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Welcome from the Head of School Have you heard of David’s mighty warriors? As I was reading through 2 Samuel, I noticed the mention of this group and their brave deeds. One verse in particular stood out to me: “Benaiah … also slew a lion in the midst of a pit in time of snow.” - 2 Samuel 23:20. It was shared so casually, especially with the use of the word “also”. Don’t let the … fool you into thinking that I left something contrary out. In fact, I left out several other brave deeds that might have helped prove my point. However, I think this much will do. As I stepped into this new role, I saw around me fragments of timidity, apprehension, and uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, I also saw hope, optimism and a desire for boldness. Now that was a fire I was excited to stoke.

Be the school that determines the path forward.

Be the school that others look to for guidance.

Be confident!

We are called to be bold, and that is what you can expect. Great things await us! In partnership,

Brad Schultz, Ed.D. Head of School

Meet the Admissions team


Jerold Givens

Corry Stewart

Jennifer Watson

Belle Cromwell

Melissa Miller

Associate Head of School Enrollment, Finance & Operations

Director of Admissions 615.966.6380

Lower School Admissions Specialist 615.966.6330

Lower School Admissions Specialist 615.966.6330

Upper School Admissions Specialist and Analyst 615.966.6405

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Applications and Supporting Materials Pre-K 2s to Pre-K 5s due January 22, 2021 K – 12th Grade due February 1, 2021

Offer Letters PreK 2s to Pre-K 5s Qualifying Applicants | Sent February 5, 2021 K–12th Grade Qualifying Applicants | Sent February 26, 2021

Brewer Campus expansion at the Lower School beginning to take shape Lipscomb Academy broke ground on the Brewer Campus expansion in April 2019. This expansion is a result of the generosity of donor and board of trustees member Neika Stephens’ late husband Bill Stephens, who made a $10 million pledge for the Stephens Christian Trust to support the facilities and programs of the Academy. The first $16.5 million phase of an expected $25 million expansion will include marquee spaces, such as a new student dining hall and kitchen and state-of-the-art learning commons that offers students technology-rich research stations, collaborative instructional spaces and access to library materials. This 22,000-square-feet of new construction and 1,500-square-feet of renovated space is projected to be completed in November 2020. Upon completion, the fifth grade class will move to its new location on the Lower School campus.


The Student Body at a Glance

52% 52% 46% Lower School | Middle School | Upper School

1:12 Teacher Student

1219 Students


178 | SEED School 259 | Lower School 330 | Middle School 452 | Upper School

20% Diversity

23% 17% 19% Lower School | Middle School | Upper School

Zip Codes



Global Students



50% FEMALE • 50% MALE

Countries of ethnic origin represented within the student body

Armenia | Canada | China | Colombia | Ethiopia Ghana | Guatemala | Haiti | Indonesia | Italy Mexico | Russia | Rwanda | Sierra Leone South Korea | Spain | Uganda | United Kingdom

Lower School Leadership Allen Long | Associate Head of Lower School Allen Long recently served as a tenured faculty member at Edmondson Elementary School where he taught fourth grade for three years and fifth grade for four years. Recognized as Edmondson’s Teacher of the Year in 2017-18, he also served as the fifth-grade team lead during the 2018-19 school year. During his time at Edmondson, Long hosted and mentored student teachers, aspiring teachers and new teachers to observe and learn the art and science of effective teaching techniques in the classroom. He facilitated professional learning communities and worked with various teams to improve teaching effectiveness and outcomes. For nearly two decades prior to his career in education, Long successfully served in leadership roles in human resources and various operational capacities for companies including Tractor Supply Company, Carter’s/ OshKosh B’Gosh Childrenswear and Batten & Shaw, Inc. In the corporate world, Long’s expertise focused on training, organizational development, and performance improvement. He was known for his ability to be a strategic human resource partner to operational counterparts, helping individuals and corporations achieve success while realizing greater customer results. Long has a Bachelor’s degree in communications and management from Central Michigan University, A Masters of Business Administration from Grand Valley State University, A Master of Education in curriculum and instruction from Middle Tennessee State University and is currently a candidate for Doctor of Education in leadership and professional practice. Katherine Flatt | Assistant Head of Lower School In her 12 years working in education, Flatt has taught first, second, third, fifth, and sixth grades, has served as an instructional coach in Williamson County, and has been the assistant head of the lower school for 2 years. Flatt has always had a "pull" to Lipscomb. From her families' history and solid Christian education, Flatt is glad to be a part of the Christian atmosphere at Lipscomb where the focus is on students and teachers who love to learn. Flatt holds a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education from Freed-Hardeman University, a Master’s in Teaching, Leading and Learning in Education, ELL endorsement, instructional coaching certificate, and administration endorsement from Lipscomb University and a Doctorate in Leadership and Professional Practice from Trevecca Nazarene University. Michele Young | Director of SEED School Michele Young has a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education K-8 with early childhood endorsement and Master’s of Educational Administration PK-12, both from Belmont University. Young served in Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) for twenty-four years. During her time at MNPS, she taught pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, first, third and fourth grades. She served as a mentor classroom teacher, reading support coach and professional development trainer. She worked three years as a district data coach in the MNPS Research, Assessment and Evaluation department where she assisted teachers and school leadership in disaggregating assessment data to better drive instruction. She spent a year of intensive study in the Principals Leadership Academy of Nashville at Vanderbilt. During this experience, she created a strategic initiative for differentiated practice with a focus on the school administrator's role. She served three years as an elementary assistant principal and was a member of the social-emotional learning and restorative practice initiative. Young joined the Lipscomb Academy SEED School as director in 2018.


SEED School by the numbers SEED School Enrollment


Pre-K Teacher Student Ratio

2’s & 3’s Teacher Student Ratio


Building Character ... 1.

Kindergarten Teacher Student Ratio

1:12 1:15

Lower School by the numbers 2. 2.

Average Teacher Years of Experience

1st-4th Enrollment




1st-5th Grade Teacher to Student ratio

diverse student body


3. 3.

Lower School Community Historically, each year sees less than


turnover rate for faculty and staff

of faculty and staff have advanced degrees



and Cultivating Individuality 4. 4.


5. 5.

1. A security guard remains in the Lower School lobby during school hours monitoring over 30 live security camera feeds. Additionally, the facility is a closed campus with magnetic locks on all exterior doors. 2.

Early intervention in reading makes a difference for the child; therefore, the Lower School has a reading specialist to support students using Wilson, a research-based program to teach how to decode fluency and is proven to help with mild learning differences.


As we believe life lessons learned on the playing field begin with the youngest among us, the Stampede youth sports program gets future Mustangs excited about being a part of the Upper School athletic programs. Athletes as young as kindergarten participate in youth sports program.


Music Academy works to instill a lifelong love of and competency in music by offering on-campus, after-school, fee-based, private music lessons with teachers who are credentialed specialists in piano, guitar, violin, voice and various other instruments.


Dance Academy guides students in technique and artistry of dance, as well as performance and storytelling. This on-campus, after-school, fee-based instruction by dance professors, professionals and choreographers encourages students to grow in their talents and to glorify God by telling truthful stories through dance.

6. 6.

6. The LA Experience program offers more than 60 day camps for pre-K through grade 12 students from athletics to fine arts and academics. Here we encourage students to explore and develop the passions and gifts God has given them. Camps for every student, age 2-grade 12, are offered throughout the summer. 7.

Lipscomb University collaborates frequently with Lower School students, faculty and staff. We have had a professor of nursing teach a weekly health and science class to fourth grade. It is also not uncommon for university athletes to read to students at the SEED School during Read Me Week.


Solly School

Lipscomb Academy launched a special needs program in 2019 in the Solly School at the Lower School under the leadership of Janna Woodason, Director of Solly School. Realizing that the school hasn’t had the resources to serve students with special needs adequately, Lipscomb Board of Trustees member Jim Griffith and his wife Pam gave a lead gift to create a school that provides a faith-based education and integrates typical peers with students with special needs. The school is named after 4-year-old Solomon “Solly” James Rodan, the grandson of Pam and Jim Griffith. The construction of the 2,400-square-foot state-ofthe-art facility with designated learning areas and therapy space, providing integrated education and support services for students with special needs, will be completed November 2020. The first director of special needs, hired to oversee the Solly School, has been instrumental in leveraging our partnership with High Hopes Development Center who will provide on-campus physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services to Solly School students.

Dr. Janna Woodason

Director of the Solly School Dr. Janna Woodason is our Director of the Solly School. Special education has been her passion for the last 15 years. She cannot believe the privilege of working in this role. It is a dream come true! She began her career as a special education teacher in Ohio in 2005 for seven years, then moved to Tennessee in 2012 when it looked like her two oldest children, Christy and Jocelyn, were planning on becoming Tennessee residents after graduating from Lipscomb University and Tennessee State University respectively. Her husband John is also an educator. After moving to Tennessee, I continued to serve students with special needs at Columbia Central High School in Maury County for one year, then moved to Centennial High School in Williamson County to serve in the same capacity for five years. On June 3, 2019, I began the journey of building a special needs program from scratch at Lipscomb Academy Lower School. 7

What makes Lipscomb Academy unique? Here at the Lower School, we take loving to learn, learning to love and living to serve seriously. In our mission to expand our initiatives to include diverse communities, this year marks a series of significant firsts for Lipscomb Academy.

The Lipscomb Academy Lower School Difference Gifted Program

Gifted services are available for students age 3 - 5th grade that demonstrates cognitive and/ or academic strengths. A battery of assessments is utilized to determine eligibility for services. Students that qualify are provided with advanced and accelerated content outside of a traditional classroom setting on a regular basis from a gifted education teacher. The SEED school gifted program is available to students age 3 - Kindergarten and is led by an educator with 43 years of teaching experience, with 19 years in preschool gifted education. SEED school services occur twice weekly outside of the general education classroom. The SEED school gifted classroom presents advanced content while

SEED School: age 2-K

SEED School students are taught to Seek, Explore, Experiment and Discover (SEED) God’s kingdom. We believe discovery and exploration are the best ways to develop confidence, creativity and critical thinking skills. The Creative Curriculum used for this age focuses on an intentional play environment giving students exposure to hands-on material, thereby, fostering the ability to learn through critical thinking opportunities. Our entire program seeks to support and nurture young children - and their families - in a safe and welcoming environment as they begin the journey of becoming lifelong learners.

1st - 5th Grades

The innate curiosity of each child is the beginning of learning; therefore, we transform this curiosity into a passion, creating independent and enthusiastic students. Our holistic approach to learning prepares students intellectually, spiritually, socially and physically through engaging interactive and creative opportunities and unstructured yet developmental play.

honoring critical and creative thinking, problemsolving, and natural curiosity. The Lower School provides gifted services for students in 1st-5th and is led by a gifted education teacher. Using assessment data, students’ academic strength(s) are identified. Students who qualify receive gifted pull-out services twice weekly, in reading and/or math. The program offers small group instruction in which the curriculum is adapted to match the abilities of the students. Researchbased gifted education strategies are utilized in order to challenge their thinking. Additionally, the unique social-emotional needs of gifted students are addressed within the curriculum.

Ages 2-3 This past academic year, Lipscomb Academy launched a pilot program for ages 2-3 providing nurturing classrooms in a safe setting. Here students are encouraged to make mistakes, get messy and learn. Because of the high demand for access to early childhood education we continue to add classes to this program. Three and five-day programs are available.

Our approach is more about developing thinkers than ensuring academic exposure. We want our students to critically analyze text in addition to comprehending what they are reading. Through the strategy “Think Aloud,” our educators model to students the steps to process critical thinking for reading, writing and mathematics.


Core Distinctive Programs All students at the SEED School participate in age-appropriate art, music, Spanish and physical education reinforcing that learning does begin at an early age. 1st-4th grade students participate in all SEED School related arts in addition to science lab, technology and library.


Through use of different media for creativity in the visual arts classroom, we remind students that art is directly related to the Creator and how He created our world. As students use their hands to design, they realize that art is spiritual as God empowers each of us to create beautiful things for His glory.


The Lower School library encourages students to visit during morning and afternoon open check out times. Our kids love to read, and as proof, our library has more books in circulation than the Upper School and Lipscomb University combined!


Music is more than sound and tempo; it is rhythmic movement. Through the Orff approach, students celebrate music education with the use of body percussion and instruments.


Spiritual Formation is Building up the Whole Child from the Inside Out Chapel

Age-appropriate chapel curriculum encourages a daily growing awareness of God’s presence through the power of the Holy Spirit, guiding students in how to live in right relationship with God, self and others. Chapel discussions focus on the spiritual theme of the year. Kindergarten through fourth-grade students meet together once a week. SEED chapel gathers Pre-K and Kindergarten together. Little Lights Chapel, specifically designed for ages 2 and 3, centers on how everyone can be a light to their surrounding communities.

School Counselor

Our full-time school counselor works with students to address social and emotional needs that might be impeding personal student growth. This counselor supports students with one-onone sessions and small group interventions, collaborates with teachers to determine effective plans for social and emotional growth within the classroom environment and advocates for the family through parent support and coaching. Additionally, she works closely with the director of spiritual formation to ensure that the concepts behind the spiritual theme of the year are incorporated into the messaging she shares with students when addressing the inward and outward health of the whole child.

Heart and Mind

Wanting to marry both the spiritual transformation with the social and psychological well-being of the child, a new initiative created for this year is Heart and Mind. This program combines the social, emotional and spiritual health of our students. Because we want our hearts to be tethered to God, we focus on the inside of the child as much as what he produces on the outside. Students are taught that regulating self is as equally important as interacting with others. Who we are is a reflection of our hearts and a measurement of where we are. Once we understand why and how we can live as followers of Christ, we can then learn to live in community with others.

In Little Lights Chapel, students learn at an early age that a relationship with God is a joyful experience.


Middle School Leadership Casey Farris | Associate Head of Middle School Farris brings with him 22 years of experience in Christian education. Prior to entering into the role of interim head of school, Farris served as associate head of school for advancement and alumni relations for three years. In his advancement role, Farris started the Mustang alumni awards program, an award given to former students who embody the mission and principles of Lipscomb’s 129-year history. He has also led significant fundraising efforts for the academy. Before moving to Nashville to serve at the academy, Farris was head of school at Cornerstone Christian Academy, a preschool through eighth-grade independent school affiliated with First Colony Church of Christ, in Sugarland, Texas. There he was instrumental in leading the school through a period of record development and financial growth. For the 15 years prior to his work at Cornerstone, Farris worked in various capacities at Westbury Christian School in Houston, Texas. As a teacher at Westbury, he was named elementary teacher of the year (2000) and was nominated for the Texas Christian Schools Association Teacher of the Year. He also served as both lower school principal (20042008) and middle school principal (2008-2013). Farris holds a bachelor’s degree in physical education from Faulkner and a Master of Education degree in educational administration with a principal’s certificate from the University of Houston-Victoria. He and his wife, Tammy, have five children at Lipscomb Academy. Crystal Hastings | Assistant Head of Middle School

Most recently, Dr. Hastings served as principal (2016-20) and assistant principal (2012-16) at Christiana Middle School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Prior to serving in an administrative capacity, she taught English and journalism at Page High School (2008-12) in Franklin and at Antioch High School (1997-08) in Nashville. As an educator, Hastings committed herself to engage with students and firmly believes that teachers impact their students’ lives in extraordinary ways. Hastings holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education degrees from Tennessee State University. She received her Education Specialist from Middle Tennessee State University and her Doctor of Education from Tennessee State University. Additionally, she has licensure as a professional administrator (PK-12). Hastings and her family have been a part of the Lipscomb community since 2007. She and her husband, LaFonza, have one daughter, Prisca, a rising senior and Lipscomb Lifer.

Ritchie Pickens | Director of Mustang Life, Middle School Pickens has been a staple in the Lipscomb Community for many years. Has he carried various titles while at Lipscomb Academy in academics, athletics and administration. Pickens has 30 years of educational experience with 29 of those years being at Lipscomb Academy. In Administration, Pickens has served as Principal, Assistant Principal, Director of Student Life and currently the Director of Mustang Life over a 15-year period. In the classroom, Pickens has taught at each level of elementary, middle and high school. Pickens earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech Education from Lipscomb University while also minoring in History and General Science. He also carries a Master’s of Education degree from Lipscomb University. He is a 2010 Summer Fellow from Vanderbilt University Peabody College of Education and Human Development. Over his many years, Pickens was also played a huge role in Athletic. He coached Boys Basketball at Lipscomb Academy for 20 year, including 9 of those years as the Head Coach. He also coached Girls Basketball for 5 years at Lipscomb Academy and served as Head Coach for the Girls Basketball Team at Columbia Academy for 1 year. In addition to those roles, he served as an Assistant Coach and Pitching coach for the LA baseball team for 7 years. 13

Lipscomb Academy is an intentionally Christian community with a mission to equip students to love to learn, learn to love and live to serve.

Middle School by the numbers 5th-8th Grades Student Body Enrollment



Average years of experience for Middle School Teachers

63 new students enrolled for the 2020-2021 academic year

23 8 5th grade

6th grade

18 14 7th grade

8th grade

Number of 8th-grade students that took classes for high school credit during the 2019-2020

76 14

Upper School Leadership Jesse Savage | Associate Head of Upper School An experienced teacher in both public and independent schools for 16 years, Savage has dedicated his adult career to being an educator, serving students and faculty. At Lipscomb Academy, Savage has been a leader in the classroom, on the field and in the development and implementation of curriculum and assessment. He has held various roles during his 14 years of service at the academy, including teaching middle school social studies and high school history and government, assistant principal, and most recently dean of academics and faculty development, as well as coaching middle and high school boys’ and girls’ soccer. Because of his dedication to the transformational teaching of his students, Savage was voted teacher of the year (2010-2011). Savage is also the co-founder of Lipscomb Academy’s study abroad program. For several years, he has worked to add many Advanced Placement and dual enrollment opportunities for academy students. Savage holds both a bachelor’s degree in history education and a Master of Education degree in school administration and supervision. He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education in learning organizations and strategic change with an expected December 2020 completion. Savage and his wife, Jessica, have three children, all of whom are enrolled at Lipscomb Academy. Ken Robinson | Assistant Head of Upper School Robinson has had much experience in both public and independent school systems. Robinson joined Greater Atlanta Christian (GAC) School in 2002 and worked seven years there holding many roles including social studies faculty, head football coach and director of diversity. After leaving GAC, he served as head girls’ track coach, assistant football coach and educator at Mountain View High School in Lawrenceville, Georgia, for one year. Returning in 2011 to a Christian independent school in Lilburn, Georgia, Robinson accepted a faculty and head football coach position at Providence Christian Academy for six years. Most recently, he served as faculty and defensive coordinator at North Oconee High School in Bogart, Georgia. Prior to joining academia, Robinson successfully spent 14 years in leadership roles as a trainer and logistics administrator for Rocor International and Swift Transportation. Tasked with coaching corporate world team members in the importance of listening to the customer and collaborating in order to meet effectively the needs of the people they serve, Robinson learned a valuable lesson that carried over to his career as an educator -- when these key objectives are met, students and parents are engaged and trusting relationships are established. Robinson attributes his educational career path to God’s divine intervention. Robinson received a Bachelor of Science from the University of South Carolina and was a four-year-letterman linebacker and team captain for the NCAA Division I football team. Upon graduation, Robinson played two seasons with the NFL Washington Redskins (1987-1988). He is one of four sons, three of whom played professional football. Robinson and his wife, Lori, have been married for 31 years. They have three children, one of whom is a student at Lipscomb University. Betsy Thomas | Director of Mustang Life, Upper School Thomas is entering her 8th year at Lipscomb Academy. Prior to joining the LA staff, Thomas worked as a Government and Economics Teacher at Goodpasture Christian School and worked as an Admissions Counselor at Lipscomb University. While at LA, Thomas has been involved in various roles in the Lipscomb Community. She has been an academic counselor, student life counselor, classroom teacher and for the past 3 years in administration. She promoted and co-created Lipscomb Academy’s Study Abroad programs in China and Florence. She is heavily involved with the student experience as the Director of Mustang Life for the Upper School. Thomas works closely with the Student Government Association (SGA), Service Learning Program, Global Learning Program, and Student Life events such as Homecoming, Coming Home, and Junior/Senior Night. Thomas also plays a pivotal role working with the other Upper School Administration in areas such as discipline, student culture and environment, while also partnering with the Director of Counseling to help meet student needs. Thomas holds several degrees including a Bachelor of Arts degree double majoring in History and Communication, Masters of Education in Instructional Leadership and a Masters of Divinity all from Lipscomb University. 15

Lipscomb Academy is an intentionally Christian community with a mission to equip students to love to learn, learn to love and live to serve.

Upper School by the Numbers 9th-12th Grades Student Body Enrollment

Teacher-Student Ratio

452 1:10 Upper School Community

70% of faculty members have advanced degrees

Average faculty member has


years teaching experience


43% of teachers have more than 10 years experience


The Lipscomb Academy Difference At Lipscomb Academy, we provide unique opportunities and experiences for our students that can only be found here. We challenge the learner in each of our students to delve deeper into the passions and talents that make each individual exceptional. On the pages to follow, explore with us the distinctions of Lipscomb Academy.

Unparalleled Opportunity

As the only age 2-through-12th-grade school in Middle Tennessee on the campus of a university, students at Lipscomb Academy have unparalleled experiences at Lipscomb University that engage all students in unique learning environments. Elementary and middle school students gain early exposure to university performances and encounters while high school students have access to over 30 university-level courses in which they can enroll with college students.

Know And Be Known

The people who know you best are considered family. Family embraces and celebrates your individuality. Family is to whom you turn to share life’s greatest moments and disappointments. From the moment you step into the halls of Lipscomb Academy, you are our family. You are cherished, loved and valued as a child of God and encouraged to see those around you as God the Creator imagined.

Confident To Engage The World

Global learning experiences should be more than international travel; they should encompass experiencing living history by walking the steps of innovators and leaders and earning academic credit for coursework related to the country experienced. That’s why Lipscomb Academy capitalizes on two relationships to expand our global programs further: our privately-owned villa in Florence, Italy, and our sister school in Shenzhen, China.

Finding Your Gifts And Passions

Finding your life’s passion is an important part of the learning process, but discovering a career path that utilizes your talents and inspires you is equally important. That’s why Lipscomb Academy created Ignite, an innovative yearlong high school program that allows students to experience one of five different fields of study. This program takes learning outside the traditional classroom and ignites our students' hopes and dreams.

Inspiring The Learner

Students need space to creatively solve problems and critically conceptualize by making and inventing. The maker space movement centers around teaching students to think for themselves, to analyze creatively and to look for do-it-yourself solutions. Lipscomb Academy’s iWonder Lab inspires our students to engage in design-thinking projects and enables the next generation of innovators.


Because of our connection with Lipscomb University, academy students have the opportunity to hear from guest lecturers and visiting dignitaries like Fred Gray (far right), history-making civil rights attorney.

A Creative Spirit

Expand Your Stage Through Design and Creativty The performing arts program works to instill a lifelong love and appreciation of music, as well as to build confidence through music competence. The artistic talent of students is nurtured and encouraged through vocal, theatrical and instrument instruction. Additionally, Music Academy offers on-campus, after-school fee-based private music lessons with teachers who are credentialed specialists in various instruments. The Lipscomb Academy School of Dance provides on-campus, after-school instruction in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, modern and musical theater. Courses are taught by Lipscomb Academy’s theater director, a Juilliard graduate, a former New York-based professional dancer and a choreography instructor for Vanderbilt University and Lipscomb University.


full-time fine arts teachers

234 group dance sessions given annually of high school students take fine arts


1,500 private music lessons given annually

Fine arts programs include:







Visual Arts

The Lipscomb Academy chorus performed in the historic Ryman Auditorium, the Mother Church of Country Music, for the annual Thanksgiving performance of the Tokens Radio Show.


The Opportunity of a University Lipscomb Academy creates an environment where learning is inspired, excellence exemplified, independence fostered and the soul nurtured. We are dedicated to providing experiences for our students so that lifelong learning becomes a passion and a journey. Most of all, we are privileged to have the unique opportunity that no other school in middle Tennessee has - a university at our fingertips.

The Academic Honors Diploma is awarded to those students that pursue a rigorous and advanced course of study during their high school years. Recipients must have at least a 3.5 GPA, take at least four Advanced Placement courses and earn at least 12 credits in Advanced Placement, honors or dual enrollment courses.

Because of our connection with Lipscomb University, students at the academy learn beyond honors and Advanced Placement classes by having more than 30 college courses available to them on our joint Lipscomb campus. Sharing a campus with the university provides students with access to comprehensive libraries, science labs and computer centers found only in higher learning facilities. Additionally, students regularly hear from national and international speakers, scholars and professionals in both classroom and event settings. 9 seniors received merit scholarships and are now studying at U.S News and World Report's Top 40 campuses

32 Ho n o rs Dip lom a Gradu ates Data 2

perfect ACT scores


Avg. GPA



Avg. ACT

Honors credits


Advanced Placement courses


dual enrollment credits

Class o f 2020

Academy students can enroll in more than 30 Lipscomb University courses with college students.



university courses available to academy students


Dual Enrollment courses taken by academy students

517 honors courses taken


Advanced Placement courses

accepted into


unique colleges

Over $12, 000, 000 in scholarships awarded to the Class of 2020

The Feel of a Family

Lipscomb Academy’s mission is greater than merely shaping the academic minds of our students; therefore, providing a community for our students where they are known, valued and loved and can grow emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually is crucial. We guide students to discover their gifts and passions so that they can become responsible adults and positively influence the Nashville and greater global society.

“Lipscomb Academy is not only an enjoyable environment and a comprehensive community but also a family filled with love and respect. Going through the difficult transition from one culture to another, the teachers and students at the academy welcomed me with warm hugs and offered me so much help. Despite my family far from home, they embrace me into the school and make me feel like I have an even bigger family here at Lipscomb.”

Yan L., 2020, Guangzhou, China

68% of the total student body has participated in a mission trip while attending Lipscomb Academy

Broadening Our Community Through Missions

Life at Lipscomb Academy is a daily, personal process of growing more aware of God’s presence and becoming more like Christ through the Spirit. We strive to live in right relationship with God, ourselves and others, in every dimension of life. As one outreach of that goal, we focus on our missional reach to the world, and through these unique interactions of service with people of different cultures, students see one another through the lens of Christ and realize each other's worth and value as God intended.

San Francisco Arizona Baja

Dallas Fort Worth



Dominican Republic Kenya

mission locations

Feeling loved and welcomed by Lipscomb Academy, global student Michelle Luo (quoted above) shares her embraced sense of community and family on a mission trip to Kenya.


Students may choose to participate in Lipscomb Academy’s global learning initiative. Destination experiences have included Costa Rica, China, *Ecuador, France, Italy, Spain, Peru, Puerto Rico and *Quebec. *denotes new destinations for 2020

Distinctions You Find Only at


Global Learning Experiences As part of Lipscomb Academy’s global learning initiative, students travel abroad for earned academic credit, cultural experiences and service to others. Designed to instill confidence in students through full immersion in the culture and language of the country, global learning gives students the opportunity to form an appreciation and love for different cultures and people. This summer, global opportunities were expanded to include earned academic credit through travel to Italy and China. With the study abroad courses, students experience firsthand the living history of these countries through exploration. As the only collegiate preparatory school in middle Tennessee with a privately-owned villa, students stay on the Lipscomb-owned campus in Florence, Italy, during the three-week course. For academic studies in China, students experience Hong Kong and partner with the academy’s sister school in Shenzhen. Our Italy global learning experience is offered each summer, and China is every other year. Additionally, every summer, the world languages department leads a global excursion that focuses on the language and culture of a country that speaks one of the world languages offered at the academy.

Students experience the cultural traditions of China from the art of calligraphy to the etiquette of serving tea.

Upon arrival at the Lipscombowned villa, students are greeted with the Lipscomb Florence crest.


Learning in a country of living history takes place on the streets and in cathedrals and surrounded by the Italian people.



Ignite experiences annually with each student participating in 20

84 students involved in Ignite programs in 2020-2021

408 Ignite graduates

Career Exploration Program Lipscomb Academy takes pride in preparing students for personal and professional success. Part of that journey is guiding our students to discover a future career path that inspires them; therefore, we encourage students, prior to enrolling in college, to experience one of five different pre-career opportunities through our unparalleled yearlong program Ignite. Ignite fosters independent leadership and career skills, and students that participate in the Ignite program are more focused when entering college and have a better understanding of careers that are available to them. Career interests include:


Fine and Performing Arts

Health Sciences

Leadership and Public Service

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Creative Learning Classrooms The iWonder Innovation Lab is a project-based learning space that allows educators to issue academic challenges and encourages students to learn on a deeper level. There are four maker space classrooms within the iWonder Suite, and all four classrooms show the progression of technology as students advance through the courses. In the original iWonder lab, students work collaboratively using a variety of tools, such as 3D printers, computer-aided design, graphic design programs, large-format printers, a full kitchen and a mechanics lab with power tools, woodworking, other prototyping supplies and robotics.

Health Sciences participants receive exposure to simulated medical emergencies at Lipscomb University’s School of Nursing. With the continued enthusiasm and participation in design thinking, iWonder expanded again this summer doubling in size to include a separate robotics lab and a computer lab with an adjoining door. Students in the computer science lab have the opportunity to enroll in coding, programming, app development and a pre-engineering class, all taught by an innovative technology teacher.

Created by the 3D Design and CAD classes, the silhouette of the Nashville skyline was carved into the backrest of the bench using resources in the iWonder Lab.



Student-athletes to enjoy enhanced safety, maximum performance Through a generous gift by an anonymous donor, the Lipscomb Academy football field has been replaced with artificial turf by FieldTurf®. By using turf, the academy will conserve financial resources by eliminating the need to re-sod, mow, water and line the field and will positively impact the environment as there is no need to treat the turf with pesticides or herbicides. FieldTurf® has a much higher success rate helping with injury prevention over natural grass. On average, football concussion injuries are reduced by 44 percent and ACL injuries by 43 percent. Furthermore, a heavyweight infill was selected, thereby, leading to lower incidence of total injuries and severe injuries. FieldTurf®is certified by the International Organization for Standardization and by Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series. This brand is the only turf to receive third-party testing for player safety on its fields. The addition of new equipment in the football performance center adds sixteen stations of state-of-the-art Sorinex equipment; Swiss Swing, used to reintroduce an injured player back to the field; Power Plate; and two Keiser functional trainers that allow for training rotary movement and power. With the renovation of both weight rooms, including the weight room located under the upper school auxiliary gym, enhanced performance centers are now accessible for the entire student body through fitness classes. These renovations have expedited our ability to install methodologies based around teaching movement, core strength and proper lifting techniques. Sixteen racks, numerous dumbbell and kettlebell racks and increased space also give the athletics program the necessary tools to teach effectively and efficiently.


School Champions State Bowler Freshman Jenna Hedgepath won the 2020 individual TSSAA state bowling title and was named 2020 Tennessee Miss Bowling of the Year. She was selected to the All-Midstate bowling team by the Tennessee Sports Writers Association. In June, Hedgepath was named the 2020 Tennessean Girls’ Bowler of the Year.

Girls’ Bowling Lipscomb Academy won its first bowling team title when the girls' bowling team became the TSSAA Division II State Champions by defeating Friendship Christian in early 2020. Casey Mobley, Jenna Hedgepath and Maddie Yates all qualified for the TSSAA state individual tournament. Additionally, Coach Diana Benson was named All Midstate Girls' Bowling Coach of the Year.

The Lipscomb Academy football field has been replaced with artificial turf by FieldTurf®, which has a much higher success rate helping with injury prevention over natural grass. 24

Girls’ Middle School Basketball Congratulations to Coach Emily High and our girls’ middle school basketball team for winning the HVAC Championship over Ensworth and finishing the season with a record of 20-2.

Indoor Track and Field Legend

Mikele Vickers was named 2020 indoor state champion for both the long jump (18’ 8.5”) and triple jump (37’ 0”). Vickers, a track and field studentathlete since the age of eight, has amassed many titles in her career. She has held the Amateur Athletic Union national long jump title for 10-year-old girls since 2012 and won a total of 13 AAU national medals, including two gold medals. As a high school student-athlete, Vickers has earned five outdoor and four indoor state titles. Currently, she holds the Lipscomb Academy school record in long jump, triple jump, 100M, 200M, 4x100M relay and 4x200M relay. This is her second state title in the long jump event. She amassed many titles all while having to miss her senior season due to the cancellation of spring sports by COVID-19.

2020 Signed Athletes Mikele Vickers | Track, University of Tennessee-Knoxville Hannah Blackburn | Volleyball, Union University Jack O’Dowd | Baseball, Vanderbilt University Mimi Herring | Soccer, Harding University Maggie Keenan | Volleyball, Austin Peay University Houston High | Baseball, Union University Koby Roy | Football, Bethel University Kyle McNamara | Football, University of Michigan Nicholas Paschall | Football, Cornell University Cole McDowell | Football, Murray State University Shaun Allen | Football, Bethel University Jake Bowman | Football, Western Kentucky University Clay Campbell | Football, Wheaton College Tyler Chitty | Soccer, Harding University Matthew George | Football, Tusculum University Samuel Griffith | Soccer, Freed-Hardeman University Hank Hutcheson | Basketball, Trevecca Nazarene University 25

A Lipscomb AcademyLegacy Neika Brewer Stephens, now in her second 12-year term as a Lipscomb University Board of Trustee, has a passion for Lipscomb Academy and is deeply rooted within the Lipscomb family. Modeling the characteristics she witnessed from generations of her ancestors, she is living the life of a servant, giving of herself to help Lipscomb Academy excel.

kept students engaged and made learning intriguing, in particular, her father.

Rarely ever since the 1891 inaugural year of Nashville Bible School, now known as Lipscomb University, has a member of the Ward/Brewer family not been on campus. J. R. Ward, Stephens’ great-grandfather, signed the original documents founding the school, and Dr. J. S. Ward, Stephens’ grandfather, was named the third superintendent of the school.

To honor her father’s dedication as a passionate teacher, the Class of 1935 built a permanent tower in Charles R. Brewer’s honor. Brewer Tower still stands today outside of Elam Hall.

Robbie Dearing Ward, Stephens’ mother, holds the unique distinction in Lipscomb’s 128-year history of being the first student to complete her entire education at Nashville Bible School, making her the first Lipscomb Lifer. A talented linguist, Charles R. Brewer, Stephens’ father, was a teacher at David Lipscomb College where he taught Greek, Hebrew, French and German, as well as English and Bible. His love of language was most evident in the naming of Neika, the youngest of his seven children and the only girl. In the Greek language, “Neika” means “Victory.” Stephens herself was a student at David Lipscomb in the 1940s and vividly recalls the colorful teachers that

“My favorite school-related memory of my dad was how he fully invested himself in the lives of his students. He knew each student’s personality so well that he created a nickname for them showing his connection to them,” stated Stephens.

Because of his wife’s love of Lipscomb Academy, in 2011, Bill Stephens made a $10 million pledge for enhancing the facilities of the Lower School. That campus bears his wife’s family name. Today, family connections continue strong with Debbie Brewer, the wife of Stephen’s late nephew Barry Brewer, working part-time at the Lower School, and Martha Ann Hawkins, Brewer’s daughter and Stephen’s great-niece, teaching Spanish at the Upper School. When asked what Stephens loves the most about Lipscomb Academy, she instantly drew upon the academy’s dedication to glorify God through all things. “I love the fact that Lipscomb Academy honors God first. And that honor extends to all His creation and every facet, every relationship of life,” stated Stephens.

Standing in front of the Brewer Tower, built in honor of Charles R. Brewer, Neika Stephens honors her father’s service to Lipscomb Academy. From left to right (top row): Debbie Brewer, Neika Stephens, Martha Ann Hawkins. Front row: Foster Hawkins, Millie Kate Hawkins.


Sarah Robinson named Tennessee Educators of Color Alliance Fellow Sarah Robinson, AP human geography and AP world history teacher, was one of 12 educators across the state to be selected to participate in the inaugural Tennessee Educators of Color Alliance (TECA) fellowship program, designed to provide proven educators with the opportunity to develop their leadership potential. During a 10-month time period, the fellows will assess the top priorities in Tennessee education, collaborate with state and district policymakers and encourage the retention of teachers of color in the school system so that Tennessee’s schools better reflect their student bodies. Fellows are required to complete a capstone project. Robinson will help Lipscomb Academy administration network and make connections with other educators of color so the academy may better reflect all communities it serves.


Pat Wood named National Christian School Association Teacher of the Year From the time that Patricia Wood turned 11, she always knew she wanted to be a teacher. When she attended Lipscomb University, she decided that she wanted to be a physical education teacher, and in less than a year after graduation, she obtained that job, setting her on a path to become the National Christian School Association Teacher of the Year 45 years later in 2020. Wood has spent 42 of the 45 years in her teaching career at Lipscomb, teaching physical education, Bible, math and pre-algebra. She has served as the middle school math chair and has been the seventh-grade team leader for many years. After only two years of working in physical education, a peer of Wood’s suggested that she become a sixth-grade math teacher. She took this opportunity and has loved teaching math ever since.

Over the years, Wood has opened the eyes of her students to see a world where they belong and where they are loved. She constantly reminds her students to this day that they are the writers of their own stories and that God will use His plan and His timing to implement whatever it is that they choose to do with their lives. Wood is no stranger to awards as she has won two Teacher of the Year Awards at Lipscomb Academy in 1992 and in 2007. During her career, she has been chosen to participate in the National Middle School Convention and the Mid-School Math Conference. When students enter Wood’s classroom, the first thing they notice is her warm energy and encouraging spirit. “The most rewarding part of teaching is seeing the kids you taught several years ago going out into the world and chasing their dreams,” she said.



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