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“Go away, i don’t know where you people come from, get out of my site, early in the morning i had to see such a face ”

“Sir, please sir, I am really hungry haven’t eaten for days sir, please give me some money, ur life will flourish sir, please.”

“GET LOST!! “ You bloody scoundrel, get away from my car. “

The little boy upset, disheartened, hungry, and tired he steps to the side and see the cars passing by, seeing various kinds of people, and families. Many a time he wonders Who is he? Who our his parent? where r they? why is he alone in this world? but his questions remain unanswered.

On day on a hot afternoon in a road in delhi, with the scorching sun taking the life out of you......

....its really hot sir and I haven’t eaten a meal in days sir please.”

He tried his luck again, he picked a car with an elderly man inside and knocked at their window.

The man in the car was watching this little boy, he took an immediate fondness to shiv, he smiled and asked,

“What is your name?”

“SHIV SIR“ “Please sir, please give me some money.....

The red light turned green and people were aggressively honking at this car, who spoke to shiv like he was a human.

NO ONE had ever given him so much respect. His eyes lit up, his heart ecstatic, he was overhoyed. “May God always be with you�

Shiv was overcome with joy, his eyes full of tears he took the 50 Rs.

He felt like a person again. His mind was rushing with the things he could do with that money. STUDY. READ.

The Traffic signal’s of Delhi has its own dynamics. It runs on a territory bases, You didn’t know who ruled the signal. There were these three boys in their teens, around 17, 18 who thought they ruled the place. BULLIES.

These three boys from the fly-over were watching this whole scene happen it was the most anyone had earned in two weeks. The three boys were furious with jealously. It became an ego issue with them.

“What does the think he is, how dare he not come and give us the money.”

“He thinks we didn’t see him?”

“I think it is time to remind him who we are and what we can do.”

The other pushed him from the back and he fell flat on his chest.Shiv did not know what he had done.

That night, shiv was praying and thanking god for a good day, these three boys went up to him.....

“ Why are .yo.........” before he could finish one of these boys slapped him. Shiv started crying.

.....One of him smacked him on his head, and started laughing. “You think we wouldn’t have come to know.”

“You think you can out smart us.”

Shiv tried to get up. This time he got smacked on his ear which started bleeding.

“Please leave me alone, haven’t done anything to you.””

His eyes helpless, his body numb with fear, hie head spinning and his ear bleeding, the only thing he could think about was his 50Rs note that a kind man had given him with a lot of blessing and hope.

He was begging for mercy, he wouldnt be spared.

Egos of the boys flared up on being refused. Without thinking they pounced on him, punched , kicked and beat him up,till he didn’t have the energy to keep up, .

They took the money away, leaving him in a corner as if he was abandoned garbage. Shivs clothes were torn, he was bleeding profusely. His eyes were so helpless and full of tears yet no one came to help.

That night he want to sleep crying.

He had a dream about his parents, all the questions that he never got answers for started appearing.

While dreaming suddenly a strange boy appeared. It seemed so real, he was a boy as old as shiv with the same physic but blue in colour.

A happy, naughty, impish pixie with mischievous eyes, is exuberant, and is a prankster. He loves to trouble people.He is a dream hopper.

Seeing him shiv got alarmed and he woke up shocked to find that he was just having a dream,

He shows shivs some tricks, hops from one dream to another and troubles people.

He pretended to be a snake and climbed on to someone’s chest, resulting in the person yelling on top of his voice.

He then stuck a twig up someone’s nose. Shiv was laughing again :)

He then puts pepper into their noses

He then goes to where the bullies were sleeping. SNIGERS. He starts of by putting a rat in one of theirs boxers.

Then he ties their feet as if he was in a maze tangled in all directions.

Then splashes water on one of them.

Shiv feels satisfied and feels that there is someone for him, this blue boy is his creation, he came from his dream his alter ego, he wants to hold on to him forever. With him around he feels safer, stronger and more confident.

Suddenly they see shiv in front laughing at them so they decide to get up and beat him up but as son as they try the all tumble and fall over each other. In the morning shiv finds the blue boy gone but he is wearing his T-shirt.

He realises he now has to stand up for himself.

Illustrated and written by MANASI LAMBA . Thanks to Avy, Raghu, Aparupa, Jit, Tisha and Karno.

Graphiv novel  

It is about a little street child named shiv and his alter ego.

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