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Thoughts from the Editor

In mid-August, our home air conditioner failed. Without warning, it just stopped blowing cold air. Like most equipment failures, it’s never anticipated or ideally timed. So, at the worst possible moment, our AC decided to quit on us. Just in time for temperatures to sail over 105 degrees and remain steadily horrid for far too long.

We soon discovered that our 3-year-old AC had a busted condenser. Additionally, this particular unit’s replacement part was on backorder until November. Needless to say, things haven't been particularly comfortable in the Riley home for the last month and a half.

I found out one thing clearly: when I’m hot, I’m not so swell to be around. My family can attest to the fact that I have invented my own version of "hangry" (hot-angry), which I'd argue is worse than the original "hangry" (hungry-angry). I’m now convinced that the hot-angry version is worse.

Thankfully, in our hour of need, some wonderful friends lent us their portable AC units to help alleviate some of our suffering. We quickly adapted to the heat by sleeping with far less bedding and keeping our borrowed window units roaring throughout the night. Most days I’d walk into a room to find a child standing directly in front of the AC, vigorously flapping a shirt up and down, or spinning in circles to try and cool off.

My best attempts at keeping my hangry in check and helping the kids understand that “living without AC builds character” only lasted for so long. We were all ready for a temperature change.

I’ve never wanted fall weather to come sooner in my entire life. I built a solid habit of checking the weather app, willing the mercury to fall. I even bought a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks as a prognostication of cooler days to come.

Then overnight, relief came.

Almost as quickly as our AC quit, cool weather broke in. Like a scene from a cliché movie, I woke feeling well rested and refreshed by the crisp morning breeze coming through the open windows. I came downstairs, greeted by the smell of apples and cinnamon and the sight of my lovely daughter cozying up under a blanket–candles lit, fireplace on, and watching The Grinch. I laughed out loud and joined her for a quick snuggle in celebration of fall. I didn’t even care that it was early September and we were watching a Christmas movie. This moment deserved our appreciation.

Some changes are more anticipated than others. I’m finding wisdom in the truth that while delayed hope can sicken the heart, a longing fulfilled is like a tree of life. With my whole heart, I’m wishing you a happy fall. Bring on the flannels.


Eric Riley

Executive Editor Lifestyle Magazine

President / Owner Topograph