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In Full Swing

As everyone is gearing up for another Tennessee summer, whether it be work related or pleasure – one thing is for sure, the “heat” is off from the COVID issues that plagued us at this time last year. I, for one, enjoy the pleasure of walking to the front door of my grocery store and not have to do a U-turn to my car for the forgotten face mask…good grief!!!

With that said, I’m hoping everyone is now living a less complicated life as we inch back to a more unrestricted lifestyle.

TTA / Turf Thoughts for the Summer

No doubt, with the growing season in full swing, our focus is largely on turf issues at work and not much for the business of TTA and the 2022 conference.

Even with so many things going on, I wanted to throw out a couple of things for our members to consider.

• We are always looking for worthy nominations from our membership that recognize notable work done in the turf industry.

• The categories of management that we would like to highlight at our next conference are Tom Samples Professional of the Year, Environmental Stewardship Award, Sports Field of the Year and Golf Course of the Year.

• We have two scholarships that are awarded annual, which are the Legacy Scholarship and the Ernest Hardison Memorial Scholarship.

• Please try to keep any operations or individuals in mind that make a statement to you or the industry and let us know. It’s easy…we want to hear from you!!!

UT Turf Research Updates

• As most of you already know, it is not on the books for the traditional Turfgrass Field Day this year in Knoxville.

• However, to keep current with research findings, UT is conducting TN Turf Tuesdays that offer the latest program information.

• Conducted on the first Tuesday of each month, connecting to this live presentation, Professional CEU’s and pesticide points will be awarded.

• For complete information and specifics concerning this educational program, go to www.ttaonline.org and click on events. You will see the full line-up including registration information.

Finally, it’s over six months away, but it is exciting to know that preparations are being made for a, once again, live conference and tradeshow in 2022.

As mentioned in last issue’s message, several new ideas are being considered to make this year’s educational program a unique experience.

Other aspects of the conference and show are being studied as well, all of which I hope to comment on further in the next issue as plans are solidified.

Until then, have a great summer as we all enjoy a much less restricted way of life.

Doug Ward

TTA President