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Pantone Colour of the Year.

This year’s Pantone Colour of the Year is: Living Coral (16-1546). Living Coral’s orange and pink hues are an interesting twist on last year’s Ultra Violet but it is most definitely a colour that will work well in any room and complement multiple colour palettes. Although vibrant, the colour is natural and “mellow” and aims to bring “warmth, nourishment and comfort”.

Try it: …as an accent colour

Living Coral will give green, blue and neutral spaces the pop of colour it needs. Add “warmth” and “comfort” to these rooms by choosing scatters, a carpet, throw, wall art or curtains featuring this colour in a subtle way.

…as a bold statement colour

Living Coral is a great alternative to pink and other feminine tones that are trending this year. Using this colour in the nursery as a substitute to the all to familiar pinks of the past, is also a great idea.

…as an alternative to pink

Go all out and paint a feature wall, upholster a large bulky chair or any other piece of furniture, paint doors or a table or hang curtains in solid Living Coral. There are few colour combinations that won’t look great with a statement piece in this colour.

…as the “it” colour for your wardrobe

Living Coral is not only the colour of the year for interiors and décor but also for your wardrobe. From dresses and tops to accessories and makeup, be sure to get something in this colour ASAP.