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Minstrel Man

By Langston Hughes Reviewed by Austin Kolodzinski


ave you ever had to put on a different face to hide your pain or sadness from other people? In the poem “Minstrel Man” by Langston Hughes, the author explains how many people did this, and wrote about how people can be deceived by a simple smile.

don’t see it because of the people who cover up their suffering. Perhaps you too can relate to the wonderful poem and realize that all you need to be successful in life is a true smile and complete happiness.

After reading the poem, it can be concluded that the true meaning of the poem is about a slave of an unstated race that hides his emotions and pain through a smile. This relates to today’s generation because many people who are hurt often hide the pain in public by smiling and laughing, just like Hughes writes in his work. In other words, Hughes is saying that many people in his time period hide all their pain by smiling and laughing to make it seem like they’re happy so others will not confront him or feel there is anything wrong. Hughes also doesn’t understand how people can’t tell how much pain others have been through and how something as simple as a smile can cover it all up. The poem is very modernist because the overview of the poem is saying how the world is depressing and many people

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Minstrel man  
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