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Hand Graphics Tune-Up with Brian Lin

In late February of the Spring 2018 semester, LAEP hosted a Be Loose Graphics Workshop. This hand graphics workshop was presented by Brian Lin – son of Mike Lin, whose book “Drawing and Design With Confidence” has been a landscape architectural mainstay for decades. The workshop was funded through a CREATE 2020 proposal. Over 75 students and local professionals attended the two-day event which was held in the LAEP Common Studio. Brian was a very effective instructor and remarkable story teller that had the students laughing throughout the two-day event. The workshop covered the following topics:

•Principles and Attitudes on Graphics

•Before/After graphics assessment

•Pen, pencil, color pencil, marker rendering technique

•1-point and 2-point perspective drawing and rendering

•Plan Graphics

•Entourage (people, trees and groundcover, cars, site furnishings)

•Integration of hand and computer graphics

Additionally, Brian provided a lot of practical career and work advice while regaling the attendees with stories of his experiences in both practice and the academy.

Student feedback from the event was very positive with requests that it become a reoccurring event that be held in the fall semester every other year.

Portfolio Tune-up with Harold Linton

Nationally recognized expert and author Professor Harold Linton provided a hands-on two-day workshop on a comprehensive approach to portfolio development. The workshop helped students refine their existing portfolios and gave them the confidence to apply to internships and jobs around the nation and world and then acquire those jobs they applied for. Funded by CREATE 2020, the workshops were open to design students across USU.

Department of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning | InSites 2018