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Powder Mountain & Ogden Valley

Charrette & Senior Capstone

Transforming the way we think about ski resorts
Seniors and Graduates on a site visit to Powder Mountain in January.

The 2018 Capstone studio offered another “critical thinking” challenge as only USU/ LAEP can bring. The roots of the challenge lay in Dean White’s invitation to a meeting with Weber State and the University of Utah to discuss investigations into sustainable development in mountain cities.

Greg Mauro, chairman of Summit Powder Mountain, presented their plans for creating a social impact recreation village at 9,000’ using NextGen technologies and inviting major universities to participate – like Utah State and Stanford. LAEP jumped at the chance, focusing on a themes of Systems-Flora and Fauna, Food/Community, Innovation/Mountain, Innovation/Valley. The students portrayed futures for the Mountain Village and the Valley that accepted 15,000 new residents with graceful planning principles.

Sophomores visit Powder Mountain and Ogden Valley during the fall semester in LAEP 2720.

Professors Dave Anderson and Todd Johnson extend special thanks to Dave Bell, Joe Porter (twice studio visitor), Craig Johnson, Ann Mullins (twice studio visitor), Henry Beer, Rick Grover, Josh Ruhnaar, Dayton Crites and Dean White for their contributions. These studios are achieving increasing levels of critical thinking by taking on contextual responsibility and embracing major stakeholder groups.

Jonathon Cook, BLA 2018, analyzing GIS maps in the LAEP Studios
Geographic information systems maps were used to study both the environmental and developmental systems to create an innovative response to growth that will guide the future of development in Ogden Valley.

Once again, the entire department participated in a week-long collaborative Charrette. Intel sponsored a Benjamin George-led VizLab effort that included full drone coverage and analysis efforts undertaken in 3D. Our sincere appreciation goes to Powder Mountain, Greg Mauro and Dustin Haggett, for sponsoring this studio with a generous contribution.

Department of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning | InSites 2018