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January - March 2013

Volume 2

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A Positive Advancement for 2013 “This is the best Christmas Party to date. Nakita ang pagkakaisa ng lahat.” These were the words of LAC President and CEO Florante Dela Cruz (FPC) during his closing remark at the LAC Group of Companies annual Christmas Party held at the Carmel Office last December 20, 2012. - details of the Christmas Party on page 5 FPC reiterated to the team the importance of working together towards one goal, “everyone worked hard this year and thus, we saw what our companies are capable of achieving -- growth for LAC, Optimate and Koffee Concept. And the success of our companies, as it always has been, would directly benefit us all.” Newly appointed COO Andrew Dela Cruz (ADC) admitted that “we experienced a lot of difficulties with clients but despite this, LAC closed 2012 with a growth of 4.48% over last year sales.” There had been many changes in the system and organization as well. “We wanted to be sure that each employee was fit to their job. This definitely played an important role in our growth. Our people increased their productivity and job satisfaction,” ADC added. For 2013, management challenged the team to be more aggressive and hit the target every month.

Rousing from Business to Charity The measure of a person they say is dependent on the good things he has done in his life. FPC together with a group of Filipino-Australian investors formed Rouse Coffee Company. The group of coffee lovers share a common desire to help in nation building. FPC the company President said, “we would like to help sons and daughters of coffee farmers by granting scholarships to their children out of the profit of Rouse Coffee.” Rouse Coffee will be represented by Mocha Blends in the Philippines and launched this year.

news across the group Message from Boss As we begin 2013, we look forward to another positive year for our company. Just like in the past, we will endure and meet all the challenges head-on as we are very hopeful that God will bless and guide us to success. Let us just be reminded to be always excited in what we do and give our best. The past year was full of learning to treasure but what really stuck in my mind was a word always heard and read but was never given much thought. When I heard the word GRATITUDE from Zyg Zyglar , I canʼt help but agree that we all should be grateful for what we receive. We should be grateful that we have families, friends, sources of livelihood and a place to live. We have a gift of life and so much more. These are all blessings and we can recognize thousands of them if we only really pause and reflect. I think being grateful will trigger more excitement in us and will be a source of great joy. Rather than be preoccupied by negative thoughts we look at life positively and with joyful expectations. We will become more lifegiving to others most especially for people we work with everyday including our families and friends. Another exciting way to achieve our personal dream is to share it with others. When you share your dreams to other people, they are sure to be praying for it and helping you attain it. To dream is free. And it will give us a lot of reasons to excel and achieve them one by one. Let us all welcome the new year with GRATITUDE and beautiful DREAMS to achieve, cheers!

Inside this edition


Message from Boss Growing Partnership Introducing Frameless Titanium

Cedarwill is one of the longtime business partners of LAC from Taiwan. Last November 6 to 9, its CEO Mr Edward Lee flew in the country for a series of meeting to discuss the two companies potential development in the Philippine market. “Edward is both a business partner and a close family friend. We share a passion for individual and community progress which fuels our business endeavors,” explained FPC.


New Helm ADC for LAC Message to Sir Andrew Giving the extra mile


Upclose and Personal


Growing Partnership

He added that “competition is tighter nowadays, but if you have dependable business partners who help you provide quality and affordable products, it is one step ahead of your competitors.” FPC remains mum in sharing the new developments but assures, “you can expect better products from LAC and definitely new ventures in the years to come.” And who wouldnʼt trust the Visionary?

Introducing Frameless Titanium Optimate brings to the Philippines Leicht Eyewear, one of the leading brands in providing frameless titanium eyewear.

Social Calendar

8 Looking after your welfare Health Buff with Maʼam Josie

General Manager Amelio Uy said, “the Philippine market would be thrilled to know that the in-demand rimless titanium prescription frames are coming in their favorite optical shops.” Fashionistas highly recommends these glasses as they give the wearer a simple but elegant look which is almost invisible on the face. Titanium glasses are proven to be sturdy, stainless, lightweight and flexible. Sales Manager Wendy De Mesa has started implementing exciting promos to their doctor-partners in the introduction of Leicht in the market.

news across the group New Helm ADC for LAC Leading LAC to a Positive 2013 2013 is met with an exciting change in management as no less than Lee Andrew had accepted the challenge in leading LAC to new heights. Lee Andrew or ADC had been appointed Chief Operating Officer during the last quarter of 2012 after actively improving Systems, Company Organization and Marketing since his homecoming on 2010 from Australia. ADC has an impressive resume from working as Director of Conference Services at the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, a fivestar luxury hotel brand well-known globally. He handled large accounts of multinational companies from the Americas and Europe, each one leaving the hotel especially satisfied with his exceptional service. He received the distinct honor of being named Manager of the Quarter in 2008 and was recognized by former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2007 as an exemplary Filipino Professional in Australia giving pride to the country. Having spent three years in LAC, his passion for the company has only grown. After making strategic changes in Sales, Marketing and Operations, he is more determined to bringing LAC to Positive Advancement in the years to come beginning this 2013.

Horizontal Expansion for LAC Outgoing COO Amelio Uy (ACU) has been promoted to Executive Vice President. He will focus on the external affairs and business development side of LAC working closely with CEO and President Florante Dela Cruz. This critical move in management had been set to look for opportunities outside of the company and promote its expansion.

MESSAGE to Sir Andrew “Ngayong COO na po si ADC ang massabi ko po, cool boss sya, approachable at madali kausap. Ang pinakatatandaan advice nya po sakin, kapag may mali aminin po agad sa kanya at wag magpalusot.” - Malou, LAC Sales “Masaya po ako kc po si sir andrew yong nagbigay ng opportunity na maramdaman kong I exist dito sa company. Siya yung boss na hindi ka maiilang n sabihin mo yong side mo.” - Jhoyce, LAC Sales “Ok si Sir kasi makulit siya pero pagtrabaho, trabaho talaga. ” - Therit, Finance “Looking forward to working with ADC for a long time. Kahit ano kasi pwede mo sabihin kay Sir. He is very approachable.” - Vess, Credit and Collection “I think Sir Andrew being the COO of LAC Group of Companies will bring the company into a much even higher position. Syempre with his brains and guts!” - Marilyn, Optimate “He has a very positive outlook in improving LAC.” - Jimmy, LAC Warehouse “Sir you deserve it. Keep up the good work.” - Louie, LAC Sales “LAC is moving forward with ADC.” - Tess, LAC Warehouse

Giving that extra mile in customer service “Thank you for calling LAC, how can I help you?” With the growing market competition, maturing customers and globalization, companies are challenged to step up their game. For new COO Andrew Dela Cruz, it means setting LAC apart from its competitors by an unparalleled customer service and Sales people empowerment. LAC Sales will undergo training sessions focussing on customer delight as well putting in a communication system for better internal and external sales coordination. For ADC, “Success in business means working on that strong relationship with client, achieved by that extra mile given by empowered employees through customer delight.”

upclose and personal 2012 THREE GREATEST SUCCESSES (1) Being in LAC for 5 years and 11 months (2) My current position in the company (3) Finally getting married to my long-time BF.

SLAMBOOK Who is your ultimate crush? NONE What is a romantic date for you? Dinner date in the beach What is your favorite subject? Algebra and other Math-related subjects What is your dream as a kid? To be a supermodel Who is the most important person in your life? My parents



Batman or Superman? Batman Boracay or Baguio? Boracay First or Last full show of movie? Last full show What do you usually wear to work during Fridays? Slacks and blouse What do you do for fun? Window-shopping and watching movies One thing you can始t live without: Water

IF... you have Php10m, how would you spend it? 5m savings; 5m business you have the money, what house would you build? Mansion given the choice, what age would you retire? 50 years old, spend quality time with my family given the chance, what would you ask JCC? Meron po ba kayong kinatatakunan? Sino po o ano at bakit?


Alone or with friends? With friends Constant or Change? Change Two traits that best describe me: Loving and Caring The thing that most upset you: Mag-antay ng matagal sa taong kausap pag may itinakdang oras (meeting time)

2012 THREE GREATEST SUCCESSES (1) Magandang takbo ng garden business namen (2) Magkaroon ng service sa garden (3) Huwag magkasakit

SLAMBOOK Who is your ultimate crush? Carla Abellana What is a romantic date for you? Simba What is your favorite subject? Recess at PE What is your dream as a kid? Simple lang, Engineer Who is the most important person in your life? Misis ko



Batman or Superman? Superman Boracay or Baguio? Boracay First or Last full show of movie? Last full show What do you usually wear to work during Fridays? Mahilig ako sa may collar na shirt What do you do for fun? Basketball One thing you can始t live without: Pamilya

IF... you have Php10m, how would you spend it? Bahay at lupa, ang matitira para sa mga anak ko you have the money, what house would you build? Basta kumpleto sa gamit kahit maliit given the choice, what age would you retire? Hanggat malakas po ako at tanggap sa kumpanya given the chance, what would you ask JCC? Salamat po tinanggap niyo ako dito. Salamat po nagtiwala kayo sa akin. Salamat at minsan natutuwa kayo sa akin.


Alone or with friends? Masaya may kasama Constant or Change? Change Two traits that best describe me: Masayahin pero seryoso pag kailangan The thing that most upset you: Pag focus ako sa trabaho tapos may sumingit. Isa-isa lang.

social calendar

FJ-LAC came together at the Carmel Rooftop on October 20 in a fellowship promoting camaraderie between the two companies. There was food, drinks, and videoke.

FPC celebrated his birthday last November 17 in LAC. It was a surprise party or at least a good attempt to be one. Good thing is, he did get surprised with the LAC mascot!

Christmas Party 2012


Famous partners in attendance were Batman and Catwoman, Dora and Diego, and, Mario and Luigi.

Lady Gagas in their creative costumes. Should they be named here?!

social calendar

And the winners are...

Optimate won the competition among the companies with their creative and daring Edge of Glory video performance, while LAC Sales was declared second place.

social calendar Company photos

FJ as Barbie

Koffee Concept as Super Friends

LAC Sales as Dora and Friends

LAC Warehouse as Fairy Tale Characters

Optimate as Anime Characters

healthy living Looking after your welfare

Living Healthy with Ma始am Josie

New Health Insurance from October 22, 2012 to October 21, 2013 LAC has always offered a great compensation package to its employees even beyond of what the government requires from companies in the Philippines. And even to this day and age when doing business anywhere in the world could be a real challenge, LAC has committed itself to providing the crown jewel of all employee benefits...Health Insurance. In October, management announced the shift from Intellicare to MediCard as its health care provider. MediCard is a pioneer in the health care industry being in operation for 25 years with accreditation in 600 hospitals nationwide. And for the company始s first year under Medicard, the following checkups are among its inclusions: Annual Physical Exam, Pregnancy Pre and Post Natal Consultations, and Dental prophylaxis once a year and nonsurgical procedure (tooth extractions, temporary fillings, adjustment of dentures, etc). Clinic Hours Monday to Friday: 7am - 7pm Saturday: 7am - 5pm

Have you heard of the 28 Calamansi Per Day Cleansing Diet? This is no ordinary calamansi juice intake. There is actually a regimen to be followed. 28 freshly squeezed calamansi should be taken first thing in the morning about an before having breakfast. Doing this will help your body rid of toxins in the liver, kidneys and intestines. BENEFITS OF CALAMANSI 1. Rich source of Vitamin C cures cough and cold 2. Liver and kidney tonic 3. Cleans mouth and refreshes breathe 4. Strengthens the bones and stimulates growth especially among growing children 5. Helps in smooth blood circulation facilitate normal digestion due to its alkalinizing effect 6. Treatment for itchy scalp 7. Enhancing hair growth 7. Heals insect bites 8. Removes freckles, clears up acne, cures pimples 9. Deodorizes underarms

Address: 937 Ground Floor MESU Realty Trading Corp, EDSA across Trinoma/MRT Station Telephone: (02) 7754629 Coordinator: Ms Irene Lyma Villaruel, RN

OTHER USES 1. Juice 2. Jam and Marmalade 2. Meat tenderizer 3. Sauce and marinade 4. Heavy stain remover 5. Candy and sweet treats

announcements Happy Birthday!

JANUARY 1 - Remeces Raco 3 - Charlyn Toledo We extend our warmest greeting 5 - Ian Tuang to CFO Madame Jossie who is 21 - Josefina Dela Cruz celebrating her birthday this 30 - Gerald Tiongson quarter. Thank you for your dedication and tireless support in the company. Your LAC family wishes you good health, happy family and more success in your life.

FEBRUARY 3 - Ferdnand Yango 15 - Marlon Genoves 20 - Neil Duran 22 - CJ Villanueva 27 - Billy Espinosa MARCH 4 - Mel Pomer 4 - Joyce Velasquez 27 Maico De Belen

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