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Quick pitch Old friends

As well as Salem and Rios, their PMC handler Alice will also be making the trip to Shanghai.

Masked men

When you get to a safe area the boys’ masks will lift so you can admire their rugged good looks.

Mo’ money

You’ll still need to earn cash for buying new guns, and adding that all-important ‘bling’.


Hype Magnet Format PS3 ETA Winter Pub EA Dev EA Montreal

Army Of Two The 40th Day Masks



he Bill & Ted of shooters are back – and this time they’re not just in it for the dollar. The muscle-bound, mask-wearing mercenaries, Rios and Salem, are still trigger-happy jocks who seem oddly comfortable in each other’s embrace – but things are different now. Trapped in Shanghai when private military companies start warring, the boys are left fighting for their lives as the city crumbles around them. You can still take jobs and haggle over prices but this time the main goal is simple: survival. The game will play out across Shanghai’s various districts and locations, such as the local zoo and a hospital, which at

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least makes a nice change from the dusty plains of Generistan. And city life won’t be easy, one scene even sees Rios and Salem taking on a fighter jet.


Of course Army Of Two is all about the co-op, and that’s still true in the sequel. Whatever you’re doing you’ll have your partner, either AI-controlled or played by a friend, to back you up. The Aggro meter from the original game (which allows you to draw the enemy’s attention so your partner can sneak up on them) returns, and the co-op has a new playbook system. It’s part of the GPS and brings up a huge selection of commands for your AI

buddy, like prioritising enemy kills or getting him to interact with specific people and objects. Along with more traditional shooter-style controls, deeper bullet penetration for picking off cowering enemies, and the now automatic ‘snap-to-cover’ mechanic it feels as though the game has evolved. After a shaky first outing, EA Montreal is selling this as a more grown-up take on the co-op shooter, so there will be less macho banter and more dilemmas to face. One of these conundrums will apparently be whether or not to use innocent bystanders as human shields. Let’s hope the locals don’t mind the smell of Le Male par Jean Paul Gaultier.

Head stomping? AOT may be more mature, now, but it’s no more subtle.

23/3/09 6:39:22 pm

Wish list Smarter AI

Here’s hoping your AI partner has been working hard on his IQ over the holidays. The new ‘playbook’ co-op command system will only get you so far.

Better guns

You might have been able to gold plate your assault rifle in the original game but the weapons were weak like kitten burps – making every shot a disappointment.

Online modes The sequel needs to make the most of the co-op play with more online game types, bigger, better maps, and several competing two-man teams operating in an area.

Could Be A Contender American McGee’s Alice

This one sounds like it’s going to be a winner The premise Alice, now grown up and orphaned by a house fire, returns to an evil Wonderland. The reality A platformer where you battle monsters and explore twisted, spooky levels. The hook It’s a bloody take on the classic story where Alice must fight for her life against malevolent characters. The inspiration The game is loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s books and poetry but is viewed through a heavy Emo filter.

Amidst all the high-fives and chest-bumps, you’ll supposedly have some tough decisions to make.


The chances The original game has a cult following and in January this year Sarah Michelle Gellar confirmed she’s making and staring in a film adaptation. Format PS3 ETA TBC Pub EA Dev Spicy Horse


Pre-Orders The punters’ top three




The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena

Bionic Commando

UFC 2009: Undisputed

Vin Diesel is Riddick, the ex-con fighting murderous drones and a psychotic captain on the good ship Dark Athena. FormatPS3ETA24AprilPubAtari

PLT31.pre_armyoftwo 49

Go, go, gadget arm! Nathan ‘RAD’ Spencer is no ordinary action adventure hero – his bionic limb is both a weapon and a grapple. Perfect for swinging through jungles and kicking post-apocalyptic ass. FormatPS3ETA MayPub Capcom

Cuddling men have never looked so scary. Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz are just two of the 100 fighters packed into this mixed martial arts powerhouse. FormatPS3ETA15MayPub THQ

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The chances The original game has a cult following and in January this year Sarah Michelle Gellar confirmed she’s making and staring in a fi...