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Having Their Say

Photography by Angela María Ortíz S.

A Latina POV Talk Show


Since his appearance, Cris has been a fan of the nivision’s Spanish-Language talk show and upon watching the latest episodes show Cristina was good, but it didhad this to say: n’t address topics that English“Wow, excellent new shows! I especially speaking Latinas wanted to hear about in a loved your Sotomayor episode—especially language they could understand. The View Bel’s comment, ‘La amargada Anne Coulter!’ had the topics, but not the Latina perspective. bulls-eye!” So does this really matter to American Latinas? It seems Let’s Talk! doesn’t just attract Judging from the response from viewers of the women, the show has gotten a lot of praise from new English-language Internet talk show, Let’s members of the male persuasion. Talk! Absolutely! “Smart, relevant, entertaining, “I enjoyed seeing empowered well cast and interesting! Brava. This Latinas have a say in all aspects of from Las Vegas resident Tony current topics, like politics and fiAcierto. nances. Hope to see more of Let’s Tune in and watch and chime in Talk!,” said Marylou Romo, M.D., A with your opinion of the only talk doctor no less, finally getting what show to address the #1 underserved she was craving for. American consumer market—English Although some of the topics are a L-r: Marabina Jaimes, Kikey Castillo, Christina Rosas -Speaking Latinas! little racy, forl Reverend Emma, she Anastasiou, Dyana Ortelli and Bel Hernandez was quite thrilled with the show, “You ladies rock. Always on top with the top of the day! Thank you for being courageous. We love and support you here at Body N’ Soul Studio/QuelindaBtq.” Let’s Talk! is a 15-minute Internet talk show co-hosted by four dynamic Latinas with a unique perspective on culturally relevant topics with universal Let’s Talk! ladies with guest James Blancarte, Esq. appeal. Emmy award winning On the set with our director Enrique Castillo host Marabina Jaimes, Generation “Y”/actress (& Green Gal) Kikey Castillo, comedian/actress Dyana Ortelli, and To watch the following episodes of the Let’s Talk! The Latina Latin Heat publisher Bel Hernandez are definitely not shy POV talk show, go to: about voicing their opinions. Whether, the hosts are talking about fun and light topics like zumba, fashion or yoga or tackling headier topics like Latest episode: hate crimes, infidelity or immigration, these ladies do not  Let’s Talk! Fashion hold back. With Ortelli never missing an opportunity to either Special Guest: Christina Rosas Anastasiou, Stylist to the “diss” someone or use her lightning wit to breakup up a Stars. Join the gals of Let’s Talk! as they prove that you heated discussion. can be fashionable at any price. They explore consignment This might be what actor Al Rodrigo was referring to shops, fashion on a budget and of course chisme (gossip) when he commented, “The chemistry between the four Upcoming Episodes: ladies is excellent and they all seem to be comfortable with  Let’s Talk! Immigration the material they are discussing.” Special Guest: James Blancarte, Esq. Bel Hernandez who produces the show along with Sorting our truth or fiction on Arizona’s SB1070 Miguel Torres and Enrique Castillo talks about the drama of  Let’s Talk! Yoga an independent production. “The first four shows we proSpecial Guest: Julie Carmen, Yoga & Marriage Therapist duced were taped in eight hours in a furniture show room. Getting in the zone with Yoga Our original set designer, Martin Morales had a plethora of choices, and put together an unbelievable set, which we Earlier episodes: have been unable to replicate because by the time we were  Let’s Talk! Infidelity able to shoot again the furniture we used, had been sold  Let’s Talk! Hate Crimes off!”  Let’s Talk! Zumba Emmy Award winning talk show host Cris Franco was  Let’s Talk! Business one of Let’s Talk! first guests. Although the subject was a  Meet the Let’s Talk! Hosts serious one, Proposition 8 and the announcement of his Have a suggestion for a topic? Send to: marriage to his partner of over 25 years, Cris had the hosts and crew in stitches, so much so they blew out the sound.

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