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Ecclesfield Parish Council makes EPIC history

On Thursday 2nd May, the people of North Sheffield made political history when they voted in 10 Independent Councillors to form part of the Ecclesfield Parish Council (EPC).

A new, non political, local group of residents, known as EPIC (Ecclesfield Parish Independent Councillors) won all ten seats they contested. EPIC Councillors won both seats in Burncross and Thorncliffe, all three seats in High Green and three out of the four in Chapeltown.

Traditionally EPC has been represented with councillors from either the Labour Party or the Liberal Democrats.

Newly elected councillor, Paul Brunt said, “If we could of had 4 candidates in Chapeltown, we would have won all four seats! It's amazing. I loved being at the count and seeing how many people have put their trust in EPIC”

Councillor Terry Bawden, having had a decisive win in Thorncliffe said, “I am speechless. As we all watched the count on the Friday, I was moved by the number of people in my area that got out and voted. I thought we might do well because we have had some great conversations on the doors steps while out meeting people, but I didn’t expect this.”

In line with what has happened nationally for Labour in local government elections; Labour took a massive blow as they lost all of their seats on the Parish Council, coming last in all the areas their candidates stood and going from controlling the council for the last four years to being unrepresented. As well as the ten Independent Councillors, there are 5 councillors representing the Liberal Democrats, having won 2 seats in Grenoside and Ecclesfield and the remaining seat in Chapeltown.

The newly elected council will all take their seats on Thursday 16th May when they attend the Annual Council Meeting. This meeting will be held at 7pm at The Council Offices, Mortomley Lane High Green and members of the public are invited to attend and meet their new Parish Councillors.