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Dec.18 - Dec.25

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Go Christmas shopping at The Drink Shop!

From - December 9, 2:33 AM

“Ron de Jeremy Rum is an exceptionally well-balanced 7-year old rum from Panama. It has an inviting light amber colour with very attractive copper hues.”

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Voted America’s #1 Adult Weekly



Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Her

1. Watch - Once againwatches are in this season. These are a few of the most popular ones out onthe market right now; Timex Weekender, Michael Kors Watch, Diesel Franchise Watch

2. MeUndies - Made from ultra-soft Modal fabric, not only has amazing underwear for guys, but they also have a full women’s collection, including everything from sexy thongs to ultra-soft briefs. MeUndies also come in matching prints for him and for her, making them the perfect gift for your special someone this year. always offers free shipping, plus, as an added bonus, is offering an additional 25% off your first purchase when you use code AMHOLIDAY at checkout. $20 at MeUndies 3. Ugg Antora Flats - Flats will always win over heels when it comes to comfort. Ugg brought it to another level by adding their signature sheepskin interior to their Antora flat, so she’ll be looking chic and her feet will be warm, no matter how cold her office is.

4. Tablets - Tablets are also on everybodies wish list this season. If someone onyour list doesn’t already have one here are a fewpopular ones youmight look into; Nexus 7, iPad & iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy has a few different ones, Kindle Fire, and Asus also has a few different ones. 5. Jawbone Up - The Jawbone Up bracelet is without a doubt the most stylish activity tracker out there right now. What also sets it apart from the rest is that it doesn’t set out to be a “fitness” tracker per se, but simply an aid to living a healthier lifestyle all around by keeping tabs on your sleep and eating habits and how they affect your well-being. It’s not just about counting calories. And, with its range of colors, it looks great paired with other jewelry, or as a great-looking accessory by itself. $129.99 at Best Buy 6. Menu Louise Christ Jewelry Tree - This handy and modern jewelry stand looks great and will prevent her from losing her necklaces, bracelets and rings. And unlike a typical jewelry box, this one shows off all her favorite pieces. $49.95 at Amazon

7. Sunpocket Sunglasses - One of Sunpocket’s latest designs, the Samoa is definitely among their more stylish models and, like the rest of its line of foldable and affordable sunglasses, they come in a range of fun colors that fit any style.

8. Comme Des Garçons Wallet - A great accessory always goes a long way, especially if it’s Comme Des Garçons. No, but really — a great wallet like this, with its rich red and luxury design, is something she’ll be able to keep for a long time. Starting around $100. 9. Giles and Brother Hook Bracelet - The brother-and-sister duo Giles and Brother pair rougher materials like leather with luxury ones such as gold, giving their jewelry designs a mix of bohemian spirit and elegance. Their pieces thus look great whether on vacation to Mexico or a holiday dinner. 10. Diptyque 3 Winter Candle Set - Known for their high-end, delicious-smelling candles, French candlemaker Diptyque is a must in any 21st-century home. The elegance not only of the smell, but also the candle holder’s clean and vintage-inspired design itself will dress the room beautifully. METRO


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Voted Best BROTHEL in Nevada

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Him 1. Watch - Watches are all the rage this season, andthere are several on the market to choose from. Here are the ones we like the best. Calvin Klein Play Watch, Basis Watch, Invicta Speedway Watch, Pebble Smartwatch, Braun Chronograph Watch

2. ENO DoubleNest Hammock - is light and easy to install and can be packed up and brought anywhere. It also comes in a variety of

colors. It’s great for any of his getaways, whether that means sitting down in the backyard with a beer or enjoying the great outdoors on his next adventure. It holds up to 400 pounds so there’s space for two. $69.95 at Amazon

3. Grand Theft Auto V - GTA 5 was the single most popular game of the year and has dominated consoles ever since its first release in 1997. It’s the game where anything can happen, and chances are, he’s been itching to play it.

For Xbox and PS3 $59.99 at Dell

4. Nike Fuel SE - Aside from the sleek black bracelet, the new Nike Fuel is everything the other was not. Complete with new features like

hourly goals and a more acute sensor, it also allows you to create sessions for activities like cycling or yoga where you don’t move your wrist as much. Available in three different colors, the new Nike Fuel just may be the hottest fitness device on the market right now. $197.75 at Amazon

5. Lifeproof Case - Everyone should have this case. Rendering your iPhone or iPad waterproof and pretty much unbreakable, it’s almost

as good as AppleCare. Plus, unlike Apple’s guarantee, if you somehow break your phone (likely not while it’s on), you get to re-use this one. $79.99 at LifeProof

6. Philips All-In-One Head-To-Toe Grooming Kit - Gifts that make life easier are often the most appreciated. Philips’ All-In-One shaver tends any strand of hair on his body, so you don’t always have to tell him to go trim his ear hair. $49.95 at Amazon 7. Canon Powershot - Though a point-and-shoot, Canon’s Powershot isn’t your cousin’s cocktail camera. It upholds the high standards that Canon demands across the board, and also has HD video capability. $99.00 at Amazon

8. Tablet - Tablets are also on everybodies wish list this season. If someone onyour list doesn’t already have one here are a fewpopular ones youmight look into; Nexus 7, iPad & iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy has a few different ones, Kindle Fire, and Asus also has a few different ones.

9. Ray-Ban Clubmaster - Classic Ray-Ban style with an old-school touch. Despite summer’s departure, this plastic and metal frame is a great accessory to any outfit, while the 100% UV-protected crystal lenses will keep his eyes safe from the bright winter sun and snow. $95.00 at Sears

10. MeUndies - Made from Lenzing Modal fabric, MeUndies combines ultimate comfort and style with a range of different colors and prints. They even have matching prints for men

and women, making it the perfect gift for your girlfriend and all with free shipping on orders within the US and Canada. Right now, is offering 25% off your first purchase when you use the code AMHOLIDAY at checkout. $20 at MeUndies

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This ain’t no jelly of the month: food delivery services you’ll actually want Giving the gift of food can be tricky. Some people can’t get enough of niche artisan products, and others think you really want a steak that may or may not have even been made in Omaha. Obviously barware staples are always a great choice, but if you need to get a gift for the man who has everything except a fresh 6lb lobster, take a good look at these mouthwatering food delivery services. Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish Pizza 2-pack for $59, 6-pack for $105 Nearly every deep dish Chi-town spot is wise enough to ship these days, but we crowned Lou Malnati’s our top pizza in the city for their plum tomato sauce and a buttery crust made with Lake Michigan water (except on St. Patrick’s Day). Just tell people it was the pizza stone and they might even believe you made it yourself. The Besh Box $55/month John Besh, the NOLA-based chef whose own stockings are stuffed with James Beard awards, just launched a service for which he curates a monthly box of culinary goodies. Each new 30 days features signature recipes and everything you’d need to make them, ranging from kitchen gadgets to artisan ingredients. Plus there’s a Mardi Gras theme that doesn’t even involve Hand Grenades, maybe. The Mantry $75/month Aiming to fill your pantry with decidedly masculine foodstuffs (no Luna bars here!), Mantry offers a monthly delivery of artisan products like mountain bison jerky, backwood-crafted BBQ sauce, and Alaskan birch syrup. Each month has a dudely theme (Craft Beer Belly!) and everything’s packaged in an old-fashioned wooden crate that’s probably made out of reclaimed wood from a barn in Williamsburg, even though they don’t have barns there. The Lobster Guy Pair of live 1 1/4lb lobsters for $23 Both an awesome and terrifying present, the Lobster Guy, aka Captain Tim from Deadliest Catch, will overnight you live lobsters. For easy cooking, choose one under 2lbs, or if you have an entire family of lobster fiends to feed, inquire about the 6lb options. Taste of Texas from FoodyDirect Brisket starting at $17/lb, sampler packs for $95 If live lobsters sound a little too Maine-stream (sorry), order some authentic Texas BBQ from three of the state’s most legit spots: Kreutz Market, Black’s, and Snow’s (all three made our national 33 Best BBQ Joints). The region’s known for beef brisket, but each place also peddles sausages, ribs, and turkey, as well as sampler packs for gifters who feel that decision-making is the pits. Salt & Straw Five pints for $65 Even though it might ruin their sustainable Portland street cred, beloved ice cream barons S&S will ship their creamy goodness all over the country. Opt for samplers of their favorites (Stumptown coffee and bourbon, sea salt with caramel ribbons) or seasonal specials like Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey. Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors 3lbs of dry aged burger for $60, two prime 38oz tomahawk steaks for $150 Deliver the gift of beef without looking like a grandmother by using this butcher who was born before she was. Pat LaFrieda, NY’s most famous meat purveyor, who set up shop in 1922 and whose descendents star in the reality show Meatmen. Their burger blends are known around the world and their tomahawk steaks are a must if you consider yourself a man of meat. Buffalo Trace Distillery William Larue Weller 12 Year Old 75cl bottle for $57 Since you probably slept on purchasing Pappy Van Winkle, go with the much more affordable/findable option of W.L. Weller 12yr, which is made using the same mashbuild and barrels as the much-revered hooch. The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club $24/month for 12 bottles, plus shipping You can never go wrong with the gift of beer. And unlike the dark beauty above, the Beer of the Month Club is all about transparency, with a database showing the monthly beer picks for the last eight years.



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Canada vows to protect Santa Claus from Russian troops in the Arctic Russia has responded to Canadian moves to claim the North Pole and surrounding waters by ordering new military units to the Arctic

Canada has vowed to defend the North Pole and Santa Claus, insisting the mythical figure is a citizen, after Russia ordered its military to step up its Arctic presence. Paul Calandra, parliamentary secretary to the prime minister, cited Canada’s claim of the North Pole to bash an opposition party in Parliament. “We are defending the north further by making a claim on the North Pole,” he said. “We know that the (opposition) Liberals do not think that the North Pole or Santa Claus are in Canada. We do. We are going to make sure that we protect them as best we can.” Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau agreed, saying: “Everyone knows that Santa Claus is Canadian.

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Hot Octopuss Debuts Pulse, a High-tech ‘Guybrator’

A U.K.-based duo has debuted Pulse, a male sex toy that has been dubbed a “guybrator,” the reported. Unlike its female-geared equivalent, Pulse employs distinct technology called Penile Vibratory Stimulation (PVS), which uses piston-movement to generate high-amplitude oscillations, rather than the typical lowamplitude variety of most personal massagers. Co-creator Adam Lewis said he was inadvertently tipped off about PVS when he was doing online research for his product and discovered medical reports about the health benefits of oscillation treatment for people with spinal cord injuries. Essentially, vibrations directed at the frenulum area of the penis can facilitate ejaculation — a perk for disabled men looking to impregnate their partners. Lewis decided to incorporate the concept, but improve the design to make it sexy and drastically alter the purpose.


972-497-1590 (serious Inquieries ONLY)

“We see Pulse as more of a lifestyle product that was aspirational,” Lewis said. “It looks more like a speaker than a masturbation aid.” While Wired reporter Olivia Solon conceded that Pulse doesn’t look overtly sexual, she had her own distinct impression: “The device itself can only be described as looking like a Darth Vader helmet for your, er, helmet,” she wrote. “It is black in color and features the PulsePlate on the base, with two ‘wings’ that curve upwards around the shaft.” According to Lewis, he considers the first generation of Pulse the “iPhone 1” and has much imagined future variety, including a version that’s 100 percent waterproof and similar products using high-amplitude oscillations for women and couples. For more information about Pulse, visit Lewis’ company website www. The product can be purchased on the site for £69.



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What is the head coach’s responsibility? His true responsibility? It is to use the culmination of his experiences to make real time adjustments, offensively and defensively, to counter opposition decisions. Gobbledygook. Fairytales. Razzamatazz. Blarney.

accomplished in a convincing manner, the rest were taken to the wire.

That’s right, we started off today with nonsense. I have done you a favor and got the ridiculous out of the way first and not got you all excited only to let you down. Why let you think you’ll be treated to a great column only to stab you in the heart the further on you read?

What we need to do is take a different look at how these losses happened. There are many obvious angles to look at in losses but one that’s been overlooked is success.

Does foolishness sound familiar? Well, if you’re a Raiders or Texans fan it does. They started right off with nonsense and carried it right on through the games, didn’t mess around with getting’ all those emotions cranked up about winning. They let it be known up front they were ready for a shellacking and rolled right over for it. Now the Cowboys, they aren’t so kind. Nope. They like to play with the fans much like a mediaeval torture chamber. Get that good stuff out there and have everyone all excited and screamin’ and yellin’ and soakin’ up those suds. Then, then they pull that plug and down you go swirling along with that whirlpool as it sucks you right down the drain. And do they do that do that for one game? No. Maybe a couple of games? Nope, not even that. How about half the games they play? Yep, you nailed that one on the head. And of those seven losses, only in the Saints game were they blown out from the gitgo, the other six, they were in those games then gave ‘em up. Of the seven wins, only one is over a team with a winning record except that team (Eagles) wasn’t winning at that point in time. And of these wins, only three were

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Yes, you read that correctly, success. What does success have to do with failure? Well, did you know that according to the SBA (Small Business Administration) that a significant amount of failures are due to success? Yes, most small businesses fail due to success. They’re not prepared for it. What if we looked at the Cowboys as a small business? Not the NFL as a whole, but its franchises are each independent businesses. They have their own fan bases, marketing, and sales systems. So have the Cowboys failures been a product of small business failure by not being able to handle success? If we can’t argue that Coach Garrett or Quarterback Romo are incompetent, then we have to ask ourselves, why do they fail in certain situations? Garrett has overall game management responsibility and Romo has offensive play calling responsibility, more so this year as Jones has said he wants Romo to be Peyton Manning. How can we lay this off on success? Because both appear to make field decisions while in a successful position that have directly jeopardized the outcomes. If team games boil down to what you have and what you can do with them versus what the opponent has and can do, then decisions that do not take advantage of that are contra to success. It’s that simple, and apparently that hard.

At his disposal he has his history, what he’s been personally viewing, and several coaches inputting information to him throughout the game. It’s called the command decision making process. Where do I see the fault of Garrett? He was promoted too soon, before he had the opportunity to coach in different positions, with different leaders, under all kinds of situations, so that he could learn that adaptive leadership process. Is he smart? Yes. But he’s missing key elements that have negatively affected his game management decisions. Is the quarterback’s responsibility the same as the head coaches? Mostly, yes, it is. He is the physical implementation of the command process. And this appears also to be where Romo ultimately breaks down. Romo understands football and that it’s a team game. He understands the X’s and O’s. He gets it that the ball has to be protected. But the one thing that is in Romo’s head he hasn’t shaken loose is that he’s a pass at all costs quarterback. Romo doesn’t view the running game on the same terms he views his passing. He is egocentric to the point that he’ll go off the reservation in critical moments of the game. What does that mean? It means Romo doesn’t get it that a professional level offense is a balanced offense that has to use both elements to be successful and that his responsibility is the effective utilization of both. While it may sound all Western and glorified and fun, the idea of being a

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“gunslinger” in the NFL is the epitome of empty headedness. Tony Romo idolizes Bret Favre and doesn’t understand Peyton Manning. Favre, over an unusually long (for the NFL) career, did pile up statistics, and a Super Bowl win, but the negative stats are alarmingly high. He killed a lot of games with his antics. Manning learned through experience and plays it like a chess game with the instincts of a philosopher and the attitude of a Shotokan tenth Dan martial artist. You might even call him a Shaolin Master. The Zen Warrior. For Romo it boils down to this, not having the self-discipline in moments of pressure to control the conduct of himself and the team and the game. For Garrett, he needs to find mentors that can help put him in positions to learn more about game conduct and then compete for a head coaching job again. Someone like Belichick would be an ideal mentor, then under both Harbaugh’s, then John Fox, and possibly Pete Carroll. You know, spend some time getting it. And what about Jerry Jones, the architect of this surrealistic imploded explosion? Its Pablo Picasso meets Al Davis, both drinking tequila and eating the worm singing and dancing to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Light Show. Since Jones will never admit he’s wrong, nor that he can’t function as the GM, then we’re left to say that the overall drafts have been a bust, the overall trades have been a bust, the leadership on team is a bust, the hierarchical authority is a joke, and several top players careers have been wasted. You may want pepperoni on your tombstone, but this is what goes on Jerry’s. How’s that taste? NFL Week 15 Review



some limits apply

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: The Hard Score : The Hard Score : The Hard Score : You gotta admit it, I called that Thursday night contest a trap game and San Diego topped Denver. It was exciting, and has potentially given the Chargers a shot at the second wild card if Miami stumbles. There’s only one team in the NFC that’s locked up a playoff spot so far, that’s Seattle, and only one clear division winner, that’s the AFC Colts, with the Broncos and Chiefs battling it out for the AFC West title and top seed. The Patriots are going to get in, but with those undersized receivers are going to have difficulty, as the Dolphins proved. The Cardinals are next in line for a wild card if either the 49ers or Panthers (or Saints) stumble, and that officially makes the NFC West the toughest division in the NFL. Coach of the Year needs to be the Arizona Cardinals new leader, Bruce Arians. If you didn’t believe what he did for Andrew Luck and the Colts last year, you better believe what’s out there now. Here’s a heads up: Fisher is bringing the Rams up in the NFC West and you can bet nobody’s gonna want that division on their schedule. Can you imagine having to play the Seahawks, 49ers, Cardinals, and Rams all in one season? Yeah, that’s a rip. NFL Week 16 Sunday Noon CST Nine comin’ your way: five to shrug off, one for the fun of it, and three that have meaning. The no ‘counts: Broncos (11-3) at Texans (2-12); Titans (5-9) at Jags (4-10); Browns (4-10) at Jets (6-8); Bucs (4-10) at Rams (6-8); and, Vikings (4-9-1) at Bengals (9-5). Denver won’t stumble into a trap game two weeks in a row. If the Bengals fall to the Vikings they’ve got worse problems ahead.

and a bye in the first round. Kansas City wants to keep pace with Denver. This should be good football. Need a positive outcome: Saints (10-4) at Panthers (10-4); Cowboys (7-7) at Redskins (3-11); and, Dolphins (8-6) at Bills (5-9). Three division games and four of the six teams needing a win. New Orleans at Carolina will be the best game of the day. The winner is looking at a first round bye. The question here will be if Ryan’s defense can keep the pressure on Newton. The Cowboys need a win to stay in competition (I use that word loosely and with plenty of literary license), the Redskins are looking to be spoilers, and the networks are wondering if anybody will watch. Miami is holding the second wild card, the Ravens are the only ones left chasing them, and if New England stumbles again, the Dolphins are in firing range. The Bills haven’t won many games but have a seriously good defense. This is worth watching. 3:30 CST Five alive because they have meaning for some teams, but only two of these are bangers. The three Shetlands: Giants (5-9) at Lions (7-7); Raiders (4-10) at Chargers (77); and, Steelers (6-8) at Packers (7-6-1). Detroit has no chance at a wild card, the Packers are chasing them, but they’re close if the Bears lose to the Eagles. San Diego is fighting with Baltimore if Miami drops the ball for the second AFC wild card. Pittsburgh doesn’t have a realistic chance, but Green Bay does, and that clever come from behind win over Dallas last week has the Pack thinking championship. That was a joke, son.

For fun: Colts (9-5) at Chiefs (11-3).

The two heavyweights: Cardinals (9-5) at Seahawks (12-2); and, Patriots (10-4) at Ravens (8-6).

Indy has their division sewn up, but if they take KC and the Patriots lose to the Texans, the Colts are then looking at the second seed

Seattle has the overall seed in the NFL, so their incentive is not that high, but Arizona can still get in if the 49ers or Panthers



stumble, so they’ll bring their A game. This should be a great game. New England got schooled by Miami on what they’ll need to do to survive, and if they don’t bring that to Baltimore it’s gonna change the face of the AFC playoffs. The Ravens have no choice, it’s now win or go home. 7:30 CST This is the last Sunday night game. Not a battle of titans but it sure is for their season: Bears (8-6) at Eagles (8-6). Two weak NFC divisions, each are currently leading their divisions, and each are only a game ahead and have trouble holding their spots. If the Bears lose, the Lions and Packers are right there. If Philly loses, the Cowboys potentially are right there, not that they can’t win it all when they go to Dallas for the last game. Monday Night Football This is the last MNF Falcons (4-10) at 49ers (10-4). Not exactly ending the MNF season with fireworks, but at least it’ll put Atlanta out of their misery. Use this time to go buy the presents you avoided, you Scrooges. Readers Response: Mr. Two Dogs: Would you please explain the popularity of American sports? D’arwani – Houston D’arwani: The problem is where you live, Houston hasn’t had a professional sports franchise or competitive University program there in years, so you’ve missed all the camaraderie and celebrations like those of us north of you in Dallas get. That’s a joke, you’ll find all us American sportsters are great jokesters. Find a team, local or not, buy a hat and sweater, then look up where they meet, and go join up. Example, the Houston

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Rockets basketball team are fun, go yell and scream with them. You can pick a sport for each season. The Dallas Stars hockey team has a Houston following. Try it, you’ll like it. TD Two Dogs: Texas forced Mack Brown out and they’ve lost the greatest coach ever. I’ll never watch again. Mark – Mesquite Mark: So? TD Two Dogs: Is there any team that the Cowboys can be competitive with? Doug – Dallas Doug: Sure, the Ursuline Girls Academy, but they’d have to use their second stringers to give the Cowboys a chance. TD Two Dogs: The Cowboys comments after the games are always the same, they’ll learn from this, study the film, make corrections, and get better. Oh, and blame the defense. Their comments have now become like the team, pathetic. Will – Atlanta Will: You have to give them credit, they finally got all the lines memorized, which goes to show they CAN master something. TD  Page 9

Uruguay: Lawmakers Authorize Marijuana Production And Sales Members of the Uruguay Senate approved legislation this week authorizing the licensed production and retail sale of cannabis to all citizens age 18 and older. Members of Uruguay’s House had previously approved the measure months earlier. The bill now goes to President José Mujica, who intends to sign the measure into law in the coming days. Once adopted, Uruguay will be the first nation in modern history to regulate the licensed production and sale of cannabis. “This is an attempt to bring an end to the illegal drugs trade by identifying the market and bringing it into the light of day,” said President Mujica in a statement. Commenting on the forthcoming law change, NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri said, “Uruguay’s efforts are historic, but they are hardly an isolated event. In both the US and abroad, public and political support for marijuana criminalization is collapsing - and rightly so.” Under the pending law, residents of the South American nation will be able to legally purchase up to 40 grams of cannabis per month. (Sales to non-residents will not be permitted.) Price controls will set the cost of cannabis available at state-stores to $1 per gram. The forthcoming law would also allow households to grow up to six cannabis plants each; it also allows for the establishment of cooperatives, which will be able to grow as many as 99 plants. Specific regulations overseeing the new policy are anticipated to be in place 120 days after the measure is signed into law. The possession of personal use amounts of cannabis in Uruguay is not presently subject to criminal penalties; however, marijuana cultivation and sale are classified as criminal offenses. For more information, please contact Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director or Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director, at (202) 483-5500.

Will the NFL ever allow marijuana as a pain reliever? Absolutely fascinating read from Howard Bryant at ESPN about the use of marijuana as a pain reliever for NFL players. Bryant argues that it would be “immoral to deny players the right to use it.” Will the NFL ever change its policy? Will Roger Goodell pioneer a new era in sports? The answer is quite simple. No, he won’t. And that’s a shame, a damn shame really. Howard’s argument here is spot on. But what was illegal yesterday may be legal tomorrow. And because football players deal with pain management more acutely than athletes from other sports, a more virtuous and forward-thinking approach for the NFL would be to stimulate discussion of marijuana use. This is a league in which the locker room culture still demands that athletes play through it all. And given that marijuana is a legitimate pain reliever — especially for the migraines that can be a byproduct of head trauma — and is far less dangerous and potentially addictive than, say, OxyContin, it is almost immoral to deny players the right to use it. Narcotic abuse is a real problem among NFL players, both active and retired. In a study published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, retired NFL players were four times as likely to misuse opioids in comparison to the general population. Most of that has to do misuse during their playing days. So why not marijuana? Why not go with a safer alternative? Some will say it’s a legal issue, though it’s decriminalized in 20 states now. Others will say it’s a social/cultural issue. It’s more acceptable to pop a pill than light a joint. Still, others will say that marijuana has the potential for abuse. Uh, you don’t think guys are taking vicodin/oxycontin when they aren’t in pain? Please. Get real. It’s time for the NFL to take a serious look at this. Sadly, I don’t believe Roger Goodell has the vision, I don’t believe he’s brave enough to make a statement. I hope I’m wrong.

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What you should know about White House Petition Seeks co-habitating ‘Opt-in’ for Online Porn Moving in together?

A petition on asking the Obama administration to create an “opt-in” feature for online sexually explicit content is gaining a slight amount of traction.

A generation ago it was unheard of, yet today’s couples warm up for marriage by living together. Some couples are even choosing a life together without the legal bond of marriage. But what they (and you) may not know is the legal problems that can pop up in such arrangements.

So far, the petition has about 20,000 online signatures. But the net effect of petitioning online to the U.S. government is rather limp because the online petition has no assurances that there will be any meaningful response. If the petition gets enough support — 100,000 by Nov. 23 — White House officials may pass it on to appropriate policy experts and later issue an official response.

Some of the most common problems relate to medical and property issues. If your partner is hurt you could find that only their blood relatives can make medical decisions for them. Or if a live-in partner dies, shared property, including homes or vehicles, may not be automatically transferred to the survivor even if you prove that you have been helping with upkeep or payments. Even little things like who gets the pets can be complicated matters. And if you’re beaking up and fighting over hwo gets what, there’s no divorce court to finally and legally settle the disputes.

Like a proposal initiated this year in the U.K. by Prime Minister David Cameron, the U.S. petition aims to make Internet users to choose to unblock porn through their ISPs filters. The petition was created by M.G. of Greenbrae, Calif., on Oct. 24.

One way to help (but not necessarily avoid problems) is to get a “cohabitation agreement”. This is a written document outlining a couple’s rights and obligations to each other and their household. Not all states will recognize this as a legal partnership, but they will see that both parties involved had a common goal and an agreement.

Diane Duke, who leads the Free Speech Coalition as its CEO, told XBIZ that censoring the Internet through mandatory opt-in processes is the wrong approach — both in the Britain and across the Atlantic in the U.S.

As the US tackles heady subjects like gay marriage, couples that are not married should pay heed. The laws enacted may affect you and your significant other. METRO


“We are asking for greater protection and responsibility from ISPs and our country,” the petition says.” We are asking that people who are interested in porn should have to seek it and choose it. They should have to opt in for it by making arrangements to receive it with their ISP. Everyone else should be free from it and assumed opt out.”

“The U.K. government itself admits that the opt-in approach won’t work and many believe it will create a false sense of security for parents,” Duke said. “If you look at the lack of support for the U.S. survey it’s clear that there is little interest in the U.S. to create a program destined to fail.”

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se espanol open 24 hours 5012 Sharp Street

214.905.1457 •Relaxation n •Table Shower • drSauna •Dry •Beautiful Ladies rvic •BEST service in town ATM AVAILABLE

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@ new location in Bedford Area

Oriental & White Girls available

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682-234-9367 METRO


2019 N. Henderson Ave. Dallas 75206


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BABE: Breast Awareness Benefits Everyone! Guys, we all love boobs. Well, maybe there are some leg men or ass men out there, but for those misguided souls, I ask you: Do you have legs? Do you have asses? I rest my case. We don’t have boobs. That’s why they rule! To this end, I’d like to bring everyone’s attention to a great foundation: B.A.B.E. -- Breast Awareness Benefits Everyone. From their Web site: Photos from fund-raising events are filled with the triumphant faces of women that had finished the walk. Women. Where were the men? Breast cancer attacks breasts. Who appreciates breasts more than men? Marcia had an epiphany. This is about breasts. Breasts are sexy. Breasts are beautiful. If breast cancer continues to affect one in every eight women, there won’t be many breasts or women left. She created a non-profit organization that is sexy, that teams with the industries that appreciate the power of breasts. b.a.b.e. was born. Consider making a donation to a great cause, guys. Breast cancer sucks royally, and with the help of a few porn stars, some brave women and a lot of nice guys, we can put an end to it.

Photos from xmas party at the Clubhouse 2013

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Yuletide Special Feature: Gia Nova By: Ms. Misha Morê

To celebrate the season, I am giving you Gia Nova days of Christmas Glamour and Wonderland! Each moment features a holiday pin-up from My collection. Dates are currently being added to Gia Nova’s 2014 Tour Schedule and beyond. To book a spot on the tour and have Gia Nova bring her sexy and award winning feature shows to your establishment email or contact her feature booking agent. Best Wishes to a Glorious and Happy Holiday Season from all of us at Metro ANE Magazine.



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Live 1 on 1

1-800-779-2514 Dallas/Ft Worth Habla con chicas sexi 30 minutos gratis

817-204-0012 214-900-1970

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Man to Man LIVE CHAT LINE! 30 min FREE Trial

Dallas 214-900-1974 Ft. Worth 817-240-0048



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∆ NATURAL HEALTH ∆ 8 Foods We Eat That Other Countries Ban There are chemicals and additives we allow in our snacks, drinks and packaged foods that other countries consider so unhealthy, they’ve banned them. What are we talking about? Here’s just one example: Fake coloring that gives those eerie bright hues to boxed mac and cheese, breakfast cereal, candy and soft drinks. Linked to behavioral changes in children, allergies, migraines and possibly cancer, those dyes are banned in several countries plus the United Kingdom — but not in the United States. In March, two mothers petitioned Kraft to use safer, natural coloring in their mac and cheese products, as the company does in other countries where the dyes are illegal. Kraft said no. Or how about brominated vegetable oil, or BVO, that’s added to citrus-flavored soda (like Mountain Dew) and sports drinks to make the artificial colors stick to the liquid. BVO contains bromine, which is used as a flame-retardant and has been linked to neurological problems and interference with thyroid hormones. BVO has been banned in all European Union countries, as well as India and Japan, yet it’s in U.S. products. In January, PepsiCo announced it would no longer use the additive in Gatorade, after consumers complained, but would leave it in Mountain Dew. The full list of foods with questionable chemicals banned elsewhere comes from a new book by nutritionists Jayson Calton, Ph.D., and Mira Carlton called Rich Food, Poor Food. It was also reported by Here are eight banned foods available in the U.S. 1. Artificially colored food made with dyes derived from petroleum and coal tar. Yellow 5, Red 40 and six others dyes — used to enhance products from Froot Loops to Nutri-Grain cereal bars — are called the “rainbow of risk” by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. They are banned in Norway, Finland, France, Austria and the U.K. 2. Chicken with arsenic. Arsenic in chicken feed cuts down on parasites, makes chickens grow faster and gives their meat more color. It also gives the chicken we eat higher levels of arsenic, known to cause lung, bladder and skin cancers, a study last month by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore found. Arsenic-laced feed is banned in the European Union. 3. Drinks with brominated vegetable oil (BVO). Bromine is a chemical used to keep carpets from catching fire, among other things, so why is it in our food? PepsiCo is removing it from Gatorade but keeping it in Mountain Dew. BVO is banned in more than 100 countries. 4. Breads with potassium bromate, used in bromated flour to make bread products rise higher and faster. Found in rolls, bagel chips, bread crumbs and flatbreads, potassium bromate has been linked to thyroid and kidney cancers in lab animals. It has been banned in Europe, Canada and China. California declared it a carcinogen in 1991. 5. Frozen dinners with azodicarbonamide. This is used to bleach and stabilize flour and also to make foamed plastic products like yoga mats and sneakers. Found in frozen TV dinners, packaged baked goods and some breads, it has been associated with inducing asthma. It is banned in Australia, the U.K. and most European countries. 6. Food preserved with BHA and BHT. These preservatives are added to cereal, nut mixes, gum, butter, meat and dehydrated potatoes to keep them from turning rancid. The debate over their safety has been going on in the U.S. for years. Meanwhile, they’re banned in the U.K., Japan and many European countries. 7. Milk with rBGH and rBST, also known as bovine growth hormones. Synthetic hormones, these are given to cows and therefore found in milk and other dairy products (unless the label specifically says otherwise). They have been linked to cancer and infertility and are banned in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan and the European Union. 8. Chips with Olestra or Olean, a fat substitute used in fat-free chips, like Ruffles Wow. Olestra and Olean can produce cramps and leaky bowels and are banned in the U.K. and Canada.

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Oak Lawn


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972-213-4172 un momento CLAUDIA para inolvidable...

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RoxannaBonita Latina

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Keep it Real hot talk, local singles


469.324.4888 When a phone call just won’t get it done!

*Opportunities Available

More local numbers: 1.800.811.1633 18+


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TS Amber your service

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214-650-3397 EDDIE Q. I’m Horny......Companions Wanted can we hook up? MY REAL PHOTOS! celeb/porn star in the industry since 1990




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Water Falls 2720 NE 28th Street ◆ Ft Worth

Couples Welcome Mon. - Thurs. 10am - Midnight Fri. - Sat. 10am - 2am Sun. Noon - Midnight come relax with one of our beautiful technicians in a private setting

Call Your favorite tech at:


Erin, Mindi, Tabitha, Hope, Gabbi, Candy, Laylah, Taylor and Alyssa

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