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Major Effects Of Over Masturbation On Male Health

Effects Of Over Masturbation o Over Masturbation has a severe effect on male sexual health.

o Medical experts explain that when a person indulges in masturbation excessively, it does not give enough time to the penis to rest and recuperate. o That leads to a point where the muscles and glands around the penis get strained excessively causing a

reduction in the blood flow.

Effects Of Over Masturbation o Eventually, the penis size starts to decrease and the person’s performance in bed is faced with a lot of

obstacles. o Now the obvious question that comes up in people’s minds is that how exactly does simple masturbation lead to such a drastic state? Well, masturbation, when done limited number of times does not harm the body at


Effects Of Over Masturbation

o In fact, many scientists and medical experts have

indicated that it helps to release stress from the body and aids in other bodily functions, contributing to the

overall health of a person. o However, when someone tries to overdo it with the idea

of constant pleasure, then the muscles don’t get a chance to rest.

o When the muscles are strained, the semen quality and

quantity start to decrease.

Effects Of Over Masturbation

o Needless to say, this is a problem for married men

whose wives are trying to conceive. o And of course, if the muscles are stressed and strained,

constant sexual activity combined with more masturbation causes a lot of pain and discomfort too.

o Another thing to note is that the muscles lose their ability to control and time the ejaculations, because of

which intercourse sessions with your partner become

less pleasurable for both the people involved.

Effects Of Over Masturbation o You may start to face issues like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

o It has been researched and found out that people undergo psychological and emotional changes when

their sexual health faces a crisis like this. o They can become cranky, short-tempered and anxious,

which can often upset those around them.

o So what is the solution to all this?

Effects Of Over Masturbation o The solution lies in medication. o Even though the market is flooded these days with

chemical medicines and treatments for people with sexual health problems, medical experts suggest taking

the herbal route. o There are herbal capsules available in the market these

days, such as NF Cure and Shilajit that are safe for

consumption and don’t lead to any kind of side effects.

Effects Of Over Masturbation

o In fact, the ingredients of these capsules benefit the

body in more ways than one and give better strength and stamina with improved vitality and vigor.

o You will notice great enhancement in your performance in bed and your partner will be extremely happy and

satisfied. o Then there is also Mast Mood Oil, which can be

massaged on the penis for improving its size and


Effects Of Over Masturbation o It also helps to improve the blood circulation in and around the penile area, thereby making it easier for people to get better endurance and stamina in bed. o With herbal medication, your body will feel revitalized and relaxed, and you will be able to overcome the ill effects of over masturbation very easily.

Effects Of Over Masturbation

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Major Effects Of Over Masturbation On Male Health