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The Glittering Girls of Gold

Glittering Girls

Brittany Brady '08
Caroline Sexton Batsche '08
Charlotte Baker Moss '09

When those chilling notes ring out in Tiger Stadium and the Golden Girls take the field, Tiger fans know they are witnessing something special. The LSU Golden Girls celebrate their 60th anniversary this year and are recognized as the oldest and most established dance line on the LSU campus. Dedication, discipline, sacrifice and leadership are the make-up of this squad. Over the years, former Golden Girls have gone on to become physicians, educators, lawyers, and to work in countless other professions.

Six recent U-High alumnae were fortunate enough to be a part of Golden Girl history. Top to bottom on the left: Brittany Brady ’08, Caroline Sexton Batsche ’08, Charlotte Baker Moss ’09; top to bottom on the right: Haley Duke Babb ’11, Natalie Knight McMullen ’11 and Sophie Davis ’15. Each member attributes their time at UHS to their success with the Golden Girls and currently in their professions and daily lives. At UHS, they were allowed to cultivate their creativity, hone their leadership skills, develop their organizational and time management skills and instill the confidence needed to perform in front of thousands of fans. Cub fans salute these Golden Girl alumnae. Stay Golden!

Haley Duke Babb '11
Natalie Knight McCullen '11 
Sophie Davis '15