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THE HARRIERS HERALD No. 278, April 2016 Editor: Sue Francis

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Thursday night schedules for April and May Compton Downland Challenge – 7 days to go and a final call for helpers! Boundary Run & Walk 2016 – update Thursday run with Didcot Runners – date for your diaries Race results: Oxford Mail cross-country – A trophy for Sue at series finale; Goring 10K – Giles and Jeremy battle it out on home ground; Barcelona Marathon – Emma sets a great PB; Banbury 15 – Three Harriers run well as Philomena is second in category; Maidenhead Easter 10 – Four Harriers complete Good Friday race Handicap Race – Aaron sets a PB to win the race, and extends his Championship lead Webmaster’s article – Mo features ‘Heart rate training’, and lists races of interest for the months ahead Thanks to Mo for this month’s article, and to Ryan, Terry, Emma and Mo for photos Copy date for next Harriers Herald – 30th April

Thursday night schedule for April Thurs Thurs Thurs Thurs

7th 14th 21st 28th

Martin to lead Colin to lead Handicap Race Jonathan to lead

Thursday night schedule for May Thurs Thurs Thurs Thurs

5th 12th 19th 26th

Boundary Run Sus to lead Lucy to lead Philomena to lead

Correspondence received Sender England Athletics

Subject matter Club affiliation fee and individual athlete affiliation fees due 1st April

Action Paid 2nd April

Compton Downland Challenge – final call for volunteers for Saturday 9th April Compton Harriers 20-mile Downland Challenge race takes place one week today on Saturday 9th April, from the Downs School, with a start time of 10:00. So far we have 132 entrants, and a good weather forecast is likely to bring in up to 50 more entrants on the day. Martin and Lucy are the Race Directors this year. Thank you to everyone who has already volunteered to help with marshalling, course-marking, registration etc.: you should by now have received your ‘instructions’ from Martin. Martin could still do with a few more helpers so, if you are free on that day and willing to help (you do not have to help all day; if you only have a couple of hours to spare, Martin will find you an appropriate job) please let Martin know ( ). For full details of the Compton Downland Challenge see:

HH April 2016


Boundary Run & Walk 2016 Sue The annual Compton Boundary Run and Walk will be held on the evening of Thursday 5th May. ‘Race’ HQ: Parking, toilets and changing / showering will be at the Downland Sports Centre, Manor Crescent, Compton, RG20 6NU. Start times: Walkers start at 16:45, and runners at 17:45. Run & Walk route (8 miles, multi-terrain): The intention is to use the same course as in previous recent years (a scenic, undulating 8-mile route on public footpaths and tracks, through fields and woods) since the new race HQ, the Sports Centre, is on the usual route; we will just have a different start and finish point compared with previous years. We will finish at the Sports Centre, but I am still considering the best options for a safe start point close to the Sports Centre (a mass of competitors crossing a fairly busy road soon after the start is not ideal). The route will be well-marked, but not marshalled. I will confirm the route and provide a map in due course. Who can take part? Compton Harriers, their friends, family and colleagues are all welcome. I have also invited members of other local running clubs, as in previous years. Runners and walkers of all standards are welcome – many choose to take part for fun and to enjoy the scenery, but it’s competitive at the front (there are trophies for the first men and lady runners and walkers). Please note: It is not a ‘formal’ race. There is no entry form, no entry fee, no race insurance, and no race permit. However, I do ask people to let me know in advance if they intend to come along, so we know roughly how many to expect. Post-run/walk refreshments and social (East Ilsley Swan): Richard and Kim at East Ilsley Swan pub have agreed to lay on a barbecue in the pub garden (from 19:30) - all competitors and their supporters will be welcome. The trophies will be presented at the barbecue. Any volunteers to help out?: If you don’t intend to take part, but are keen to be involved, it would be much appreciated if you were able to help with any of the following: Manning the drinks station: We traditionally have a (wo)manned table serving water, squash and sweets in East Ilsley (about half way round the route). Philomena has offered to help (thanks Phil). First aid: Are you a qualified first-aider who could be based in the start/finish area, but could drive out to any accessible part of the course if needed? Time-keeper’s assistant: Jan has kindly volunteered to do the timekeeping again, and is very experienced at this, but an assistant can be helpful at busy times.

Thursday evening run with Didcot Runners – 7th July As in previous years, Didcot Runners have invited us to join them for a Thursday evening run. This year, they have let us know very well in advance. The run will be on Thursday 7th July, from Wittenham Clumps with the usual choice of two routes: 4.29 miles, Dorchester & back 5.99 miles, Shillingford The run will be followed by a hot buffet (£10 per head) at ‘The Bear’ at South Moreton. More details nearer the time.

HH April 2016


Race Results and Reports Oxford Mail Cross-Country Series Race 5, Harwell, 6th March Sue The final x-country of the Oxford Mail series was held on nice dry grassland behind the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Despite a big hill on each lap, it’s a fast and enjoyable course. The ladies race (2 laps) was won by Woodstock’s Jessica Webb (23:52) and there were 126 finishers. I finished 30th (28:08) and, with Helen Preedy 15th and Rachel Bladon 34th, we finished as 5th team on the day. The men’s race (3 laps) was won by Ben Cole (Swindon Harriers) in 29:23, and there were 219 finishers. Jonathan ran well to significantly improve on his performance in the previous race, finishing 136th in 39:55, helping the team to 8th place in Division 2 on the day. At the end of the series of five races, the ladies team finished 7th in Division 1, and the men 8th in Division 2, and I was pleased to receive a trophy for 2nd individual in the FV45 category. Thank you to Team Kennet for letting members of Compton Harriers run as part of their team again this season. What goes up……

Sue approaches the summit, and Jonathan proves Sir Isaac Newton’s theory

Goring 10K, 13th March The weather was perfect for Goring’s annual 10K race. Run over a testing, hilly course the event was well organised as usual, and there were 895 finishers. Three Harriers took part, all being Goring and Streatley residents: me, Jeremy and Giles (Compton Harriers’ new recruit). In recent years, Jeremy and Giles have had an annual battle in the Goring 10K. This year was no exception as Jeremy tracked Giles for most of the race (see photo left – approaching 6K at South Stoke). Giles opened a gap in the later stages of the race to finish 16th overall in a fast 37:54 – a 1minute PB for this course – with Jeremy a good 19th in 38:11. I finished 110th in 44:32. Giles was the first Goring male veteran, and I was the first Going lady veteran (no prizes for that, but a mention on the race website!). The race winners were Rob Corney (Reading Roadrunners, 34:29) and Amelia Churnside (40:57).

HH April 2016


…must come down

Barcelona Marathon, 13th March Terry and Emma travelled to Barcelona for the second successive year to complete some unfinished business. Last year, Emma was poorly, but still managed to complete the 26 miles. This year, the weather was lovely and Emma and Terry ran together, with Emma knocking 5 minutes off her marathon PB. They finished in 4:41:58. (14607th). The winning man was Dino Sefir (Ethiopia, 2:09:31) and the first lady Valary Aiyabei (Kenya, 2:25:26).

Banbury 15, 20th March Three Harriers had successful races at Banbury. Ryan recorded an excellent 1:40:24 (34th). Susanne finished in 1:58:25 (130th), with Philomena not far behind (2:02:37, 154th). Phil was rewarded with 2nd in the FV55 age category, but was amazed to see she had just been beaten by the speedy 70-year-old Kate Williamson of Eynsham Roadrunners, who is aiming to break the W70 British record of 3:49 in the London Marathon! The race winners were Richard Simkiss (McCarkiss Endurance Project, 1:24:34) and Diane Moore (Headington, 1:38:39). There were 300 finishers.

Maidenhead Easter 10, 25th March Four Harriers ran well in this Good Friday 10-miler: Martin (1:07:22, 143rd), Philomena (1:19:53, 396th), Lucy (1:22:49, 453rd) and Colin (1:30:04, 586th). The race winners were Phil Wicks (Belgrave Harriers, 50:26) and Emily Wicks (any relation?) of Aldershot (59:13).

HH April 2016


Handicap Race Sue The last of this winter’s Handicap races was held in good conditions on a still, dry and cold evening, with a bit of moonlight. Aaron was back in fine form as he smashed his PB to cross the finishing line first, with a big winning margin, setting the evening’s fastest time in the process. Colin was next, ahead of Sue, George, Lucy, Mo (who drew with Colin on handicap) and John. Well done Aaron, and thanks to Jan and Dick for timing. The next race is scheduled for 21st April, and will be around our summer (Relay Lap) route. Finish Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Position on handicap


Start time

Aaron Colin Sue

1 2= 4 6 7 2= 5

Finish time

5:50 3:28 6:30 5:22 5:00 2:41 0:00

George Lucy Mo


Handicap Beaten?

Actual time

18:10 18:45 19:02 19:31 19:41 22:45 23:33

12:20 15:17 12:32 14:09 14:41 20:04 23:33

-0:50 -0:15 +0:02 +0:31 +0:41 -0:15 +0:16

Handicap Championship 2016 After three races, Aaron has extended his lead, with Colin, Sue and Mo in pursuit! Pos.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9=

9= 11


Race points Race Race 5 6

Race 1

Race 2

Race 3

Race 4

Aaron Colin Sue Mo John Martin Jonathan Richard D

8 12 10 9 5 6 7



12 10 8 10 7 -



George Philomena Lucy


6 -

6 5



HH April 2016

8 10 8 5



Race 7

Race 8

Race 9

Total of best 5





32 30 28 27 12 11 9 7





6 6 5

Website update… Mo No major changes to website layout since last month although I am currently looking into the merits of introducing a 'mobile friendly' version as this seems to be more often than not the favoured means of accessing the internet. I am even looking into the possibility of introducing a 'touch' icon for mobile access! Links of interest this month: If you are interested in long distance challenge events which provide you with a good test of your abilities, with reasonable entry fees, then I suggest a visit to Heart rate training - an addition to your Training Program: My article this month takes a slightly different look into the balanced training program I wrote about last month, by introducing heart rate as a means of pitching your training at the right level of intensity. You will first need to establish your 'Resting Heart Rate' (RHR) so, before you get out of bed in the morning, record your lowest pulse rate. From this starting point, your following activities will show how much work your heart does to keep your body functioning. Next, you will need to either do a 5k run with as much effort as possible (eyeballs out!), or run up and down a hill at full effort until you're ready to drop, from which you can then establish your 'Maximum Heart Rate' (MHR). There is a method of reaching a reasonable estimate of your MHR by subtracting your age from 220, but there’s no substitute for the accuracy of testing it yourself! Heart Rate is an excellent measure to show how hard your body is working. For example, your pace may drop considerably when running in tough muddy conditions, but your heart rate will give a better indication of just how hard your body is working. Having established your RHR and MHR the following table is a useful guide to the effort you will need to input throughout your training program. Assuming RHR = 54 (0%) and MHR = 180 (100%), then with your heart monitor in working order, your target figures would be:

Jogging / Recovery (Low Intensity)

Long Runs / Aerobic (Mid-Intensity)

Tempo Runs / Anaerobic (High Intensity)

Flat-out Intervals. (High Intensity)

60-70% 130 to 142bpm

70-80% 142-149bpm

80-90% 149 to 167bpm

90-100% 167 to 180bpm

Helps your muscles handle lactic acid.

Improves & develops muscle fibres.

Improves endurance and aerobic capacity.

Develops your (Burns fat as a fuel without using cardiovascular system. too much glycogen).

At low intensity, your muscles are fuelled using fat and plenty of oxygen – training at this level tunes up your aerobic system, improving your body's ability to deliver oxygen to your muscles more efficiently. At high intensity, your muscles work much harder, using a greater proportion of glycogen as a fuel and your body has to deal with all sorts of chemical by-products, including the production of lactic acid. Pushing your training into these upper zones with tempo runs and interval training will help your body adapt to dealing more efficiently with these 'unwanted' by-products. Mid-Intensity training will help in developing your cardiovascular system by burning off glycogen rather than fat and won’t make your muscles work hard enough to teach them how to handle lactic acid. Training well is all about understanding the importance of the body's processes involved in your efforts and devoting the right amount of time to each. By improving your performance at low heart rates, you will train your body to make better use of its fat-burning and oxygen-delivering capabilities which will also improve endurance. Over-all, you should then see an improvement in your race pace when your heart is working harder.

HH April 2016


It's not essential to wear a heart rate monitor to use the above training approach as it’s mainly about your discipline in running at different levels of intensity. However, heart rate feedback does provide a good indication of how hard you are working your body when you run.

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