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I believe that it is important that schools starting at grade 6 th-12th should have an alternate class that educates the students about sex. Sex education is important to have in schools because this will cut the risk of our young children getting STD’s, and lower the rate of teen pregnancy, I have done some research about teen pregnancy and approximately 1million teenage girls have babies each year. In the next 24hr period, there will be over a thousand girls that will become pregnant. In addition 43% of all adolescent become pregnant before 20 years of age. Teenage pregnancy is now defined as an underage girl becoming pregnant before the legal age of 21. To me the definition of sex education is a lifelong process of acquiring information and forming attitudes, beliefs and values for the young minds. It encompasses sexual development, reproductive health, interpersonal relationship, affection, intimacy, body image, and gender roles. Sex education should teach the importance of reproduction, sexuality, and growing up in general in a more physical and emotional way. I feel sex education that are in these certain schools are making a difference in our teens lives, and that they need to consider putting sex education in all schools. Sex education in some schools seems to be more of a controversial issue. Parents are wondering what the curriculum should be in sex education. They are trying to raise the issue on if it should be taught at school or at the home by the parents. In the US for over a decade sex education in public schools has been a controversial issue. With the HIV and teen pregnancy sex education is really needed.

Some of the American public believes that sex education should be taught by the parent in their home. They feel that sex education in schools do not put an emphasis on abstinence and it encourages children to have sexual intercourse. That’s not true some kids after they hear what having unprotected sex can do to you and were you may end up from doing that, it actually frightens them. Some students are taught at home to not have sex until married and some to not do it until you’re ready. Sex education is important for everyday life, for those that aren’t learning it from their parents need the opportunity to learn it some was. What’s a better place than school to learn about sex education then in your school? Instead of going exploring, and finding out the wrong way. The most important thing about sex education is to make sure they know all aspects of it. Reality-based sexuality education gives young people an understanding of positive sexuality. Successful sex education programs have several high points. The high points include exercises to encourage the appraisals of values, and skills in which students are taught how to negotiate while in sexual situations. It also provides sexual health information and skills on decision making. I feel that sex education is important because it can prevent teenage pregnancy and help decrease the risk of the young age having HIV or catching any kind of STD. I truly feel if they would have started sex education a long time ago it may have prevented baby’s having babies. Kids that are 13 years old pregnant I don’t blame them it’s the parents fault, but not having sex education I blame the parents, for not speaking with their kids about the issues that having sex causes. For those parents that have told their kids and their kids listened that is what I call good parenting. The main point here is that sex education really works and is very important for the society today.

Goes to Lancaster High School …. A senior in Mrs. Conner’s English IV class…. Graduating in 2012…

The Importance of Sex Education