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Plan Ahead For A Flawless Look On Your Wedding Day You are excited about your upcoming wedding, and hoping that your skin will have a radiant, blemishfree glow on your wedding day. If you start planning ahead of time and integrating a few new steps into your skin-care routine, you will have beautiful skin, and be the most gorgeous bride ever when your wedding day arrives. Read on for some easy and effective skin-care and makeup tips.

Your makeup is the most important thing after good skin on your wedding day. If you plan to do your own makeup, start practicing early, by playing around with different looks. For an evening wedding, you might prefer smoky eyes and neutral lips. A day wedding requires less makeup, and you can experiment with bronzers and different lip colors to see what looks the best in photographs.

Begin taking better care of your skin several months before your big day. Why? Because some treatments, like deep-cleaning facials, could actually increase breakouts for a short while until all of the skin blockages have surfaced. After a few facials, you can see how your skin looks and whether you would like to seek additional treatments for other skin issues.

Pay a visit to a dermatologist if you have skin problems that you are not sure how to address. This includes skin that has fine lines or a rougher texture due to years of sun exposure; enlarged pores from oily skin, or other problems that affect how well makeup looks on your face. You will want your makeup to look as fresh at your reception as it does when you walk down the aisle.

Begin using sunscreen now, to protect your skin from sun damage and dryness. If you want to make sure your face has a tan for your wedding, consider using tinted foundation and bronzers, or selftanning products. Sun-exposed skin gets more dry and rough, which makes it harder to get a smooth, air-brushed look for your wedding day make up.

Find a gentle exfoliator for your skin and use it twice each week. There are many types on the market, in a variety of price points. If you would rather save all of your money for wedding expenses, use regular granulated sugar or salt, or baking soda. Each of these works great, and the granules dissolve before they can do any damage or scratch your skin.

If you find that hormones are causing you to experience constant breakouts, talk to your doctor about using a birth control method to stabilize your hormones and help clear up your skin.

As you decide how you would like to wear your makeup, you may find that you prefer to have the skill of a professional make-up artist. Interview a few of them, and try them to see which one can do your make up in a way that flatters you and falls within your comfort zone. On your wedding day, you need to feel comfortable and confident, without worrying about an overly made-up look that does not suit your personality.

After all is said and done, be prepared in case you do get a blemish right before your big day. Certain products can help shrink inflammation and make the blemish less visible, and you should have one of these on hand. If working with a make-up artist, ask her how she plans to handle last-minute blemishes, to set your mind at ease.

Regardless of how your skin winds up looking, your natural joy will shine through and make you a glowing, beautiful bride. Give the above tips a try, and you will be sure to put your best face forward and feel confident on your big day. Click Here To Find Out More

Plan Ahead For A Flawless Look On Your Wedding Day  

includes skin that has fine lines or a rougher texture due to years of sun exposure;

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