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hen I first saw Leonardo DiCaprio’s frozen body sink into the depths of the Atlantic in Titanic, a piece of my 6-year-old heart drifted away with him. After being convinced for a good six months that the love of my life was gone forever, I was delighted to find out that Leo had come back from the grave in the form of King Louis XIV in The Man in the Iron Mask. Although I didn’t comprehend any part of the storyline (especially his alarmingly long and greasy hair), I found myself sighing in relief. That small chunk of my heart was back in place. Everything was right with the world. Dear Leo (as I prefer calling him) continued to charm me as he appeared as the little orphan boy in Growing Pains and later starred in flicks like Catch Me If You Can, The Aviator, and Shutter Island. However, in his latest movie, he did more than charm me. He literally melted my brain. Inception can barely be described in words.

Before the mind-blowing theatrical feat Sputtering, choking, and blank stares of awe are all more acceptable methods of expressing known as Inception came along, DiCaprio the sheer astonishment one will experience had flabbergasted audiences with a variety only twenty of action films, minutes into the helping to redefine a genre that was movie. Aided by the superb long plagued with acting of Joseph mixed martial Gordon-Levitt arts, automatic weapons, beautiful and Ellen Page, DiCaprio creates women, and bland, run-of-the-mill an alternate dream world that plotlines. makes moviegoers Through his work in movies like question their Blood Diamond and own lives, not to Gangs of New York, mention their Source: DiCaprio has set sanities. Still, I am not precedent for other Source: here to give a review of Inception; I’m here action flicks: a plot which is not is not built around the number of explosions or knife to recall what an amazing genre Leonardo DiCaprio has created through his movies. fights (although there are still a good number


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nd the Sound of...

“A quiet room and all you can hear is someone texting.” freshman Megan McClanahan

of those) but around developed characters whose lives have more meaning than how much blood they spill. In Shutter Island, for example, DiCaprio’s character conceals a history that’s too horrible for him to accept. No gigantic explosions are needed for the movie’s eerie message to come across. It may help that he’s good-looking, but the fact of the matter is that I, along with audiences worldwide, continue to be captivated by Leonardo DiCaprio. He brings true characters to life and places greater priority on extraordinary plots than on buff guys in wifebeaters gunning down civilians. It is this element in DiCaprio’s movies that attracts so much critical acclaim for movies like Inception. I am proud to call myself a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio. Who knew my Dear Leo would become such a revolutionary actor?

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girl writing in a notebook. A man “It was hard to believe they were real dribbling a basketball. A boy throwing bodies at first, but after seeing all the different a baseball. All of these images do not muscles and parts it was so cool” Sophomore seem like they belong in a museum. In fact, Maria Roubidoux said. “Seeing how not only are these images drawing crowds everything works was a great experience.” of attention, they are also the talk of much But while some people find the exhibit controversy. The reason? Each posed person fascinating, others are not so impressed. is a real human body completely exposed and “It seems disrespectful,” Dr. Thomas preserved for a special exhibit new to Omaha. Quinn, director of medical anatomy at Located on 10th and Dodge, Bodies... Creighton University School of Medicine, told The Exhibition adds a new flare to central the Omaha World-Herald. “Posing bodies downtown. The exhibit has been beating and charging people to see them is like a with energy and controversy since its opening sideshow.” on May 1, 2010. This once in a lifetime Many Catholics also seem weary of the experience allows the public to examine every whole idea. The Archdiocese has expressed muscle, bone, and tendon in the human body its concern back in April when Rev. Joseph for the price of a $22 admission ticket. Before Taphorn stated, “It (the body) becomes its Omaha something debut, that is used millions for profit, an Something Every Needs to Know object to be of viewers around the gawked at.” nation are Other An exhibition all about the obsessing priests have body and its many parts $22 for over the expressed their students informative concern that 10am-8pm Sunday-Thursday and in it would not 10am-10pm Friday-Saturday depth be appropriate look into for Catholic 1002 Dodge the body. schools to take Street, Omaha May-November 2010 Bodies...The their students NE Exhibition to the exhibit. originated This brings up in Tampa, the question Georgia, Ohio, Texas, Navada, Canada, New York, Florida in of whether or Missouri, Arizona 2005 and not students Graphic by MollyRakoczy Source has since should view spread Bodies...The across the United States, parts of Canada, and Exhibition as an informative study into the South America. human body or an exploitive organization. Each body is meticulously dissected and “I don’t see it as a problem,” Roubidoux goes through a process called the Polymer said. “These people were going to be put in Reservation, which allows it to be preserved the ground anyway so using them to learn is a forever. good thing.” Using liquid silicon rubber, the human All of the bodies are legally obtained people tissue becomes permanent within a week’s of Chinese descent and died of natural causes. time and can be posed during this period. For Dr. Ray Glover, the Bodies Medical Director, the larger organs, this process could take up to posted on the official website that each body a year before completion. undergoes the same process and is treated and The finished product is an exact human displayed with respect. body in its original shape and form that will “Our exhibitions are not anything that has never decay. to do with denigrating the body,” Glover said. Each full-body specimen showcases a “The exhibitions are about health and life different system in the human body: skeletal, and encouraging people to take care of their muscular, reproductive, respiratory, and so bodies and understand them better.” on. Frozen fetuses are also on display that Still, many people nationwide do not find have been preserved at different stages of the idea of an exposed human body morally development. Every organ has been isolated or physically appealing. The argument is one for a close-up study and there is a whole that will continue as long as preserved bodies section dedicated to the inner workings of the are on display and will only grow as Bodies... brain. The Exhibition makes its way around the world.

Bodies...The body Exhibition What:


“People biting into popsicles.” junior Sarah Singer

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“The new SunChips bag.” sophomore Erin McQuillan

“The sound of computer paper rubbing together.” senior Joy Leick Graphic by KaitlinJohnson

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A Review of the Kids’ TV Transformation ErinO’Brien


ommy and Chuckie race around the neighborhood in the Reptar wagon. Louis pulls yet another prank on Ren. Helga calls Arnold a “football head” for the 300th time. These were all too familiar scenes from our childhoods as we were growing up in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. One could argue that this period was a “Golden Age” of children’s television, with networks like Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network churning out hit after hit with the elementary-school crowd. Watching shows like “Hey Arnold!,” “Doug,” “Boy Meets World” and “Rocko’s Modern Life” (by the way, did you know Rocko was a wallaby?) was as ingrained into our daily lives as Candy Land and dinosaurshaped chicken nuggets. We lived in half-hour increments of paradise. Unlike the Rugrats, who managed to stay babies for more than a decade, children’s TV has changed drastically over the years. Kids are no longer roaring with laughter at “All That” or being kept up at night by “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”. There is no more idolizing Jett Jackson or fighting over which Powerpuff Girl is the best. Even “Boy Meets World” has gone from constant daily reruns on Disney Channel to the ever-so-popular 6 a.m. time slot on ABC Family. What has happened to the TV shows and characters that not only graced every child’s television screen but every lunchbox, backpack and bedspread? Nowadays, a typical Nickelodeon daily lineup consists of “iCarly,” “Victorious,” “Big Time Rush” and “SpongeBob Squarepants,” which has miraculously survived the entire first decade of the 21st Century. All of these, with the exception of Spongebob, are sitcoms set to laugh tracks and aimed mostly at preteen girls. It’s a far cry from Nick’s cartoon heyday of the 90’s. Disney Channel has also followed this path in recent years, with sitcoms like “Suite Life on Deck,” “Sonny with a Chance,” “Jonas LA” and, of course, “Hannah Montana” dominating the airwaves. The network has even been criticized by the media for pulling

What We Were Watching

away from Walt Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck and gearing their programming toward preteen and teenage girls. Another alarming trend in children’s television today is the common plotline of characters searching for stardom. Disney has made billions of dollars off of Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers, and the success of their respective TV shows has gone through the roof. But it’s not just limited to international superstars. “Sonny with a Chance,” “Big Time Rush,” “Victorious” and a handful of other programs also focus on the main characters’ pursuits of fame and fortune. Even Disney Channel Original Movies, such as “Camp Rock” and “Starstruck,” have followed suit, although the number of “DCOMs” produced each year has decreased considerably over the past decade (anyone remember “Smart House” or “Phantom of the Megaplex?”). It’s as if the sole purpose of Disney and Nickelodeon is to turn teenagers into pop stars that can sell out arenas and have their faces plastered on every 12-year-old girl’s bedroom wall. However, these networks have still followed the tradition of providing appropriate programming that has important moral lessons to teach today’s youth. Even so, it seems as though children’s television has become too commercial and contains plotlines that are too mediocre and interchangeable. Kids today aren’t able to experience the same joy and hilarity from the television shows that made our childhoods so memorable (honestly, what we have done without characters like Beans from “Even Stevens?”). These were more than just 30-minute installments of mindless entertainment; they were daily tokens of the innocence of childhood. Most importantly, they always reminded us that, in the end, the characters we idolized on television were just like us. So, Marian girls, hold on to your “Tiny Toons” lunchboxes, “Arthur” pillowcases and “Lizzie McGuire” backpacks, because, for years, those are the things that defined what it meant to be a kid.

“Even ‘Boy Meets World’ has gone from constant daily reruns on Disney Channel to the ever-so-popular 6 a.m. time slot on ABC Family.”

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