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Alternative model


aili Hughes is not your typical model. After fighting her way out of a council estate to become the youngest national newspaper journalist in the UK she was still raring to go for a new challenge. She began modelling as Coco Fierce around 2011 after losing a whopping 6.5 stone. Scouted at a tattoo convention she was approached by numerous people telling her to become a model. A small spark ignited in Haili which grew to full blown blaze by the time she completed her first photo shoot and became signed with an agency. Like many working women, alongside her modelling job she is also a journalist and a teacher. She strives hard to succeed in her career.

Who or what influences your style? I’m influenced by all things 50s, kitsch, garish colours with a little bit of horror thrown in. I love the 50s screen sirens such as Greta Garbo who ooze sex appeal and glamour. Your ultimate idol? Patricia Day from The Horrorpops; she is the ultimate mix of glamour and ghoulish! What do you bring to the modelling industry? I try to change my facial expressions on every photo as there are so many models who have the same ‘face’ and it really bores and frustrates me!

4 21


Have you ever been asked to do any risqué shoots? As a teacher as well as a model I would never do anything too sexy. When I first started out I was asked a couple of times but I have built myself a fantastic reputation now so people would not dare even ask me! What made you choose alternative modelling over “mainstream modelling”? I am an alternative person and am covered in tattoos. Unlike many other pin up and 50s models, I actually wear the clothes every day. It is not just something I dress up in on a photo-shoot. It is a lifestyle for me. As a woman what do you get out of modelling? Like most girls I love dressing up and looking nice! I also like the fact that I’ll have thousands of images of myself to show my children and grand-children and say ‘Hey, I was alright!’ Do you think it is important for women in this day and age to feel empowered? Yes definitely. It’s all about confidence and if you don’t love yourself, who else will? You will get rejected and then you can just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try something else. You only get one life, why waste it?

Photography by Helen Hughes

Inspirational Sex talk



The women still very much dominate in the Burlesque scene

Burlesque BOYS IN

In one burlesque performance you expect to see many buxom blondes and bouncy brunettes tantalizing the audience while strutting their stuff on the big stage but watch out girls the men what a piece of the action too.


he stage is dimly lit, a luxurious purple velvet curtain hangs closed ready to reveal the next sensual, seductive act. The audience mutter in anticipation waiting to get their fix of the human form. The sound of a hypnotic drumming beat erupts from the speakers making the audience giggle excitedly. The curtain fly’s open as three muscular men march on stage wearing a black soldier uniform and a tall white feathered hat. They begin their routine with some snappy footwork until the beat of the music comes up a notch and adopts an African tribal vibe. The men begin shaking their bums like BeyoncÊ which is greeted by loud screams from the audience.

Tito Bonito gets saucy on the train ride back from work



Tools of the trade The boys give us the low-down on the essential props they need to perform an amazing BURLESQUE show “My body of course! I don’t normally use props in my routines or acts. Instead I base my performances on character and my dancing abilities.” -Tito Bonito “We could absolutely not live without our codpieces. They’re the only thing that keeps us legal and we use them fully as costume additions and punch lines at the end of acts. Also, in that same category are sock garters, which are our signature look, and plenty of adhesive to keep things where they should be!” - Stage Door Johnnies “Swarovski Crystals. They just glam everything up and add a touch of sparkle to your performance.” - Bobbie Burlesque “All we need is make-up, costumes, music, a space to perform, and an audience to enjoy it.” - Mod Carousel

After thrusting their hips in the direction of some raunchy women they make to take off their shirt. But oh no, they don’t want to give in that easily. Turning on the spot with their backs to the audience they ever so slowly peel off their white shirts revealing three toned backs. They whip back around and take off their gloves seductively, chucking them into the audience. Using their hands to guide the audiences’ eyes down their almost naked body they ever so slowly undo the flies of their trousers. They then jump to attention and slyly shake their heads and waggle their fingers denying the audience pleasure that leaves them shouting for more. They stretch one long leg forward at a time and unzip the side of their trousers exposing very muscular thighs, a female audience member exclaims, ‘oh my god!’ at this erotic sight. In unison turning their back to the audience they whip off their trousers and stand completely naked. The lights illuminate their pert bottoms. . 15


They take their hats off and place them over their crotch to hide their last bit of modesty before turning back round to screams of delight.

on the rise

A show like this is becoming more frequent among the burlesque performers but it wasn’t until the late 1930s that men were getting in on the burlesque scene, dancing the flamenco and starring in apache acts alongside women in clubs such as Paris’ The Lido. The true independence of male dancers didn’t appear until the 50s with one of the only male acts, Jay Garvin performing (often naked) at Club 82 in New York. Thanks to these performers boylesque managed to get off the ground, but with the rise of stars such as Gypsy Rose Lee and more recently Dita Von Teese the boys have been pushed off the stage. Until now, if you look carefully amongst the spinning nipple tassels and fluttering eyelashes you can see a more manly presence, suggesting they’re back to fight for their territory. In comparison to female burlesque, it seems much harder for men to break into the industry as workshops are predominantly aimed at women. Anthony Carasa also known as Tito Bonito said: “I honestly, had no idea that burlesque was even still being performed until I saw friends doing it. At the most, you’ll see one guy in a burlesque show. Two if you’re lucky. However, in recent years it has definitely been getting more notoriety. There’s a lot of quality performers in the male burlesque scene. Oddly enough, it was quite easy for me to break into the industry. I felt as though it was easier because I was a man.” There are places such as Ministry of Burlesque which offer a network of classes, forums and contacts aimed at giving boylesquers a fighting chance. These are still few and far between and there are hopes between the burlesque communities that this Bobbie Burlesque rarity will be no more. teasing his fans Despite the lack of


‘You can leave your hat on...’ Or in this case, maybe not. Cheeky!

boylesque workshops out there, the stage is ever stage name and every time I perform back home in a welcoming presence for men burlesque dancers. Florida they are always in the front row.” “As a child I fell in love with music, dancing, acting However some people have more difficulties with all the costumes and becoming a different than others, Trojan Original from the all-male character,” says LA’s king of Boylesque, Bobbie burlesque group Mod Carousel said: “I was slow in Burlesque. “As I got older, I of course discovered bringing it up with my family, I don’t think I ever sex and all the pleasures of seduction, sexual said anything actually! They found out when Paris attraction, fetishes, and human sexuality. Then one Original (another member of Mod carousel) had a day in my late teens I stumbled upon a small show show in Seattle that they came and saw. It wasn’t in a tiny gay bar in Pomona, California, the place very risqué and they had a blast so it went well was called Robbie’s, and and they’ve seen a fair I fell in love with the nudity and sexual amount of our shows the show was called Buckingham Burlesque. I since. I also have some seduction of the striptease was underage, and snuck conservative and highly in to see the show! religious friends who I was scared to show but “ I fell in love with the beautiful women, amazing when they found out they loved it! That’s when costumes, the music, the dancing, and above all, I started to discover that burlesque is viewed in a the nudity and sexual seduction of the striptease. completely different light than stripping.” I finally found something that combined all my According to the Stage Door Johnnies what favourite things about burlesque into one. I got on attract men and women alike to the art of the stage and have never looked back.” burlesque is the pure escapism and the chance to family affair take on a new persona different from their own Like any form of burlesque it is bound to provoke personality. Dancers have the liberty to change different kinds of reactions from friends and family. their style and image at will and can experiment For Tito Bonito he’s been rather lucky: “They are with ways to surprise the audience. all huge supporters. In Chicago, where I began There is also a more light-hearted comical dancing, my friends came to shows all the time approach that can be adorned on stage, where and yelled like they were getting paid. My family the clichés of male sexuality are slanted into a new are even bigger supporters. My mum gave me my perspective. In comparison to female burlesque, WWW.SCARLETMAGAZINE.CO.UK


boylesque definitely has a more comical feel to it. of the day, I just want to entertain my audience.” For example the dynamic threesome Paris Original, anything you can do... Although boylesquers are not currently on par Trojan Original and Luminous Pariah make up the with their female equivalents, it is clear from the group Mod Carousel who combine their tonguein-cheek antics with immense skill and physical art. circuit of determined talent that males are on the rise. I found all of the female performers to be This modern approached named neo-burlesque is very welcoming to me and happy for a chance to at the leading forefront of cabaret and it’s their objectify men for a change” said Trojan Original. unique attributes that sells to the audience. “If anything I think being male made it easier “What we do on stage is often very different to break into Seattle’s scene than what women do. Women love the fact that at some because there are so few of Our costumes, our point we will get naked us. One great piece of advice movement, concepts, that’s floating around for male and characters it’s burlesque performers though is to treat their all different. It adds a refreshing variety to the position in the world of burlesque with gratitude show. We like closing out a show and seeing the since we are guests in a female art form.” audience’s faces. Unlike dance which is largely For now though the focus is on making audiences serious, misunderstood, and poorly attended (with some exceptions for sure) burlesque is entertaining more aware of their presence whilst slowly but and you feel like a rock star after a show,” explains surely seeping into the women’s territory. As the male profile continues to rise the love of burlesque Paris Original and Trojan Original from the group. what women want is never ending. Male stripping has come a long way from The Chippendales and Dream Boys, which to give them credit were good back in the day but male burlesque has created a whole new entity; it’s more about making people laugh and teasing the audience then having a chiselled torso. “Women FANCY SEEING A BURLESQUE SHOW? love the element of men being goofy and dancing HERE IS A LIST OF WHAT’S HAPPENING around. The fact that a man will dress up in a WHERE. costume, come up with a dance routine, and get Hebden Bridge Brulesque festival on stage in front of a lot of people, is sexy. And Date: 3rd-5th May also women love the fact that at some point they Where: Various locations around Hebden will get naked too,” laughs Bobbie Burlesque. Bridge Inspiration for routines can come from anywhere, Price: Various prices for different acts the all-male threesome Stage Door Johnnies take For more info visit: www. inspiration from different performers: “Our most relevant points of inspiration are female performers like Dirty Martini, Michelle L’amour, Dita Von Teese, Chaz Royal’s international burlesque Anna Fur Laxis, Julie Atlas Muz, Roxi D’Lite. We festival really look up to them as far as style and content Date: 10th- 19th May go but when we create our acts, we ask ourselves, Where: Madame JoJo’s 8-10 BREWER ST, how can we take these ideas and turn them SOHO, LONDON, W1F OSE into a masculine counterpart? We’ve also been Price: Various for different acts hugely inspired by performers like Gene Kelly, Fred For more info visit: www. Astaire, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra who were all amazing performers in their own way. That’s Club Paradis - Burlesque & Cabaret a lot to look up to in regards of showmanship, Date: 27th April sophistication, commitment, and style.” Where: Chapel Arts Centre, St James’s Tito Bonito uses his emotions as a different Memorial Hall, Lower Borough Walls, Bath approach: “Whatever I am going through at the BA1 1QR moment in my personal life affects my dances. Price: Advance tickets £15 I never put literal therapy on the stage but I do For more info visit: find fun ways to express how I am feeling while masking it with comedy and sex appeal. At the end

Show Time



Desperate Times Call For Kinky Measures

Matt knew he wanted these knickers as soon as he got his hands on them

What seemed innocent on the surface to Ellie had a lot more of a dirtier outcome than even she expected.

“I’m going to post it, I’m going to do it” giggled Ellie. “Right read my ad and tell me what you think,” she said to her friend. Hi! I’m a sexy 21yo girl looking to sell my dirty hile most ladies think nothing of throwing panties! I have lace, satin, high waisted, cotton, away their ripped tights, dirty old knickers whatever you want. I will also take special requests. and trashed heels, a growing group of Drop me a line baby. them are turning these items into instant cash. But “Sounds perfect,” her friend laughed. “Let’s see are these women just blinded by the thought of what sort of responses you get!” laundry benefits making easy money? On the surface it seems that Ellie first got involved in this dark money-making they are simply selling an item of clothing but the scheme as she hoped it would pay for her bills truth is that there is a much seedier undercurrent, and fund her social life. “More often than not which is one thing tour manager Ellie Jones* I’m broke, so I decided to confide in a friend who wasn’t prepared for.

W 4 23


Photography by Erin Elizabeth Kelly *Name has been changed

Sex realtalk life always seemed to be buying new clothes and was always remain anonymous. I believe that these guys nowhere near as stressed about money as I was. paint a picture of their ultimate desirable woman When she told me she sold her used knickers and if what I look like is different to that it would online it seemed a bit odd but after a while I let affect the sale, so I keep it just to my body parts it sink in and I thought, why the hell not? It’s only in case my face is not their dream. In an average underwear, I wear knickers everyday so why not week I was earning about £300. get paid for not doing my laundry.” “After I’ve sent my knickers all I think about is the At a first glance Ellie is a tall, brunette who is money I’ll get at the end of it which has definitely softly spoken. Just to helped me along. look at her no one would One of the worst demands I got was from I sometimes feel a have guessed that at the someone wanting me to take five photos of bit slimy interacting young age of 21 she was me putting in and taking out a tampon - to with these guys partaking in the lucrative me no money was worth that. especially if they world of the sex trade. start becoming There are a number of big companies eagerly demanding but with most it’s actually a pleasure waiting for women to join their team but like her to communicate with them. I often think about friend, Ellie decided she’d rather be her own boss, the people buying my dirty knickers and in my so after a little research she thought she had an mind they all fit into the professional single male idea on how to work the market. “I discovered sites category. Sometimes they want to tell me things like Craigslist and Locanto where you can sell pretty about themselves and send me photos but it much anything,” she says. “And seeing as my doesn’t really affect me in any way.” prostitution, maybe? friend was making so much money from knickers Every so often Ellie receives stories from men I thought that I would give it a go, but I had to about their broken marriages which brings back make a false identity first as I didn’t want weirdo’s some perspective into her life as a young woman. sniffing my panties while scrolling through my “I do sometimes consider it to be mild prostitution, Facebook photos. So I set up a new Google Mail account and wrote up my ad to entice customers.” but as far as the sex industry goes I feel it’s the strange requests safest option of them all. I never meet the clients, At the beginning business was slow but it soon they never see my face and they don’t know my picked up with people making special requirements address so what harm could it cause? It’s easier to fulfil their sexual needs. “At first I was a bit to think that some guys are getting a buzz from taken back at how blunt people could be but buying my knickers than to think of some pervert because my friend had warned me about extra smelling then while rubbing one out.” special requests I decided in my own mind I would One thing Ellie has learnt about this underground be happy to oblige with some of them. industry is that you need to have a thick skin and “The main orders I received were to wear them for stay in control. “You say jump and they say how extra days and to go jogging in them, which to me high, not the other way around. Always remember seemed fine but then some of these guys were you’re the one in control of the situation and don’t really sick and wanted a lot more than my knickers do anything you don’t want to do. Some men from me. The requests became more graphic, I had are out to humiliate you, like the guy asking me a dude offer me £150 to give him a blow-job which to take pictures of me inserting a tampon, but I flatly refused and one of the worst demands I that’s when you have to realise these men are in got was from someone wanting me to take five it for the power play and they love to manipulate photos of me putting in and taking out a tampon women. But still have fun with it. Flirt, be sexy and and to me no money was worth that. cheeky. Just remember that sometimes you’ll make “I wasn’t too fussed as I know what the internet a shit load of money one week and then not get is like, I felt in control so decided to take it one anything for a month the next. step further than just selling underwear, I decided Please take care if you are planning to sale your I was going to charge extra for the requirements underwear online. Do not meet up with anyone you I felt I wanted to do. When it came to taking do not know and take the necessary precautions to photos of my sweet pussy I felt a bit sleazy but it protect your identity. was just a way of extracting more money from the guys. I usually send one free photo, without a face, to customers but then any more costs extra but I WWW.SCARLETMAGAZINE.CO.UK WWW.SCARLETMAGAZINE.CO.UK




Sex talk

e h t r o F t I g Doin


Anna Arrowsmith better known to the industry as Anna Span, has delved face first into the world of directing female orientated porn. Here she gives her take on why women deserve more.


omeone rings the bell. A woman dressed only in a bikini rushes from the outdoor pool to open the door to a policeman, she invites him in. It could be the beginning of a traditional porn film, but it’s not. The woman protagonist of ‘Hand of the Law’ has personality and for a change and for once she’s the one in control. Porn films made by Anna Span are not what you expect. They do not include horny schoolgirls, bored housewives or sexy secretaries. Nor do they include pizza delivery guys, multimillionaires or super-sized sex machines. Because as a woman and a director she places herself well away from the mainstream porn instead she has the intent of keeping women’s interests in mind.

where is all began

“It kind of twins from a few areas that I was interested in, firstly I had quite a strong sexual imagination ever since I was young and secondly I’ve always had a strong interest in feminism, women’s rights and equality. I just thought it was an area that was very under developed for women especially in the UK,” explains Anna. “At first however I began by being very anti-porn as men had such a free reign to subject women to their own needs. It wasn’t until I was walking in the red light district in Soho in London that my feelings changed. I was jealous that men had their own escapism and society felt that their needs and desires were greater than women’s. There was nothing that was equivalent of this at the time for women so I felt something needed to be done.” In 1998 Anna became Britain’s first female porn director with a feature long film funded by herself in collaboration with Ben Westwood, fashion designer Vivienne Westwood’s son. However this fell through which left her in a painting and decorating job for a number of years to haul her out of debt. Eventually Anna caught a break Rachel preferred her lemons freshly squeezed



Photography by Erin Elizabeth Kelly

James was having trouble undoing all the knots quick enough


at Television X with her first ever commercially of the Law’ I’d get police uniforms that were released programme ‘Eat Me/Keep Me’ .The show being worn in the real world at that time. So the was an immediate success, leading to a complete look of a scene is very important to me and I’d do series and with that others were to follow, totalling everything I could to make it look real. around 100 shows in just under four years. “But other things I don’t do are just as important. Around this time she was also working as the I don’t market my films by body parts or sex acts editor at Television X which ment she was watching or I don’t do all anal tapes and I don’t do big 36 hours of porn each week as well as shooting titted women or men with nice asses because it her own programmes at the weekend. It was here segments their sexuality in the way that male porn she learnt a thing or two directors normally do.” I don’t do big titted women about the industry. Anna Spans’ attitude because it segments their sexuality towards porn is very similar “One of the things I in the way that male porn directors to Cindy Gallops’, founder always say is men can normally do.” direct stuff that women of Make Love Not Porn. She like, not just stuff that is believes that sex is the area exclusive to their tastes, but I just tend to pay more of human experience that embraces the vastness attention to the little details. For instance I use, possible range of tastes so it shouldn’t be confined more good looking men and there is normally a to one point of view. In TED Talks she said, “The sense of humour running through the story. porn industry is driven by men, funded by men, “Camera angles are also very important, a third managed by men, directed by men and targeted of them are a point of view angle which is looking at men. Porn says this is the way it is and I want to at the man. And there are other things like creating say that’s not necessary.” reality. My films are kind of like soap operas, so I Being part of an industry that refuses to change go through that angle when making a movie. isn’t easy for female porn directors but with realistic expectations women like Anna Span and Cindy Gallop fighting “I try to make the location realistic and I try to our corner we are sure to have our sexual desires make the cast realistic too. If it was going to be met as much as men expect to. about a millionaire business woman she’d more likely be 40 then 20. Also like when I shot ‘Hand WWW.SCARLETMAGAZINE.CO.UK

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