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Steve Jobs

Everyone loves Apple By: Cecilia Galv茫o, Julia Dantas e Vict贸ria. A. C. Chebl.

Gabriela Cury 9° C

If it weren’t for Steve I do not know what my life would be. It was he who gave the chance to everybody to listen to music in an easy way. I spend most of my days with my Ipod listening to music, I do not see my routine without my Ipod.

Here are the things that I need to survive, Steve Jobs invented half of this things, without them life would be boring. Thanks for keeping me distracted Steve, RIP. “It just works”- Steve Jobs Guilherme Laloni 9º A

These are my all eletronic devices by apple Look how Steve Jobs changed my life.

Hugo Neto 9ยบ B

Steve Jobs affected me in many difrent ways, by making the first ipod his biggest invention. By creating the mac book that i am using right now to do this homework, and by creating the ipad, that was his latest invation. All of this gadgets, are in my daily life and i think they will stay with me for the rest of my life. Steve Jobs will be missed. JoĂŁo Filipe Diniz NÂş16

Apple evolutes our games! Before, our games were more traditional and they are not so much anymore . In the game of truth or dare was used a bottle and today there is already an application on the IPhone that went in his place.

Juliana Pires, Marisa GalvĂŁo, 9Ëš A

Steve Jobs changed the way people think, act and live. He created a new tecnological world that will keep growing for decades.

Marcelo Afonseca 9oC

When I got my first Apple product, an iPod from Christmas gift, I was tired of not having all the songs , for my childhood I wish to hear to remember those good time. I wanted to be able to listening all the tracks I wanted, every time I wanted , and don’t have to worry about the year the song was released or not knowing the name of it or the singer’s name. So I decided: In the next day after Christmas , I download my iTunes and started to search all the songs I liked, since 2006. I spent days downloading and putting the right name of the artist, album and fixing all kind of, for the songs to save all the important details. But when I finished I didn’t want to stop, when a new music play on the radio , the first thing I used to do when I got home, is downloading at all. Now I have an iPhone and I intend to continue doing this till I got old, so I’ll have a “life work”. Maybe I can keep it and show it to my grandchildren. That’s how apple changed my life, thank you, Steve!

Steve Jobs has affected me particuly because of the Ipod. I don’t know how my life would be without it. My Ipod is what gives me the chance to listen to music all the time. I don’t need to choose one CD to listen at a time, beacause I have all of my favorite ones on my Ipod!! Maria Marta

In my opinion as I have a positive way of living I choose this picture to remember Steve Jobs because he did many things for people. We are going to miss all the innovations that Steve Jobs introduced in your lives. I think he was a good person and all the things that I saw in him were colored. I like to see things positively, and use creativity and share the good things with the people as I think Steve Jobs did in all his life. Mariana Ortenblad Nogueira 9ยบC

Mac is one of useful thing I have in my home, it has changed the way of using a computer, R.I.P Steve Jobs Eduardo Arieta Felipe Muszkat

Steve Jobs the computer genius is the creator of the Apple! He made the lives of many people change! He brought us from simple communication to international calls! And we can notice that Apple is very present in our lives. In this photo we see something very present today, learn new cultures and new languages, and keep international contacts.

Apple has turned the lives of people and their intelligence, and brought a big step for the technology world. This picture is an example of the connection between two countries, and it shows that Apple objects are being used to change the culture of these countries. This is the reason that made Steve Jobs important to us, because of him and Apple that we will learn different cultures, communicating by the products of Apple. Names: Natรกlia Sayeg( special appearance with Manoela Sayeg), Beatriz Cavalcanti (photographer)

STEVE JOBS Steven Paul Jobs - or as everybody knows him, Steve Jobs - was the founder of Apple Inc. He was really intelligent and he has created his first computer in his garage!!!!!! For me he was really important because his products are some really good products and have been in my life since I was little.


Nicolas Gentil 9 ano B

This is my iphone, and it affects my life because I can, with it, be at several places at the same time doing anything I want to do with a computer.

Nicolau Frota JoĂŁo Pedro Abdalla

9Âş ano A

R.I.P. Steve Jobs.

The whole world in your fingertip, that’s what the new Apple products are about. Everyone can benefit with it no matter your age.

Patricia Gaia

I don’t have words to explain how Steve Jobs affected my life, I just can say this man is the world. Steve Jobs changed the way people live, nowaday we can’t look around without seeing some “I thing”. Steve Jobs gave a new meaning to the world “Apple”, he just made the world think differently. -Gabriela Pequeneza e Victoria Facury.

R.I.P Steve Jobs. You were one of the greatest men on earth and out too. We love you and all your products. You have changed the way we live and we appreciate that. Everything has a end, including life. Jobs, goodbye! Rodrigo Pesaro Gustavo Zahoul 9째A

For me, Steve Jobs was a very important man in the world trade and revolutionized several times in the technological world. He was an exemplary person, he was adopted as a child, never graduated from college for various reasons and one was not to spend all the savings of their parents . He fought against a rare cancer, he had pancreatic cancer, a cancer that comes to kill 95% of patients. Steve Jobs died at 56 this year, then I write about it because his death had an impact on me. Then that's why I write about him, he was a great guy.

Rodrigo Pimentel 9C

Steve Jobs

In my opinion Microsoft is better than Apple because of this I have a windows computer but if can you view in my locker have tow stickers with the symbol of Apple.

Rafael 9ยบA

How did Steve Jobs affect you?

Raphael Baptista Gustavo Simone 9째 B

Steve Jobs invented the IPad, s a computer that works with touchscreen, very similar to the IPhone, also invented by Steve. It could be considered a half-term between an IPhone and a MacBook. It changed my life because it’s very practical, way lighter than a computer, and you can carry on your bag wherever you go.

Renata Pasqualin, 9°A

Jobs, we hope that a star like you, shine in the heaven like you shined too much here. You showed to us, how is important to someone change the world, and you changed the world ! Renata Cucchi Victoria Gomes 9ยบ ano B

Apple multiplies itself Apple was created by Steve Jobs, a visionary who had a dream and it came true. Apple makes electronic gadgets that are incredible because of their design and intelligence and it all came from the mind of Steve Jobs.

Thiago Abdalla

Steve Jobs In my opinion the technological world can be separated between the world before Steve Jobs and after Steve Jobs. He invented the most amazing things and transformed things that used to be difficult into easy, like having all the songs that you like with you. Only because of Steve it’s possible if you have an Ipod. Thank You Steve Jobs for making the world easier and inventing my favorites gadgets. Rest in peace. Giovanna Delallo and Julia Sá 9˚C

This computer was my first one. In 2009 I bought it with my father because I was going to turn 12. I already had other computers in my house, but my entire family used it, so when we bought this one only for me, it was something that really meant to me. – Izabela Feffer e Victoria Cinel

Suzana Luz

How did Steve jobs affect you ?

Every day when I walk down the street and see a car with the apple sticker, I remember my iPod and start listening to music‌

Victoria Tonetto Neumann 9A

Steve Jobs Work

Steve Jobs was very important to me because he developed the iPod that is a device that I use a lot, and he was so revolutionary for having made various products such as for having invented the touch screen. Rest in peace Steve Jobs

JoĂŁo Pedro Cervone 9Âş ano C

Homenagem Steve Jobs  

Homemagem ao fundador da Apple

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