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Men of Style Edition August 2009

Meet the Maniera Men of Style Look your best: Sartoria Fashion KM ADD Enterprises: Social Networking For Avatars Establishing an Empire

Atlantis, a dream.

Described as the ideal land surrounded by water. Few are the real traces about the disappeared continent, yet so much interest aroused over the centuries. I decided to recreate it with the most beautiful creations of the best creators of things and “dreams” in Second Life. Many the difficulties from just a few meters owned in Desdemona up to a vast land. Step by step, watching Atlantis rise from the water.

T h e c o n s t r u c t i on of a dream, m y dream. Built upon the foundations lain by Louiz Hartshon-McBride, Harald Zimer and Albi Taurog, I sought builds to compliment my dream. It became my priority to have respect for the different competences and for the developers focused on a single plan. In real life, I am an antique dealer, and I know the value of restorers, gilders, craftsmen. No attempt to break a “chain” that is both fair and human: working and giving jobs.

T h e d r e a m becomes reality.

T h e Atla n tid e G all e r y, a fashion mall, furniture center and art gallery. Thank you. With all my heart, thank you. Juliet Petlyakov http : / / sl u r l . c o m / s e c o n dlif e / D e sd e m o n a / 1 2 9 / 1 8 / 3 6


Topaz Joubert Maniera CEO

Nox Deigan

Managing Staff MandyLeigh Sweetwater Managing Editor

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Quincee Twine

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Fashion Editor

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D es i g n

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Letter From The Editor Hello Dear Readers: There are days when you have to stop and say, “God, do I love my job.” Well this is one of those days. We are releasing our 7th issue, and this one is a very special issue and one of my favorite topics: MEN! We came about the idea to do a special issue for the men of Second Life due to the popularity of our May issue, “Extraordinary Women of the Digital Grid.” This issue we feature 3 outstanding men of fashion, business and entertainment. Maddox Dupont - the Second Life fashion legend and the epitome of style and sophistication, Thumper Boucher - RL recording artist and one of the coolest people I have ever met and Maxes Loon - CEO of one of the fastest growing business in SL:, the SL avatar social network. Photo by Spartin Parx We also hosted our first Maniera Men of Style contest. The contest was inspired from a Carrie Bradshaw moment. Due to a series of SL friends experiencing make ups and breakups, one thing I would hear from a few of my dearest friends is ”I’m done with men in SL”.. I had to question myself “Are there any good single men in SL?” I did not have one doubt in my mind so the search began. Out of all the entries, five stood out: Charlie Absent, Vortimer Ethaniel, Mikey Batriani, Ricoracer Flux and Finlandich Flanagan. Each embody the three ‘S’s: style, substance and sex appeal. So ladies (and men) sit back, have a sip of wine and enjoy our Maniera Men of Style. Yours faithfully, Topaz Joubert Maniera CEO

A UGU S T Men of Style Edition


28 Go Moolto!

Social Networking for Avatars

Maxes Loon on Moolto and social networking for the Second Life Community.

34 Maddox Dupont:

12 Getting REAL with Chloie We hit it off. What happen? | I left him. Now, I miss him. | Newbie Mentoring

20 Q-Tips: An Earful of Fashion Looking for male fashion? Look no further, and hit these places hard. . . and a surprising secret for the male community when it comes to fashion accessorizing.

KMADD Creative Entrepreneur

Wh a t ’s i n s t o r e f o r K M A D D Ent e r p r i s e s , one of Second Life’s largest business empires? Find out now.

44 Maniera Men of Style

16 Secret Diary of a

Hopeless Romantic

1 contest. a panel of judges. 5 men.

Heartbreak strikes. Will our Hopeless Romantic be as ‘heart on her sleeve’ as before?

Maniera had a contest to find 5 guys that exhibit the 3 ‘S’s: Substance, Style and Sex Appeal.

58 S a rt o r i a Fa s h i o n

74 Sound Off::

Photoshoot. The fashions of Sartoria.

What do you find sexy?

5 suits to make any man look like a million bucks.

Plus! Two new releases pending!

70 Thumper Bo u c he r

Second Life Musician. Real Live Profession

Musician hits the Second Life Sound barrier with concerts while being a real musician and a father.

24 What M e n Wa n t

The Dress, Pant Or Nothing at All?

Maniera’s Head Model talks to men on what they find attractive.


“Men of Style” 1st row: Vortimer Ethaniel Charlie Absent RicoRacer Flux 2nd Row: Mikey Batriani Finlandich Flanagan Sartoria’s Gala Suit $700L Photographer: AtomicSparkle Skytower




Please give me some e n c o u r a g e m e n t . I met a gorgeous man over a week ago. We were at a friend’s club and really seemed to hit it off. He befriended me and I really expected to hear from him. Well, it’s been over a week now and I’ve seen him online c o n s i s t e n t l y , but have not heard a word from him. I’m very disappointed. I really liked him. However, I don’t want to bother him. Do you think he’s still interested in me? Doesn’t seem like it. Slightly Sad Gee Sad, well, I wouldn’t give up just yet, but honestly it doesn’t seem too promising. Usually, if a man is really interested then you’ll hear from him immediately or at least within a few days. I’m really digging the fact that you are choosing not to contact him. A lot of women would d o t h a t , b u t I ’m o f t h e o p i n i o n that the man should take the first step.


I would just hold tight if I were you and see what happens. One thing you could do, if you don’t hear from him soon, is drop in at your friend’s club again. Perhaps you’ll bump into him there. In that environment, it would be perfectly fine to say, “Hi” and see where it goes from there. Maybe your friend can give you a heads up if he shows up at the club and you can make an appearance. If there is no contact in the next couple of weeks just be prepared to accept that, “He’s just not that into you”. Hey Chloie, I just broke up with my partner after spending an awesome year with him. While I’ve been totally faithful to him, I’ve suspected for awhile that he’s had someone else and have even done some spying, which I’m not proud of but has confirmed some things for me. I miss him terribly, but feel I made the right decision to let him be free for his sake and for mine. I was feeling too jealous and that alone was ruining our relationship. I d o n’t t h i n k I w a n t a n o t h e r v i r t u a l r e l a t i o n s h i p. The feelings are too real and I don’t want to hurt any more. What do you recommend that I do? Alone by Choice Dear Alone, I have to agree with you when you say that your jealousy was ruining your relationship. Jealousy does destroy relationships. They don’t refer to it as the “green-eyed monster” for nothing. A good friend of mine who has had a

very long term virtual relationship over several years had some words o f w i s d o m on that issue. She said that, “it’s extremely important to put jealousy on a back burner. If you are always jealous of one another, it will never work.” I’m sure you did the right thing and I trust your intuition (or the evidence of your spying) that something was going on. You may as well have cut him loose and let him enjoy his SL. However, you must do the same. There’s so much more than relationships here. There are countless opportunities for exploring, having fun, joining interesting groups and just chilling with friends. I’d just go with that for awhile and if you meet someone special during the course of things, all well and good. If not, no worries, there’s still much to enjoy and I know you’ll be just fine.

skins and giving them clothing. I even lent them lindens and occasionally treated them in order to help them pull their avies together. I was cured of that by an ungrateful avie from the UK… but we won’t go there. LOL. Also, my partner just didn’t appreciate me spending time with newbs… especially male newbs. He didn’t quite understand that it was totally platonic and a community service. Here’s what I would recommend, simply suggest that they return to Help Island and seek out a mentor there or direct them to the New Citizens Incorporated (NCI), Kuula/57/164/29, a n awesome o r g a n i z a t i o n where mentors are also available in addition to classes, events, freebies, and other free services for newbs are plentiful. If they don’t say “thank you” and move on, you can always revert to muting them, however, I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Grrrrrr Cholie! I just don’t have patience for newbs anymore. I try to be helpful when I meet them and did a lot of m e n t o r i n g for awhile, but I’m very busy with my friendships and my SL jobs these days. I feel a little guilty about it and don’t want to be mean. Can you suggest a way for me to handle them when I encounter them? Mean Mentor Sure Me a n y, I c a n m a k e s ome sugge s t i o n s, but please don’t feel too guilty. I did a lot of mentoring myself for quite some time. I even took it upon myself to beautify SL, one avie at a time, by taking them to get their shapes and

Do you want Advice from Chloie? Ask your favorite Second Life Columnist for Advice. Fully confidential. No questions asked. Only answered. Put your question on a notecard and label it “Getting REAL With Chloie.” Once finished, hand it over to Chloie Sweetwater in world.

Chloie is now on Ta l k di r e c t ly with yo u r favo r it e SL c o lu mni s t.

T h e

S e c r e

Hi, I’m Hopeless Romantic. I believe in saying ‘I love you’ right out loud when you feel it. I believe true love is eternal, but I also believe we need to know when to let go, and like Gloria Gaynor: ‘..I will survive...’

This is my diary about the many facets and incarnations of love and romance in SL that I experience and hear about from my friends :-)

O f


It must be ‘SL Relationship Evalu Month’ this past month. Two of my friends had SL relationships ended. friend’s had her’s falter but get bac track, and another got married. Me having to let a good thing go before even begun. This process of ‘letting go’ was trig by Mr Got-It-Right’s (see last issue) fore of what would happen to us if relationship went further : my RL w hinder our freedom of being tog whenever he wanted, and he’d up resenting me and things woul end well... He’d been there before, an didn’t want things to end that way with I can understand his desire for preservation... And thus my journe self preservation begins, and it starts me pondering his question: Can we s friends? Well... In RL, I’ve never managed to re friends with an ex... That’s not to say is anything bitter between us, or th never keep in contact, but we don’t out anymore... I would feel awkward uncomfortable, so I’d avoid being ar them... In SL, I’ve had 2 major relationship first was my SL first love (Mr. FirstL and the second was Mr. HeartBreake past issues). I haven’t said much a Mr. FirstLove, but my experience with helps me define my plan for self preserv I met Mr. FirstLove soon after ou days, and we kinda grew outta the n phase together. We’d hang out in a big g of friends, and would verbally spar

H o p e l e


uation good One ck on e? I’m it has

ggered esight f our would gether d end ld not nd he h us... r self ey for s with still be

emain there hat we hang d and round

ps, the Love), er (see about h him vation. ur rezz noobie group r with

D i a r y O f one another. He was witty, and his sense of humour was dry, yet he made me feel like a princess. We were together 5 months until his wife found out he was playing on SL, and she’d seen we’d been to lunch together... in RL... Our lives were in turmoil, and he was forced to choose between SL and his family... And as hard as it was to let go, I had to, because he chose his family. Of course I was heartbroken, but I understood he had to do what he felt was right for him. He left a big gap in my SL since we decided to make a clean break - no emails, no texting, nothing... He logged on after many months about a week ago, and he IM’d me, just saying hi, and chatting, friendly, and tp’d me over to where we first met... A few old friends were there, and it was like at the beginning, good conversation, some playful teasing, so I should have been ok - only I wasn’t. I couldn’t help feel this uneasiness, sadness. I apologized to him in IM, and said I didn’t want to get sucked into the emotion of us again only to be hurt once more... He was sweet and understanding, and I tp’d away - proud of my strength, what being a hopeless romantic and all. So what would be so different about Mr. Got-it-right and I? According to MY foresight there are 2 ways it could go: a) I’d feel uneasy and sad that things didn’t work out like I’d wanted them to, and hiding that disappointment while trying to being friendly would feel insincere. I don’t do insincere... b) I manage to hide my disappointment, but being a hopeless romantic, the more

e s s

I’d hang out with him, the more I’d fall for him, and I’m not into denying or suppressing how I feel so he’d just have to let me down again... Therefore, using his rationale of self preservation, my logic points to the fact that I can’t be just friends... I care about him immensely, and having cried for a whole day, I realise I like him more than I knew. And my heart doesn’t want to let go - I just can’t imagine not talking to him everyday, or hanging out with him, or making virtual love with him... Yet, I can’t imagine having to suppress how I feel with him. What I loved most about being with him, was I could totally be myself. I had an open and honest relationship with him, and it wouldn’t be that if I couldn’t declare how I was feeling or express it openly. I respect his guts for being so open and honest with me, and for not suppressing how he felt... One of my friends said I was being too accepting of the situation by not fighting for what I want... But I’m not fighting or pleading for it, because I’m not in a position to rearrange my RL to suit his needs right now... And ideally, I want him to want me regardless of my situation, but he doesn’t... So I’d be fighting for a scenario that doesn’t exist... Bleh, I’ll just cry a little more, and notice my heart (usually on my sleeve) fell off again. This time I’ll dust it off, give it a squeeze, and instead of replacing it on my sleeve, I’ll keep a hold of it in my hands for a while...

R o m a n t i c





Q - Tips: An Earf ul of Fashion 20



Q-Tips : An Earful of Fashion Goodness

Fashion Editor Quincee Twine

The I mpor tance of Being Masculine There is something tantalizing about a well sculpted and meticulously yet stylishly dressed male avatar. From chiseled jaw-lines to broad shoulders and rock-hard abs, there are some men that could cause an electrical orgasm upon rezzing. Since November of 2007, I have been a personal stylist for several male models, and while at times it has been quite a daunting task, I have found much reward in my finished products. Unfortunately, when it comes to Male Fashion in SL - the abundance of quality designers are in miniscule numbers. For this reason among others, I have created a list that’s on lock and key of helpful tips to help my male clients reach their full fashion potential. And because I love you all so much ~ I’m delivering you a sneak peek at just a few of these tips in celebration of the SL Man!

1. KMADD should ALWAYS be your starting point. At this all-male

shopping SIM offering the best in male shapes, clothing and accessories, you can’t go wrong in upgrading your style. Maddox Dupont and his partner know male fashion inside and out if you’re looking for clothing or shapes that will truly make your avatar shine.

   2. Great women designers are also great men’s designers. The true testament to a good designer is if they can create quality woman’s clothing then they are just as good at creating quality men’s clothing. From high-end fashion such as “Paper Couture” and “Bliss Couture” to trendy punk/casual at “Armidi” and “Emery,” these designers all have men’s lines that exceed expectations.    3. When all else fails buy female. Are you looking for that perfect

scarf or pair of gloves that you can’t seem to find anywhere, look no further as often times female fashion can easily be modified to fit the male. This tip will not work in all cases, but it is definitely something to consider.    4. Buy jeans with sculpted legs. A problem I’ve found with many men’s jeans is that they often cut too short to truly be appreciated. For this reason I highly suggest men buy jeans with sculpted prim legs. The prim legs are often modifiable, and will fit to males of all shapes and sizes. Check out Alphamale for some great outfits ;-).    5. And last but certainly not least, fashion is about creating yourself.  With women it is much easier to do one stop shopping for all your fashion needs. One store can often contain countless possibilities. Unfortunately, with male designers being so limited, men often need to get creative in their outfits. But that’s the fun part. Don’t be afraid to mix and match outfits from several different stores. Trust me – it makes things much more interesting in the end.


Last month we talked about what women wear in SL and how different it is from RL at times. If your butt looks big in that dress, just change to a skirt shape and don’t worry about that extra crème Brule last night. If you have one too many Frappucinos, all you have to do is go into appearance and edit. We can look hot as we want or demure as we want, but who spends time and money to be hot? I was on a recent shopping excursion with a couple RL girlfriends, and we wandered into Victoria’s Secret Back-to-School Sale (check their website if you don’t believe me). Why don’t we have Back-to-School sales in SL? One girlfriend tried on a sexy red cami and panty set that I couldn’t admit that I was going to come back for later. I joked that her fiancé was going to have eyes pop out, and she shrugged her shoulders and said, “Like it will be on for more than two minutes. I’m only getting this to make you two jealous.” As we talked, we noted that we only wear a thong to avoid panty lines, and men only noticed our bra if they can grab a glimpse down our shirts. I had to ask myself then, what do men want women to wear? When back in SL, I asked several of my female friends what men wanted us to wear, and they gave me the same answer: not much to nothing at all. This simply can’t be true of these handsome creatures that we keep around for arm candy, but I needed to know for sure and decided to ask a couple of the hottest men in SL what they wanted women to wear. The first was Allenclive Beaumont, well-known male model. I started with the general stuff, but it set a tone for what both men told me. Would he rather see women dressed in a dress, pants or nothing at all? A quick answer was dress. He did point out that most women overdress in SL, but that he loves the digital creations and textures that can be found in Second Life. I asked him to play Barbie Doll and dress a date for the night and got a surprisingly pleasing answer: a mid-length dress, stockings,


W h at M e

The Dress, Pant or

Article and Photos by Sami Ku

The W The Short-Sk

Maniera Design Editor replies: S

e n Wa n t:

Stiletto Moody’s and a hat. I went to my inventor y and found that the sales were good to me and met his expectations. He then informed me with a laugh, “But I’m very conservative. The avatar must be out of range hawtness and pure cuteness... but first of all, great personality.” “Chose quality designs,” Beaumont advises. His favorites include Alatiel, Annubis, Bliss Couture, Leelutka, Muism, and for jewelry, JCNY. Cazzo Decosta, another male model, was my next stop. My first thought was to ask him if women dress to impress him. “Think a lot of that as very cliché,” Decosta commented. “but oddly...there is no particular way of thinking about it, RL or SL. I feel a woman should dress in the same way she’s thinking for feeling at the moment. What’s truly sexy in SL is when a woman lets her individuality pull through her persona in game.” Getting all this ladies? Now you can plan your shopping trips because I asked what he would want to see on a first date. “I can’t remember my last SL date so I’ll shoot from an RL perspective,” Decosta replied. “I’m not shy to say: big hair, a French manicure, loop earrings and a bit of pink lip-gloss has never seemed to bother me. Throw in a pair of Louboutin heels. My attention is yours.” I pose the same pant/skirt question to him and informed me that short skirts are a must, and a woman should show her legs. Note to self: make skirt shape main shape.

r Nothing At All?

So what do men want? I’m still not sure but I do know that the style may vary from man to man.

utanaga, Maniera Head Model

I did come to a one conclusion: men may not know exactly what they want us to wear, but they know they want us to look like. Whether it’s in a simple knee length skirt or out on the town dresses by a fashion maven, they want us to be feminine and the girl of their dreams.

Winner: kirted Dress

Slinky in private. Femme in public.


Go MOOLTO! Social Networking For Avatars Article by Sherrie Shepherd


Photo by Spartin Parx

Maxes Loon, along with his business partner Yusuf Xue, has pioneered the launch of the first social network exclusively for residents of Second Life (SL). The website, known as Moolto (, boasts similar features as Facebook. After only three short months, Moolto has approximately 3,000 members with the numbers growing by 30 to 40 new members per day.


The name Moolto comes from the Italian word, “molto”, and translates to, “a lot”. The emphasis in Loon’s own interpretation, “moolto” takes it further to mean “a whole lot”. A whole lot is exactly what you get with Moolto. Features include those found on Facebook such as the creation of personal pages, the sharing of photos, videos and the ability to recount the musings of the day-in- the-life of your avatar. Loon goes further to say that Moolto provides the vehicle to stay connected with your SL friends when access to SL is not feasible, for example, due to restrictions in the RL work place or when away on vacation. Without the necessity of accessing SL, Moolto members can leave or receive messages from their network of SL

Another day at the office for Loon

friends and engage in real-time chat in either public or private rooms. Loon continues, “Utilizing your personal blog you will now have the space to share your sensibility, creativity, and your experiences with your friends of the virtual world. You can also use Moolto’s forum to conduct job searches. No other social network has been designed exclusively for avatars so Moolto has come along at the perfect time to fill the void and a needed niche in the virtual environment of social networking.” Along with the conventional services provided by Moolto, Loon shares the excitement of an upcoming event. Planning has been completed for a first time SL Dating Event , beginning with the selection of prospective candidates, to a virtual face-to-face meeting in a Speed- Dating- like environment. Once narrowed down to a dating couple, they will embark on a series of dates, which while conducted


p r i v a t e l y, w i l l b e r e c o u n t e d after ward on Moolto for all m e m b e r s to follow a l o n g w i t h the progress of the relationship. This quasi-reality show format will include an appearance on an SL Talk Show. After a specified period of time, the couple may decide to become engaged and marry in SL. If they decide to marry, Moolto will pick up the tab for the wedding. Loon also plans other types of events on a regular basis as well. While Loon has a talented team behind him, he personally lives and breathes Moolto and is dedicated to making sure that every member enjoys their social networking experience. He’s also committed to keeping Moolto robust and exciting Photo by Spartin Parx

so that the membership continues to be as active as it is today.

Loon did not join SL with the intention of launching a social network. In early 2007, he first read about SL in a RL Italian scientific magazine called “FOCUS.” During that period, he also observed coverage in newspapers and other magazines where the business aspect of SL was discussed. He joined out of curiosity, but recognized the business potential of this powerful platform. An early SL business endeavor was a 6 island project called “LA CITTADELLA” and a 4 island project called “PANTELLERIA”, which was a reproduction of a RL island south of Sicily. Unfortunately, the endeavor did not reach the full potential of drawing RL businesses to SL for marketing and advertising due to the limited exposure SL had in Italy at that time. However, once he and Xue developed the concept for Moolto, they knew it was


Photo by Spartin Parx Maxes Loon, Moolto Creator

destined for success. In fact, Loon was is a perfect platform to showcase your pleased and honored when that same brand and services to a new host of Italian scientific magazine where Loon potential consumers or clients. I’m open first read about SL, “FOCUS”, decided to to any kind of proposal or partnership, just establish an official group on Moolto.

contact me. In addition, other services are

Taking the opportunity to directly provided in terms of dating, and perhaps address the SL community, Loon says: “If meeting your soul-mate. Maniera Advice you are a business owner or a real estate Columnist Chloie Sweetwater will soon broker, Moolto offers you visibility to launch a blog to be of service to Moolto advertise your island, your group, your members.” In one final closing remark shopping area, your events, even your Loon emphasizes, “Want to Experience available employment opportunities. This More? Go Moolto!”

Maddox DuPont:


Creative Entrepreneur Article by Sherrie Shepherd

Maddox DuPont is the epitome of a Second Life success story as an owner and the founder of KMADD Enterprise which is comprised of several businesses: KMADD City, KMADD Enterprise (185, 196, 26), the one stop Boutique style shopping mecca for the Second Life male a v a t a r, MADesigns providing the most extensive inventory of male and female shapes in Second Life numbering over 600, MAD Image Fashion Consultants providing Second Lifers with the right look for any purpose, and the MAD Agency managing and staging fashion shows for Second Life designers. DuPont did not join Second Life with a business venture in mind. Instead he was fascinated by the concept that Second Life, as a game, was created entirely by its residents, and he felt this promised a lot of creative opportunities. He joined Second Life to explore this new world, meet people, and try his hand at creating. He realized he could earn money from selling items, learning this from a T V p r o g r a m that first introduced him to Second Life. However, he didn’t appreciate the ability to earn much since most merchandise offered for sale was so inexpensive. In addition, he was initially overwhelmed with the possibilities and how much there was to learn. At that time, he questioned whether his skills would be good enough to market his creations and make it worthwhile. His only concern upon joining Second Life was to take advantage of the first land offered by Linden Lab so he’d have a place to have friends over, to build and to dress. He built his own home and then spent three months learning the game, shopping and just having fun. LEFT: Mad Agency Costa Rica Fashion Show

When he realized he was spending a good bit of real money in Second Life, he decided it was time to support himself. His first venture was the purchase of a photography studio. Having a passion for photography in RL, he felt that was a good place to start. He started to style his clients in order to produce better photos, the goal being to have a portfolio of attractive models. DuPont explains what happened next, “One day this guy drops in, tells me he heard about me and offers me 10,000L to buy my shape and to take him shopping. It just snowballed from there. I had done hundreds of makeovers before I finally started to sell shapes.” The clients visiting MAD Studio were not simply getting photos but full make-overs giving the feel of going to a spa, leaving with an improved appearance and pleasant memories of the experience. It was at this time that he embarked on another aspect of his business, packaging a few male shapes and offering them for sale in his studio. Over time, the demand for MADesigns shapes grew and so did his collection of awesome shapes. Giving due credit to his partner, Kirk Claymore, DuPont says, “One of the main reasons that MADesigns Shapes grew, from the tiny store on the mainland to full a blown fashion Enterprise was because of Kirk. Before I met Kirk, I was always in my store, talking to clients and helping them put their look together in between doing photos and making new shapes. This kept me so busy that production of new products was very slow. But when I met Kirk, we began hanging with each other a lot and when it got busy in my store he would naturally lend me a hand without me having to ask him. It’s because Kirk Photo by Mrohs Baxton

cared for my business like it was his and had the same values as me that we also became business partners. Kirk is the owner of the International Men Collection of shapes which celebrated the diversity of Second Life. While I initially showed Kirk how to make shapes, the style and concept for this collection is completely his own. The most valuable contribution that Kirk has made to our business was in marketing and networking, which made our business more visible, polished and professional. Kirk was also responsible for the initial set up and design of KMADD City & MAD Agency. He brought all of K M A D D C i t y ’s o r i g i n a l d e s i g n e r s , m a n a g e d the building of KMADD and ensured that we were well promoted. KMADD City now hosts over 100 top fashion brands for men and as a project took over two years to complete. Although Kirk does not have much time for Second Life at the moment, I can always count on him to be there for me for support as advisor and as my life partner. ” When asked what his inspiration in developing his businesses has been he responds, “I always say, when someone asks me this question, that I wanted to date beautiful men, and that’s why I started MADDesigns.” However, there is more to his rationale, that being his concern that men always seem to end up with ‘the short end of the stick’ in RL and Second Life. He feels the reason for is, “… the simple fact that women shop more, therefore, to make money, designers always had to focus on female fashion.” While DuPont wanted to earn money in Second Life, his true motivation has never been the money. He elaborates, “My


motivation in Second Life, of course, has never been money. I understood early in the game that looking good meant feeling good. When you look good, you have better relationship prospects as well as business opportunities. To look good in Second Life, you need to have good base – shape and individual style – clothing.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Kirk Claymore and Maddo

But with hundreds of malls and only a few main stores, it was clothing that was often a problem for men at that time. Kirk and I started to make men more aware of their appearance by encouraging them to experiment with their looks through our shapes. We showed men how to dress

by promoting other content creators and helping them locate what was available since men never had the patience to search. This meant that men began to shop more and eventually designers saw the great opportunity that this market had. The demand was created and there was far less competition in the men’s arena. Today

Photo Submitted by Maddox DuPont

ox DuPont

men actually look after themselves – they show personal style, are more selective abo u t t h e i r p u rc h a s e s a n d d emand qua l i t y – e v e r y t h i n g t h a t we set o u t t o a c h i e ve w h e n we star ted KM AD D.” When asked what sets MADesigns apart

from other similar businesses, DuPont responds, “With the recent collaboration with Signature Skin Labs, MADesigns is the only Second Life store where you can purchase the avatar complete with shape, skin, hair and eyes for one low price. Our MADesigns premium shape offering consists of over 600 male and female shapes which are styled to perfection. Anyone that is new to Second Life, or is looking to improve their appearance, has all the hard work done for them and can achieve transformation within minutes. Because KMADD City offers nearly 100 top fashion brands just for men in one convenient location, most items used in styling can now be purchased without leaving our sim. This, when coupled with personalized customer service and community spirit that can only be found at KMADD, provides you with a shopping experience like no other. “ DuPont talked about the fashion shows conducted by MAD Agency, “Although Kirk and I are owners of MAD Agency, my role is actually one of Art Director. Risa Bright manages designer and model liaison, show choreography and commentary, while Kirk does show invitations. As an Art Director, I am responsible for the design and building of all MAD Agency sets, unless we do a show for the Costa Rica Designer Showcase, in which case the build is provided and approved by me. I also take care of music, which is carefully selected for each one of our shows since it plays an important part in creating atmosphere and reinforcing the theme of the show. In Second Life our senses are limited, so it is important to make full use of all the elements that make a f a s h i o n s h o w. T h i s i n c l u d e s


t h e s e t / e n v i r o n m e n t , music, and also light, styling, choreography, wording of commentary, as well as the way each host is dressed. “ Maniera Magazine attended the recent Costa Rica Designer Showcase fashion s h ow m a n a g e d b y M A D A g e n c y. C l e v e r l y, the show was split into two sessions, avoiding excessive lag. When asked about their strategy in doing this, DuPont offered, “We actually came up with an idea of splitting shows in two when we did LeLutka Spring fashion show this year. MAD Agency shows are extremely popular. If we were to set the number to 80 people on the sim, which we once did and almost crashed the sim, we are sure to fill the sim up. The LeLutka show, however, was presented in two consecutive sessions to groups of selected VIPs and b e c a u s e it was not open to public, it m e a n t t h a t o u r s i m w a s n ot full. We u s u a l l y a l l ow 6 0 p e o p l e on the sim f o r e a c h s h ow. T h e L eLutka show, due to Second Life performance on that day, was capped to 40. We then realized that shows would run smoother with less people on the sim and is less stressful to models since clothing is easier changed and it’s easier to walk naturally, and let’s not forget the audience. It was definitely a more pleasurable viewing experience for the audience. Thankfully, we are blessed with a great group of models. Once we presented the idea to them and everyone had a go, it was easy to adopt it as our permanent show format in spite of increased investment of their time.” While hosting a fashion show, DuPont is a chameleon, changing his appearance to match the theme of each show. The fashions of the Costa Rica Designers took


the audience back in time to the glamour of the forties and fifties. DuPont assumed the persona and the fashion of a dapper older gentleman of the period. He tells of some interesting looks he donned to be in theme at other shows, “As a host that always opens the show, I definitely put a lot of thought into each one of my outfits. I am the first person that audience sees so it is important to not only look good but to set the tone for a show. For example, one of our shows had a theme “Paris by night” and for this I dressed like a street artist. While greeting guests, upon arrival, I juggled on my unicycle and performed pantomime. For another show the theme was very abstract and mysterious. It was a square white stage with a huge white tree in the middle set in a black box scattered with stars and low set white fog. I came out dressed like an androgynous Faun to this crazy soundtrack with an AO that made me look like I was telling a fairy tale instead of narrating the opening of the show.” DuPont is quick to recognize the team behind him that has contributed to the amazing success of KMADD, “KMADD would only have been an idea, a dream and a possibility, if it were not for people that nourish and keep alive each aspect of our business. MAD Agency would have closed if it was not for one ambitious MAD Agency model who decided to step up and take the organizational aspects of the Agency into her own hands. We are truly blessed to have Risa Bright working with us, who holds the position o f M A D A g e n c y D i re c t o r a n d L e a d Mo d e l . Due to the amount of work i n v o l v e d , w i t h o u t Risa, we simply would not have been able to manage the

A g e n c y o n o u r ow n . R i s a’s commitment, passion and professionalism have made MAD Agency one of the leading fashion agencies in Second Life. The quality of her leadership shows in the retention of our models, size of our client base and their satisfaction with as well as the popularity of our shows.” One need only read the testimonials from their clients on their website to understand the level of professionalism that goes into every show. Risa Bright shares her thoughts on working for DuPont, “It is a huge gift to be able to work with and near Maddox DuPont. He has a creative genius and a vision that are unparalleled and my job with MAD Agency is the best job in all of Second Life because of both Kirk and Maddox.” Speaking of the MAD Agency Models, DuPont said, “Of course, no Agency is complete without its models. Our core model group consists of about fifty models that have been with us for nearly two years. Our models possess not only flexibility and professionalism, which are essential to be employed by MAD Agency, but also team work and sense of community which has created a company culture that is unlike any other.” DuPont talked of the other aspects of the KMADD Enterprise, “KMADD Enterprise also consists of MAD Image blog and MAD Studio, which are important parts of our business as they represent different aspects of our product.

UP: Maddox DuPont and Risa Bright, MAD Agency Director and Lead Model at the Costa Rica Fashion Show. Photo by Mrohs Baxton.

DOWN: Maddox DuPont as “Old Gentleman” at the Costa Rica Fashion Show. Photo by Mrohs Baxton.


MAD Image is a male and female fashion blog ( - a place where we share tips, inspire readers with style ideas and keep the customers up to date with our new releases and events. MAD Image is a virtual shopping guide for men and women of style and would not be complete without the talented and stylish Thalia Jie, Emi Bade, Tact Arida and Volcom Praga. While we might b e t o o occupied these days with MADesigns Hair releases to dedicate our time to our photography clients, we ensured that our customers are still able to get in touch with the awe inspiring talents of Eve Patlyakov, Kallisto Destiny, Boe Cortes and Tur Chaffe.” When asked to what he attributed the success of KMADD Enterprise, DuPont offered, “Passion… I simply love what I do and when you believe in the relevance of your work, others do too. It is this quality that draws them to you initially. Of course, quality product must be the key to success of any business - knowing how to present

this product to your customers, promote it and keep it current will ensure its longevity and success. Other aspects like team work which means using each other’s strengths to achieve shared outcomes and focus on excellent customer service are also very important, without these any store would vanish into obscurity.” He then focused on what he felt was the most important thing, “One more thing, however, that Kirk and I have always been focused on, and which I think is the most important part of KMADD, is community. Kirk and I do not employ customer service staff which means we are always in the front line dealing with customers. This might seem like a lot of work but it is not. What it does do is encourage customer loyalty and interaction through which we are able to find out how our customers experience our products. By making ourselves visible and accessible t o o u r c u s t o m e r s, w e a p p e a r m o re a p p r o a c h a b l e and the customer feels safe to interact and buy from us. Before


the KMADD Enterprise group reached 11,000 members (rendering our group chat completely useless) we used to have frequent interactions with our members. We now rely on KMADD events to provide a more relaxed setting for us to play and communicate with the friends of KMADD. I believe that once you forget why your business was successful in the first place (your customers), you may be forgotten as well.” Looking to the future, DuPont talked about the new product line, “I am currently focused on creating hair – short men’s hair predominantly and female couture styles. Shapes took me almost three years to master and be happy with so I think hair is here to stay as a main focus of my business for quite some time. The plan is to continue to build on the collection of hair, shapes, eyes and poses over the next twelve months. We are also looking forward to redesigning KMADD City, and possibly adding another sim just for MADesigns.”

The customers of KMADD Enterprise are most important to DuPont and their satisfaction is his goal. Therefore, seeing the following entry from a customer on their blog is what drives him forward, “KMADD City is more than just a sim: It is an epic series of fashion a d v e n t u re s. MADesigns offers m e n a d i z z y i n g array of shapes to build upon, and the surrounding shops provide one with all the tools needed to become a perfect vision of masculinity. The regular events make it not just an unparalleled shopping scene, but a community made up of skilled designers and gentlemen of style. It is my premier destination for personal transformation.” DuPont would like to invite the Second Life community to “visit KMADD Enterprise and explore what we have to offer, maybe attend our fashion show or KMADD event or ask us for a personal tour – either way you will feel welcomed and truly inspired.”

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Photo by Spartin Parx

RICORacer Flux “The time I spend with my loved one is the most cherished gift I could ask for.” -RICORACER FLUX COUNTRY: USA

WHY IS HE A MANIERA MAN OF STYLE: Sensitivity, masculinity, boyish charm and sex appeal. Have you seen those abs? Rico instantly puts you at ease with his impeccable manners, kind heart and a natural spirit. What is so appealing about Rico is he doesn’t realize how much sex appeal he has. This just makes him even more appealing. And once again. Have you seen those abs? You know when you just meet some people, and they put you at your ease - Rico is one of those people! Well mannered, well spoken, and so much fun, he made the shoot feel like it wasn’t work at all, and that we were just hanging out. LEFT: RicoRacer Flux / “Little Kitten” tonya Coppola


vortimer ethaniel “As his mouth found her lips he fiercely bit her, marking her, and tasted the blood he had drawn. “Remember me,” he spoke with a low rumble and released her so suddenly she dropped into the snow. He grinned and looked down at her. “Look pretty there,” he winked and casually trailed off. He would see her again, and she knew it.” - Pulled from Vortimer Ethaniel’s Picks COUNTRY: HOLLAND

WHY IS HE A MANIERA MAN OF STYLE? In the process of setting up the photo shoots I wanted to meet with Vortimer personally to get a sense of how we should set up the shoots. When you first lay eyes on Vort the first thing you realize is that you can’t take your eyes off him. Not only is he one amazing specimen of raw sexual masculinity, but also of profound intelligence, professionalism and a wicked sense of humor. An avid Role Player and writer, one is completely captivated by his gift of the written word. “Oh Vort... I’d heard about this mysterious man from my colleagues who shot with him earlier, and I knew we were going to have fun when he arrived at my studio in full role play gear - ellaborate silks, and belts and intricate boots... Hubba hubba he caught the attention of Maniera staff - and I think he succeeded in stealing a few hearts...” - AtomicSparkle Skytower, Sartoria Fashion Photoshoot


RIGHT: vortimer ethaniel / Maniera Model candio contepomi

Photo by Spartin Parx

Photo by Spartin Parx

Charlie Absent “. . . Then I would give her a gentle kiss on her cheek and thank her for a great time and take her back to her home leaving her with only a great time and a notecard that had a surprise picture of us while we were having the time of our lives.” - CHARLIE ABSENT COUNTRY: USA

WHY IS HE A MANIERA MAN OF STYLE? Charming, stylish and a true dedicated professional. Has a self confidence without a trace of arrogance. When meeting Charlie he instantly reminded me of a mixture of the Rat pack area with a mixture of Anacrombie and Finch. Model good looks, dashing personality, and self confidence make Charlie one irresistible temptation. Clearly he’s a fun and outgoing guy. Polite to a fault, he went out of his way to make sure we got the shots we needed on the day of the shoot, despite some RL issues he was having. Such a sweetie, he made us smile and melt a little. LEFT: Charlie Absent / Maniera Model Sky Silvansky


Mikey Batriani “My idea of the perfect date does not necessarily involve expensive surroundings. It would involved getting to know the person and discovering as many facets of that person as I can. Although, good food and wine and Parisian city lights are always romantic :).� - Mikey Batriani COUNTRY: AUSTRALIA

WHY IS HE A MANIERA MAN OF STYLE: The consummate gentleman with a mixture of intelligence, charm and confidence and extraordinary good looks makes him hard to resist. Mikey is a down to earth true romantic and we wanted to show that side of him. The type of man that makes you feel comfortable, safe and desired.. Well if manners maketh the man Mikey is THE MAN! Down to earth Aussie guy with a great attitude to working in Second Life. Fun, kind, respectful and ready to learn and enjoy SL to the fullest, he was a ray of sunshine!


RIGHT: Mikey Batriani / Maniera Model blackbarbie Bravin

Photo by Spartin Parx

Photo by Eira Juliesse

Finlandich Flanagan “. . . Finally I love to end up on a beach under a lit moon and enjoy each other’s company.” - Finlandich Flanagan


WHY IS HE A MANIERA MAN OF STYLE: Rugged good looks, respectful, unassuming , Finnegan is the type of man that not only can make you laugh but one you find yourself talking to for hours. A man that listens (and ladies, men DO listen) and one you can rely on. What more can I girl ask for? A kind guy, down to earth and a great sport at our photo shoot. He was just as comfortable in front of the camera as he is behind it... Or at least if he wasn’t, he didn’t show it! He made us all smile and want to give him big hugs!

LEFT: Finlandich Flanagan / Maniera Model Glitter Bolissima


S a r t o r i a

Fashion Photoshoot by A

F a s h i o n s

tomicSparkle Sky tower

RI C OR A C E R FLUX | | S 0 0

0 2 BL A C K S UIT | | $ 7 5 0 L

Vort i m e r E t h a nie l | | S 0 2 1

S IL K S UIT BL A C K | | $ 5 0 0 l

Charlie Absent

| | C H A R C O a L S UIT

UIT | | * * N E W R E L E A S E * * P r i c e P e n d i n g

M I K E Y B A TRI A NI | | 0 1 BL A C K S UIT

|| **NEW RELEASE** Price Pending

Finlandich Flanagan ||

S 0 0 1 - GR E Y S UIT | | $ 7 5 0 l

Thumper Boucher: Second Life Musician. Real World Profession. Article by BlackBarbie Bravin

Fire resonates from his thick dreadlocks, flames explode from his fingertips, and his feet seemingly never touch the ground. Everything about Thumper Boucher is a blaze. Thumpers SL persona is not his real life alter ego. It is the life he lives. As a multi instrumentalist, live musician, and visual artist in real life, Thumper explains that he had played almost every mainstream style of music there is before becoming a solo artist. His band DirtyWormz has a “hard-core/hip hop/heavy metal” sound that transcends musical categories. He explains that because of his versatile cutting edge style, his solo music is quite different from that of DirtyWorrmz. “Smakola is the rapper, Jax is the guitarist, DJ Crash is on the tables, Swift is on the drums, the guy in the afro wig and gas mask is DOK, and my name is Dirty D.” They have performed before crowds with more than ten-thousand in attendance and in the last two months have opened for Naughty by Nature, Skindred, Ice Cube, Mike Jones, and on August 20th will open for Bone, Thugs and Harmony. If you can catch Thumper in concert here in Second Life be prepared for a “real” concert! Not only is his caliber of music incredible, but the stage show is also amazing. The vibrations, lights, flashes, and effects take you to another place as the sounds force you to bounce your head and raise your arms. Thumper is a true musician who performs at various venues in Second Life during the day and in real life during the night. Impressed by his stage show and inquiring about this stage props he let me in on a little known The Man Behind The Avatar fact that he is also a sculptor and Photo submitted by Thumper Boucher

Thumper Boucher, the Avatar Photo by Mrohs Baxton

builder. His store, The “Cosmic Cube”, offers a unique array of items unlike any found such as amazing scripted electric, color changing hairstyles that include dreadlocks. Thumpers versatile music style shows in his work through the uniqueness that goes into each item. Looking around his shop you can feast your eyes on avatars, superpowers, fire, lightening, as well as spaceships. The range of colors flashing from different directions is random and ever changing. You can even complete forms and purchase music in store. Whatever you do, don’t leave the store without first seeing Ms. Machine! Dirty D, known in Second Life as Thumper, explained that “Thumper” was a nick-name from high school that stuck with him. He even let on that there is a video out there from his first major band when he lived in Dallas, Texas, and was known as Dr. Promo Image for DirtyWormz. Tongue. His drummer at the time went Photo submitted by Thumper Boucher on to play for Pearl Jam, even accepting a Grammy on Pearl Jam’s behalf. In addition to purchasing his music at his shop in Second Life you may also do so via Thumper has two solo records. The albums named, Average American Dad and Digital Dinosaurs were written, performed, mixed, mastered, and produced by Thumper. The largest crowd he has ever performed for was thirty-thousand at the Texas Motor Speedway. Thumper explained that it was a huge Woodstock like, all day festival in the 90’s with performances by No Doubt and Counting Crows, as well as others. A powerhouse on-stage he explained that off-stage his other love was being an average full time father. There is nothing remotely average about Thumper, which is why it is ironic as his humor shows through when he named his album, “Average American Dad”. “I do all the things they (fathers) do, but then I put on a mask and go raise hell and live the music scene!”


“Strong women that know who

What do I find sexy? As a man, of cours that shows confidence in herself. She has her. That is someone that I find myself w more than just what she wears, but who could be sexier?

they are..and a nice pair of panties.. no butt floss:+)” - Thumper Boucher, RL /SL Performer; Owner of Cosmic Cube

What do you

Quotes compiled by

I find smart women sexy. A woman who knows what she wants and gets it and flirting is sexy as hell too! - Al Penucca, Club Patron MGR, Feverlast LW Boxer

The sexiest thing for me is seeing a woman in an outfit without revealing too much leave it to the imagination as tha any of us know.

- Damien Tatham, Model/DJ; co

“Facial features, eye, l

se I have an admiration of ladies and their looks. But a lady s a great attitude and it just seems to draw those in around wanting to get to know in some degree. For me... sexy is she is. Classy, playful, goofy. and free to be herself. What - Hawk Perenti, Photographer of “Hawk’s Photography”

What I find Sexy is confidence.

u find sexy?

y Topaz Joubert

that is tastefully revealing at can be the sexiest thing

Being confident in yourself, your occupation and what you wear and feel is very sexy! - Charlie Absent, Gems and Kisses Manager; Top Model, Maniera Man of Style

I find attractive women with nice legs who wear mini skirts and dresses with high heels very sexy. I also think women look sexy with tattoos if not over done. - Marty7 Miles, SL helicopter pilot

o-owner in Blue Hawaii Fishing

lips and cheek lines.”

- Lawrence Petty, Larry’s Lithographs

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