics - 9:3011am, at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church (room off lanai next to church hall) in Wailuku. Call 242-0296. Overeaters Anonymous - 8-9am, at Kamaole Beach Park III picnic tables in Kihei. Call 244-7572.

SUNDAY, March 9




San Francisco Trance Funk



MONDAY, March 10

Waikamoi Hike - 9am, at Hosmer Grove shelter (6800 ft.) at Haleakala National Park Summit Area. 3hour, 3-mile hike. For more info, call 572-4400.

Kahului-Maui Airport Lions Club - 7am, at Naska Club House on Kahale Street, Kahului. Meets on the 2nd & 4th Wed. of each month. Open to visiting Lions & general public. Call Joseph Frye @ 244-0796. Rotary Club of Kihei Sunrise - 6:45-8am, at the Five Palms Grill. Breakfast meeting with speaker. Visiting Rotarians and guests are invited. Call Leo Nikora at 879-0087. Pili Aloha Club - 9-9:30am, Kihei Community Center. For seniors 55 & older, over breakfast. New members welcome! Call Louis Gerdts @ 875-7854. Rotary Club of Maui - 12pm, at Maui Country Club in Spreckelsville. Lunch $10. Call President Amy Wasson @ 879-4414 for more info. Soroptimist International of West Maui 12pm, Westin Maui. Visitors welcome. For reservations, call Josette Naki @ 661-6932. Soroptimist International of Maui - 4-5pm, Hale Mahaolu Elima Community Hall, Kahului. Visitors are welcome! Call Jeanne @ 879-5913. Maui Filipino Chamber of Commerce Meeting - 7-8pm, at Litz Furniture, Kahului. Call Mrs. Carinio at 871-8359.


Thursday, March 8th Make it a Memorable Evening • Dine and Dance at Casanova For reservations and information, call 572–0220 • Log on!









MARCH 6, 2003




KAADA: THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME YOUR VALUABLE TIME (Ipecac, Straight out of Norway comes Ipecac Records' most accessible release to date. It's a fun mish-mash of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s pop sounds filtered and sewn together through modern production techniques and makes an engaging listen. Playful and catchy with a bit of soul, this record sounds quite different than almost anything out there today and was named one of the most important album releases in Norway in 2001. I guess we will soon see how this album fares over here in the states. He also scores films and is the youngest person (at 26) to have won the prestigious Golden Clapboard award at the Norwegian International Film Festival. Seems like he is bound to have a fruitful career ahead of him. [Tang Li Wheebs] This is pretty cool music. I like it. We watched this guy's music video too - it was really nice. [The Mole]

AWOL ONE & DADDY KEV: SLANGUAGE (Mush Records, This album is a smorgasbord of sounds and words, all mixed up into a chaotic yet musical album. For about a third of the album, Daddy Kev plays live drums while Awol One rambles on about things that I don't understand. The rest of the album is comprised of relatively more traditional song structures, featuring lots of upbeat melody samples, punchy drums, and end expertly performed turntable scratches courtesy of D-Styles. Tying it all together is the infectiously simple and melodic vocal delivery of Awol One. Even though the guy tends to write cryptic lyrics dealing with ambiguous subjects such as cutting off one's own tongue, he's managed to amass a pretty decent following, probably due to his unique and accessible rapping voice. Even though there are points on Slanguage where the music gets pretty weird, it remains digestible due to Awol. This is a cool album - I recommend it. [The Mole] One of loosest hip hop albums that I have ever heard and that is a good thing. Lots of space and a rather fun flow make this album a treat to experience. [Tang Li Wheebs].

LAMPLIGHTER: THREE POINT PERSPECTIVE (Woodson Lateral, Lamplighter is a trio of Northwest Musicians (including one Choncey Langford, who spent his early music years growing up here on Maui) who make music that is a wonderful blend of atmospheric drum ’n bass, ambient tones and glitchy meanderings. It differs from a lot of modern beatscapes in the fact that all the music is song-oriented rather than just based around the samples or the dance floor. Perfect for a rainy day or late night work session, it's kept varied in a sort of slow to mid tempo range. I also like the fact that an electronic group can have a handful of short tracks (songs, not just interludes) and not feel like they have to cut and paste their compositions until they get wrongly repetitive and predictable. I can’t wait to see what their live show entails when I visit Seattle in a couple of weeks. [Tang Li Wheebs] Pretty nifty. Thumbs up. [The Mole]

JOE RATH: OVERWHELMED (independent, Joe Rath has turned towards the dark side for his new album, dredging up all his past demons and closet skeletons for the rest of the world to experience. The lyrics contained on Overwhelmed are so personal and boldly stated that listening to it is almost like reading someone's diary - someone with lots of self-esteem issues and unresolved past relationships. The music on this album, compared to Rath's last one, He Meant Well, is more abrasive and dramatic, perfectly complementing the lyrics. I challenge anyone to stay unaffected while this guy works his way up from a subtly melodic vocal flow to a hoarse yell, while distorted electric guitars join in to punctuate his tales of suicidal girlfriends and other depressing stories. Listening to this album, as well as Joe Rath's other releases, gives you a pretty clear glimpse of his life, which is cool. It makes you sort of feel like you know the guy, and you feel sorry for him. But you could probably make him happier if you e-mail him at <> and tell him that you'd like to purchase his new album - that's the only way you can get it. [The Mole] Send music to be reviewed to: Mole & Wheebs; 34 Ai St; Makawao, HI 96768. The Mole hitchhikes so look out for him on the road. Also he's the owner of Motion Recordings ( Tang Li Wheebs can make any girl fall in love with him if he really wants (


MARCH 6, 2003


DA KINECALENDAR Shepherd Church, 2140 Main Street, Wailuku. Call Kevin at 242-9511. H.E.A.L. (Help Ease a Loss) - 6-7:30pm @ Hospice Maui. Call 244-5555 for more info. Al-Anon – 12pm, at St. Theresa's Church St. Francis room. Call Ethel at 879-6597. Children's Support Group - 5:30-7pm in Kahului. For those who have been exposed to domestic violence. Call 877-6888. P.A.R.E.N.T.S. - 6-8pm, Montessori School, Makawao. Techniques. Free. Call Trudy @ 879-3595. Women's Support Group for Victims of Domestic Violence - 5:30-7:30pm, Kahului. Presented by Child & Family Service. Call 877-6888.

West Maui Table Tennis Club - 6:30-10:30pm, Lahaina Civic Center. Call Craig at 280-5056 for info. Maui Inline Hockey Association Women’s Games - 8-10pm, Kalama Park Skating Rink. For more info, call Deb Driscoll at 875-4038.

TuesDAY, March 11

Maui Inline Hockey Association Men’s A Games - 7:30-9:30pm, Kalama Park Skating Rink. For more info, call Deb Driscoll at 875-4038. Senior Softball Games - at Keopuolani Park. For players 50 years old and above. For info, call 877-5103.

WednesDAY, March 12


Maui Inline Hockey Association Men’s B Games - 8-10pm, Kalama Park Skating Rink. For more info, call Deb Driscoll at 875-4038.


Send your listings & photos for the Da Kine Calendar to or fax (808) 661-0446

Happy Day Al-Anon Family Group - 9am, at Iao Congregational Church, Wailuku. Call 242-0296. Overeaters Anonymous - 12-1pm, St. Theresa's Church, S. Kihei Rd/Lipoa St. Call Alice at 879-6725. Women's Anger Management Groups - 9-11am, Kahului. Call 877-6888.

The Kihei Canoe Club is now accepting applications for teams of novice and experienced paddlers to compete in the 20th Annual Maui Paddlers Open canoe race set for April 5 at Ka Lae Pohaku beach, across the road from Suda's store in North Kihei. Individuals, groups and local businesses are invited to sponsor teams in this popular annual tradition. Registration forms are available from any member of the Kihei Canoe Club or by calling the club message line at 879-5505. The YWCA of Kauai will be holding its second annual charity golf tournament on April 6, 2003 at the Kauai Lagoons - Mokihana Course. Call the YWCA at (808) 245-5959 today for more info or to register. Skateboarding - at Kalama Skatepark in Kihei, and Keopuolani Skatepark in Kahului. Open 2:30-6:30pm on weekdays except Wednesday (open at 1:30pm), weekends open 11am-6:30pm. For info, call 242-9007. 33rd Annual Maui Marathon - entries now being accepted for Sept. 21, 2003 marathon. Call 871-6441. Beginner Karate Classes - 7-8pm Mon. & Wed., 11am-12pm Sat., Maui Family YMCA. Call 242-9007. Free Fitness Classes - 6:30-7:30am & 8-9am, War Memorial Gym. Cardio/weights/stretching under instruction of Tom Burke. For more info, call 270-8031. Kihei Little League - Currently accepting registration for players 12-to-15 years old. Practices are from 4-6pm Mon., Wed. & Fri. For more info, call 874-0002. Maui Upcountry Little League - Registration forms available - practices start Jan. 6. Call 572-9660. Boys & Girls Club Basketball League - Games to be played on Thurs. afternoons and Sat. mornings, beginning Feb. 6. Call Kelly or Tommy at 242-4363. Youth Basketball League - South Maui Dept. of Parks & Rec. is accepting applications for play beginning in January. Boys & girls, age 5-15. Call 879-4533. Kula Gateball Club - 5-8:30pm Sun. & Wed., at the Kula Community Center. Equipment is provided. for more info, call Ray Terada at 878-1500. Hawaii Swimming Club - seeking swimmers from ages 5 to 18. Call Rodney at 242-9110; Susie at 5738891; Reid at 244-4655. Kamalii Manaloa O Maui Volleyball Club - for registration and practice info, for girls ages 8 to 18, call Bonnie at 244-1030.

SaturDAY, March 8




with special guests

15th Annual Ho`oaloha Kolepa Golf Tournament - at Sandalwood Golf Course. Format: partner's best ball using 50% of the February handicap. For info, call 874-7097 or 879-0161. Maui Softball Assn's Registration - 9am-1pm, at the Lahaina Civic Center. Call 667-9389 or 661-4685.

SunDAY, March 9

WMYAA All Star Basketball Games - at Lahaina Civic Center Gym. For info, call Don at 661-4685. Baldwin High School Golf Team's Benefit Golf Tournament - 7am, at the Waiehu Municipal Golf Course. Check-in time will be 6:30am. For more info, call Craig Yatsushiro at 244-3206.

MonDAY, March 10

900 Front Street Lahaina 667-7794




DJ Blunt, No cover, 10pm

DJ Blunt, No cover, 10pm

Neto Perraza, Latin Night, No cover, 10pm

Kilohana, Island Reggae, No cover, 10pm


1945 S. Kihei Road, Kihei - 875-0188

Clay Mortensen, Contemporary & Hawaiian, No cover, 10pm


1279 S. Kihei Road, Kihei - 874-9299



monday3/10 – wednesday3/12


Mon - Cryin’ Out Loud, Retro Rock; Tu - Jay Molina & Gilbert Emata, Jam Night; Wed - Soul Concepts, R&B: ALL SHOWS- 10PM, NO COVER CHARGE!

D.U.H., No cover, 10pm

889 Front Street, Lahaina - 661-3111


1188 Makawao Ave., Makawao - 572-0220

Dr. Nat & Rio Ritmo, samba salsa y ritmo latino, $7, 9pm

Tropix Orgasmix, w/DJ John ALO, Scott & FunkyMonkey, $10, 10pm Acid jazz/Funky soul, $10, 9:45pm


Lawai’a, No cover, 10:30pm12:30am


Salsa Night $5, 10pm

142 Hana Hwy, Paia - 579-9453

Lahaina Cannery Mall - 661-7189


DJ Forrest/Deep House, $5, 9:30pm

2439 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 891-2200

41 E. Lipoa St., Kihei - 879-9001

Mon - Lawai’a, No cover, 10:30pm-12:30am

Karaoke Mistress, No cover, 9pm

Karaoke Mistress, No cover, 9pm

Flava Zone

KONI 104.7 Presents Oldies/Club Hits

ALO, Ladies Night w/Funky Soul Vybe Universal w/DJ, all ages, no-alcohol party, $10, 6:30pm Acid jazz band from S.F.


Wed - Ladies’ Night, $5, 9:45pm

Tue - Blues Day Jam, No cover, 9pm Mon - Uncle Willie K, $7, 10pm; Tue - Ultra Fab. Tues. w/Chilltown Production; Wed Aloha Nite, 9pm-1:30am


900 Front St., Lahaina - 667-7400


Gail Swanson, N/C, 5-7pm Crunch Pups, N/C, 9p-12am

VooDoo Suns, No cover, 9pm

41 E. Lipoa St., Kihei - 879-2849

The Edge, No cover, 9pm-12am


Mon - Greg diPiazza & Tato Duo

120 Hana Hwy., Paia - 579-8844


Da Hawaiians, No cover, 10pm

36 Keala Place, Kihei - 875-7711

Kenny Roberts, No cover, 57pm

El Nino, No cover, 5pm

Gina Martinelli Band, N/C, 6pm Mon-Wed - Da Hawaiians, No cover

Power Jam, w/AZD & DJ Heat, $7, 9:30pm


355 E. Kamehameha, Kahului - 877-9001

Karaoke w/James, No cover, 9:30pm


VooDoo Suns, No cover, 10pm-Midnight

Cry’en Out Loud, No cover, 10pm-Midnight


Karaoke w/Toddy Lilikoi, No cover, 9:30pm

Karaoke w/Toddy Lilikoi, No cover, 9:30pm

845 Front St., Lahaina - 661-4811

136 Dickenson St., Lahaina - 667-5555


Mon - Karaoke w/James, No cover, 9:30pm; Tue - Mel Brooks’ “Blazing Saddles” & Dinner, No cover, 7pm; Wed - Karaoke w/James, No cover, 9:30pm

Wed - Live jazz, No cover, 9:30pm

180 Dickenson St., Lahaina - 661-7082



OPEN LATE! Open Until Iam †


Seafood Restaurant &Sushi Bar Late Night Specials

10pm to 1am – 21 & over with I.D.









Damien Awai & Band March 6TH & 7TH 10pm-1am • KAPALUA

(EXPIRES 2/28/03)

41 E. Lipoa St. Kihei • Next to Hapa’s 891-6394(MEXI) • Open 5pm-1am






41 E. Lipoa Street Kihei 879-9001 DINING




Kapalua 669-6286 • Kihei 8 79-0004 The Shops at Kapalua




Near Foodland


MARCH 6, 2003






Information not available

Information not available

Information not available

Information Not Available


Last Minute Band, No cover

Les Potts & Wave Warriors, No cover

Devil Town, No cover

Oliver’s Karaoke Party, No cover


Jazz w/Sal Godinez & Marcus Johnson, 8:30-11:30pm

Clay Mortensen & George Tavoularis, 8:30-11:30pm

Tiffany Lee & Josh, 8:3011:30pm


1913 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 891-0822

1913 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 891–8010

Four Seasons Resort, Wailea - 874-8000


monday3/10 – wednesday3/12 Information Not Available Mon - Lake Hosts Open Mic, No cover; Tue - Fat Tuesday w/Super G, No cover; Wed - The Crunch Pups Acoustic, No cover

Pam Peterson & Rudy Baria, Mon - Tiffany Lee & Josh, 8:30-11:30pm; Wed - Clay Mortensen & Gilbert Emata, 8:308:30-11:30pm 11:30pm

Crazy Fingers, $5, 9:30pm

888 Front St., Lahaina - 667-2288

Mon - Reggae Mondays w/Marty Dread, $5, 9:30pm; Tue - DJ Boomshot, No cover, 9pm; Wed - DJ Jammin J, $5, 9pm

The Playaz (formerly Nuff Sed)

Gomega Fest

Ke Kai Boyz CD Release

DJ Boomshot, No Cover, 9pm


DJ Mackie, No cover, 9pm

DJ Mackie, No cover, 9pm

VooDoo Suns, No cover, 8-11p DJ Steve, No cover, 9p-close

DJ Curty Curt, No Cover, 9pm


Murray Thorne, No cover, 8pm

Brazilian Carnaval feat. Dandara, $15, 8pm

Vince Esquire, $5, 9pm

The Soup Kitchen, w/DJ Handout, No cover, 10pm


900 Front St., Lahaina - 667-7794

844 Front St., Lahaina - 667-7758

100 Kaukahi St., Wailea - 874-1131




Mon - DJ Mackie Mac, No cover, 9pm-1:30am; Tue - DJ Mackie Mac, $5, 9pm-1:30am; Wed - DJ Mackie Mac, No cover, 9pm Tue - Open Mic w/Whiteboy Johnny, No cover, 9pm




E .

Trance Funk


ALL AGES HAWAII Mardi Gras NonAlcoholic Party

S T R E E T ,

Hits from Drink Specials the 70’s 80’s and ALL Night! Early 90’s





San Francisco


Willie K OWNS Mondays!

C E N T E R ,


with Chilltown Productions •

8 7 9 - 9 0 0 1

’ Y T g T i S l a A ’ D l P n A . u s T Y M S ON THE BLUE



at Mulligan’s on the Blue

F R I D A Y , M A R . 7 TH 8 PM

First Time on Maui from Brazil! Sensa Salsa featuring DANDARA

Brazilian Carnival

Vince Esquire NO COVER before 9pm or with dinner Come early for seating

Maui’s Only Irish Band! TUESDAY

Maui’s Own Stevie Ray Vaughan

S U N D A Y , M A R . 9 TH 7 P M

Celtic Tigers Followed by “The Soup Kitchen” & DJ Handout 10pm NO COVER

OPEN MIC NIGHT w i t h W h i t e b o y J o h n n y 9 PM

18 Bands!

Indoor & Outdoor Stages



S A T U R D A Y , M A R . 8 TH 9 PM

S U N D A Y , M A R C H 1 6 TH & M O N D A Y , M A R C H 1 7 TH




Mad Tonic U Decide John Moore Irish Rovers Irish Hearts Go Mega Anrile Krinj Afrodisiacs Celtic Tigers

John Moore T-Ray Band Kanekoa Irish Rovers Irish Hearts Crunch Pups Cool Rush Anesthesia Crazy Fingers Celtic Tigers



100 Kaukahi St., Wailea. 1ST left after Kea Lani Hotel • 874–1131

100 Kaukahi St., Wailea. 1ST left after Kea Lani Hotel • 874–1131


MARCH 6, 2003


thursday3/6 PACIFIC’O

505 Front St., Lahaina - 667-4341



Live Jazz, No cover, 9pm-Midnight

Live Jazz, No cover, 9pm-Midnight


monday3/10 – wednesday3/12

Midnight Blues Band, No cover, 6pm-12am


658 Front St., Lahaina - 661-4666

Violinist Andrea, 8pm Black Magic, 9pm-12am

Live Jazz Band, No cover, 8pm Kelly Covington, N/C, 10pm

Damien Awai Band, 10pm-1am Karaoke, 10pm-1am

Karaoke, 10pm-1am Karaoke, 10pm-1am

Karaoke, 10pm-1am

Skillet w/Dina Burton, No cover, 9pm

Atomic Blue, No cover, 9pm

DJ Dancing, $10, 9:30pm-2am

DJ Dancing, $10, 9:30pm-2am


2102 Vineyard, Wailuku - 986-8550

SANSEI 115 Bay Dr., Kapalua - 669-6286 SANSEI Kihei Town Center - 879-0004

Tu - “Naked Tuesdays” Open Stage to Artists, No cover, 6-11pm

SPORTS PAGE GRILL & BAR 2411 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei - 879-0602

STOPWATCH SPORTS BAR 1127 Makawao Ave. - 572-1380


3850 Wailea Alanui Dr. - 875-1234

New ownership and a whole new style


FRI 3/7 9:30pm

St. PaTTy’s Doany! Celebrati 17th


Friday March 7th Featuring Live Jazz 8:00pm to 10:00pm Grand g Maui's own blues diva Openin Party Kelly Covington takes center stage at 10:00pm to midnight

Monday, March

SAT & SUN 9pm



Mistress Linda O.

owin’ Green Beer Fl bbage Ca & ef Be Corn St Mulligan ew

TUES 3/11 9pm





Free pupu buffet starts @ 5:00pm Happy Hour 4:00-6:00pm


Live Music 8:30pm–1:30am



2106 Vineyard St. Wailuku 986-8550 Lots of parking in back

Conveniently Located at the Entrance of Ka`anapali • 667-7477

THE 31ST ANNUAL SACRED HEARTS SCHOOL BAZAAR Fri. March 7th & Sat. March 8th 3:30pm to 11pm

FREE ADMISSION Sound by Village Audio





Wainee & Dickenson St., Lahaina





LIVE ENTERTAINMENT Na Kamali’i, O Ke Akua, TBA, Malino, Kane Koa, Kupono, Sean Na’auao, Te Tiare Patitifa, Crazy Fingers, Marty Dread, Gomega, Kamau with Zack Kekono, Kupa’a





MARCH 6, 2003


visit us online at TO BECOME A MEMBER, CALL




WOMEN Seeking Men

ALL THIS AND MORE Sweet, gorgeous SF, 48, N/D, N/S, D/Dfree, looking for handsome, hardworking, ambitious Christian man, N/S, who enjoys concerts, dining out, walks, romance, for friendship, fun and LTR. ☎745040 BRAINS BEAUTY CULTURE Well traveled, professional, educated, intelligent SCPF, 38, N/S, seeks athletic, health conscious, “white collar”, professional SPCM, 30’s, enjoys stimulating conversations, walks, arts, culture, tennis, dancing, movies, fine dining, humor. ☎669770 IT’S ABOUT TIME Seeking refined gentleman of secure means. Must be good-natured, reasonable, and intelligent for a LTR. ☎837798 Men Seeking Women

MEN Seeking Women

NEW TO THE ISLANDS SM, 46, well-built, healthy, looking for a lady, 35-49, for dating, maybe lading to more. ☎276839 MAUI MAN SEEKS.... Spiritual journey with another dear heart who is playful and alive, intimate and safe, spontaneous and free-spirited, relaxed and joyful, passionate and honest. Seeking someone who understands. ☎709828 @WWW - STEVEMAUI The sound of the strings of you heart. Intelligent, sweet SWM, 33, seeks SF, 20-42, who enjoys relaxing, movies, and whatever else we desire. ☎316620

© 2002 TPI GROUP

AQUATIC SOUL Fit, slim WF, loves the ocean, walks on the bach, dining out, movies. Looking for WM, 35-50, who also likes the same, for possible LTR. ☎278101 HAPPY TOGETHER Fit and full of life, beach bunny, 38, 5’6”, 125lbs, blonde/brown, enjoys windsurfing. Seeking compatible adventurous man, 5’6”+, to share all that life has to offer! ☎713776 @WWW - BEAUTIFULDANCER Health conscious, affectionate, confident SWF, 20, loves sports, cooking, reading, writing. Seeking romantic, sincere SM, 22-32, for whatever comes naturally. ☎865676 WHAT A WONDERFUL LIFE SWF, 50, loves travel, kids and pets. Seeking an independent, giving and secure man for travel together. ☎252177 WISHING AND HOPING Petite SA mom, 42, with a good sense of humor, and independence. Wishes to share music, dining, dancing, movies with a secure man. ☎896457 NEEDS A BUDDY Active, fun SWF, 22, enjoys scuba diving, adventure, swimming. Seeking SM, 21-29, to hang out with, hike with, drink with, develop a friendship with, and possibly more. ☎584061

A GREAT MIX Portuguese, Japanese, Hawaiian, French SF, 52, wants to share the simple pleasures of life with a man. ☎898786 LET’S ENJOY THE ISLANDS SWF, 52, Taurus, N/S, seeks WM, 4455, N/S, for friendship first, possible LTR. Are you the one? ☎887450 STILL PRETTY AT 55 Cap./Sag., 5’7”, fit, brunette, healthy, adventurous, sensual, romantic, classy, spiritual, Italian woman, emotionally and financially stable. Looking for her complementary prince charming. ☎708749 CREATE BEAUTY SWF, 5’4”, slim, very physically fit, pretty, Cancer, desires to with a SWM partner who mirrors my spiritual path. Spirit within more important. Become more loving in every way. 50-58? ☎866932 ADVENTURE AND AFFECTION Blonde, physically fit SWF, 49, seeks witty, unselfish, loyal, physically fit, younger man, for adventure, friendship, LTR. ☎861078 LULLABY Petite, local SAF, 44, mother, enjoys sailing, shopping, dancing, and more. Seeking financially secure, similar SWM, 35-45, with similar interests, for casual dating. Smokers and non-smokers welcome. (She’s a smoker.) ☎857744 SEEKS A SPECIAL MAN Educated, slim, fit SF, 32, hardworking and adventurous, seeks SBM, who is honest and intelligent, creative and trustworthy, with gentle spirit and warm heart, for friendship first, possible life mate. ☎844170

Be someone’s... ...better half. Meet more great people online. Log on to


1-900-226-0169 Call costs $1.99/min. Must be 18+.

When you see the '@WWW' symbol, it means you can get more information about this advertiser online at Headline indicates online screen name! CALL ME Entrepreneur, 52, vegetarian, social drinker, likes outdoor activities, sailing, biking, gourmet cooking, dining out. Looking for someone fit and outgoing to share time with. ☎284015 I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND SM, 33, short-black/brown, pretty goodlooking, loves going to clubs occasionally, the beach, long drives. Seeking a lady for a romantic relationship. ☎896345 GOOD-HUMORED Shy guy. Handsome, good humored SWM, 21, seeks attractive, good humored SF, 20-25 to spend time with, and developed friendship, or more ☎264867 ATTRACTIVE MAN Polite, picky SWM, 45, blue eyes, fit, nice smile, many interests. Seeking wellrounded female for casual dating. ☎517450 MAKE ME SMILE Athletic, physically fit SWM, 37, 6’1”, 200lbs, Virgo, non-smoker, seeks beautiful, positive SWF, 18-40, to relax with, dine, play sports, and more. ☎457272 @WWW - AKU123 Sensible, reserved SM, 49, enjoys sports, animals. Seeking healthy, active SF, 25-60, who has varied interests. ☎112144 BOY SEEKS GIRL WM, 27, looks for adventurous gal for fun times and shared experiences. Feet prefer sand over carpet. Also prefer hiking, swimming, sunsets, etc. Comfortable silences are nice, too. ☎300969 LET’S GET TOGETHER SWM, 35, blond/blue, Aquarius, N/S, seeks woman, 22-40, who enjoys water sports, music, dancing, art. ☎960680 @WWW - MAUIGUY808ZA SAM, 27, N/S, enjoys conversation, reading, movies, travel, sports. Seeking SF, 19-29, with similar interests, for friendship, possible LTR. ☎936284 SEEKING PLUS-SIZED SWM, 46, 5’7”, Aries, smoker, seeks fullfigured woman, 25-35. Would love to meet you. ☎832335 A+ IN CHEMISTRY SWM, 54, looks 42, fit, slim, no extra pounds, kind, domineering man, seeks submissive, slender lady, for balanced equation and whatever comes naturally. ☎833564 @WWW - NKDSRFR SM, 42, former science teacher, likes dining out, sporting events, movies. Seeking SF, 38-48, with similar interests, for possible LTR. ☎780002 FRIEND, MAYBE MORE SWM, 45, 6’, 175lbs, seeks SAF for hiking, dining, dancing, friendship first, and then? Looking for the one. ☎956745 CAME HERE FOR HEAVEN Tall, self-employed male, 37, physically fit, in construction, likes beaches, arts, music, relaxing, working. Seeking intelligent, spiritual, beautiful in/out SA/BF, petite to regular figure. ☎953212

LET’S ENJOY MAUI SWM, 35 likes wind surfing, tennis, photography, cooking, music, movies, picnics, dancing, anything on the beach. Seeking SF with similar interests to enjoy Maui with. ☎601414 YOUNG-HEARTED MAN Blue-eyed SWM, 30, 6’3”, athletic, who likes to keep active outdoors, seeks interested, outgoing lady to have fun together. Race unimportant. Also enjoy movies and more. Different interests are great! ☎929449 SLIM AND FIT Fun male, 34, 5’7”, Scorpio, smoker, father of two, seeks friendly, loving woman, 21-40, for LTR. ☎907109 LOVE MY LIFE... DWM, 55, business owner, no children, loves classic cars, rock-n-roll music, hiking, camping, golf, scuba diving, kicking back. Seeking SAF, who is passionate about music, for casual to permanent relationship. ☎442907 YOU COULD BE MY LIFE This loyal, physically fit, 37-year-old SWM is ready to commit! Blondes a plus. Must be physically fit. Friendship first. Waipahu. ☎903510 SCIENCE AM, LOVE PM Researcher, SWM 46, seeks svelte SF, under 35, for LTR. Plenty of fun to be had, dancing, planting, telling stories. I’d like to start family. Same dream? ☎902019 HAWAIIAN STYLE 36-year-old (young-looking) enjoys clubs, bars, nice restaurants, and anything else fun with a female friend. Let’s talk and maybe hang out! Kihei. ☎869776 WE’RE BETTER TOGETHER! SM, 48, 6’, 190lbs, slim, athletic, originally from Texas, wants to make a new friend to share dinners, movies, and Hawaii living together! ☎795879 I WANT TO LOVE YOU Puerto Rican/Jamaican gent, 32, musician is looking for a charming lady, to hold and to cuddle. ☎779347 LET’S GO OUT Beach sunsets, movies, etc. Longhaired, self-employed, 35-year-old SAM (5’8”, 170lbs). Looking for honesty. Must have a heart and a sense of humor. A lady any race, 18-40. ☎668943 LOOKING FOR YOU SHM, 36, enjoys reading, movies, quiet evenings at home, sports, boating. Seeking sincere, nice female for friendship and more. ☎502222 PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS SWM, 39, 6’1”, brown hair, N/S, with good sense of humor, enjoys golfing, jogging. Seeking smart, positive woman, 28-45, to travel to unknown places or shopping at the super market. ☎476538 LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT Born and raised on Maui. SWM, 47, Pisces, loves the ocean, camping, fishing, plants. Seeking honest female, with similar qualities, for serious relationship. ☎442623

SHARE THE ADVENTURE SWM, 38, 5’10”, 145lbs, brown/brown, N/S, enjoys fishing, diving, boating. Seeking woman, 24-38, who wants to have fun and adventure, for compatible and nurturing relationship. ☎439907 SCUBA SWM, 36, N/S, seeks SWF, 21-38, N/S, who likes the water, the outdoors, scuba diving. ☎431575 CREATIVE ISLAND SPIRIT Healthy, slim, fair British SWM, 49, 6’, Pisces, non-smoker, enjoys landscaping, the Island life, nature, theater, arts, singing, music, hiking. Seeking woman, 28-48, for LTR. ☎422500 STAND BESIDE ME Landscaping SWM, 39, Aries, nonsmoker, enjoys biking, boating, hiking, beach, nature, waterfalls, travel. Seeking easygoing, successful woman, 18-48, for LTR. ☎423793 SEEKS A SPECIAL WOMAN Educated, adventurous, hardworking, attractive SBM, 38, looks younger, honest and intelligent, creative and trustworthy,with gentle spirit and warm heart, seeks friendship, LTR. “No Players please.” ☎916679 PLEASE BREAK THE SHELL This self-reliant SWM, 28, student, sure to make you laugh, would be extremely happy to find a SF. ☎883386 HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL SM enjoys outdoor activities and dining out. Seeking healthy SF to casually date, possible LTR. ☎864595 Men Seeking Men

MEN Seeking Men

LOOKING FOR COMPANIONSHIP SM, 6’, 185lbs, brown/brown, loves anything outdoors, movies, dining out. Looking for someone, 25-50, who has the same interests. ☎306400 SAN FRAN TRANSPLANT Male, 39, Scorpio, smoker, homeowner, seeks WM, 25-35. Enjoys dining out, cooking, the ocean, swimming. ☎418038 @WWW - AZBOYNEXTDOOR Understanding, loving GWM, 21, likes movies, some sports, dinners. Seeking patient, thoughtful SM, 18-35, for sharing and caring. ☎290396 LET’S GET TOGETHER SWM, 45, D/D-free, enjoys movies, dining, time with a special man. If you are fun, happy, clean and affectionate, call. ☎844456 Women Seeking Women

WOMEN Seeking Women

SWEET MAUI GIRL Haiku cowgirl, 18, looking for cowboy, 18-25, to date or maybe more. Serious inquiries only. ☎316966 SOFT BUTCH Attractive GWF, 38, Libra, N/S, seeks feminine, down-to-earth, outgoing woman, 27-43, N/S, who loves to travel. ☎110549

For customer service call 1-800-252-0920 or email

ABBREVIATIONS: A-Asian; B-Black; C-Christian; D-Divorced; F-Female; G-Gay; H-Hispanic; J-Jewish; M-Male; N/S-Non-Smoker; P-Professional; S-Single; W-White GUIDELINES: The Maui Time Personals are for adults 18 or over seeking monogamous relationships. To ensure your safety, carefully screen all responses. First meetings should occur in a public place. Abbreviations are permitted only to indicate gender preference, race, and religion. We suggest your ad contain a self-description, age range, lifestyle and avocations. Ads and voice messages containing explicit sexual language will not be accepted. This publication reserves the right to revise copy containing objectionable phrases; to reject in its sole discretion, any advertisement on account of its text. This publication assumes no responsibility for the content or reply to any Maui Time Personals ad. The advertiser assumes complete liability for the content and all replies to any advertisement or recorded message and for any claims made against this publication and its agents as a result thereof. The advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold this publication, its employees and its agents harmless from all costs, expenses (including reasonable attorney fees), liabilities and damages result The Maui Time Personals agrees not to leave his/her phone number, last name or address in his/her voice greeting. Not all boxes contain a voice greeting.


MARCH 6, 2003







1957 MGA convertible- restoraNIKON CAMERA, Nikomat blk. tion project $500. OBO 661-8618 body w/Nikkor 50mm lens + Nikkor 1965 Corvair Convertible 3L. 80/200mm zoom lens $295. Call 6616793 SPORTS EQUIPMENT Running time on rebuilt motor. *needs bodywork & new top, interior Pioneer 101 Bountyhunter Metal Marcy Exercise Station- $200. OBO 661-8618 clean. $1,200 OBO 661-8618. Detector $45. 661-5352

1973 Porsche 911-T Running/ FURNITURE needs work/ rebuilt engine. $3,500 Dining Room Set- Bamboo table with inlaid leather surface. 4 matching OBO 661-8618 bamboo chairs. Great looking set in TRUCKS, excellent shape. Hard to find & only MOTORCYCLES, RVS $400. Will sell fast, call 669-6959 24’ Fiber Foam Cabin Cruiser Fly bridge, fully refurbished inside, engine Rattan dining room set, oval glass top, 6 chairs, $500 OBO. 298redone, bathroom, VHF, stereo/cd, 9119 $15,000 OBO 661-1919 Persian Rugs- hand- knotted, new, 1989 Sportster Harley never used 8x10, $650 & 4x6 $475, Davidson bored out engine, 12” Also 100% wool persian rug runners ape hangers, stretch tank fenders, all new $180. 298-1195 custom rims, 3 gtr drag custom paint. For Sale in Hana- Wicker chaise Must Sell., $10,000 OBO, 661-1919 lounge, as new, $450, Antique Oak AUTOMOTIVE dining with 2 leaves, 6 chairs $800, blue rocker $30, antique floor lamp SERVICES with shade $100, Calif. King, excellent Moving Sale Marshall amp V565R condition $500. Please leave message 150W like new $350, Fender amp BXR 45W like new $80, Hohner Bass 264-8787. B2A Steinberger model $275. 579JEWELRY 6458 Wedding / Engagement two ring CLASSES & set, ladies size 6 1/2. Setting has seven diamonds, main diamond is 1/4 INSTRUCTION karat. Classic, delicate design. Beyond Marketing Appraised at $1000, asking $650. 669SETTING YOUR INTENTION: HOW 3866 West Maui. TO MARKET & BUILD YOUR HEAL3.52 Karat round brilliant diamond. ING ARTS PRACTICE. Take your work Certed I/FI3. Must Sell $10,500 280- to a higher level. Learn innovative & 4244 practical tools to distinguish yourself in a highly competitive market. MUST SELL!-Electric Reclining Devolop clarity & focus by designing a Wheelchair 10 yrs. old good cond. personal marketing plan. 1st & 3rd $600 Call 280-0733 Mon. classes held @ Beyond Heaven, 7-8:30pm. $10 fee. Private sessions MARINE Scuba Gear Blowout! Seaquest avail. Call to reg. 573-1929, Christina.


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Isoflex woman’s 6.5.4 size 7-8 or men’s 6.5.4 size L, were $320, now $175. Scubapro Classic BCD Size S was $525 now $295. Used Scubapro Classic BCD XS $95. 283-8633.

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Bodyworkers Needed MUSIC EQUIPMENT Looking for beautiful, playful, reliable, Moving Must Sale Music studio person. Work with a great team. Will gear, PA, instruments, futon, etc., avail- train. 579-8825 able 3/30, leave message 669-8384 ARE YOU PHOTOGENIC? Great Gear! Fender Hot Rod Cosmetic company seeks females Deville, 4x10, 60watts, killer tube for print ads/ promotional. No experitone, retail $1100, only $600; Godin ence needed. 786-556-2405 or email ACS Nylon guitar w/ synth access, new $1100, only $450; Roland GR-30, MAUI TIME WEEKLY synth module, $250; Boss GT-3 pedal board $200; Centaur A1124+, Inside Sales Phone Pro needed with acoustic amp, 3 channels, new $725, strong communication & closing skills. Individual needs to enjoy workonly $225, Tom 875-1083 ing in a fast paced deadline driven TAKAMINE classic/electric gui- enviroment. Please fax resume to: tar- EC-132 C $395. RANDALL (808)661-0446 attn: Jeff Onderko RK100 100W Amp. $175. Call 6616793


129 Lahainaluna, Lahaina SURF

Compaq Presario labtop $450. Early Model Bronco trans. & 661-5352 transfer case $250. 661-8618 IBM Laptop- thinkpad 600 Pentium 1962 Triumph convertible- 2, 128 MB, 4GB, 16 bit crystal sound, restoration project. V8-A.T. $300. DVD/CD ROM, 56 k Modem, Windows 98, $599. 298-1195 OBO 661-8618





658 Front Street #126A-7278 Lahaina, HI 96761


1986 Dodge Caravan -Parting outmake offer (no tranny) Call 280-0733

Scuba Gear Blowout! Oceanic BUSINESS Datamax Pro air-integrated computer OPPORTUNITIES was $599 now $295. Oceanic Dataplus2 Nitrox computer was $599 Indoor Air & Water Pollution Is now $325. 283-8633 Bad Stuff! 9-0 Longboard Valley Isle, shaped Help People “Ecologize” Their by Neal Norris, style... flower board, Homes & Businesses Inc. 500, 15 excellent board for a beginner(female yr. Old Manufacture Company Sales Managers average $6000 per design) $250 6-10 Bic Composite, great travel month after training. board, no dings, new condition, $250 Offer America’s #1 Most Desired Air Purifiers Contact Amanda 283-1922 or 669FREE 3-DAY TRIAL 2531 Few people know about this amazing 1972 Glastron 21’ Boat- 4.3 L technology engine, Volvo 290 Leg D.P., engine We Promise Not to Waste Your Time! Managers and Leaders Wanted needs work $3,500 661-8618 874-5676





Mountain bike, KHS brand, Montana Sport model, 22 in. frame, new tires, new shifting mechanism & derailer, $100. 669-3866

Mountain Bike, GT brand, Timberline model, 22 in. frame, new tires, solid condition, $100. 669-3866




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MauiTime Weekly seeks Freelance writers to cover stimulating & in-depth community interest stories. Send resume, samples or ideas to: 658 Front Street. #126A-7278 Lahaina, HI 96761 MUSICIANS WANTED Female bassist required for fun working band. Chord charts ready to go. All inquiries welcome 879-8620 leave message.

MUSICIANS AVAILABLE Versatile Pro Drummer, acoustic and midi, available for gigs and recordings. Call JJ at 280-0278.


MARCH 6, 2003



CARPE DO IT ALREADY I'm a guy who's had a female best friend for years. The other night, after a few drinks, we ended up getting physical and talking for hours. I told her how I've always felt about her - more than best-friendly feelings. Well, it turns out the feelings are extremely mutual. This is great, except that she's engaged. Her fiancé is a guy who's always traveling for his job. I get the feeling she's not exactly happy about only seeing him every few weeks. It's been five days, and we still haven't talked about that night. I have no idea what to do. Any suggestions? Still Spineless After All These Years Draw a little face on your index finger, and Scotch tape a little dryer lint on top. (That's you.) Next, draw a little face on your other index finger. Scotch tape a bigger clump of dryer lint on this one, preferably in a chic bouffant. (That's her.) No, I'm not kidding. Using finger puppets to get your message across might come up short in sophistication, but, in effectiveness, it beats a vow of silence... hands down. Considering that you've been panting after this girl for years – total news to her, it seems - telepathy hasn't worked too well for you either. Maybe you've been waiting to be called on - a good move if you're a second-grader, angling to go home with a gold star on your forehead. Eventually, you should be invited to say something. Wait long enough, and the invitation will come from a guy in a minister suit, calling across the pews for you to "speak now, or forever put a sock in it." This would be an appropriate moment for you to voice an objection. If, however, you're into results-oriented communication, you'd be wise to unwire your jaw long before there's a lot of forward motion down the aisle in a big white dress, plus 3,000 guests who have crossed four time zones on a mule to watch this girl become Mrs. Somebody Else. To kick-start your courage, visualize times when you manage to speak up in your own behalf, like when you're about to board El Thrifto Airline, and you spot the last food for 5,500 miles that isn't a quarter-ounce bag of peanuts. Surely, you find the will to blurt out, "Whopper...p-p-please! And make mine a double." You DO manage to say something...don't you? Or, do you just stand mute at the register, staring purposefully into the eyes of the girl in the paper hat, until she finally yells, "Sir...I said, EITHER SPEAK UP OR STEP ASIDE!" That's what it comes down to here: Speak up or step aside. What's stopping you? Maybe you've heard that the meek are supposed to inherit the earth. Well, the place should be a real ball of laughs after the assertive take off with all the women. Maybe you're terrified that you'll be crushed by rejection - maybe so completely crushed that you'll end up one of those little black tar splotches on the sidewalk, forever getting resquashed under the soles of apathetic pedestrians. Of course, if you didn't favor the entirely unsuccessful nonverbal method of asking women out, you might have learned that "crushing rejection" is merely a figure of speech, and those black dots are used chewing gum dropped by uncouth people. I'm not denying that rejection can be heavy. Still, there's really nothing quite so flattening as the weight of the champagne glass you lift to toast to your friend's eternal bliss with some other guy.


MARCH 6, 2003



ARIES: Revive your imagination. Try using your left hand for a week if you are right-handed or visa versa. Your karma, your subconscious, and your manifestations of the past year will take center stage. Career changes are possible. TAURUS: The life of a socialite is yours if you're willing to play it that way. Being friendly is to your advantage. You add beauty to your work environment. When freedom comes your way you need to run like the wind. GEMINI: Football season is over and so is the windsurfing contest. Finding a healthy way to express your aggression is of utmost importance. Be sure to express your good points when going to an interview. Win people over with your verbal skills and be nice to your ex-lovers. CANCER: With the sophistication of a world traveler you know how to understand exotic information. Enjoying water sports and hanging out near natural bodies of water will soothe your soul. Learning to hula or learning to speak Hawaiian comes naturally. LEO: Changes begin to gain momentum in your life. You're horny, willing and able yet you're concerned with maintaining control. The place of control is a lonely place. Learn to delegate responsibilities. Help comes to you from unexpected places. VIRGO: Release comes easier to you this week. Many obsessions will be dropped. Take on a new outlook towards life. Become the person that you look up to. Compliment someone that you normally don't care for. See the positive in your enemies. LIBRA: Keeping your nose to the grindstone is a good idea at this time. Your work ethic is stronger than usual. You're interested in improving your health. Being charitable to those less fortunate than you will help you gain moral strength. SCORPIO: It's a good week for being a gangster of love. You have the gift of being able to make truth funnier than fiction. Your inner child needs to go out and play. You'll find love while taking a stroll through the neighborhood. SAGITTARIUS: Peculiar ambitions are not to be discounted if they help the family. Taking time to meditate at home will help you center yourself. Family members may need to be confronted as to what their responsibilities are. Dreams take on a life of their own. CAPRICORN: You'll find a way to be a better neighbor. You will feel a part of a small community. Much is viewed in a poetic sense. Bust out a rhyme. Break into a beat. The art of the soul is the art of the street. Personal drive is making you a dynamo. AQUARIUS: You're likely to be somewhat preoccupied with gadgets and fixing things. Material acquisitions are of your prime concern. Finances will improve. You may have to pay to get paid. The fool and his money are soon partying. PISCES: Renewal continues as you emerge awake to a new day. Do a ritual that affirms freshness. This can be done by dipping into the ocean or by planting a garden. You are ready for adventure and risk taking. Radical viewpoints come to the surface. HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Michael Eisner 3/7/42, Kerr Smith 3/9/72, Norman Blake 3/10/38 For comments and questions <>

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NOTICES Oral/HIV ClinicCenter


Louise Lambert World Class Vocalist & Pianist Solo or Band

Pop •Jazz •Swing •Rhythm & Blues LESSONS & BOOKINGS Sing Your Heart Out Workshops Weekly


Testing/Counseling @






Protestant Church 1-3:30pm; Wailuku Health






Health Center 9am-1:30pm. Results

returned in 2 wks. Sponsored by Free Mammograms and pap State Dept. of Health, for more info screens to women aged 40-49 yrs who qualify. Call Community Clinic of call Takako 984-2129 Maui and speak with Kathi Jones at 872-4025. Call today, don’t wait. Take care of yourself.

TwâÄà fxÜä|vxá Pleasure Heals Feel The Sensuous Sensations of a Beautiful Woman’s Touch. Bask in the Blessed Bliss. You’ll Be Glad You Called. 891-2700.



Beautiful Mermaid Loves to pamper classy gentleman with sweet, sensual touch. Warm, tantric healing for the heart, mind, body and soul. Ariel 276-2712 Art of Tantra- Experience your Tantric self with a Beautiful Goddess. Learn sexual secrets, increase vitality. Healing and sexy bodywork. You deserve it. 573-3406. Totally relax and let go. Come and experience my wonderful touch. Very sensuous, enjoyable & healing. 250-4557 Paradise Spice... Maui’s gay headquarters, huge selection of videos, toys & magazines. 249-2449 Sculpt-U Bodyworks A deeply relaxing hour of exquisite bodywork 250-4817

Tantric Loving Bodywork

INANNA Sensual Island Goddess to nurture your body, mind & spirit Unconditional love from the heart in or out call



Ever consider EDUCATION OUT OF THE BOX? Come on Thursday, March 13th and learn more about the Sudbury Maui Learning Center, where students ages 5-18, are free to pursue their passions within a democratic setting. See a video, meet the staff & have your questions answered! Call 573-1819 or 572-3747 for directions & info.



Talk to a sexy goddess... As low as $1.99/minute 1-800-800-0736

Are you alone too? VISA/MC REQUIRED

My Secret Garden A place of Magic An hour of Pleasure A date with Beauty Sensual Bodywork


REAL ESTATE FOR SALE BEAT OTHER BUYERS TO NEW LISTINGS ON MAUI! Free information available at Coldwell Banker Island Properties, Inc.

VACATION RENTALS Hana Maui Botanical GardensOn the way to Blue Pools. Self guided walking tour. Open 9-5 $3/person. 248-7725. Vacation Rental Available. Member Hawaii EcoTourism Assoc. Clean, Affordable accomodations in our vaction rental from $49 per day. Call Toll Free Wailuku Guesthouse 877-986-8270 or


USE THE INFORMATION HIGHWAY! Get your classified ads on the internet at No Extra Cost. Call 661-3786

SURRENDER to Divine Sacred Healing Touch & Presence of a Beautiful Woman



Tantric Healing &Awakening Sensual Bodywork For Men and Women Ask for a 10% Couples Discount

Open Daily from 10am til Midnight 10am to 7pm Sundays

SERVING MAUI’S ADULT SHOPPERS Party-Gag Gifts New Love Toys, Novelties, Videos & DVD’s Weekly Adult Theme Parody T-Shirts as seen on Huge Selection of Adult Magazines Ask About Our Video Trade-in Policy 1010 B Lower Main St. Wailuku, HI 96793 Gift Certificates Available

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SERVICES QUALITY GRAPHIC DESIGN Quality graphic design at affordable prices. Business cards, brochures, websites, menus. $25 per hour. 2761712. Free information on appliance repair or purchase. 100% gauranteed Ross appliance & furniture. 395 Dairy Rd. #M Kahului, HI. 877-5655/For Emergency Repair 298-3282 Maui Recycling Service Picks up all your glass, plastic, aluminum, tin, mixed paper, & cardboard. Home Pickup; a convenience for $15/mo! Bimonthly pick up. Commercial accounts avail. Call Now! 244-0443

Call for directions & come join us; or link up spiritually from wherever you are in the world, to help spread the Light, Peace, Love & healing throughout the globe. If you want to receive the Light for self-healing, e-mail us with your name & your request. Call (808) 268-8853 OR e-mail:

Maui Recycling Service If not now, when?

CURBSIDE RECYCLING! FREE Recycling Bins – And No Sign-up Fee! When you subscribe for 3 months of biweekly service – (A $25 value!) New customers only – offer expires 3/31/03 Paid for by County of Maui recycling grand funds.

“we do all the work . . . so you can enjoy your yard”

Jason Meyer 573-1920

Tax Refunds in 48 Hours! • Tax Refund Anticipation Loans • Electronic Tax Returns Rates • All States at justStart $25 • Earned Income Credit – we can help you qualify • All fees can be taken out of your refund

Island Tax & Bookkeeping Service


FREE 3-DAY TRIAL That’s right. You must love it to keep it. America’s #1 Best Air and Water Purifiers Used in the Pentagon & all US Embassies LIVING AIR & LIVING WATER Greatly Reduces Mold, Dust, Odors & Chemical Outgassing. One unit does a whole home or business Distributorships Offered 874-5676

HIV COUSELING AND TESTING If you feel that you have been potentially exposed to HIV and would like Free, Confidential and Anonymous testing call the Maui AIDS Foundation at 242-4900. It is important to know your HIV status so that you do not unknowingly pass the virus to others, also early detection is vital to your health and treatment. The Maui AIDS Foundation now offers Drop-In HIV Counseling and Testing (No appointment necessary) Drop in hours are Mon.-Fri. 8:30am to 4:30pm, Wed. 8:30am to 7pm 1935 Main Street, Wailuku For more information on HIV/AIDS, STD’s including Viral Hepatitis and HIV Counseling and Testing call the Maui AIDS Foundation at 242-4900. In Hana call 248-7801, Lanai 5656722, and Molokai 553-9086.



L $20 for 1 WEEK Y O C L A Paia & Lahaina N L S 876-0052 O

Bikram Yoga MASSAGE

Hands in Motion Maui Massage by Brooke Helgeson. Professional Theraputic Massage. A public health message Specializing in deep tissue massage. provided by The Maui AIDS Foundation. Enjoy the benefits of massage in your own room. Call 250-4515. MAT# Hawaii Nature Center is now 6120, member of AMTA 110175 recruiting individuals to serve as volMassage Therapy unteer teaching docents for Spring Amico’s 2003. Will work outdoors & teach “Friendly, Professional & Affordable” exciting enviromental education les- By Eugenio Amico MAT 5582 sons to visiting elementary school email: groups at field sites in ‘Iao Valley. Jan- Islandwide outcall until midnight May 1 weekday per week, 4 hrs. in “Personalized sessions to fit your am. Orientation & training provided. needs from deep massage to light Please contact Education Program energy work” Manager Denby Freeland 244-6500, Day spa avail. w/sauna & jacuzzi Double-Bookings ~ Save $10 ext.16. Couples Massage Lessons, Volunteers needed to help build a Weddings, Birthdays, & unique community-built REGIONAL Bachelorette Parties playstructure at the Haiku Fourth Gift Certificates Available 280-0278 MISCELLANEOUS Marine Park. We need volunteers VOLUNTEERS WANTED now to help organize this. We need: Massage Therapy with Daniel The Maui Hero project seeks volun- fundraiser coordinators, grant writers, Fowler MAT 2765 available in childcare coordinators & anyone who Wailuku $70 or sliding scale. teers for our Maui myth, adventurewants to help! Pickets on sale also. Specializing in Therapeutic Lomilomi, based program for middle school Call 573-6516. www.mauiplay- Deep Tissue and Injury rehabilitation. youth. Call AutumnLeaf at 572-4564 Call 280-0733 Call for your FREE 2002 tax organizer

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Women helping Women is in need of your help on Maui. We need volunteers for a few hrs. a week to help with grocery shopping, picking up & droping off of donations at various drop-off sites. For more info. please call Cindy or Deborah 5799696. Thank you for all of your support. Cat Lovers- We need you to help us w/ various tasks. Craft sale, fundraising, caretaker duties incl. feeding, trapping, transporting, etc. Please contact the Feline Foundation of Maui at 879-3059 or 891-1181.



Maui Onstage is also accepting applications for technical crew and volunteer ushers for “TARTUFFE BORN AGAIN”. Please fax, email or mail your credentials to: Maui Onstage 68 N. Market St. Wailuku, HI 96793. 244-8680(office) 2427134(fax).

MIND, BODY & SPIRIT PEACE CIRCLE Centered at The Gateway for Healing is a weekly radiance of Healing Light, sent out for all nations & all peoples of the world. EVERY SUNDAY at 5. If you would like to play an active part in the Peace Circle, there are 2 ways to participate:




Spirit it

Haiku Massage $40/hr mornings only In a quiet & professional setting, helping others for 15 yrs. Strong sensitive hands. From relaxing to specific deep tissue work. Roger Engel 283-8410 MAT#4863

Malulani Massage and Day Spa Heavenly Calm

276-4915 or


Morning Cafe at Beyond Heaven in Makawao. A speakers Breakfast Club. Weekly speakers talk on Body, Mind & Spirit topics, every Wednesday 8:30-10 am. $10. Call for this week’s guest speaker. 573-8828

244-0443 •

Maui Lawn Works

Mind Body


Hawaiian Treatments: Swedish Lomi Lomi Massage Pain Reduction Hot/Cold Stone Thai Massage (stretching) Deep Tissue/Sports Massage Scrubs/Wraps Reflexology (Hand and Foot) Craniosacral New Client Special $40/hr at our Ocean Massage Beautiful Kihei Location or we go to you High Quality Professional Massage Therapy Only Shiatsu MAT #4264, 4274 MAE #1495

The 31st Annual

Sacred Hearts School



Na Kamali’i O Ke Akua, TBA, Malino, Kane Koa, Kupono Kane, Sean Na’auao, Te Tiare Patitifa, Crazy Fingers, Marty Dread, Gomega, Kamau with Zack Kekona, Kupa’a

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For the First Time on Maui, Turbo Tubs! And Much, More!

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Outback Steakhouse, Leilani’s, Rusty Harpoon & Dairy Queen

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Live & Silent Auction (Mahalo to Kaanapali Beach Hotel), Rummage New Item, Plant Sale, Massage, Novelties & Our Famous Kountry Kitchen

Free Admission * Fun for the Whole Ohana! WAI N E E & D I C K E N S O N S T. • L A H AI N A

Inside Sales Phone Pro needed


with strong communication & closing skills. Individual needs to enjoy working in a fast paced deadline driven environment.


Please Fax resume to: (808)661-0446 attn: Jeff Onderko









MARCH 6, 2003


back side

High visibility! Low Costs! Back Side Classifieds Work! CALL (808) 661-3786 for complete details!


Just what we need around here. More beautiful Italian models.

Air Maui Helicopter Tours 2 for 1 Special! West Maui/Molokai Special. Only Air Maui offers this incredible flight! Call now for your 2 for1 Kama’aina special or special visitor rate! For reservations call 877-7005



150 Dairy Road • 808/877-7433 • Open Daily

Freelance Writer

Send writing samples and resumes to PO Box 7278, Lahaina, HI 96761 or



Inside Sales Phone Pro needed with strong communication & closing skills. Individual needs to enjoy working in a fast paced deadline driven enviroment. Please fax resume to: (808)661-0446 attn: Jeff Onderko

Are at Postal Plus Paia & Kihei/Wailea Prices start at $0.65 a pound, less than Post Office Call 579-8331 or 891-8585 Mail/Pack Services Etc.


ALL EDITORIAL AND DA KINE CALENDAR! CLICK AWAY! 42’ Bertram Sportfisher Private or Share Trips 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, & Full Day Charters

Maui: (808) 667-2774 KONA: (808) 327-1265

TOLL FREE 1-800-590-0133

Models Needed

Hiring models for stock projects. $50/hour. Fitness, beauty, lifestyle. All ages. Mail photo: RC Studios, PO Box 1758, Kihei, HI 96753. Just visiting? Call 874-5755. For more info:


The ultimate guide to supervising your social life. Live music, events, theater, sports, arts and entertainment. Maui Time Weekly, pick it up every Thursday!


Mulligan’s on the Blue. Live entertainment six days a week. Happy hour every day 5-7pm. Wailea 874-1131


Stop Wishin’ & Go Fishin’





to Maui’s hottest new way to meet singles. See pg.28 introducing Maui Time Personals. A fully interactive mobile dating service that makes meeting single people almost too easy. All you have to do is make a simple phone call. OK, you’re done! The rest is up to us. We take your information and match you up with other singles. And here is the best part, we contact YOU and let you know how many matches you have. Try it and get connected. Join today and your FREE membership will start today! 1-800-710-8735




10 classes for $10 in 10 days. New students onlyBIKRAM’S Yoga College of India, 251 Lalo Rd. Kahului 871-2402




Local original hard rock talent wanted! Some covers okay. Call Buckett at Deano’s 250-6733




INSIDE SALES PEOPLE NEEDED Maui Time Weekly seeks dynamic professionals to join our deadline- driven, fast-paced classified advertising sales team. Applicants must be positive, self- motivated, disciplined, competitive, and have excellent verbal & written communication skills. Excellent earning potential and health insurance included. Please fax resumes to (808)661-0446 or email -


Ramon’s in Wailuku is now open under new management. Local food and drink specials. Live Jazz & Blues - Mon., Wed., Fri. 986-8550


Presented by If the Shoe Fits. Saturday March 22nd at 7pm. A benefit for the Iao Theater. Limited seating. Advance tickets $15. 249-9710

Internet Cafe

Awesome internet access! Email; CD-RW; Webcams; 8021 lb wireless; color laser printing. $0.10/minute. Hale Imua in Kihei 891-9219


San Francisco


E .


Trance Funk

NonAlcoholic Party

S T R E E T ,

Hits from Drink Specials the 70’s 80’s and ALL Night! Early 90’s


C E N T E R ,






Willie K OWNS Mondays!


with Chilltown Productions •

8 7 9 - 9 0 0 1

06.36 Nudity Laws on Maui, March 6, 2003, Volume 6, Issue 36, MauiTime