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Affordable Flooring Software

Even for the Smallest Dealers

Chad Ogden QFloors President/CEO and developer of QFloors flooring software.

Asignificant number of flooring dealers are hobbling along, not benefiting from all of the massive time savings that technology can bring. Why?

For many, the issue has been cost.

QFloors’ new QPro POS+ cloud software is hoping to remove that excuse completely. It dramatically reduces IT costs due to being 100% browser-based. That means it can be accessed by a device with an internet browser, anytime, anywhere. This completely removes the need for a business to have to set up and maintain expensive servers, networks, and other pricey tech overhead costs.

And starting at only $500 down and $50 per month, QPro comes in at a price way below what industry-specific software typically requires.

“We wanted to completely remove the barrier of cost, and $50 a month is less than most people spend on lunch in a week, let alone a month," said QFloors President Chad Ogden. “Even the smallest dealers can afford the efficiencies QPro will bring.”

Resourceful Flooring Features. User-Friendly Mobility.

Why not just use generic off-the-rack software? While these types of programs can act as sort of a calculator, computing figures, they were created for general business needs and not with flooring in mind. As a result, they aren’t ideal within our industry. For instance, they often require a lot of workarounds to produce accurate numbers, which a surprising number of accountants don’t realize. Off-theshelf software also can’t utilize the enormous time-savings of fcB2B electronic transfers from suppliers, which QPro includes.

QPro offers easy drag-and-drop navigation and practical features customized to the needs of a busy floor-covering dealer. It can be used alone or alongside generic accounting software such as QuickBooks. QPro also offers advanced integration with QuickBooks Online.

QPro POS+ streamlines and manages inventory, sales orders, and purchase orders, as well as commission, labor, and sales tax reporting. It includes instant job costing and the ability to collapse, expand, or move line items.

“I love to show people how QPro works," says Chad Ogden, "because there's really not anything else like it in the market. It's very innovative.”

To see if QPro is a good fit for your needs, visit qprosoftware.com or qfloors.com. Or email sales@qprosoftware.com.