Page 1 y g g EPISODE 1 “Start with Basic Obedience Training”

Bringing home a new pet requires you to  Bringing home a new pet requires you to train them with some basic etiquette. 

You can start with  You can start with basic obedience  training.

The two most commonly used  The two most commonly used modes of obedience training are  lease training and reward  training. training

Leash training  Leash training involves  teaching a dog  to obey with  th h l f the help of a  leash.  leash

This form of training  Thi f ft i i is often used for is often used for  military and  security dogs. 

The reward training method uses rewards  such as food or toys as lures for ensuring  such as  food or toys as lures for ensuring that the dog listens to you.

There are  many  different  diff ways to ways to  reward your  y dog. 

Reward training is  f for compassionate  i and patient dog and patient dog  owners. 

Leash t i i i training is  better if you better if you  want a  strong and  infallible dog. dog

What you want is for your  y y dog to pay attention. y g g Your Guide For All Dog House Training Tips

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Beginning with models and methods for house training your dog. The general information to need to know about your house training options are presented here. Teach obedience...

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