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THE LOCAL SEEKER (October 28 - pg. 2)

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In Lamoureux Park FALL HOURS The Cornwall Community Museum

is now open Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm. Admission is free, info. 613 936-0842

There are more than 10,000 images at the Cornwall Community Museum. If you are interested in learning more about our history, the museum has a wide selection old and modern local histories for sale, .

Death, Lights, Corpses, Candles, Will-o-Wisps, Dead Mens' lanterns, all form part of the heritage of Eastern Ontario, according to Martintown historian Rhodes Grant. These things were "...most commonly seen over marshy ground, and the turn of the road between Martintown and Apple Hill used to be covered with them when the weather was suitable. They would rise up and float in the air." It was believed that these sightings foretold the death of the person seeing them, or else the death of a close relative. Today the light is now known to be caused by gas emitted by decaying undergrowth found in marshes. Similarly, fox-fire is now recognized as a phosphorescent ligth sometimes given of by punk, or a fungus growth from decaying wood. It is doubtful, however, that the settlers would have been entirely satisfied with these explanations, as according to Grant, "Until the 1860s the conservative minded people of Martintown celebrated two Halloweens, eleven days apart, paying respect to both the Julian and modern Georgian calendars. With two days to mark Halloween with and a wealth of tradition, the people of Eastern Ontario, had their spirits. The French-Canadians had Were-Wolves, or Les Loup Garou, human vampires, dressed in animal skins who robbed, killed and ate their victims. According to Grant, the closest we come to have our own Loup Garou, is an inn-keeper near Dalhousie, who owned a large mastiff trained to hunt and kill humans. The inn-keeper, however, met his just rewards, when an intended victim made friends with the dog, and it turned on its master. In Glengarry, the devil's familiar, or goblin was known in Gaelic as a Bochkin, Charged with reporting any backsliding to the devil, Grant relates the appearance of a Bochkin at his great-grandmother's home. To fill the time during the long winters, children indulged in the slightly sinful act of playing cards. Arguing about who won, "a great black dog (a familiar Bochkin form) came out of another room and walked through between them and into the fireplace and went up the chimney. Neither of them ever played cards again." Another favourite Bochkin haunt is said to be the bush, "on Nine Mile Road at the turn south of Glen Falloch Road." Scottish Highland folklor maintains that the devil existed in three forms. The white devil, the spotted devil, both never seen, and the black devil, which sometimes materialized. Grant wrote that the first two devils only work through our thoughts. The white devil is "the most dangerous because he is the Tempter." The spotted devil "is the one who suggest that it is alright to chisel a little, after all it is only a nickel or a dollar and everyone is doing it." Then there is the black devil. Superstition and the belief in the powers of the four-leaf clover and other talismans formed part of early Upper Canadian life to explain the unfathonable forces of nature around them. Even if beliefs in ghosts and goblins were more traditional than real, and only provided themes for children's stories, they played an important role in imparting lessons to children in a pleasurable manner. For instance, if a man had more beehives than he needed, a neighbour could take one. It was unlucky and impractical to leave money in a society where cash was scarce. Rather a gift would be left where it could be easily seen. It was equally bad luck to pay for a cutting or a plant, as it was sure to result in the plant's death. The person who wanted the plant was supposed to take it unseen and leave a gift in its place. While many old customs have been lost, supersition and ritual are still with us, as anyone answering the door, to the host of masked youngsters on the 31st will be able to attest to.

Halloween is alive and well as these photo of a home decorated for the season demonstrates. A Jolly Halloween postcard, 1908

THE LOCAL SEEKER (October 28 - pg. 3)



by Bram D. Eisenthal , Montreal Local Seeker

It’s ‘boo time’ again, that season where the child in us is reawakened once more, or when lifelong memories are etched on the hearts and minds of our own children. Hallowe’en is indeed a magical time, whether because we get to play dress-up, take our kids throughout the neighborhood to meet our most generous, or frugal, town-mates, or experience the most delightful sugar rush and not have to make any excuses for it. And if you’re a merchant selling costumes, cards, candles or creepy cinema, it’s ‘boom time’. Really, who doesn’t look forward to All Hallow’s Eve? The modern celebration of Hallowe’en is light, fun fare, certainly in North America. But to truly appreciate the significance of the day, you have to go way back, to an archaic era when nothing was light and very little was done “just for the fun of it.” Ritual was everything during this pagan time, however, it’s hard to determine exactly when that time was. “Much of the history of that period is oral, so it’s hard to substantiate a time line,” said Arin Murphy, the onetime assistant manager of Melange Magique (Magical Blend), a popular downtown Montreal bookstore devoted to the native spirituality of the British Isles. It is here that many members of the media congregate at Hallowe’en, seeking information on the holiday’s origins and true meaning and fodder for their stories. “Our modern Hallowe’en practices, such as dressing up and carving Jack O’ Lanterns, originate from the folk practices of the Celts, but also come from Ireland and the British Isles,” added Murphy. “Evil spirits afoot that night would recognize a Jack O’ Lantern as one of their own, for instance, and would not attack a home that had them (root vegetables, like turnips, were most frequently used back then). People would also leave candles in their windows, to light the way home for the (deceased) members of their family.” For the Celtic people, the festival of Samhain (pronounced sah-win) also signified the beginning of winter. “Samhain is actually the Celtic word for the month of November,” said Murphy. “In modern pagan terms, it signifies the death of summer, when the god and goddess descend to the Otherworld.” The honoring of ancestors plays a major part in ritual today. “Additionally, you come to terms with what happened the previous year, forgive and forget. But the emphasis is also on education, seasonal and life cycles, and, of course, having fun.” Murphy pointed out that the dress-up part is a great way of unwinding. “As we get older, we become

THE LOCAL SEEKER (October 28 - pg. 4)

more inhibited. On Hallowe’en, we can allow ourselves to be more daring and everyone forgets about it the next day.” So, don’t be too shy about the Bill Clinton mask you wore many years ago, or the revealing Jay-Lo dress that’s still in your closet. You haven’t broken any laws, unless bad taste is illegal. Most of us are content with celebrating Hallowe’en by merely trick or treating, or curling up on the couch to screen one horror movie after another while munching on bite-sized chocolate bars. For others, however, the living as well as the dead, this marks a major period of celebration. The Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, honors the spirits of dead ancestors, in places like Mexico and certain parts of the U.S. Death personified is visible everywhere and the plethora of skull-like art, masks called “calacas” and figures, is more interesting and celebratory than gruesome. Throughout North America, Hallowe’en events abound. In Ontario, Niagara-on-the-Lake’s reputedly haunted Fort George packs ‘em in this usually chilly time of year. A guide takes the group around the site after dark, by lantern-light, and some real chills can be experienced if you are open to the possibility that maybe, just maybe, something exists on the “other side.” The two-hour Ghost Tours of Niagara Hallowe’en tour is held annually, with tickets quite affordable. They’re strictly limited to groups of 32 and usually vanish fast, so if you’re planning to be in the area, check out the information on their web site and reserve immediately: 2011 Hallowe'en Tours are still available October 28, 29, 30 and 31. Tickets must be pre-purchased.Tel: 905468-6621. If you think Canada is boring, let’s see how you handle some good, old fashioned northern frights. New Orleans certainly knows how to titillate and terrorize a crowd, with its voodoo-inspired “Southern Noire” atmosphere. The entire week leading up to Hallowe’en is filled with parties and events, and local, internationally-acclaimed horror writer Anne Rice once helped make this a most memorable time. Her parties were the stuff legends are made of. Just stay out of the cemeteries at night; While voodoo priestess Marie Laveau’s famous tomb is a popular tourist attraction during the day, it can be a testy spot once the sun dips below the horizon and self-declared vampires – no kidding on this one - roam the streets. At the Nashville Zoo, you’ll encounter much more than the popular elephants, Hyacinth macaws, gibbons and assorted other wildlife. The 192-year old Grassmere Historic Farm, last owned by Elise and Margaret Croft, since-deceased spinster sisters, is smack in the middle and apparently very haunted. What an atmospheric place for a Hallowe’en celebration and that’s exactly what is done here, at the seventh largest zoo in the U.S. This year’s 14th annual Ghouls at Grassmere features games, haunted hayrides and treats for the entire family, from 5 – 9 p.m. daily. Go to for more information.

New Hampshire’s Mount Washington, located in the Bretton Woods region, is said to be the stomping ground of The Presence, an ageless spirit that is not quite seen, yet has terrorized many climbers and meteorologists for decades. At its base, the venerable Mount Washington Hotel & Resort has far more than gourmet cuisine, stellar service and the prettiest mountain views going for it, since its inception a century ago. From Oct. 28-29, 2011, the Hotel will celebrate its Wicked Woods Weekend, with activities for children and even an adult party awaiting you in a cave. In past years, there were guided walks to the graves of the Crawford family of Bretton Woods, which can certainly be enquired about still. Look hard enough and you may find a few more skeletons at Not to be missed is Mt. Washington’s historic Cog Railway, which takes you up the side at a slow, 37degree climb, to Tip Top House and the famous Observatory at the summit, the highest peak in the northeast. The ride lasts three-hours return and is a blast for the entire family… go to Finally, Bristol, Connecticut has been the site of The Original Witch’s Dungeon Classic Movie Museum, featured in countless feature articles, TV news reports and even the print version of Ripley’s Believe It or Not, since artist Cortlandt Hull started it with his father over 45 years ago. The sculptor, who is related to late actor Henry Hull, of celluloid classic Werewolf of London fame, has put together an incredible museum of famous movie monsters, soon to be relocated and expanded into a shrine to movies of all genres. He lovingly crafts each and every figure and adorns many of them with authentic props from the films each diorama is based upon. The late great Vincent Price, as well as June Foray (the cartoon voice of Rocky Squirrel), Mark Hamill, Sarah Karloff, Bela Lugosi Jr. and Leonard Maltin are just a few of the personalities who have ardently supported Hull’s efforts. Hallowe’en season, the only period when the museum is currently open to the public, bears witness to the countless aficionados who visit the Dungeon annually and it’s well worth the trip. Their Internet incarnation is located at New/Home.html and tours are still available

throughout October, including Hallowe’en weekend. Whatever you choose to do this Hallowe’en, bear in mind that you are helping keep a timeless tradition alive for future generations to enjoy. It’s not only about the candy, but then again, some enthusiastic snacking once a year won’t kill you, will it? If it does, there’s bound to be a candle burning for you in a window, somewhere, sure as that cavity in your tooth.

Not to be outdone, Nashville’s award-winning Cheekwood botanical garden holds a El Dia de los Muertos family day, on the Saturday prior to Nov. 1, which attracts an astounding 30,000 members of the Hispanic community. It involves fun-filled entertainment and the creation of art, dance and literary projects, all with a Day of the Dead theme. Go to for more information on Cheekwood and a contact address.


THE LOCAL SEEKER (October 28 - pg. 5)

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OHA will Trick or Treat for Agape Food Bank Article and Photo by Jason Setnyk Hockey players wearing the colours maroon, gold, and white will be knocking door to door at several west-end neighbourhoods including Riverdale on Monday October 31st. However they will not be wearing costumes, they will be wearing their hockey jersey's, and they won't be asking for candy, they will be asking for non perishable food items instead. Students from the Ontario Hockey Academy will be collecting food for the Agape Food Bank. The Ontario Hockey Academy is a high performance academicathletic developmental training school dedicated to providing the very best in teaching academics along with advance hockey training and instruction. Student Athletes engaged in this food collecting activity will learn about the civic responsibility of volunteering and giving back to their community. The Agape Centre relies 100 % on the donations of time, food, money, clothing, and other household items from the community to help families that access our services. The Ontario Hockey Academy is pleased to go door to door this Halloween to collect food for such an important charity in our community. In the photo are OHA Girls Gold Team hockey players Pamela Psihogios, Alexane Rodrigue, and Team Co-Captain Rebecca Dow.

THE LOCAL SEEKER (October 28 - pg. 6)

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Founded in 1930, Welcome Wagon is a Canadianowned, FREE greeting service. Endorsed by Civic officials such as the local Chamber of Commerce. Each visit includes gifts and greetings from local businesses and organizations. Cornwall offers the following programs: BABY WELCOME – Welcome Wagon will visit you in the hospital to congratulate you on your new arrival. Should we miss you in the hospital just call us or register online and we will arrange an in home visit. BRIDAL SHOWCASE - If you're planning a wedding, you and a guest will want to attend Welcome Wagon's Bridal Showcase. We have exciting door prizes, fashion shows, planning guides, special displays and gift bags for every bride. Next Bridal Showcase is Monday November 14, 2011 at the Cornwall Civic Complex, 6:00 pm. Admission is Free! BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL/EXECUIVE - Welcome Wagon provides a personal greeting to newly appointed Executives, New Business Owners or newly appointed Managers. COMMUNITY WELCOME – Welcome Wagon visits newcomers to Cornwall, and is there to help with the civic information you may need to familiarize yourself and your family with our local community. To register for the upcoming Bridal Showcase, or to arrange a visit for yourself or someone you know, please contact us at: or toll free @ 1-866-283-7583 We are happy to introduce you to our newest member to the Welcome Wagon team, Yasmine Pereira (left) with Welcome Wagon Representative Tammy Head!


Monday November 14, 2011 at 6:00 p.m.

or call Tammy Head 613-935-7318 - 1-866-283-7583 SPONSORS INCLUDE: Elegante Wedding Decorations Cornwall Civic Complex Richard Men’s Wear Herbal Magic SunLife Financial Laura’s Flowers & Fine Gifts Johnny “B” Good Disc Jockey Sears

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NEXT SHOWCASE: Monday February 27, 2012

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An Open Letter to City Council by Jason Setnyk: I read about the selection of people chosen for the Culture Committee in a local newspaper. From the arts community we have two experienced musicians, two experienced visual artists, and someone from the Youth Committee, as well as a good selection of people from the community-at-large, City Councillors, and members from the counties. The selection of people chosen is excellent, however I feel that there is something crucial missing from this committee, and I hope it can be rectified, perhaps by adding space for at least one more member. One figure in the Culture Plan study had pleasantly surprized me: Literary Arts in SD&G exceeds the provincial average! According to the Culture Plan there may be cultural tourism opportunities with Literary Arts. Not only that, but Literary Arts, literacy, education, and libraries are also connected to economic development. Please select someone from the Literary Arts community to be represented on the Culture Committee. It just makes sense! I say this as a literary artist and English teacher, as a tax payer, and as a promoter of arts and culture in our community. I am writing this letter to provide helpful and constructive feedback. I strongly support the goals of the Culture Plan, and I congratulate those selected to be on the Committee. I am willing to offer any help that I can to move the Culture Plan forward. Thank you.


On Wednesday November 2nd there will be a showing of the environmental film "Powerful: Energy for Everyone" at the Benson Centre. The film explores the possibilities of using renewable energy instead of fossil fuels and creating a more clean, green, and healthy world. The film starts at 6:30pm.

SOCIAL JUSTICE Tim Archer was recently camping in front of City Hall for a week gathering signatures in hopes of getting a homeless shelter in Cornwall Ontario. Reggie Walker (aka Gary Samler) has also brought the issue of homelessness to the news by choosing to experience it first hand to better understand it. In this past provincial election Poverty Free Ontario ran a reverse campaign to help elect candidates sensitive to poverty. While the Social Development Council of Cornwall and the Agape continuously address issues of poverty in our community. However, does Cornwall really need a homeless shelter? I think it is an issue that should be studied and given serious attention. Homelessness in smaller communities is not always visible like it is in larger cities like Toronto and Ottawa, and there are different forms of homelessness. For example someone who is couch surfing or someone who does not have a secure and safe home falls under the umbrella of homelessness. Most homeless people do not choose to be homeless, and not everyone who is homeless is a substance abuser. In fact many homeless people in Canada either lost their job, cannot find affordable housing, or have mental health issues. Social development is just as important as economic development, and if there is indeed a homelessness issue in Cornwall, it should be addressed. Any study should gather information from different stakeholders, from tax payers, to local charity and non profit groups, social workers, hospitals, police, and of course homeless people. If there is a need for a homeless shelter, and I strongly suspect there is, it should be run by a non profit group and subsidized by the City. A homeless shelter, although important, is a bandaid solution. More affordable housing will reduce homelessness and a guaranteed living wage will reduce the amount of working poor. However the goal should be to eliminate poverty, not to simply reduce it.

I’m Natalie Carroll, I’m 11 years old (12 in November), and I’m writing an article for kids called Chat with Nat. There are new articles every week and they are always packed with tons of cool stuff that hopefully everyone, including you, will enjoy!


Chat with Nat by Natalie Carroll

Eye on Society by Jason Setnyk


At my school on thursday we celebrated halloween because on halloween day a lot of the classes at my school are going to the NAC including mine. Anyway at my school we did a bunch of stuff to celebrate halloween. We did a contest were each class picked 3 people from there class who had the best witch cackle, zombie moan, and wheir wolf howl and then they all performed their scary sounds in front of the school. Then out of the school there was a winner for each. Also, for the grade 7 and 8, there was a halloween dance. Everything was very fun to watch and do!

SPORTS Week 12 of my contest! Send me in your favorite sporty memory with some pictures if you would like and be sure to include your name and phone number. (Send in your entry by Friday, November 18th 2011 at the latest) Then if your story is chosen you will receive a $10 gift card courtesy of Cornwall’s Sears!

ENTERTAINMENT There is a new Wizards of Waverly Place 4 part series called Wizards of apartment 13B. There is a new episode of this 4 part series every Friday and part 1 played on Friday October 15. I got the chance to watch part 4 early though, so I decided I would share a bit of what happens in part 4 but don't worry I won't give away the ending: In part 3 Felix tells Professor Crumbs that he has an apartment on the wizard floor at the Winzor and Professor Crumbs tells him there is no wizard floor at the Winzor so they go there to check things out but when they arrive Dexter the bell man (Gortoc the leader of the angles of darkness) casts the "in through the out door" spell with Felix's all powerful wand and now all of the wizards who live on that floor are trapped (mean while Max is at camp). In part 4 Gortoc takes all of the people living on the 13th floor, except for Alex, Justin, and Harper, and takes them to his lair. In his lair he turns all the wizards there into wizards of darkness. He then gets them to all dig a hole through a wall to make a portal to the wizard world. His plan is to invade the wizard world and with the only people left who can stop him trapped will the wizard world be gone forever. Watch part 4 of Wizards of apartment 13B to find out.

NOW IT'S YOUR TURN! Send me in drawings, photos, stories, and anything else you want to send me and remember to include your first and last name. Thanks! Email me at ,check out my website and stay tuned for the next edition of Chat with Nat!

My name is Jason Setnyk, and this is my Eye on Society! Jason Setnyk is a local school teacher, journalist, artist, and community volunteer. Setnyk runs the Cornwall Underground blog, and is the founder and host of Cornwall's Rock for Charity and Rock the Vote.




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FRIDAY OCTOBER 28TH h Trench Town Oddities Halloween Bas all. @ Rangatangs in Cornw FRIDAY OCTOBER 28TH nwall. Coming of Age @ La Maison in Cor SATURDAY OCTOBER 29TH Grub in Cornwall. Playing with Diana @ Lola's Pub and SATURDAY OCTOBER 29TH all Maximum 80 @ La Maison in Cornw SATURDAY OCTOBER 29TH Del Barber and Brea Lawrenson in Morrisburg. @ the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage SATURDAY OCTOBER 29TH Inn in Cornwall. Pride Halloween Party @ Murphy's SATURDAY OCTOBER 29TH Landmark Halloween Bash @ The Lucky 7 Sportsbar in Embrum.

Life Begins At 50! Happy Birthday Rene from your Friends & Family.

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specializing in Custom Wedding Invitations



Celebrating October, 29, 2011

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Read, Learn & Grow by the Cornwall Public Library - 45 Second Street E. Cornwall tel: 613-932.4796 WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 MERCREDI 2 NOVEMBRE



FESTIVAL DU LIVRE FRANCO DE L’EST 2011 Visite de l’auteure Franco-Ontarienne LISE BÉDARD à 13 h 30 YOGA YOUTH - 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. DROP IN FAMILY STORYTIME 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Stories, games, everything for a fun filled Saturday. No registration necessary. R.E.A.D. WITH DOGS. - 11:00 A.M. – 12 NOON A “PAWSITIVE” EXPERIENCE FOR ALL. Offered with the help of St. John Ambulance. CHECK MATES WITH AU DIAPASON - 2:00 TO 4:00 P.M. HALLOWEEN AT THE LIBRARY! (AGES 8 TO 12 YRS) - 3:00 P.M. TO 4:00 P.M. Halloween crafts. Monster stories. Everything you need to spend a scary, horrifying Halloween! PROGRAMME BILINGUE. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30 DIMANCHE 30 OCTOBRE GET FIT WHILE YOU SIT - an introduction to chair yoga with Jordan Anne Kevan - 1:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.



TIME FOR TWOS 10:00 A.M. – 10:30 A.M. Great stories, songs, rhymes, and crafts for 2 year olds. (12 spots available) Registration required. HOMEWORK HELPERS - 3:30 P.M. – 4:30 P.M. NEED HOMEWORK HELP? LET US HELP YOU! WE’LL EVEN PROVIDE A SNACK!


TRANSITION CORNWALL+ PRÉSENTATION DU DOCUMENTAIRE: EN TRANSITION : DE LA DÉPENDANCE DU PÉTROLE À LA RÉSILIENCE LOCALE Une discussion suivra la présentation de ce documentaire. 14 h à 16 h BABY TALES (AGES 1 TO 2 YRS) 10:00 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. Introduce your baby to books, words and songs. You'll both have fun. STORYTIME (AGES 3 TO 5 YRS OLD) 10:00 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. Stories, fingerplays, songs, and crafts. ADULT FRIENDLY BRIDGE CLUB 6:15 PM-8:15 PM. ADULT TRI-COUNTY CHESS CLUB 6:15 PM-8:15 PM.



LES BAMBINS À LA BIBLIO ( pour les 0 à 2 ans ) 10 h à 10 h 45 VOUS VOUS AMUSEREZ TOUS LES DEUX. ( maximum de 10 participants ) L’INSCRIPTION EST OBLIGATOIRE. L’HEURE DU CONTE ( POUR LES 3 À 5 ANS ) 10 h à 10 h 45 des jeux de doigts ires, Des histo et des bricos. CORNWALL SCRABBLE (AGES 16 & UP) 1:00 PM-3:30 PM.


BABY TALES (AGES 0 TO 1 YR) 10:00 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. Introduce your baby to books, words and songs. You’ll both have fun. CLUB DE LECTURE LES MILLE-FEUILLES RENCONTRE MENSUELLE - 18 h 15 -20 h 15

TWEEN BOOK CLUB (AGES 8 TO 12 YRS) 3:30 P.M. TO 4:30 P.M. YOU LIKE READING? SO DO WE! We’ll read books, and create a blog.

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Activities for SENIORS ...NOVEMBER CALENDAR Melanie’s Pup py Love Grooming

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Where does Creativity come from? I recently listened to a lecture by the Author of Eat, Pray, Love; Elizabeth Gilbert. In her lecture she mused about after the success of Eat, Pray, Love which became a best seller and a movie, what could she do to top that? This is a feeling that many of us can identify with no matter what our creative outlet.

There will be a moment in time when we feel we have reached the highest point in our abilities and while we are at that place we produce something that is truly extraordinary. The problem comes when the afterglow dies down and we are once again before that blank canvas, can we do it again or better? If only we could remember all the factors that brought us to that moment of brilliance in order to be able to do it again. If only we could catch hold of that spark of brilliance and keep it in a jar to take out and use the next time. Sadly it isn’t that easy. One fact you must accept is this, you are not a machine! A machine can be built to produce the same thing over and over again with complete accuracy and run for hours, days or years doing the same thing over and over. This is not you. You are a complicated soul, full of love, warmth, fears and distractions, all of which change the day to day variables of your productivity. Every day is a new day full of mystery and excitement, all of which is feeding your creative self or starving it depending on the circumstances. To expect the same results daily can happen but the shine will wear off and not only you will see it but so will your audience. Instead look at yourself as a prize winning thoroughbred, needing care, love, a good diet and lots of exercise. Your exercise includes exercising your creativity as well as your body. Do all these things and maybe you will come home with a prize, maybe not. There is one factor we left out that will ensure you are winning more than loosing and that is a purpose. What is the purpose to your art? What story are you trying to tell us? To find the brilliance inside you on a regular basis be willing to tell the stories of what you love, hate and fear. Those are the stories everyone who sees your work will connect with and that will make you shine. Picasso said, “What do you think an artist is? ...he is a political being, constantly aware of the heart breaking, passionate, or delightful things that happen in the world, shaping himself completely in their image. Painting is not done to decorate apartments. It is an instrument of war.” - Pablo Picasso What he was explaining was that creativity comes from the experiences the artist has with the world and the need to explain it both to themselves and the viewer. When you paint a tree or sing about your lost love you should remember how the experience felt and let that feeling flow through you to transform, not only your work per say but the viewer, the audience and the world. Sandra Taylor Hedges, Fine Artist, Teacher and President of L’association Focus Art Association

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roadSIGNS by Betty Healey

ART SEEKERS by Sandra Taylor Hedges


The Colour of Communication I have been travelling extensively over the last six weeks teaching a program called the Colour of Communication. To date it has taken me as far west as Regina and as far east as Moncton. Although my visits to each location are brief to say the least, I still find myself in awe of our amazing country. Travelling throughout the provinces instills a sense of Canadian pride in my heart.

Back to communication - have you ever wondered what colors your communication? From my perspective, our personalities do. Consider these questions for yourself: • Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? By nature an introvert is quieter and more reflective or pensive. When they need to re-charge their batteries they prefer solitude and going within. Extraverts by contrast enjoy being with others and re-charge their batteries by socializing, chatting and exchanging ideas. • Do you consider yourself a thinker or a feeler? Thinking versus feeling reflects how you approach decision making. Thinkers are driven by logic and objectivity. They love processes, rules, order and see the world as black and white. The feeling preference differs in that they make their decisions through their values. It is a more subjective energy and sees the world in shades of gray. They are relationship oriented. • Finally, do you see the forest or the trees when you first observe what is going on around you? This is called intuition versus sensing. An intuitive person, by Carl Jung’s definition, sees the whole before the parts, loves to dream, is conceptual and lives dominantly in the future. Those who are sensing use their five senses to experience the world around them. They see, hear, taste and feel the details of life and as a result are grounded in the here and now. The Colour of Communication divides individual preferences into the four colour energies of red, yellow, green and blue. Typically red energy represents those who are decisive, action oriented, and extraverted. They are described as bold, efficient, focused, fast-paced and action-oriented. Yellow energy, also extraverted, is more sociable as well as interactive (they are the great networkers) optimistic, dynamic and friendly. Green energy represents those who are considerate, supportive, reliable, trusting and valuing of others. They love harmony and are the keepers of integrity. Finally blue energy is factual, diligent, objective, structured and consistent. Both green and blue are introverted energies. As you read these general descriptions, where would you place yourself first, red, yellow, green or blue? Then notice what you think your second, third and fourth energy preferences would be. When you understand yourself, you then begin to appreciate how your personality preferences influence the many aspects of your life including how you learn, how you perceive the world to be, how you interact with life and how you communicate. Others of course are different from you and that is what makes life both interesting and, at times, challenging. You communicate from your colour preferences; the person across from you does the same. Sometimes the communication works and sometimes it doesn’t. Most communication hiccups happen simply because what one person thinks he said is different from what the second person hears; all of this because these two people are fundamentally different. The colour of communication is a wonderful way of understanding yourself and then understanding others. Use the descriptions in this article to guess who you are and perhaps guess who someone close to you is. Where do you get hung up when communicating? How are you different? How are you the same? Does the miscommunication happen because you see things differently?

Until next time…Betty Betty Healey is the roadSIGNS Coach, coaching people back to life!. Her most recent book, The ME FIRST Playbook is designed to help adults relax and be more playful as they learn about themselves. The ME FIRST Playbook is available from Betty’s website You can also watch the roadSIGNS TV Show on Cogeco: For information regarding Betty’s coaching and upcoming retreats contact Betty at or visit her website at

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This is your beginning! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back to the 12 year old you? Where everything seemed to be SO simple and no one really expected anything out of you, that you could just, well, be you. I often go back to those times, a time where I could do what I WANTED to do and not what I was SUPPOSED to be doing. All my dreams and hopes were still so real, and at that time, I thought I could DO anything and BE anything. I think we take those times for granted, a time in our lives where we are still so naive, that anything is possible and should be possible.... When did this ALL change? Who told me I couldn’t be what I wanted to be and who/what happened that changed all my hopes that ignited a fire inside of me? It’s a pretty scary thought when we really sit and think about how our dreams and hopes and goals in life often take a back seat to what we call ‘life’... and usually it’s all caused by one thing, Fear.

I believe that the only fear that we REALLY have is fear itself. Fear of the unknown, of change, of failure and fear of success. If you think about it, the only thing standing between you and your dreams/goals in life is exactly that, fear. We fear of the unknown because uncertainty is something that cannot be seen or touched, it’s purely something that we create, and when we create an idea or a thought, it has the power to become real, but to see it and achieve it, you need to leap in the unknown. Fear of change, who REALLY likes change? Honestly, I have only met a select few people that can take change and run with it. Most of us, change takes time, and we have to see the bigger picture to be able to take this step and more often than none, it’s impossible to see it, we just have to take steps towards the changes that we want in life. Fear of failure. We often think of failure in a sense that we have NOT succeeded. Think about it, when you believe that you have failed, you believe that you didn’t or haven’t learned anything, that you didn’t grow as a person, that what you thought was a great idea was actually a terrible one. You’re wrong; you’ve actually ‘Failed Forward’, fabulous isn’t it! Fear of success. That’s the BIG one. Think about it, what you’ve dreamed of, hoped for and worked so hard for is actually YOUR reality. Don’t think about how you can keep the momentum going, keep faith in your abilities to grow, it’s a magical thing when we are able to just BE and SUCCEED. I challenge you, yes YOU, do to one thing that you’ve always wanted to do, maybe it’s something on your bucket list, or something that you’ve always wanted to do, big or small, and that because of fear, you’ve stop yourself, afraid to do what YOU want to do, something that, to others seems ‘Crazy’ or ‘Childish’ or simple ‘Not you’. When you take that leap, hold on to that and remember all those amazing feelings coming at you like a bolt of lightning. Congrats, you’ve just taken the first step to believing in YOU. Remember“Anybody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending”-Unknown Much love, V.

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NORM LALONDE, MR. CANADA by Ian Bowering The idea for a Cornwall version of Canada Day came to Norm Lalonde one "hot summer afternoon, a week before Canada Day," in 1972, while serving coffee at his Montreal Road Biscuit Shop. Overhearing some of his customers arguing about the Quebec separatist movement and premier Rene Levesque, Lalonde related that "A couple of people said they were going to the United States for the July 4th celebrations. This made Norm "very, very angry" and disappointed that nothing was planned locally to mark Canada's birthday. Norm felt that "It was a real shame that we didn't take pride in our own country." Moved to action Norm then called Toronto and obtained some posters, stickers, buttons, miniature flags and other items to celebrate Canada Day. With five days to go and five helpers Norm staged Cornwall's first Canada Day in the school yard at Nativity. Featuring a small parade, tug-of-war, dance, 1,000 sparklers and the singing of the national anthem about 500 people turned out. Supported by Mayor Gerald Parisien and Alderman Aime LeBlanc, Norm reminisced that "Everyone had a great party." In an interview with Sultan Jessa, Norm continued "I thought it was a one shot deal and someone else was going to carry the torch after that." Unsupported, Norm with the help of his wife Therese raised $539 for fireworks for the 1973 celebration through the proceeds of matinees held at the Port Theatre.

Norm Lalonde and his wife Therese preparing for the Canada Day flag raising ceremonies at the United Counties Museum in the late 1970s.

Determined that the celebrations would be financed by the citizens of Cornwall and not governmenbt handouts, the festivities grew to include numeous local organizations and people in a full week of activities, culminated by a spectacular July 1st fireworks display in Lamoureux, that attracted an estimate 50,000 people by the mid 1980s. Norm and Therese retired from organizing Canada Day after 30 years in 2002. The day has never been the same since.

Norm at the all candidates debate for a seat on City Council. He became an Alderman in 1991 with 5,262 votes.

Norm is named Cornwall's 1981 Citizen of the year and is seen here flanked by his wife Therese and Miss Cornwall, Shelly Forsyth.

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kriscrossroads by Kris Ward

Grand Re-opening of Moulinette Hall At SLC, Trunk Sale for M.S. and Preparing for a Book Release October is flying by and what a busy week it has been! It was a week filled with events at St. Lawrence College, planning for the upcoming Trunk Sale & Pamper Me Party in support of M.S. Society and the long anticipated publishing of my son's first novel. I joined St. Lawrence College, Cornwall Campus just over a month ago and what a wonderful time I am having. Everyday I meet staff, faculty and students from our campus and the Brockville and Kingston campuses. Last Friday marked the Grand Re-opening of Moulinette Hall. A spectacular crowd gathered to join us in marking this achievement and ushering in the revitalized campus and our new address on St. Lawrence Drive. It was an opportunity for donors, community representatives and former staff, to see the impressive renovations, the spectacular entranceway to Moulinette Hall and meet and mingle with faculty, staff and students. A particularly touching part of the program was the Student Parade where representatives from each of the programs joined the event and thanked the donors and community representatives for their generous support. If you would like to know more about St. Lawrence College, you can visit

The Trunk Sale & Pamper Me Party for MS Society is coming up on November 6. I am so excited to be a small part of this wonderful event. The endless hours We Three Girls & Co. organizers Debbie Poirier Burns, Julie Hickman and Keitha Fisher pour into this event, must be noted. It is a labour of love and the camaraderie this group shares has transcended to the co. referred to. Nancy Sylvester & Tony Lacroix round out this fabulous group. This great concept grew in demand and additional vendors wanted to take part and give back to a great cause. The vendors will be set up at Marlin's Orchards & Garden Centre on Sunday Nov. 6 from 11:00am-4:00pm. Tickets are $5.00 each and all vendors will be providing a minimum of 10% of their sales to the MS

Society. Although the charity of choice had already been selected, it was particularly touching for Marlin's Orchards, since a family member was recently diagnosed with M.S. This is an event that will help showcase local businesses and artists and offer a great opportunity for early Christmas shopping or to just pamper yourself for a good cause. If you have never attended, be prepared for a shopping experience. New this year is a small cafe area surrounded by food vendors. The always entertaining, multi-talented Graham Greer will be performing again this year in the cafe area. Last year my friend Sue and I attended and were very impressed with the setup, the concept and the variety available. We both picked up several items for our loved ones on our Christmas list, and something for ourselves. Hey, it was for a good cause, and there was so many tempting items, I just had to. I even managed to sneak in a lovely necklace for Sue. She admired it, and I arranged to purchase it and surprise her with it. My suggestion; get your friends together and make a day of it. You will have fun, pick up some gifts, maybe get a little pampering in the Spa area with hair, beauty services and massages available. Don't forget to check out the artists' section, which has expanded significantly and with at least 6 artists. They each have a unique style, different mediums and may even inspire you to release your inner creativity. For more info and a list of vendors you can visit their site Now, if you see me this week, you will note I am a little sleep deprived. It is due in part to excitement and excessive hours of proofing. It was all worth it. It's because the incredible journey my son Brad has embarked on has closed a chapter; so to speak. We celebrated that monumental moment when the final creation was send to the printer's. Yes, I am the proud mom of Bradley Pennell; the 17-year-old author and illustrator of "Demongelic". He had a dream to write a book, based on the wonderfully entertaining, and imaginative characters he created. After a year and a half, it was sent to local printer's Angel Printing and now we wait to hold them in our hands. He has a book signing scheduled for Saturday November 19 at Fantasy Realm. He will also be at the Trunk Sale on November 6th. So if you do attend, be sure to stop by and see him. He's truly inspirational. As I stated on social media, whether he sells 1 or 1 000 000 I couldn't be prouder. Follow Kris Ward’s blog at www:

the holiday, it nevertheless represents the first occasion for merrymaking after the beginning of the school year.

Professionally Chilling With ... to song the heart of every Glengarrian, both North and South.

Gary Friedma


OF HALLOWEEN INVERSIONS AND FAIRIES Halloween's Celtic roots as both harvest festival and commemoration of the dead have now blossomed in popularity across all ethnic and sexual lines. Sub-cultures such as the Gays, like the Wiccans and NeoPagans before them, have claimed Halloween for themselves. However, we should never forget the Celtic ballads surrounding Halloween, the kind that turns

My favorite ballad is "Allison Gross" in which an ugly witch after trying to seduce a fine young man, turns him into a worm. But the queen of the fairies, riding by on Halloween night, brakes the spell and turns the young man back to his 'ain proper shape'. Score one for the Halloween Fairies, whatever their gender be!

Some would suggest that Halloween is becoming coopted by being over-commercialized. In the end, I believe that the Holiday's participative humour invigorates it and contributes to its longevity. I welcome your comments at

Trick or treating, of course, is at the core of modern Halloween rituals. This ritual is an inversion of the usual power structure, the one day a year when children are "officially licensed" to have power over adults. It is also the first real holiday in the North American public school year. Even though there is no school break for

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Jennfit by Jennifer Christoff

JENNFIT HEALTHY TIP: Adequate sleep is absolutely essential to maintain a healthy body because that is when the body rebuilds itself. During the night, human growth hormone triggers proteins throughout the body to build new cells and repair any damage. It is only released during sleep which is why getting the proper amount of sleep is so important. Foods that contain tryptophan will help you get a good night's sleep. Good sources are: organic bananas, dates, figs, raw nut butters, tuna, and turkey. Some herbs that help relieve insomnia are: basil, chamomile, dill, and marjoram.

Almond Butter Ice Cream Recipe This nutritious tapas-style appetizer is a delicious start to any meal. It can be served with toasted organic sourdough baguette or fresh organic vegetables.

INGREDIENTS NEEDED: • 1 organic banana (should have been broken into chunks and frozen the night before) • 2 tablespoons of raw almond butter • 1/2 tsp of organic vanilla extract • 1 scoop of organic Vanilla Vitel Whey Protein Powder (found at Green Girl Organics inside Physical Limits Fitness) DIRECTIONS: Put the frozen banana into a small blender or food processer and add two tablespoons of raw almond butter. Add 1/2 teaspoon of organic vanilla extract. Add 1 scoop of organic Vanilla Vitel Whey protein powder. This protein powder is all natural (with no chemicals) and it doesn’t have an overly sweet taste, so you can add to just about anything. Blend all of the ingredients in your food processer until you get this beautiful smooth ice cream. Serve this delicious little treat sprinkled with ground organic cinnamon powder. Enjoy!

JennFit Workout: Push Up Knee In

a) Start by lying on your stomach with arms bent at your sides.

a) As you push your body up, bring in one knee. As you lower body back to starting position, extend leg back straight. Repeat on other side and do 20 reps total, alternating sides. Keep abs tight. Visit for more healthy recipes, workouts, and tips, or call 613.932.4766 to inquire about JennFit Personal Training.

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HOUSE FOR SALE 1,200 Sq. Ft., all brick, fully finished up and down - built in 2006. 2 Living rooms, (one with gas fireplace), 2 washrooms, 5 bedrooms, double garage and double paved driveway, extra large lot and fenced in yard. Desirable area - 282 Valerie Elizabeth Court. - $229,900 call NADA KOVINICH, Sales Rep. J. CORNETT REAL ESTATE, BROKERAGE (613) 330-1719

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Kris Krossroads, Vanessa Regnier, Jason Setnyk, Art Seeker, Event Seeker

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