Millions of unique visitors come to Issuu each week.

Millions of unique visitors come to Issuu each week to enjoy publications on every topic imaginable. It makes targeting your specific audience easy. In addition, if your brand happens to be aligned with our massive publisher base, this could be a partnership like no other.


Homepage Sponsorship

With millions of daily page views, our homepage is the ideal place to promote your brand. Your perfectly-crafted advertorial message will blend in nicely featured alongside various Issuu editorial content. Interested readers will be redirected to your website.

Transitional Unit Sponsorship

Once a reader fitting your target profile selects a publication, they are presented with a full-page environment showcasing your brand while waiting for their publication to load. This space is yours to customize with your brand’s identity, message and CTA.

Various Display Units

Traditional display units are available everywhere on Issuu, which can be targeted to whatever audience you desire. You can also promote yourself as an Issuu publisher and link to an Issuu Stack loaded with your company’s publications or materials.

Category Page Sponsorship

Category pages allow readers to efficiently find publications on Issuu. Sponsoring a category page is a great way to incorporate your brand’s message in a very focused environment. And if you have publications on Issuu, these can be promoted within the introduction.

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