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[P158] Country of affiliation for the authors of an international evidence-based healthcare publication: an evaluation of Clinical Evidence Luis Gabriel Cuervo, Mike Clarke, Alan Thomas, Alex McNeil, Kourosh Mojar, David Tovey

Abstract Objectives: Clinical Evidence is one of the most widely available and reputable evidence based publications that can be thought of as being 'alive' - it changes to reflect the accumulation and evolution of evidence. Clinical Evidence is promoted as being 'international', addressing globally important issues and including contributions from around the world. This project will first explore how this is reflected in the characteristics of its main contributors and, secondly, will explore relationship between the regions of influence and the place of affiliation of their contributors. Methods: 1. Extract topic title and author location data from all Clinical Evidence issues 1-13 2. Plot changes in the number and proportion of authors by location over time for: continent divisions and UK/US/ROW divisions 3. Plot changes in coverage of topics in Clinical Evidence over time for divisions by clinical speciality, and for diseases which have a high burden of illness in developing countries 4. Extract sales data for Clinical Evidence by print subscriptions and web access Results: Clinical Evidence has commissioned authors from all over the world, but with the majority from Europe and North America. We will present data on the growth in the coverage of topics in Clinical Evidence over its six years from issue 1 to 13, and in particular the trend towards including topics that are a high burden of illness in developing countries. Conclusion: We will use the data to monitor the status of an 'international' publication and plan coverage for the future growth and development of Clinical Evidence Link to corresponding slides (where available):

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