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Subject: Absolut Marilyn Duration: 3 months Espositive location: to be located


Any Woman Is Nothing But An Apparition Thats how Andy Warhol defined Marilyn; les secrets d’un corp was meanwhile, the happy definition of Herry Miller. The icon, Marilyn, is now a legend in the dead nature epoch: Women, all the same or replicatns tout court of femininity apparence . So, icon and legend, and also was feme fatale that overworked in life.Very beautiful and touching. She was drawn by crazy desires that she herself would persue them as it was an angel’s in love delirium. Consumed, idealized and murdered. Then resurrected. Diva: a path of dark and decadent decline. Sex to the madness in a mythological and hollywood style avenue, where her silluhete stands over any other; today, overall the female universe. Pure Passion was Christian Dior’s intuition for Marilyn. In this magic name that includes passion and purity there is the attraction of the most sensual perfume of moison Dior. There is sublimity intiution in the words of the celebre couturier, because he knew how to find the crumb of eternity in those that belongs to the myth. And what a myth! Marilyn is synonym of sensuality and femininity for more than half century. She is a cluster of three indistinguishable elements: absoulut elegance, extreme femininity, taste accomplished; and about the secret has to be looked for in her life suspended between Eros and Thanatos. Defenceless and psycologically fragile and for that even more sensual. Marilyn is unique in seduction in global and spectacular epoch. She has obbsessed the art and the pop culture taking them to poroxysm: tested by the elaborations of Andy Wahol and Mimmo Rotella. And if women today are no longer in apparition, we can’t do anything but to cite Nobokov: “We watch the artist (woman) while she builds her paper castle, we watch the paper castle becoming a glass and steel castle” So, after the glory only eternity for Marilyn!

The show set up description The exhibition was a great international event, NY.2005, consisted in 130 large format photos 250x180, in colors and b/w in gelatin silver print of the photographer Sam Shaw. Sam Shaw was Marilyn’s prefeared photographer and was the only one who caught the serene and radiant charming of the just passed century myth. The setting up of the show curate by the Beauty Ministry Assosiation in collaboration with Federico Motta Editore will evoke the taste of aesthetics sublimity or simply the taste of the real Beauty or even more the taste of seduction of the Beauty is Marilyn.

The exhibition is tecnically articulated in phases: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)

Ideation, general coordination and realization of this kind of event including the management of all the relationships with partners. Viewing and choosing the photos Printing out the photos and setting them in frames Expositive Rights Transporting the work from the origin place to the place of espositive Insurance for the transportation and the espostive period duration. Putting on and off the exhibition Art video made for the exhibition in subject.

Additional headings in correlation with keys in hand project Ideation and realization of n.1000 posters printed in five colors Ideation and realization of n.1000 manifests printed in five colors Ideation and realization of n.3000 invitations with their envelopes and captions exhibit. Ideation and realization of n.6000 cards and bookmarks Ideation and realization of n.4 show’s banner panel Ideation and realization of n.3000 folders for the press. Ideation and realization of n.3000 copies of a 64 pages glossy catalog of gr.200+inverkote plastic-coated cover of gr.300+shiny silked screen U.V closed photo cm.16,5x29 bounded refe thread broschure with captions refering to the commissionary. Realization of n.2 Totem in stand up style with painted iron base and waterproof p.v.c Inaguration evening

Press service: To be agreed with the commissionary The remaining of the manifests, posters and catalogs will be on sale at the book shop with the priced decided by the commissionary.

Ephmeris During the Infiniment Marilyn exhibition partys about the theme in Hollywood style could be organized as moments on the myth subject and the myths of xx century. Rendez-vous shows could be also organized with Monica Bellucci, Carla Bruni, Sofia Loren ect. The Beauty Ministry Assosiation will have close co-marketing relations for the realization of these events.

The exhibition keys in hand cost

Euro 245.000,00

The amount includes VAT Contribution is required for the show in subject At the project approvation is required a deposit of 30% of the amount

Comunication Plan Comunication, promotion and advertisment Absolutely strategic is to be considered an adeguated comunication activityto put the emphasis on the global image of the initiative and to its promoters in a national and local level. The preferred objective will be to give the right resonance to the whole initiative and its promoter on media. The comunication project and the press office activity that will be prearranged, are going to be proposed as functional struments for a continued and widespread event promotion. Press office An activity developed from the office to hoc that takes care of the start up and the relation with media which they actually need to find and plan in colaboration with refered partners and guide lines of comunication to garantee the best event defusion. Promotional material Once the graphic design is studied, the charged art director will realize the executives of all materials and with a particular care of the coordinated event image. So there will be realized and produced the following promotional struments: -Volume/ exhibition catalog Colophon volume and exhibition Invitations Envelopes Paper Press folders Pliable/ posters Complimentary coupon Manifests of different formats Cards and bookmarks of different formats Advertisment A valued comuncation may be quantifiable in a precise way, specially the classic advertising aspects. At the end wil be chosen the medis that will assure the right resonance to the initiative in a national and local level. Posting It is neccassary to suppose a congruous number of posting turns, at least three in fifteen days – 140x200 of manifests in the city and 35x70 posters to put in shops, cinemas and theatres. Public transportation I will for sure bring back a campaign on public transport. The valued hypothesis provides the mixed citer that covers all of public transport. Popular radio campaign It is useful to suppose a 30 days radio spot campaign that during the journalistic information appointments may alternate advertisment information moments on the show.

Exhibition Marilyn Monroe  

Exhibition Marilyn Monroe

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