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Behind the scenes...

Mother & Daughter A ny th i n g g o e s h e re . D e s c r i p t i o n , p r i m a r i l y.

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Behind the scenes...


uliati Photography Studio is located in downtown White Plains, the heart of Westchester County NY. Just minutes from Ritz Carlton and City

Center, the studio is a representation of a modern style with an artistic flavor.


our photography session will be customized to your needs and desires. Please scheduled a complimentary consultation, so we can an-

swer all questions you might have, and plan your photoshoot in detailes.


he photosession in the studio is $275. The photosession on location is $375.


all portraits start from $265. Portrait Folio Collections start from $1,200.

All final images are purchased from

A La Carte, thus you will spend as much as you need and want. Our goal is to create an amazing portraits for you, so you will want to buy them all! To schedule a complimentary consultation, or book your photoshoot call (914) 484• 8444 email

Studio location (by appointment only) 151 East Post Rd, Suite 108 White Plains, NY 10601

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