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From the MAGCSA President

Stop and Smell the Grass

It's that time of the year we start looking for the grass to go dormant. Don’t wish the warm weather away so fast just yet. Remember it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day maintenance and one project bleeds into another, before you know its November. Take the time to look at all that you have accomplished this season. For us in the Memphis area we won’t smell that sweet grass cut smell for about 4 months. It’s a good time of year that the grass is still green but not growing near as much and the leaves are not dropping full force just yet so that you get a little breather.

Don’t forget to thank everyone that has made it possible. It was a long summer, and a lot of hours went in to make it happen. It was a team effort. I’m not talking about just your crew; I’m talking about all departments. I have worked and visited clubs that have almost a rivalry between the maintenance department and the clubhouse/pro shop. You must realize that we are a team and all trying to accomplish the same goal to have a thriving club. Yes, they must book rounds and yes you must do cultural practices. Take the time to sit down together come up with a compromised plan and figure it out. It’s that easy.

After the recent shooting in Collierville at a grocery store, it makes you sit back and think how short life is and how much shorter it could be. Take time to thank those around you and let them know they are appreciated. Don’t sweat the small stuff and have great communication with your coworkers. Take the extra time to stop and smell the grass that you and your crew worked hard to maintain because like this article, life is short but sweet. I hope you took the time and enjoyed the fruits of your labor. 

Andrew Foster

MAGCSA President