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Residential Land Planning & Design

Project Focus: Woodruff Neighborhood in Southwest Logan

Professor Anderson partnered with Professor Evans’ Analysis and Design 2 studio, joining LAEP Juniors, Sophomores and 1st and 2nd-year graduate students for a unique project focused on the Woodruff Neighborhood in southwest Logan. Significant growth is expected in this part of Logan in the coming years. Over 10,000 new housing units are projected for Logan by 2040. If trends continue, approximately 4,000-5,000 of those new units will be located in the Woodruff and adjacent areas.

The vertically-integrated project considered housing types and placement on a 60-acre parcel along 1800 South on the west side of 1000 West. Adjacent wetlands and water presented both constraints and opportunities. Various housing types and densities were investigated and the final designs were presented to Logan City planners Amber Pollan and LAEP alumni Russ Holley and Aaron Smith.

The students did a great job in a short timeframe. Logan City Senior Planner, Russ Holley, remarked: “The comprehensive design approach, thoughtful problem-solving methods and impressive graphic presentations will be extremely valuable for future community development and governmental policy makers.”

Logan City Planner, Aaron Smith added further compliments, saying: “Collaborating with LAEP students on planning and design problems in the Woodruff neighborhood has allowed Logan City to broaden our vision for the area and helped us to contemplate development patterns and solutions to problems that we likely may not have considered.”

Over 10,000 new housing units are projected for Logan by 2040.
Department of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning | InSites 2018