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You need sex advice-& Mary's got all the answers. Read 'em and get the low down on the down and dirty!



After starring in well over 1200 movies between them, who better than Ron and Mary to review the hottest pom flicks to come down the pike?



Absolutely the fucking funniest!




E. Honig

A sultry sexpot with a steamy pussy and a

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Ron Jeremy is arguably the most recognizable pornstar in XX/.. history, and in XXX Reaity Check, he takes you behind the scenes of his crazy ire!




The cabin was small and dirty. A perfect place to masturbate.



She tried her hardest to suck his cock down to the balls.



She ached for a man, but had to settle for a dildo.



A centert~d beauty spreads wide l



The marble floor was cold. Their pussies were hot.



Anita's favorite gift was a nice, big hard cock.

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The cabin was small and dirty. A perfect place to masturbate.

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ary, Mary you're so fine-we want to bang you, every time! Heehee! That's just a little cheer I made up myself-like it? I hope so,

How Man

Many Loads Does A Have To Give? Loadl

Load! Loadl

because I sure like you! In fact, I love you! Yes, I do! And I sure want you all to love me back. Do

What's up, babe? Hey Mary! I know you are a porno chick through-and-through, so what's the deal with dropping man-loads? How many gooey creamers is a guy supposed to lard on his bitch? I mean, like, I wish I could drop one in her mouth, one in her cunt and one in her ass, all within an hour. But, I can't manage more than one-or two at the most. Hopefully I am not a homo. What you think, girl? Chauncy O.Kent, Connecticut

you? I think so, since I've got zillions of letters day-in and

day-aut-and you say the sweetest things! You do! So, keep them coming and comIng! Please! So, why play around any further, let's just have some fun and go through

Mary's Mailbox right now! Porn Is Dead? Nahl

Mary! Everyone I talk to is saying, "Porn is dead," and that pretty soon, no one will be making XXX flicks anymore. Can this be possible? And if not, why are they talking shit about the sex biz? Franklin D., Fort Wayne, Indiana MARY: Porn? Dead? What, are you nuts, Franklin? But, aff busting chops aside, I know where this bit of "info" is coming from-so let me use this as an opportunity to enlighten everyone reading this! The porn industry used to rule the Xrated roost-with their movies, then VHS tapes, and now DVDs being the main mediums for hardcore horndogs like yourseff-lo get their daily dose of sex stuff. Then, along came the Internet, and over the years, the porners- mostly based in Los Angeles-have had to share the sexual spotlight with online cum-petitors. So, the porn community is making a few less biffion bucks than they are used to. Some people are panicking, but it's not such a big deal. The porn shops are stiff loaded with porno DVDs and the porn outfits are stiff churning out smut daily-and XXX life is good!

There are web- ~+-~-r-t'

such a sites that otter a

th i ng as a fuck-apart in gangbangs.

MARY: No, Chauncy, I don't think you're a "homo," not that there's anything wrong with it! Heehee! Okay then, let's address your load issues. The amount of semen that a man jerks out of his cock can vary widely depending on dozens of different factors. Ranging a man's genetics, to what he eats, to how sexuaffy excited he is-so on and so forth. I would say most healthy males can generally slam one to two slugs of hot cum out during each fuck session. Beyond that, really, it's not particularly "normal." Many porn studs have literally "trained" their testicles to carry more cum than usual, so they can splat a porn babe in scene after scene. One of the most famous of them aff was T.T. Boy, who could drop massive loads repeatedly in the course of a day to keep XXX producers and director as happy as pigs in shit! He is retired now, but man, could that guy drop a load! But, never fear Chauncy, just let your cock do what it feels like and shoot whatever spenn it wants to, and don't fret about numbers. 16

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What To Do With An Assl

I love ass! All girls' asses! I love looking at them and jerking off to pictures of asses! Beating my meat while thinking of butts! Butts! Butts! Butts! However, I am at a loss as to what to really do a woman's butt if she gives it up to me for whatever I want to do. So Mary, what should I do with an ass with an open-invitation attached to it? Barry A., Charleston, Western Virginia MARY: Ah, the female posterior. The buttocks. The anal. Whatever you want to caff it, every man wants it! But, your question is a good one, Barry-what to do with an ass once you have a hold of it. Want some suggestions? Start by licking the buft! Then feel it, hold it, and rub it. Then, get into the anal itself. First, lick it with your tongue! Next, stick your nose up there, and of course-fingering-anal fingering! Lots of anal fingering! Personaffy, I would say that sticking your fingers up a chick's butthole-one finger, two-whatever-is a very hot sex act, and one that is very overlooked both in X-movies and in private bedrooms. And for those that are a little freaked out by the idea of sticking a cock up there-from the guy perspective because of the hygiene issue, and the girl's due to fear of too massive an object entering her-the finger is a great compromise. So, just go for it Barry, with your tongue, mouth, fingers and of course, if you can, jam your dick up there! That's that way I like it off camera, so should other gals then as weff!

the others they sell at the local newsstand. Some of us think

rff~----~ Everyone I The porn Dutfits

talk to is are still churn-

saying, ing out smut for

"Porn is the porn

dead." Can

Midget Sex

shops-and XXX I have never trusted midgets very much-all small and shit. I always figure they are up to no good, know what I this be mean? Have you ever fucked a midget, Mary? I sure hope life is good! not. Fuckin' midgets. Thomas E., London, England MARY: Sorry, Thomas, I can't share your strange feelings possible? of hostility toward little people. So, I won't even address • .,..,.. . . ." . such feelings of bigotry toward the wee folks. It makes me just a little bit angry. Get it? "Little bit." heehee! The Porn Magazines-Real Deal-or Real Bullshlt? Good day, Mary I am very happy to be writing you today and I hope you can help settle an argument I am having with my fraternity brothers. We read a lot of adult magazine, every month, month after month. SWANK for sure, and then all


that all the stuff in the mags is bullshit-just made up to entertain us. Others, on the other hand, swear it must all be true. I am sort of in the niddle, I don't know what to thinkI just like them. So, anyway, what can you share with usare you guys on the level, or 'Nhat? Sam P., Tyler, Texas MARY: First, Sam, let me think you and your buds forreading SWANK-you are aff the best! Secondly, let me scold you for wasting your time on the inferior competition-what were you thinking? My goodness! I forgive you, though! What's in the magazines? How true is it? Weff, SWANK is of course true-blue. Everything we convey to you on these pages every month is too legit to quit! Get it? As forthe other guys ... weff Sam, I can't reaffy say, but I have heard the same things some of your frat bro's have, and I wouldn't tmst anyone by SWANK any further than I can throw them! Stick with the real McCoy, Sam-SWANK and only SWANK! This way you'ff never have to be disappointed!

Fuck-A-Thon Requestl Whew! Mary! Is there such a thing as a fuck-a-thon, where everyone gets it one in like one big pile and everyone fucks and sucks until they die? Please let me know where I can sign up. My life kind of stinks right now, so I wouldn't mind ending it that way. Phil M., O~ahoma City, Oklahoma MARY: I wish there was a fuck-a-thon Phil, it sounds like fun, but maybe not so much to die for, now what I mean? There are websites and organizations that promote and offer opportunities to take part in group sex, gangbangs, and multi-cluster fucks, but a fuck-a-thon to the death? I Haven't heard of such a thing, but wiff keep my ears-and pussy, open Phil! I:~ 17

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She may not have had much experience, but she tried her hardest to suck his cock down to his balls.


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Angela ached for a man, but had to settle for her dildo. 33 WWVI IONma~_C)m&W\w 113f1 &


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OT... d,rTwall

o Mon.I' Cock

O toJl,POfl S-e"" O lll. ""Blast.. OPII,illl Housl O H01 C,um o CrAll d Ch,,,tud.1'1 DT.. c~r'lrrts O Mi.. s•• Manilc

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Aller .Iarring in wei over 1200 movies between tIIem, who belter lhan Ron and Mary .. review Ihelalesl .... hottest porn iii.... ID CDme down the piIre? T1le answer is . _ : No ooe! So, take it from these two sexperts on what's hot and what's not when it comes to newest XXX vilis!

Digital Playground's number one "bad girl," Jesse Jane shows up at a club looking for work. The owner and his ginfriend (Madison Scott) hire her on the spot and her orientation includes sucking the boss' dick, lapping Madison's pussy and offering her cunt to both of her new "colleagues." Jenna Haze arrives at the bar later and seeks love advice from the bartender, who thinks the best way to cure her broken heart is to fill her throat with his standing flesh dow!. Jenna's frown disappears as the cock is pumped deep into her pussy before returning to her mouth for a blistering cum shot. Jenaveve Jalie's bedroom bang takes off from the first frame as she and her man slobber on one another's hot spots in the sixteen-nine pose. Jenaveve wants all her man can offer, and he tucks her hard in the scissor position, then she braces herself against the headboard while getting a twat-full doggie style.

Evan Stone gets the second shot at Jesse, and this one-on-one hump between two legends offers each performer at their best. For my money the most underrated slut in the game is Riley Steele, Still somewhat in the shadow of the more recognized names in the DP stable, Riley continues to travel the road towards super stardom with killer fuck sessions like the one that closes this disc with Danny Mountain.- Mos Donny


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Aleld,. 81ue & Eric Masterson

Wicked takes adult movies into the changes hands so Alektra's pussy can uncharted waters of chick flick porn share in the love. with this story of Alektra Blue's search At the risk of unleashing a spoiler, for love-and a good, hard dick to Alekrta Blue eventually gets the man bounce on. she has been pining for. The happy Capri is all hot and horny by the pool, ending night have viewers mistaking and her man offers her a moose wang the flick for a Lifetime Network movie, to help her beat the summertime except for the part where the leading blues. The foray ends with Capri lick- lady gets her tits and face fuckedthen eats the cum.- Rolfie Fingerfuck ing the cum from her tits. Nick Manning and Rebecca Blue f---------~ hide out in a nightclub stock room, providing Manning ample access to the holes of his trashy, blonde sport tucker. Rebecca keeps a hand busy in her crevice through the better part of the scene, and her fingers are still going strong on her clit as the cum is being slopped on her face. While sharing a bath with Kirsten, Alektra talks about her love woes. Kirsten offers a short-term solution to her friend's problem that involves sucking at her hardened nipples and putting her face between Alektra's legs. The two-git1love-in is well underway when Alektra introduces her BFF's beaver to the thick end of a fuck toy, and once Kirsten's pussy drenches the toy with cream, the cock replica 40

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802-1 &

Gifted with immense physical endowments in the front and rear, this team of whores grab their men by the sword and pound them to orgasm with their dangerous assets. The manner in which the T&A is presented adds a unique spin to smut

tries unsuccessfully to get the cherry tip in her butt, Mackenzee takes the cock into her own hand and makes the connection happen. The camera gets up in Mackenzee's face, then the focus returns to the pipe

being pressed into her gaping balloonknot, where the ass pump ends 'vVith the wad being washed over Mackenzee's freshly-tucked ass crack. Teen queen, Bailey looks like she came to this scene straight from the

proceedings. Every frame of this movie is shot in super close-up and from first-person POv. Mackenzee sets the mood by sucking a dick that eventually gets shoved in her twat. The next position on the menu is ass sex, and when her partner

prom. She drops her panties and lets her man work a wet finger into her butt. Bailey stretches her ass out even more with the help of a dildo that she was sucking on. Bailey plays the part of the docile teen, submissively holding her ass open so we can get an eyeful of the tool being pushed and pulled through her anal passage. Bailey graduates to getting a real, live dick in her ass, then is asked to suck the cock that had made a home for itself in her rear end. The disc hold five scenes in total, with each being nearly identical in content, but, when the formula works as well as this, even too much is not enough.- Manuel Givens




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MacKenree Pierce & Mike Adriano &



1-800-158-'358'3 ,


011-239·2820 LIVE GIRLS!



., . •

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WWW lorema J- c)m && WWW 11 3f' r.on &

Sandra's beauty is only outshined by her sexiness. 49

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. . . #117 001 16 IIAP 16 .('lINNY ~\T!

From the horny bastards at

On the way walking home a farmer stopped at the hardware store and bought a bucket and a ganon of paint He then slopped by the feed store and picked up a couple of ChiCkens and a goose. However, strugg~ng outside the store he now had a problem · how 10 carry his entire purchases home. 'Mlile he was saatching his head he was approached by a little old lady who told him she was lost. She asked, "Can you tel me how to get to 1603 MOCkingbird lane r The farmer said, 'Well, as a matler of fad, my farm is very cJosa to thaI house. I would walk you !here but I can'l cany this 101." The old lady suggested, • Why don't you put the can of paint In the bucket. Cany the bucket In one hand; put a chicken under each arm and carry the goose In your other hand?" 'Why thank you very much," he sald and proceeded 10 walk the old gill home. On the way he says, -let's take my short cut and go down this alley. ¥\Ie'll be there in no time,The ~tIIe old lady looked him over calJlioosly !hen said, -I am a lonely widow without a hllSband 10 defend me. How do I know thaI when we gel in the alley you won't hold me up against the wall, pull up my skirt, and have your way with meT The farmer said , "Holy smoluts lady! I'm carrying a bucket, • gallon of paint. two chickens, and a goose. How In the world could I possibly hold you up against the wall and do that?"

The old lady _

. ·Set ...

goose down, cover him with the bucket, put lhe painton top of the bucket and 111 hold the Chickens,-

"Who said alien abductions always end with anal probes?"



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could take picture of us doing it. She said, "Of course!" And with that, we took off-walking down Ventura Boulevard hand-in-hand with Marc in tow. As we walked and chatted, it turns out this girl---in her early 20's-had just started making porn movies under the name Scarlett Fay and had been watching me in movies for years. She had already starred in various XXX'ers such as: House of Ass 10, Suck It Dry 6, Fresh Teens 4, Down Your Throat 6, and Monster Cock Junkies 3, and-as a native of central Californiawas planning to make a carnal career of it. "I've always dreamed of fucking you, so I hope you don't mind!" Scarlett giggled, as she opened the front door. Ahhh, out of the mouths of babes! Once inside, there was no warming up in the bullpen or nothing! Scarlett tore her clothing off-then she ripped mine off and pulled me to the couch! "My specialty in my X-rated scenes are blowjobs where I let the guy shoot


owdy, dudes! What's good word out there this month in SWANK-world? Is everybody healthv, happy and huoky fuckin' dory? I Sure hope so, because here at SWANK headquarters, we are buzzing like busybees! Working sometimes

around-the-clock, shooting the layouts, writing the articles, setting up special Xevents. It never ends, I teU you! It never ends! And we never want it to! Then again, everyone needs a break now and then--even yours truly! Just a few days ago, I took a little "break" and it was a blast, so I thought I would teU you about it in words and pictures right here and now! uScarleH Fay Makes My Day! II " Text By Ron Jeremy Photos By Marc Medoff/Adult Press SelVice

She was on

I get offers to have free sex every day. No shit-every day! Of course, it wasn't always like this. In fact, it used to be the complete opposite! I never could get laid back in the day before I got into porn! But, after all these years as a porn star, and then so many years now as a porn and mainstream celeb-girls stop me all the time wherever I am, and want to "sample the goods." In stores, on the street, waiting in line at the DMV, by email, phone, fax, even when I am stopped in my car at a red light in Hollywood near my house! Girls come up to the window! I'm not bragging mind you, this is just the way it is. When this started getting like this some years back, at first I was on it like white on rice! How could I say "no" to some hot girl wanting to have sex? But, after a while, it became impractical. I couldn't go anywhere, get anywhere on time, or accomplish anything during the day-I was always having sex! I didn't even have time to eat-food that is! And you all know how important that is to me! So, after a while I had to back off, to the point where I turn down like 99 percent of the fucks, blowjobs and handjobs offered to me. Who has the time? But still to this day, on occasion, if the timing and mood is right, I go for it. And that's what happened last week when I was in a photocopy store in Los Angeles with SWANK ace photographer, Marc Medoff-making some copies, and a chick walks up to me. "Hi, you're Ron Jeremy, aren't you?" And before I could even answer, the youngish-looking red headed hottie had slipped her hand overthe outside crotch of my pants and gave me a squeeze. "Can we go fuck, please?" It just so happened that I had a couple of hours free, and this babe was cute, so what the hell? "Okay," I replied, "But where?" "Oh, my friend's apartment is walking distance from here, I have the key, I'm sure he won't mind us using his couch!" She chirped, to which Marc quickly asked if he 72

www torlm J C m&www'a1t3f ., on & &



their loads all over my face, and before that, I dig it doggie style. Is that okay with you? She asked, as she dropped to her knees in front of me. "Uh, let me think about that--{)kay'" I had to laugh. And with that. it was on! And I've got to tell you something! Scarlett may have been a relatively new porn actress-I think she's made only a couple of dozen hardcore scenes by now-but this babe knew what she was doing! She was on my cock like a starving wildcat! She licked and sucked my balls! Then my cock! Then my balls again! Scarlett wasn't just sucking my dick-she was

loving it' And man was I loving it as well' I could hardly hold back, and was about to blow when I caught myself at the last second' "Quick. let's fuck'" I yelped' "But, I want your cum in my mouth!" Scarlett whined! "No problem' No problem' You can have all my cum, I promise, but let's screw first!" I begged her. Thusly assured she would get her well-deserved load of sperm, Scanett hap-

her with as much energy as she

sucked me!


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her long and deep in all different

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