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Vol. 57 Issue 3

September 22, 2008

Auburn Correction Officers Choose Silent Approach By Mike Ouimette, Staff Writer

“Gone-4-Ever” Exhibit Attracts Students By Andy Brown, Assistant Editor

For those students who missed the exhibit that was being shown in the student lounge all of last week, “Gone-4-Ever” shows the story of several alcohol-related deaths. The exhibit is being shown to a lot of surrounding schools, both colleges, and high schools, hoping to reach a very large population of teens in Cayuga County and the surrounding areas. It also gives a lot of useful facts that get you thinking about the world of alcohol and how it can directly affect your life, and the lives of your loved ones around you. Here are a few solid facts for you to ponder, brought to you by a 2004 study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration: - The New York State legal limit for your blood alcohol content is .08. - 36% of all 15-20-year-olds’ deaths are alcohol related. - More than 1/3 of all teen automobile fatalities are speed-related. - 5,610 crash injury deaths among 1319 in the US in 2004. - Around 3,620 alcohol-related deaths among 15-20-year-olds in the US a year. It’s not even just numbers either. There’s other information about teen drinking that woke CCC students up as well. According to the “Gone-4-Ever” research posted on the exhibit, the brain doesn’t stop developing until your 20’s. What’s the last region of the brain to

develop? The one that involves the ability to plan and make complex judgements. Drinking in the teen years can impair your brain’s ability to fully develop. Scary stuff huh? Also mentioned in the exhibit is what alcohol does to you that make’s you feel the alcohol in your system. Alcohol acts primarily on the nerve cells in the brain, interfering with their ability to communicate with each other and all other cells. This can do very damaging things to your body. Can also result in impaired thought process, slowed processing of information from the senses, exaggerated emotions, reduced muscle coordination, slowed breathing, and even cessation of breathing. All facts aside, this exhibit did grab the attention of the students, with its combination of video, picture images, stories, and music that sends chills down viewers’ spines, and even tears to shed. “[The exhibit] is crazy, terrifying, and touching all at the same time,” says CCC student, Ryan Foley, says of the jaw-dropping exhibit. “Its really heart-breaking, the stories. But at the same time it’s beautiful in the way it looks, and the way it gets a hold of everyone that watches it. The way they put the stories and the pictures and the video together really gets you thinking.” Also an observer of the exhibit, CCC student, Molly Grinnell, loved the exhibit as well. “Although it’s a series of unfortunate events, it’s a great opportunity for high school and college students to react to it. Really wake up and face reality.”

Correctional officers staged an information picket at the Auburn office of the New York State Department of Corrections September 12th. Many officers were involved to show support for a fellow officer. The officer’s wife recently died of cancer and he had been wearing a pink cancer bracelet. He had been told he could not wear the bracelet while on duty at the prison. He refused to take it off and was sent home because of it. The officers are allowed to wear P.O.W. and M.I.A. bracelets but cannot wear any other type. During the picket, the officers walked on one side of the front of the prison, back and forth, holding their signs. Because this was a silent picket, the officers did not speak. They just kept walking back and forth. At one end was a refreshment tent with cold drinks. Assemblyman Garry Finch of the 123rd Assembly District also attended. Mr. Finch explained that he had sent a letter to both

Governor David Patterson and Commissioner Brian Fischer stating, “Today I am writing to ask you to take into consideration the request for a change to the current dress code policy for Corrections Officers. The change would allow officers to wear cancer bracelets while on duty. There are few families who have not been touched in some way by cancer. It may be a family member or a close friend that was stricken. Those who are survivors know the battle they won and are grateful to still be here with us. For those who lost their battle, many of their friends and families choose to show their respect and remembrance of them by wearing cancer bracelets.” At the present time, Mr. Finch is still awaiting the judgment from Governor Paterson and Commissioner Fischer. Let’s hope they allow the issue to be dealt with in fairness and compassion allowing the officers their support for cancer survivors and victims this way.

Visiting Writers Coming to Cayuga Hilda Raz and Aaron Link, who are mother and son and the authors of the memoir, What Becomes You, will give a reading from their book in the Student Lounge on Monday, October 6, at 11 AM. Their memoir is an unusual one, presenting the story of Aaron’s sex change from both their points of view. Aaron Link was born Sarah, and at the age of 29, in 1994, completed his transition from female to male. In the first section of the book, he tells his story from early childhood onward. Then Hilda Raz, a poet, critic, editor, and professor, gives her mother’s perspective on the experience of having a daughter become a son. The critic Floyd Skloot has written: “What Becomes You is a radically strange, deeply moving, unique book, a mother and child story like none you’ve ever read. There is nothing in our literature remotely like this story of personal transformation, a non-traditional story of coming of age and letting go told in a non-traditional way that challenges all of your assumptions about gender, family, stability, and social harmony. You will love this book, these people, and their candid, toughminded bond.” Reviewer Ellen Santasiero says, “What Becomes You is the best kind of book. And not just because it’s funny and

Aaron Link and Hilda Raz poetic, honest, personal, carefully researched and detailed, and hugely informative on the subjects of gender and transsexualism. It’s the best kind of book because it challenges readers to grow in the most critical ways…..It opens the reader to the present moment, to considering and investigating what ‘is’ instead of what the reader thinks should be. It makes us think before responding in habitual ways to those who are different from us. And in this world, I can’t think of anything that’s much more important right now. This program is sponsored by the Humanities Division and is free and open to all. There will be a question and answer period following the reading.


Campaign Chooses Your Vote By Kevin Cool, Staff Writer

This is it; the country is in some sort of same old politics. We The People are already waiting for change and we keep getting it from the last person holding office as President of the United States. This year is election year and if you’re undecided about who to vote for then vote your Party and if that doesn’t suit you vote the issues and if they don’t show promise to you vote whom you believe is better to run the country in the direction you think best for you and each of us because we’re voting to win! Be sure to register as soon as possible to vote and get caught up in the American Way. Our two major candidates are Barack Obama for the Democrats and John McCain for the Republicans. It seems to be the youth of America standing up to the baby boomers, Big Brother and an Uncle Sam standing up for his nieces and nephews. The same old story, where government is in the fold of itself, the choices come from two Senators who have worked very hard at what they do. Make peace, the only stability we can count on. The things that have happened over these last two terms of Presidency should direct your vote for the future. America at war and hunger in the world, gas and food prices pinching the pocket has got to get the vote out if nothing else does. That is not all either, as you know about health insurance and care top the expense list too! The Constitutional Law is even at stake on issues such as gun control and abortion. These times are important to vote and find a cause to stand for and have your voice be heard, even if it is the silent majority as it was in the last election. The clear statements in the past conventions show some degree of sense, but did they make your decision or push you to one side of the isle or the other? We can get deeper into this choice as we move closer to November. Barack Obama has a law degree and is community focused. He is 47 on inauguration day and promotes health care for all Americans and even affordable college education too. Wants to pull out of Iraq with the United Nations to intervene. He is also wants

to address the global environment issues and new energy sources for America. John McCain wants to complete a victory in Iraq and strengthen its troops to uphold that victory. He wants to cut taxes for corporations and increase legislative powers to uphold the rights for citizens and strengthen community colleges. He too has an environment agenda to search for new energy and even open the possibility of accessible Nuclear Power more abundant. The solutions are easy to put forth, but it’s the work that it takes that is the hard part. We need affordable jobs in a stable economy that is growing yet maintaining a workforce equipped to meet these new innovations that face us in our world as it to grows with us. After all, burning bridges to the top is a long fall down to the bottom with the rest of us looking to meet the future head on to share its benefits that We The People need, want, and have a right to. It has been far too long with our support of the world and no support here for us. Billions of dollars are spent in wars and not one cent for your peace because it is taken for granted. How true it is as We The People are peaceful, want peace and represent peace, have fought for it on foreign grounds and have died for one another’s own right for peace in America today. It brings us closer together at the table to meet out those differences and produce peace in the disturbed regions of the world. Peace doesn’t fight back; it teaches you a lesson on how to treat each other. That is why billions are spent and have been spent on implements of destruction and pennies on the American Way. It costs more to vote because of the challenges that face us and even more if you don’t vote at all. Now is the time to stand up and be counted and swing the vote to a choice you approve of and the one vote adds up to that stance that represents to the world that in America, We The People have spoken and the silent majority will again speak loud enough for the world to hear and freedom will ring on our shores all because you did vote. Americans expect you to vote so see you at the polls.

The Cayuga Collegian welcomes letters from its readers. Submissions must be in a word document on a PC formatted disc. Submissions may be edited for content or length. Submissions must include your name, address and daytime phone number. All letters to the editor are copied exactly and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of the Collegian office, its staff or advisors. All letters are simply the opinions of the writers themselves.

Student Actitivies Fair at the Auburn Campus

Democrat vs. Republican: Which side are you on? By Krista Ison, Staff Writer Many Americans cannot explain the difference between a Democrat and a Republican. They do not understand why their one vote can make a difference in the outcome of the Presidential Election. Everyone has a choice, a choice to select the party that they will support, but not everyone knows how to go about making this decision. Knowing and understanding the views and ideas of each party is what will truly guide you in your quest to find where you stand on the political spectrum. Are you a left winged liberal, a right winged conservative or do you fall somewhere in the middle? That is the question that every American should be able to answer. Most Democrats have liberal views. Liberals tend to favor government involvement in most aspects of their lives. They also feel strongly about the personal freedoms of all Americans. Social issues are of great importance to influential democratic leaders. Issues such as social security, gay rights and gun control are some of the social issues facing the leaders of today. Liberals are generally in favor of gay rights and will work together to provide everyone with the same rights and protection in this country, no matter what your social status may be. Welfare is another top issue facing this country. If you are true

Democrat, you would agree with giving help to those in need. Not only do they need the financial help, but they also need help getting back on their feet and Republicans take the views opposite of the Democrats on most issues. They also tend to lean more toward the conservative side. When it comes to gay rights, Republicans do not believe in them. Conservatives believe that marriage should be strictly between a man and a woman. They also believe that the lower class should be able to help themselves without the government handing them money. If these are the views that you agree with, then you may be a Republican. If you agree with some views on each side, that is not uncommon either. That leaves you as a moderate who may vote for either candidate based on who you feel is more qualified for the position. Whether you support John McCain or Barrack Obama, what matters are your views on the issues facing this country everyday. Anyone can sit around and complain about the direction our country is headed in, but it takes a certain type of individual to stand up and make a change. Get involved in our country. Make that educated decision on who you vote for in November. Make a difference.

Dancing with the Stars By Kevin Cool, Staff Writer

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Broaden your horizons and enhance your week with dance lessons. Each Monday, starting September 15th, you can get this jump on Dancing with the Stars, gets you to learn some routines to a number of steps to dance numbers to get you on the dance floor when a dance hits your fancy. Marilynn Arkerson has been dancing since the age of three, and by the age of ten, learned the basics to all dances. She learned them with the help of her father, an instructor from the Author Murray School of Dance. Teaching privately since the 1970’s, Arkerson teaches basic dance lessons at Saint Peter and John Episcopal Church at 169 Genesee St. Auburn, N.Y. The experience is challenging and rewarding to last a lifetime. The price is $5 per person, and the moves are

up to you. A pre-registeration form is required and you’ll begin to learn new dances, or just participate in the dances you already know. The beginner class starts at 6:30 and the intermediate class starts at 7:30. You’ll learn dances such as the Fox Trot, Waltz and Latin Dances including the Cha-Cha, Mambo, Rumba, Samba, and Meringue. There is the Swing and some Mixer Dances too. The dance lessons are each Monday and are open to the public. For more information all you need to do is call Marilynn at (315)-539-3880 in Waterloo. In addition to dancing, there is the opportunity to meet people, partners and friends that will assist you in the dances and even the group of dancers extend their knowledge of any dances happening in the area.

Coming Together at the Student Activities Fair

By Nick Chapman, Staff Writer

As a new school year begins, students who come from all across the State have started settling in with new classes and a new perspective. What better way to start the year off than by attending the Student Activities Fair? With so many new friends and exciting new classes it’s a great idea to join some fun and unique clubs Cayuga Community College has to offer. While attending there were many interesting clubs to choose from. One such club in attendance was The Club For STARs. STARs stands for Students Tackling Adult Responsibilities. The club’s mission statement states “to provide emotional and educational support and generate social opportunities and act as a liaison for non-traditional students..” They welcome new members all throughout the academic year. Next in line was Phi Theta Kappa. Phi Theta Kappa is a local fraternity here at Cayuga Community College. It is one of the world’s oldest, and largest associations. To be accepted a student must maintain a 3.65 GPA. There are many wonderful benefits to becoming a member of Phi Theta Kappa. Another such student club that is available is IMPACT. IMPACT stands for Intelligent Minds Promote And Create Togetherness. Their mission statement reads as follows “To promote and support respect and a better understanding of the differences in our society.” They believe that sharing each other’s cultures makes a difference and opens minds. One of the more

intense but still popular activities is the Kodokan Judo. Judo teaches discipline and self-confidence among other attributes. The radio station, Win 89 FM, was there handing out catchy bumper stickers which are enjoyable for most. Also in attendance was the Correction Officer Trainee Examination. This was an informational opportunity for the actual exam held on October 18. Good luck to those who are taking this exam. The next table over held information about BASIC. BASIC is another acronym that stands for Brothers And Sisters In Christ. In their pamphlet, it says they exist to serve and equip local churches to effectively reach and disciple students. The final two tables included Go Green, which is a club that supports the environment and taking care of Mother Nature. The last table was The Cayuga Collegian, the school newspaper, which is always looking for new and creative writers. To top it all off, while students were filling their minds with new ideas and opportunities, the Barrigar Brothers were performing some of their many hits. It was a ‘jiven’ good time and fun for all ages. This year’s student activities fair included many fun and exciting new opportunities to all new students here at Cayuga Community College. With the school year just beginning it’s not too late to join one of the many clubs around campus. Good luck to all of the incoming freshmen and continued success to all students returning.

Roller Derby in Auburn

By Kenny Alnutt, Staff Writer

Jammers... Blockers... Pivits... Sound like a construction site? Not even close! Try Roller Derby! That’s right, Roller Derby, and it’s in good ol’ Auburn, NY! For those of you that don’t know, here are a couple of facts: Roller derby is a sport complete with a 33 page rule book, leagues, and teams. The organization that runs the bouts is the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association), the team (consisting of a little more than 10 women) is the Prison City Pin-Ups! Composed all of ladies, just looking to have fun, they meet Tuesdays and Thursdays for practice at Reva Rollerdrome and do just that while being a bit competitive. Pivits, Jammers, Blockers are all positions on the floor, rotated and claimed by the players throughout the game.. Jammers are given the responsibility to weave their way through “The Pack” to score points for the team. The pack consists of a number of Blockers that shoulder -check, smash, and crash the other team’s jammers in an attempt to stop them from scoring. Who would be the one to teach this exciting sport in the great city of Auburn? “She’s our fearless leader!!!” said the bouncy, yet tougher than nails, “Mandy Murder Skater” Mackin. The woman

she is speaking of is Bridget Proulx A.K.A. “Pussycat”, who is undoubtedly excited about doing just that...teaching the sport! She is joined by a little more than ten other women that are there to have fun and be competitive at the same time. The women are: Blockers: Nichole “Nikki Six Shooter” McCarthy, “Mandy Murder Skates” Mackin, Amber “Spanky-D” Tuscarini, Katie Estabrook, Cheryl McEvens, and the powerhouse of the group, Lisa “Tower of Power” Martino. Jammers include: Maureen “Mo-Fun” McEvers, who also has the option of being a blocker and Bridget “Pussycat” Proulx! “Safety is practiced the most, players don’t compete until they are ready,” says Proulx. It’s easy to see the fun these women have playing this sport, but what’s more evident is the bond that seems to be growing between these ladies. These ladies would like to let any female out there that wants to do the same to come out and join them on Tuesday and Thursday nights around 9:00 PM at Reva Rollerdrome, located on West Genesee Street behind McDonalds in Auburn. Rules and regulations can be found online at

SPARTAN SPORTS Spartans Suffer a Few Lady Spartans Adding More Losses a Win and a Loss By Jesse Cases, Sports Editor

By Jesse Cases, Sports Editor

The Cayuga Community College Men’s soccer team put an end to their two game losing streak with a 5-2 victory on the road over Corning Community College on Tuesday September 9th. Leading the Spartans to victory was Charles Obiora with four goals and Geo Bateman added the other. The Spartans dominated throughout but Corning capitalized on two defensive breakdowns in the first half to take away the shutout from goalie Andrew Rotko. With a halftime score of 3-2 the Spartans held Corning scoreless in the second half as Charles Obiora added another two goals. After the win versus Corning the men continued their five game road trip with a game versus Broome Community College. Plagued by injury, the Spartans played hard fielding only eight healthy players and with only three injured substitutes, the Spartans held the game scoreless until Broome finally broke through twelve minutes into the second half. A defensive breakdown

gave Broome a penalty kick six seconds later to make the score 2-0. Broome then scored another a minute later and added another late goal to make the final score 4-0. The depleted Spartan squad played well despite injury and sickness. The last game of the Spartans road trip proved to be a difficult one, playing versus a tough Mohawk Valley Community College team predicted to finish as one of the top teams in the region. The Spartans played tough once again despite numerous injuries but couldn’t withstand the offensive attack of Mohawk losing 3-0. Goalie Andrew Rotko helped keep the score low with 21 saves. Mohawk lead the game 2-0 at halftime with two corner kick goals and added a third in the second half. The Spartans look to get back on track with their first home game in over two weeks. Playing versus SUNY Delhi on Tuesday September 16th, the Spartans hope to keep their unbeaten home record intact.

The Lady Spartans of Cayuga Community College got their second road win of the season and second win overall with a 7-1 win over Corning Community College on Tuesday, September 9th. Leading the Lady Spartans to victory were Captain Stephanie Buttaro, with two goals, and Kait Liccion with two goals and three assists. Also helping the Lady Spartans to victory were Kayla Gauger with one goal and an assist, Carrie Lawton with one goal and an assist, Brianna Meyers with one goal and Brittany Bigness with an assist. The Lady Spartans lead throughout, dominating the entire game from start to finish versus the short-manned Corning squad. The team led only 3-0 at halftime but the game was over before it had started. The Lady Spartans next game was Friday September 12th versus SUNY Delhi. Playing versus the only team to beat defending National Champions,

Fingerlakes Community College, the team fought hard and held the score 1-1 before Delhi scored twice more before halftime to make the score 3-1. Scoring the only goal for the Spartans was Brittany Bigness with her third of the season. The second half told a different story as some sloppy goal tending in the poor conditions allowed Delhi to score eight more unanswered goals and turn the game into a blowout. The 11-1 loss was the worst loss of the season for the Lady Spartans, even though the team played well, luck was not on their side. The Ladies are now enjoying eight days off before their next game versus Mercyhurst NE on Saturday, September 20th at 1 P.M. at Emerson Field. Saturday’s game is the ladies last home game before a short two game road trip at Broome Community College and Fulton-Montgomery Community College.


Movie Trivia Quiz

Hello, everyone, or at least everyone who is reading the collegian right now. I hope you are all enjoying your classes this semester, freshmen especially; but if your not, and I’m sure there’s a few of you, do not fret because there is still plenty of hope. If it is your first time here at Cayuga Community College, or any college, it might seem a little overwhelming at first; honestly it’s really not, so long as you do what your professor asks. I have a special message for all you procrastinators out there; being a procrastinator myself I can give you some very useful personal insight. If you live by the creed, “If you wait till the last minute, it only takes a minute to do,” or, “procrastinators unite, tomorrow,” you might want to reconsider. The fact of the matter (that I’ve learned the hard way,) is that the more you stay on top of things, the easier your life will be. To make your life as easy as possible there are two crucial points, GO TO CLASS and DO YOUR HOMEWORK. I can basically promise that if you show interest and put forth an effort, any professor will be willing to help you. If you’re really struggling in any class, don’t forget about the academic support center near the library. You can make an appointment or just walk in any time to a study table. Stay on top of your work, you will be successful, and more importantly you can avoid the anxiety that comes from being behind on your work. Obviously doing well academically is the most important aspect of college; however, do not hesitate to get involved with extracurricular activities. Here at CCC you would be surprised to discover the wide variety of activities available to everyone such as, clubs, trips and sports. Being involved is not only fun, but also beneficial because you get to meet new people and it looks good on a transcript. Every semester the college offers many great activities that are either cheap or free. October 15th we are hosting MTV’s rock the vote, hosted by Road Rules Rachael Robinson, don’t miss it! Anyone who is interested in joining a club or just wants more information about a club, come to the S.G.O. office room M241. Get involved and have a great semester! Drew Young SGO President

CHECKing In with KRISEZ with Mike Ouimette

2. Which actor from Twilight has green eyes, but wears colored contacts to make their eyes brown? a. Kellan Lutz b. Taylor Lautner c. Kristen Stewart d. Robert Pattinson 3. In Pineapple Express, why was the slurpee that was spilled over the windshield made a darker red? a. To make it stand out more b. The audience kept mistaking it for blood c. To make it look like a different flavor d. To make it stain resistant 4. How many cars were used in the move Death Race? a. 50 b. 100 c. 35 d. 25 5. How many mechanics were at the shooting of Death Race to fix the cars? a. 10 b. 20 c. 100 d. 85

Answers: 1a, 2c, 3b, 4c, 5d

A Welcome from the President... of SGO that is

1. Which movie was Sydney Pollack’s final acting role? a. Made of Honor b. My Best Friend’s Girl c. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Play List d. Lakeview Terrace

Celebrity Birthdays September 21 – Faith Hill 1967, Stephen King 1947 September 22 – Scott Baio 1961, Joan Jett 1961 September 23 – Ray Charles 1930, Bruce Springsteen 1949 September 24 – Francis Scott Fitzgerald 1896, Jim Henson 1936 September 25 – Will Smith 1968, Barbara Walters 1931 September 26 – Olivia Newton-John 1948, Joe Nemechek 1963 September 27 – Avril Lavigne 1985, Lil’ Wayne 1982

I interviewed a long time friend this week, Krisez, from New Jersey. Mike Ouimette: What genre do you consider yourself? Krisez: Hip Hop/Rap...if we’re talking about my music. However, I have crossed over to other genres when doing collaborations with other artists. MO: How did you get started? K: I’ve been a hardcore music fan since I was young, and as time went by I began to be so involved with music that I actually began writing. Rest is history, really. MO: What has influenced you? K: It’s just something special about music man, something that can alter how you feel at any given moment. Especially when you write, because you are able to take those thoughts and emotions you have and just put them on paper...release them. That feeling itself was a huge influence, especially as I slowly started experiencing it more and more when I put the pen to the pad. I’d also say my experiences in life have been an influence...what I’ve seen, heard, etc. It gives me even more to write about. MO: How’d you come up with your artist name? K: Out of the blue to be honest...but my real name was a large influence in the spelling as you can tell. It derives from crises...something that stirs commotion among the masses, in a good way though. MO: What are your current goals? K: Just keep writing; keep making music that hopefully people will enjoy. I’d like to, ideally, get into the industry so I can do this full time. But, I guess we’ll see what happens with time. MO: Any final comments? K: Its Krisez...rappin’ Jersey, the whole northeast! You can check out my music at krisez and, you can comment, or hit me up through email at krisez@gmail. com. If you like the music, spread the word. That’s what it’s all about! One love, to all of you and any other artists trying to make it happen. If you’re in a band and would like to be featured in the Cayuga Collegian, contact Mike Ouimette at

DID YOU KNOW? J Karoke means “empty orchestra” in Japanese. J It would take 11 Empire State Buildings, stacked one on top of the other, to measure the Gulf of Mexico at its deepest point. J The most money ever paid for a cow in an auction was $1.3 million. J The Neanderthal’s brain was bigger than yours is. J The king of hearts is the only king without a moustache.


9-22-08 Cayuga Collegian September 22 08 Issue  

By Andy Brown, Assistant Editor By Mike Ouimette, Staff Writer - Around 3,620 alcohol-related deaths among 15-20-year-olds in the US a year....