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Lowcountry Dog Animal Advocate- Tamara Giordano Williams


Written by Alicia Rose Williams

Tammy is self-employed and owns a company named TAG Gas Works. More importantly though - Tammy is always on call for Eunoia Rescue emergencies, a full-time Nana to her grandchildren and still tends to care for her “grown-ass children who apparently will never grow up.”

Tammy has three rescue dogs of her very own and all are a little nutty in their own way. Ace the a purebred cocker spaniel was adopted from our local county shelter. Cocker spaniels were originally bred for hunting, diving in marshes, and going through trenches to retrieve their prey. However, Ace refuses to go outside when it’s too cold, too hot, raining, or when the ground is a little damp. Vegas, a spaniel mix, was adopted from a local animal rescue. Vegas was originally used as a puppy mill momma. Vegas spends most of her time hiding behind a chair (that’s where she feels safe) and comes out to say hello when she feels like it. Outside guests generally don’t know that Vegas exists because she hides so much. Tammy lets Vegas do as she pleases because “why not?” Then there’s the newest addition, Diamond, who was adopted from Eunoia Rescue (an animal rescue founded by Tammy’s daughter). Diamond is some type of pincher mix. She is incredibly needy, doesn’t like men (including Tammy’s husband) and has zero manners.

Tammy with her newest rescue Diamond

Needless to say, Tammy’s house is always a little hectic but always full of love.

Tammy also has 2 rescue grand-cats and 4 rescue grand-dogs whom she has also bonded with. She sarcastically says that “she can’t get away from animals,” but deep down inside she loves all of it.

Tammy originally became involved in animal rescue about 8-9 years ago by volunteering and fostering through the Charleston Animal Society. A little over 4 years ago, Tammy’s daughter founded Eunoia Rescue. Tammy states she was “forced” to volunteer for Eunoia Rescue. During the beginning of the rescue, the rescue was actually operated out of Tammy’s and her husband’s (Tom) home. “I must give accolades to my husband – he tolerated the house being constantly upside down from different dogs coming in and out. He also gave a lot of his money to the organization so that more dogs could be saved (Tom may not know this himself though, so shhh).”

Tammy’s most memorable “rescue” story is pretty unique. Tammy is a spiritual woman and was reading the story of Isaiah in the Bible when she received a call. The caller knew that Tammy was an animal lover and needed her help. There was a black Labrador mix abandoned at an apartment complex. Being the woman she is, Tammy hopped up, grabbed a leash and off she went to save the dog. Tammy went through the correct hoops to make sure that this dog didn’t belong to anyone and an owner was never found. Tammy even put an advertisement in the “lost and found” section in the paper (back when that was a thing) – still, no one stepped up to claim this pup. The next step was to find this guy a home. So Tammy placed another advertisement, but this time she was searching for a home – complete with an interview and a home inspection.

Finally, a gentleman reached out and a meet and greet was arranged. The dog did great with the man’s other dogs and seemed to like the man who wanted to adopt. My mom agreed to bring the dog back the next day so that the now adopter could prepare for a new addition. “My son is going to be so excited,” said the man. The next day, Tammy pulled up to a beautiful home. She was prepared of the bitter-sweet moment of letting this pup go live a happily ever after. The adopter opened the door, stated that his son is just so thrilled, and then called out – “Isaiah your new dog is here!” The story still gives Tammy chills till this day. The son’s name, Isaiah, was the same story in the Bible Tammy was reading when she received the call that a dog needed help. Sometimes, the universe lines up for these things to happen. Tammy knows that this arrangement was meant to be.

When asked about advice that should be given to someone who wants to help animals, Tammy states that you have to “be committed.” She goes on to say that, “Animals are creatures with hearts and souls. If you cannot commit to be there for your foster/ rescue, then do not even offer to help because it is a waste of the rescue’s time. Dogs chew shoes, walls, and important papers. They make a mess in the house. They have also been neglected, abused, abandoned, and dumped to fend for themselves. They don’t know love. They need to decompress from a loud and boisterous kill shelter when transitioning to life in a loving home. You must commit yourself to love them back, even when it’s tough.”

According to Tammy, the top ways to help is to first – find a verified non-profit animal rescue (501c3), then lend a hand by transporting, fostering, volunteering for that organization. Make sure that your own animals are spayed and neutered – and if you have the opportunity, sponsor another dog to be spayed or neutered – it is so important! At the end of the day, the easiest (and sometimes most beneficial) way to help is to donate money. There is NEVER enough money to help the amount of animals that need it.

When it comes to law making, Tammy has ideas that should take place as well. “Ban backyard breeders AND the ones that support/buy from them. People that contribute to this operation are contributing to the over population of animals.” Tammy will never quit fighting for the heartbeats of animals. Knowing that she has already saved many dogs from euthanasia gives her to the drive to continue to fight for more. Tammy says that in a way she has saved humans as well by providing them joy in adopting a doggy soul mate. This all makes her heart very happy.

Keep up the good work, Tammy! These animals need you. Thank you for not only being an example of a strong woman but an example of a phenomenal human all around. You are truly one of a kind.

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