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Our Purpose

At Libro, we pursue our purpose through four focus areas. We call them our Pillars and we consider them every time we make a decision, in all areas of our business.

We’ve identified four Libro pillars as the key areas we will focus on to deliver our promise to grow prosperity in southwestern Ontario. These pillars address some of the top challenges and opportunities our region faces and where we believe Libro can have a strong voice/influence/ impact. We don’t have all the answers yet on how to influence these areas and we’re listening and learning as we work on finding ways to influence these areas.

We adopted these four Pillars during 2019 and we continue to have conversations, within Libro and with our partners, about how we use them to drive us forward.

EMPLOYMENT Increasing productive employment and decent work and reducing talent shortages

FINANCIAL RESILIENCE Improving financial capacity and resilience of people, businesses and organizations

LOCAL FOOD ACCESSIBILITY Improving food systems to increase access to local food

HOUSING Enhancing access for all to adequate, safe and affordable housing

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