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A Taste of Switzerland

BE.Tech charter high school, known for their skilled trades and modern technologies, is a dependent charter high school in Manteca Unified School District that appeals to students pursuing innovative education and career readiness, with four unique pathway offerings.

BE.Tech students graduate with an accredited diploma and pursue their passions by either attending college or trades school, enlisting in the U.S. military, or entering the workforce with more than entrylevel skills.

One student in particular will be packing his bags and flying to Switzerland to attend the Culinary Arts Academy, transferring as an advanced student. the prestigious World Association of Chef ’s Societies and has alumni who have excelled in culinary arts around the world including Pastry Chef Danna Vu, who won the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg.

The admissions department has a highly selective enrollment process, but Cameron Joe Strongheart Press managed to impress the right people with his education and skills learned at BE.Tech.

Cameron Joe, also known as CJ, was contacted by the U.S. representative of Switzerland’s Culinary Arts Academy and offered a paid invitation to the school’s Open House. and food.” CJ hopped on a plane to visit the academy, December 7th. Only three people in total shared the exclusive Open House invitation, where CJ attended.

CJ toured the campus including the extravagant kitchens and could envision himself as a student. He learned that the school offers a bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts with a focus on Swiss Pastry and chocolate arts, as well as a master’s degree of International Business in Culinary Management.

CJ also learned that he is the only and youngest American to be invited to the school.

He spent a week visiting both campuses, one in Lucerne and one in Le Bouveret, and nearby destinations. “The Lucerne campus was beautiful! I got to make chocolate with one of their chefs,” shared CJ.

Cameron shows off his freshly made chocolate. Cameron will attend the Culinary Arts Academy in Switzerland in Fall 2020.

One of his adventures included visiting famous Swiss Chef Anton Mosimann’s, Mosimann Collection of Culinary Heritage. It is there that CJ stumbled upon a heartwarming surprise. “I found pictures of my great grandfather,” revealed CJ. “With Chef Auguste Escoffier of the Savoie at the Grand Monte Carlo Hotel.”

CJ’s family knew that his great grandfather stayed in Europe after World War I, but did not know much of what his life consisted of during his time there.

When Chef Andrew Griggs, BE.Tech educator and lead chef, mentioned the personal significance to CJ of studying where his great grandfather once prevailed, CJ responded, “It would be really special to me. I never really got to know him, but from what I’ve learned, he once ranked one of the top ten chefs in the world. He cooked for the Kennedy’s and the Bush’s. It was really nice having that connection and finding that connection there.”

In October 2020, CJ will be starting his adventure at theCulinary Arts Academy in Switzerland. He is the youngest American admitted into this academy and is also the youngest to skip two terms of the academy and begin on Term 3. The Mark Highlights

The Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts is a three-year program, with 7 terms. When CJ applied and sent his resume, the Academy reviewed and agreed that CJ’s experience at BE.Tech placed him at a level that was more advanced than other applicants.

“When you come to a school like BE.Tech, it is far more advanced,” stated Chef Griggs. “If you know you want to pursue a career in culinary arts, then coming to BE.Tech can give you the opportunity to learn a higher skill level which will launch you further into your college and career pathways.”

CJ and Chef Griggs

BE.Tech charter high school is located at the Manteca Unified District Office in Manteca and offers four career academies with over fifteen career technical education pathways, in a highly personalized learning environment.

The Culinary Arts Academy in Switzerland has a reputation for being one of the most wellrespected culinary institutions in the world. They are recognized by “I knew it would be difficult to attend the Open House because the school is in a different country, but they were really accommodating. They paid for the hotel, the trains,

CJ will attend the Culinary Arts Academy in Switzerland in Fall 2020.