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Warning “This book may make you wonder, laugh,


cry or even


Do not open if you are a parent, bully or teacher! Only a few teachers and parents are young enough of heart to understand completely this mixed book.� Alexis Scarpino


All stories are written and illustrated By grades 3 and 4 students of La Tuque High School Cover pages by AlyzĂŠe Bruneau, Malik Bruneau, Julia Savard-Todd and Molly Nadeau


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4577 Parthenais, Montréal (Québec) H2H 2G8 514.432.2707

Legal deposit, 2nd quarter 2010 Library and Archives Canada National librairy of Québec ISBN 978-2-9809350-8-4

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission of the publisher. For information regarding permission, write La Tuque High School, 531 Rue Du Saint-Maurice, La Tuque, G9X 3E9 Copyrights © marchand d’idées 2010

Printed in Quebec, June 2010


Message from ArtsSmarts Québec

To the students of Cycle 2 (Grades 3 & 4) at La Tuque High School, Thank you for welcoming us into your school during the production of this wonderful book! We enjoyed hearing your stories and viewing your drawings. A special thank you to your teachers, Michelle Pepin-Reed, who brought the project to the school, to Nathalie Roy and to artist, Marc Sauvageau, who worked hard with you to make this happen. What a great accomplishment! Congratulations! YOU ROCK! Julie Hobbs School Administrators’ Support Team (SAST) Diana Carr ALDI Secteur services à la communauté anglophone et des affaires autochtones Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport. (SSCAAA-MELS)


Principal’s message

We were very fortunate to have had this ArtsSmarts project for our students. The arts are often undervalued in our society but a project, like this one, shows how multifaceted the arts are in contributing to our society. Congratulations to everyone on their hard work and success during the ArtsSmarts project! It certainly sounds like everyone had a great time participating in this project.

Gary Koiter La Tuque High School’s Principal


Teacher’s message

To Grade 3 and 4, Wow, what an amazing project this turned out to be. It was a great learning experience for everyone. We are very proud of all the teams and the effort they showed. Audrey and Laurence: The two of you were amazing. You cooperated and worked hard to make your story. Well Done!! Keep Giggling!! Andy, Noah, Noémie and Nathaniel: You had some ups and downs but in the end, Walter the Swimming Wild Pig is an amazing story. Alexis, Liam, Jason and James: Your group had some problems but in the long run, you produced a fantastic story. Karen, Emmanuel and Mathieu: Mr. White and the Little Boy is a very clever story. You were so quiet; there were times we didn’t know you were there. Great work everyone. Corallie, Laney, Molly and Marie-Pier: Disaster at the Pet Shop is a success. Great story, good work! Malik, Alyzee, Kariane and Julia: What an imagination! To change the Olympic athletes into animal characters, what a brilliant idea!!! Your hard work really shows in your story.


Ben, Derek and Thomas: Our three boys. It took a little while to get an idea started but finally, you came together and worked as a team to create Back Man, the silliest super hero ever. Robbie, Jimmy, Gabriel and Nicolas: 4 very strong-minded boys. Through all your difficulties and disputes, Infinity Cristal is a really good story. We hope to hear about more X-Mix Man adventures in the future. Good Luck in your Future Endeavours! To Ms. Bordeleau, Mrs. Prager and Mrs. Hervieux: Your help was immeasurable. Thanks from us and the kids.

Ms. Reed and Ms. Roy


Kid’s dedications

To my little cousin Nicolas To my dad Gabriel For my baby cousin Nathaniel To my family Corallie To my big cousin Molly To the people that are reading the book Marie-Pier To my family Julia To my family Malik To my two cousins Noemie

To my family Kariane

To my entire family, friends, teachers, Marc Sauvageau, and ArtsSmart Jason To my best friend Robbie Jimmy To my very special brother, parents, and grandparents‌ A big thank you for ArtsSmart Alexis IX

To my best friend Jimmy Robbie To the “Petite Terreur” Laney For Samuel Muir Audrey For Camille, Miss .Reed, teachers, and friends Laurence For my group James To my family and my group Noah To all our moms and dads Andy For my family, friends and Marc Sauvageau Mathieu For Marc Sauvageau Emmanuel For my brothers and my group Derek For the Grade 1 &2’s Alyzée To my family and my brother Karen To my family Ben To my class and family Liam To my family and friends Thomas


To all the grade 1 and 2 students of our school, Because they enjoy reading.



« Tell me a fact and I’ll learn. Tell me a truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.»

Indian Proverb



Table of contents

DISASTER AT THE PET-SHOP ______________________ 17 THE FAILING ATTACK ____________________________ 23 BACK MAN ADVENTURE __________________________ 31 SAMMY NHL ______________________________________ 37 MR. WHITE AND THE LITTLE BOY _________________ 41 ANIMALS AT THE OLYMPICS ______________________ 49 THE INFINITY CRISTAL ___________________________ 61 WALTER THE SWIMMING WILD PIG _______________ 67 AUTHORS AND ILLUSTRATORS____________________ 75




omewhere in a small town, a new pet shop opened. There were plenty of animals in cages. One day, a girl named Kelsey walked in the store. She saw a nice black dog with curly hair.

She said to the clerk: “I want that dog.� The clerk took out the dog, for Kelsey. When she took out the dog, it created a disaster. He started bum-ping cages.


He gave freedom to animals in the pet shop. While bumping in cages, somebody got scratched.

The clerk called the police. The police man said: “What's the problem in there?” “The dog that Kelsey wanted to buy ran away and passed in front of the girl’s school.” “I’m a police officer. I'm going to find that dog.” 19

“If you find that dog, I owe you one,” said Kelsey. “I’m a police officer. It’s my job to save people.

“I’m going to find that dog with other police officers.”


Five days later, the police found the dog in front of the pet shop. Kelsey thanked the police officer. The clerk said: “I give Kelsey.�




So she brought it to her house.


The dog made a disaster in her house. She decided to put it outside so it would not make a disaster ever again.



Chapter 1 The Adventure Starts


nce upon an adventure, there were three brave knights. Two of them had electrical powers. The other was a young elf. He didn’t have a power. Their names were Xtroo, Alextro, and Link. Randomly, a light shot up. It was coming from a cave.

So they went to the cave. They saw a metal cage and they heard: “Aaaaaah!! Help me!” “O.K guys, we need to rescue the No Name Man. Let’s go!” Link said. They ran to the end of the cave and found a pile of armor surrounded by black dust. “Wow! Cool! Can I wear it?” Link asked. 24

Chapter 2 Metrone Then the armor leaped to the front of the cage and said “I am not made to be worn.” The armor formed a pile and made a robot. “I am made to fight!” it said. “If you get me out, I could be your ally and help you.”


“Good, but what is your name?” X-troo asked. He said: “Metrone. Get the key in the chest on your right to get me out.” They released Metrone and went home. This is when the REAL adventure begins. They got a letter from the Cartoon King telling them to defeat the Ice King and his army. “Cool, but how do we get there? And I thought Cartoon King died.” Link said. “We could make a rocket ship!” Alextro said.” “And then we could make a slingshot for launching post!” Link Said. “X-troo and Link will make the rocket ship and Metrone and I will make the slingshot” Alextro said. “Great idea!” X-troo said. 26

Chapter 3 Knights V.S Cartooning 5 hours after planning and finishing the rocket and sling shot. “Laaauuunnch!!!” screamed Link. “O.K the rocket launched like expected!” Said X-troo. When they landed on the planet, it did not turn out the way they expected. The army knew they were coming. “How did they know we were coming?” Xtroo asked. “I’ll tell you” said a man. “Ice King!” Everyone screamed. The Ice King put the team in an ice prison. “How do we get out?” Alextro asked. 27

“I can become invisible, I am a phantom knight!” Metrone said. “Awesome! So what’s the plan?” Link asked. “I have no Metrone said.


“Well, I have a plan!” Link said. Ten minutes after the plan hatched, Link screamed:” We’re out of food!!” The security guard gave them food. When he leaned to give the food, Metrone turned invisible and took his cell keys.


Chapter 4 We’re Out! Metrone turned everyone invisible and ran right beside the Ice King’s chamber, but Link went in the wrong room! “Aaaaaiiiiiiieeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He screamed as he fell down the stairs.

Meanwhile, the team was going to battle the Ice King. But first, they had to rescue their horses that the Ice King captured. So now it’s time to battle the Ice King, but again it didn’t turn out like expected. 29

An entire army was waiting at the Ice King chamber’s door. “How do we get out?” X-troo asked. “I’m back!” Link said. “Where were you?” Alextro asked. “Who cares, I am a phantom knight, I can teleport.” Metrone said. “Why didn’t you teleport us out of the cage?” Link asked. “Didn’t come to me. Let’s go!” Said Metrone. So they went back home and wondered if the Ice King would ever get his revenge. 30



his is Back Man. He look’s like a skinny pig with his bat ears. His job is to help people, but he’s not good at it. Back Man loves to hold on to planes.

Back Man crashed into a building…

And fell to the ground.


Back Man got run over by a car. An ambulance took him to the hospital.

Back Man died on his hospital bed.


When he got to heaven, Jesus didn’t accept him. He said:

“You have more work to do!” Jesus shipped Back Man back to earth. 34

He fell in a monster truck yard.

He is ready for a new adventure.





nce upon a time, there was a little boy called Sam. He was ten years old. He was a fan of NHL hockey. His dream was to be a hockey player. For his birthday, he got a ticket to go to an All Star game. Sam went to see the player Alexander Ovechkin at an All Star game. He asked for an autograph after the first, second, and third period. One time, he began screaming: “I would like to play with them.�


Then Sam went to see Sidney Crosby, Jaroslav Halak, Maxim Lapierre, Marc Andre Fleury and Michael Cammalleri in the player’s room. They are all stars and Sam really likes them.

Sam told them: “I’ll play hockey when I’ll be older, that is for sure. I’ll win the Stanley Cup for the Canadiens”


Sam went back home, feeling very happy.

“I will never stop playing hockey.”




ne day there was a super hero called Mr. White. He had magical powers. He could see through walls, throw water and fly. He could also be invisible and he could talk all the languages. As Mr. White was flying by the town of La Tuque, he got a special call on his radio. He stopped to answer the call of Miss Bordeleau at La Tuque High School. “There is a fight in the grade three class.” She said. Mr. White flew straight to the school and said: “Stop fighting!” They didn’t stop. He took his stopping machine and threw water on them. They all looked at him and stopped fighting.


Then he went to eat pizza at the Roi de la Patate. He saw his friends Michael Cammalleri and Jaroslav Halak. They had pizza together. After pizza, he went to fly over New York. He bought new flying shoes for his friends. Mr. White flew back to La Tuque to bring them to his friends. They were very excited to have flying shoes. They never went flying before, so they all went and tried them together. As they were flying, Mr. White got a phone call from Montreal. It was from a mom that needed help for her little boy.


He was very lonely and sad all the time. So, Mr. White went to see the little boy at his home and talked with him. “Why are you always sad?” asked Mr. White. The little boy said," Because I do not have any friends.” “Why don’t you have friends?” asked Mr. White. “Because I am too shy to ask them to be my friends.” Said the boy. “Do you like Hockey?” 44

“Yes, why do you ask?” “Would you like me to bring you to watch a hockey game? I will bring you to meet Michael Cammalleri and his teammates.” Mr. White went to see the boy’s mom to ask her if he could bring her son to a hockey game. The boy’s mom said yes. Mr. White and the little boy made arrangements to go to the hockey game on June 3. Mr. White picked up the boy at 7 O’clock to be at the game for 7:30. The boy was very excited to be at the Hockey game with Mr. White.


During the second period of the game, the little boy and Mr. White went to meet Michael Cammaleri and his teammates. They signed his shirt and gave him a hockey stick. The game ended 5-2 for the Canadiens and the little boy was very happy with his day. When they got home they planned to find a way for him to make friends and not to be so shy. The little boy said “yes good idea!� and he went to sleep. 46

During his sleep he was dreaming about meeting new friends. The next day, Mr. White went to a magic door that would help the boy make friends. The boy knocked on the door and asked a boy that was there if he could play with him. He said “Yes!� The boy was very happy. He had a new friend. Mr. White was very happy for him. He told the little boy that if he needed help again to ask.


Mr. White said Good-bye and went to a New Adventure.




ne day, Cynthia Panda got a letter saying: Dear Cynthia Panda, we are inviting you to participate in the 2012 Olympics for skating. The Olympics will take place in La Tuque, three hours away from Quebec. If you would like to come, ask your coach and call at the 1800-3998767-63576013 or e-mail at the Thank you and have a good day.

Judge Jack Snail.


When Cynthia finished reading the letter, her cheeks became like tomatoes because on the letter it was written “Judge Jack Snail,” the Famous judge Jack Snail. So, she called right away but, it wasn’t the right phone number. It was Joanie Rabbit’s phone number. “Oh, no! I need to get the right phone number to talk to the famous Jack Snail.” She shouted. Now someone answered. It said: “Hello, hello is there somebody on the phone?” Cynthia answered. She said: “Hello who are you?” 51

“I’m Joanie, Joanie Rabbit!” “Oh, do you have Jack Snail’s phone number?” “Why are you asking me that?” “Because I got a letter to go to the 2012 Olympic Games, and I want the phone number of the FAM…..” “Jack Snail! Oh I got the same letter! Which sport are you in?” “Skating!” “Oh my gosh! We’re against each other!”


When Cynthia Panda finished talking on the phone with Joanie Rabbit, she called all her friends to say that she was going to the 2012 Olympic games. When she called her best friend, Alyzée Moose, she said: “Cynthia do you know what? I got a letter to participate in the 2012 Olympic games for skating.” When Cynthia panda heard that, she said: “Oh no! Now I’m against my best friend and the girl that talked to me on the phone!” When those two girls finished talking, Cynthia Panda called all her other friends and they all said: “I got a letter from Jack Snail!” 53

After calling all her friends, she was wondering which skating dress she could wear.


Dring! Dring! Dring! “Hello Cynthia, its Malik Puma. Do you know Nathalie Raccoon’s phone number?” “No why?” replied Cynthia Panda. “Because on my letter it was written Please call at Nathalie Raccoon’s house.” explained Malik Puma. “Well I don’t know, just call Alyzee Moose, Julia Snake or Kariane Fish” said Cynthia Panda. “Ok thank you, bye!” said Malik Puma.


When Cynthia Panda chose all her clothes and two skating dresses she went to sleep because the next day a limousine would bring her to La Tuque. Ding! Dong! “It’s Jack Snail!” he said. “I’m coming!” said Cynthia Panda. When Cynthia Panda arrived in the limousine everyone that would participate was there. “Hi Cynthia!” said everyone. “Who is driving?” asked Cynthia Panda. “The famous Jack Snail.” said Julia Snake.


“Jack Snail, in how much time are we there?” asked Alyzée Moose. “In about two hours.” said Jack Snail. Tic toc, tic toc! “Now in 5 minutes!” said Jack Snail.

“Here we are”! said Jack Snail. “Is that our hotel?” everyone asked. “Yes it is!” said the judges.


“Everyone, I will give you your key, go in your room, sleep and tomorrow, if you are in skating go at the arena, if you are skiing go at the ski hill and the others check on the map.” said Jack Snail. The next day everyone woke up and left to go where they would make the Olympics. Then the announcer said: “Lady’s and gentlemen please take your seats, the Olympics will begin in 15 minutes.” When everybody heard this, they were so stressed that they didn’t want to go. But everyone went REALLY WELL! After waiting 30 minutes, the announcer told who was on the podium for every sport. 58

“In skating, 3rd place Joanie Rabbit, 2nd place Cynthia Panda and in 1st place Alyzée Moose.” “In ski bump, 3rd place Melanie Turtle, 2nd place Jessy Frog, and 1st place Jean-luc Dog!” “In snowboard, 3rd place Lindsay Jaguar, 2nd place Te-Jay Hamster and 1st place Shaun Porcupine!” “In swimming, 3rd place Jason Lizard, 2nd place Kate Zebra, and 1st place Kariane Fish!”


“In B.M.X, 3rd place Darry Gorilla, 2nd place Michael Bee, and 1st place Malik Puma!” “In volleyball, 3rd place Elephant Team, 2nd place Walrus Team, and in 1st place Kangaroo Team!” When the ceremony was over they all went back home and were happy to have participated in the 2012 Olympics. When they were at their houses, they were all good friends and felt happy!




nce upon a time there was a boy who was walking in the woods. He was dressed like a hero. He saw something falling down. It was falling really fast, with a lot of smoke and red flaming fire coming from another galaxy. When he picked up the crystal, he got some superpowers. His powers were to make fireballs, fly, throw ice, breath in water and see through things. Someone was watching X-Mix-Man. He wanted his powers.


X-Mix-Man went back home and saw robbers.The robbers went on him but X-Mix-Man threw a fire ball on the robbers.

Two robbers went to attack X-Mix-Man. They fought for the crystal. The robbers said: “We can’t swim because we will be eaten by sharks!” All the robbers retreated. X-Mix-Man threw a spirit ball and controlled one of them. He jumped off the cliff. The robbers were Speedman’s robbers. They were angry.


Speedman challenged X-Mix-Man to a dual in the forest. X-Mix-Man accepted the dual. X-Mix-Man threw a fire ball at Speedman. Speedman dodged the fireball.


After, X-Mix-Man threw a water ball. It touched Speedman but it only touched his arm. So he ran away. X-Mix-Man threw a spirit ball at Speedman and controlled him. He said, “Go into the fire,” and he did. He had defeated Speedman. He saw another person like him. He asked him “Who were those guys?” The man said it was nothing, and then he attacked X-Mix-Man with an Earthball. He was able to fly away and dodge the Earthball and threw a fireball.


The villains were planning to drop a rocket from a spaceship, to destroy Earth. X-Mix-Man came and threw two spirit balls to control the rocket of the bad spaceship.

The evil guys disappeared and peace came back. X-Mix-Man became an original boy. 66



nce upon a time, in a forest not very far away, there was a pig named Walter. He wanted to swim in clean water.

Walter walked over to his mother who was lying in a puddle of mud. “Mother, I want to swim in clean water.” His mom said, “You can’t swim in clean water because you are a wild pig and you swim in mud.”

Then his dad came, jumped into the puddle of mud with his mother and said:


“You are a wild pig and you can’t swim in the clean water because we need to be dirty.”

Walter growled parents:



“I don’t have to do what you say because you are ugly. I am going to swim in clean water.” Walter ran to the clean water and jumped in it. He didn’t see anyone else in the water.


A big green crocodile came and tried to bite Walter. A fish called Josh came and banged into the big crocodile. Then, Walter saw an island with a native on it.


When Walter, Josh and the crocodile came closer to the island, they saw that the native was a giant. The giant ate the crocodile.

The giant said: “Hi, my name is Igou Igou.” The wild pig said: “My name is Walter.” The fish said: “Hi, I’m Josh.” They all became friends for ever and the giant said: “Bye.” 71

It looked amazing because of the colors. Everyone started doing crazy stuff.


Walter ran back home to see his parents. He told them what happened.

Then Walter’s parents laughed at him. 73


Authors And Illustrators



Disaster at the Pet-shop Laney Olsen Molly Nadeau Corallie Fortin Marie-Pier Dumoulin Moore

Mr. White and the Little Boy Karen Germain Dingle Emmanuel Huard Mathieu Provencher

The Failing Attack Liam Koiter Alexis Scarpino James N. Hebert Jason Moisan Armstrong

Animals at the Olympics Kariane Philibert Baribeau Julia Savard Todd Malik Bruneau Alyzée Bruneau

Back Man Adventures Ben Frenette Derek Ayotte Thomas Guillet

The Infinity Cristal Nicolas Bujold Gabriel Vachon Robert Jimmy Gagné Robbie W.

The Sammy NHL Audrey Muir Laurence Langlois

Walter the Swimming Wild Pig Nathaniel Duschene Noémie Duschene Noah Vaillancourt Andy Gaudreault



Printed In June 2010 On Sprint Media press, in Montreal, Quebec



The L.T.H.S. Mixed Book  

Recueil de contes écrit et édité par les jeunes de 3e et 4e années du La Tuque High School, à la Tuque. Juin 2010

The L.T.H.S. Mixed Book  

Recueil de contes écrit et édité par les jeunes de 3e et 4e années du La Tuque High School, à la Tuque. Juin 2010