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6 oct.2012 > 13 JAN.2013

LILLE & EUROmEtropoLIS PARADE, EXHIBITIONS, URBAN METAMORPHOSES, DESIGN, CINEMA, THEATRE, CIRCUS, DANCE, CONCERTS, CLUBBING, LITERATURE, COMICS, WORKSHOPS, CUISINE... NICK CAVE Soundsuit, Metal armature, 2009 - James Prinz Photography. Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York

Opening parade, exhibitions, urban metamorphoses, shows‌ over 500 events to make the city grow wild, to create surreal happenings in urban spaces, stirring surprise as well as a feeling of amazing otherness. After Bombaysers de Lille (2006) and Europe XXL (2009), FANTASTIC is all about everything turning fantastic: in Lille and the Eurometropolis, in public spaces and in the different lille3000 venues (Tripostal, Gare Saint Sauveur), and in collaboration with different cultural partners from the Eurometropolis. Come and face surnatural events, marvellous and strange things as reality is transfigured, while time and space are stretched.


NICK CAVE Surrational

NICK CAVE Soundsuit © Courtesy de l’artiste et Jack Shainman Gallery, New York

SAT 6 OCT. 2012 Lille

OPENING PARADE Fantastic’s opening parade is a dive into a marvellous, fantasy world. Surrational, a dishevelled giant made of rafia - created by artist Nick Cave - hovers over the heads of the Lille visitors, dressed up especially for the occasion. Many harmonies from the Eurometropolis as well as the orchestre national de lille gather around as they play Ravel’s Boléro. Fireworks and mist... all the ingredients for a surnatural cocktail to share all night long. The parade will keep alive with a trip into fire installations and dancefloors.

CrEATE YOUR OWN FANTASTIC COSTUME! For the opening parade, get your own fanciful evening costume: come dressed up as a Venusian, a super hero or as a heroic fantasy character... Sewing workshops in Gare Saint Sauveur and all around the Lille metropolis will soon be available. >

UrBAN METAMORPHOSES A house fallen from the sky, a flying saucer greeting travellers in the Lille Flandres station, whereas those in Lille Europe station will be welcomed by a giant made of rafia, giant banquets all over the city… + 20 metamorphoses  With Ross Lovegrove, Nick Cave, Fujiko Nakaya, Priscilla Monge, Jean-François Fourtou, Meggie Schneider, Olga Kisseleva, Huang Yong Ping, Thierry Fournier, Berger & Berger, Loop.pH, Daan Roosegaarde, Hans Op de Beeck, Pierre Delavie, Ibon Mainar, Soundwalk, Lilian Bourgeat…

6 OCT.2012 > 13 JAN.2013 PUBLIC SPACE LILLE metropolis fujiko nakaya


Jean-François Fourtou La Maison tombée du ciel

FANTASTIC EXCAVATIONS The artists Lucy + Jorge Orta invite children to discover the bones of a fantasy animal in the course of digs organised across the whole metropolis. Every day, primary school children (8 year old), assisted by archaeologists, will exhume bones and relics of the future created by artists. The creature thus revealed over the course of several weeks will be displayed in the member cities before being pieced back together in December in Lille City Hall. With Musée d’Histoire Naturelle de Lille, Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles, Archéopole, local archeological services, ASNAPIO.

oct. > DEC.2012 Lille METROPOLIS

PERFORMING ARTS — Lille and the Eurometropolis at a Fantastic beat: theatre, concerts, dance, operas, as well as circus, premieres and “fantastic odyssey” are the upbeats of an eclectic programmation. WITH: Fantastic weekends in Gare Saint Sauveur orchestre national de lille, Opéra de Lille, Théâtre du Nord Le Prato, Le Grand Bleu, Théâtre La Licorne, L’Aéronef, Le Colisée, Next Festival, CCN Roubaix, l’Atelier Lyrique de Tourcoing, Le Grand Mix, Les Aracades, Le Nautilys, La Cave aux poètes, les maisons Folie… LUCY + JORGE ORTA

EXHIBITIONS PHANTASIA Exhibitions, Nights of Tripostal, concerts, games, birthdays, shop, bookshop, bar/ restaurant... Converted in an exhibition centre for Lille 2004 European Capital of Culture, Tripostal stands for an iconic culture centre today. Formerly an industrial 6 000 m2 building that was used to sort mail, the Tripostal has become a cultural and artistic landmark. For Fantastic, the Tripostal will go wild. Carried out of the ordinary and of reality by the artists, the visitor will stroll into worlds where faeries and unaccountable for stories prevail. With the support of Veolia, Vinci Park and Air France

Børre SAETHRE, My private sky

6 OCT.2012 > 13 JAN.2013


tripost∆l, LILLE


FANTASTIC ATTRACTIONS Gare Saint Sauveur is a place where many things happen for the whole family to enjoy: exhibitions, shows, cinema for children, Hotel Europa, birthday teepees... For Fantastic, Gare Saint Sauveur will look like a fantastic funfair. There will be interactive installations twisting the codes of merry-go-rounds and rides. Avec le soutien de Oxylane et AG2R La Mondiale

6 OCT.2012 > 13 JAN.2013

G∆re S∆int S∆uveur, LILLE



MICHELANGELO PISTOLETTO le labyrinthe (Courtesy Galleria Continua)

NUMEN Tape installation


13 OCT. > 30 dEc.2012


FUTUROTEXTILES 3 The exhibition “Futurotextiles“ presents the world of textile and its amazing diversity, from fiber to woven materials, not forgetting the composite and the non-woven ones. After its world tour, the brand new exhibition “Futurotextiles“ will be presented in Tourcoing on the occasion of the CETI (European Centre of Innovative Textiles) inauguration. With the support of Oxylane


JUM NAKAO A Costura do Invisivel


Fables of the 16th century Flemish landscape Bosch, Bles, Brueghel, Bril… paint the fables of the 16th century Flemish landscape. The second biggest French museum in regards to its collections, the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Lille shows the fabulous landscapes of mannerism. Between the fantastic and the marvellous, this exhibition will gather artworks by the master painters of the Renaissance.

With the support of Caisse d’épargne Nord France Europe


5 oct.2012 > 14 JAN.2013

p∆l∆is des be∆ux-∆rts de lille

Tobias Verhaecht La tour de Babel Musée Royal des Beaux-Arts Anvers (Photo Lukas-Art in Flanders)

Jérôme Bosch (d’après), La Tentation de saint Antoine Musée des Beaux-Arts de dijon

FANTASTIC , MORE THAN 25 EXHIBITIONS! WITH: maisons Folie, L’Espace Croisé, le Musée d’Histoire Naturelle de Lille, La Malterie, Lasécu, la Maison de l’Architecture et de la Ville, l’Espace Le Carré, l’Imaginarium, le Broelmuseum, la Budafabriek, l’Espace Pignon, Euratechnologies, Mac’s Grand-Hornu...

OTHERWORLDLY Optical Delusions and Small Realities highlights the phenomenon of the revival of interest among artists all over the world for miniature constructions and descriptions of artificial environments or alternative realities that are handmade on a small-scale, either in the form of sculptures or that of subjects for photography or video.

06 OCT.2012 > 13 JAN.2013

MUba eugène leroy, TOURCOING

La Ville Magique LaM, a major European museum for modern art, contemporary art and art brut, presents “La Ville Magique” by Magritte, Man Ray, Brassaï… The Magic City exhibition proposes a journey into various urban myths of the inter-war period, at a time when the city seemed to concentrate all the fantasies and fears of the Western world.

29 sep.2012 > 13 JAN.2013


Herbert Bayer, Solitude du Citadin, 1932

Patrick Jacobs Dandelion Cluster #2, 2011 Courtesy of Pierogi Gallery, New York

Marc Chagall Coq, 1942

Chagall Using the exceptional Art Deco surroundings of this former swimmingpool, 200 ceramic pieces, sculptures, live arts will shine a light on the question of volume in Chagall’s works, a facet of his artistic experience that has not been really explored yet. 13 OCT.2012 > 06 JAN.2013


POP UP DESIGN During the design biennial Interieur 2012 in Kortrijk, design will be everywhere, in Lille, Tourcoing or Tournai, in known venues as well as in unusual places. An original itinerary through the three main parts of the Eurometropolis (30 to 40 stops in total) will introduce different publics to the most innovative work being done in the field of design in the Eurometropolis. With Lille Design

20 > 28 OCT.2012

06 dEC.2012 > 13 JAN.2013


POP UP ENFANTS For the Christmas holiday, lille3000 will organise a Fantastic month 100% kids. An event for children and families to discover the different lille3000 venues and many others.


design biennale interieur 2012


Ghost Stories for Grown Ups Photographs by artist Arno Gissinger, an atlas from the Atlas so to speak, “reproduction” of former configurations, and also, an extraordinary extension to motion picture. Georges Didi-Huberman offers an assembly of about forty film projections, linked together with a similar theme: new “Ghost Stories for Grown Ups.” 06 OCT > 31 DEC.2012



2O12 IN CULTURAL VENUES OF Lille AND THE EuromEtropolIS: Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille, Musée de l’Hospice Comtesse, LaM, Musée La Piscine, Espace Croisé, Le Fresnoy studio national des arts contemporains, MUba Eugène Leroy, la Condition Publique, Musée d’Histoire Naturelle de Lille, les maisons Folie (Wazemmes, Moulins, L’Hospice d’Havré, le Fort de Mons, le Colysée, La Ferme d’en Haut, Beaulieu, Buda), CETI, EuraTechnologies, Maison de l’Architecture et de la Ville, Espace Pignon, Lasécu, La Malterie, orchestre national de lille, Opéra de Lille, Théâtre du Nord, Le Prato, Grand Bleu, Grand Mix, Théâtre La Licorne, la Péniche, l’Hybride, l’Aéronef, la Cave aux Poètes, ARA, Nautilys, Colisée, Arcades, Vivat, Le Majestic, L’Univers, L’Hybride, L’Imaginarium, Ankama, Maisons de Mode, Le Forum ses Sciences Université Catholique de Lille, ESMOD, Imaginarium, Lille Design, Interieur 2012, Broelmuseum, la Budafabriek, Next Festival, Culture.Wapi, cinemas of the metropolis, libraries and multimedia libraries, publishers and bookshops of the metropolis... T+33(0)3 28 52 3000 T+33 (0)359 579 400 (international)

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