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Who I Am

Where I Am

My nameĘźs Joshua, IĘźm an considerate creative with a keen interest in tools, and obstacles

Belfast, Northern Ireland

My motivation comes from a desire to improve myself as an individual, learn more, and help those around me

Attending the integrated school of Lagan College, growing up in rural Northern Ireland

Nottingham, England Studying at Nottingham Trent University, on the BA Product Design course

What I Enjoy Music Drumming since childhood - music is my energetic and creative outlet

Athletics A house captain in my school, a member of Beachmount Harriers and now incorporating it into my daily routine - itĘźs my way to explore and stay healthy

Learning Whether it be through a book, conversation or observation - I have a unquenchable thirst to learn. Currently Carl Jung is a favourite of mine

brand design - new product Design a table top timepiece in association with INSTRMNTĘźs brand aesthetic





muller van severen bench range



Slot in Stand

Slot In Stand



Friction Fit Assembly

brand addition - low price margin Design a toy for a 2-3 year old, to develop their physical, emotional and cognitive growth for placement within Wilkos existing toy selection, between a price ÂŁ10 bracket

Somatic Motor Motor Skills This may almost seem self-evident, but different playing techniques can be used to help work on different fine and gross motor skills. This can even be true for developing lower extremity strength (e.g. imagine standing and playing a large conga drum)

Expression Kat Fulton - Percussion research

Participating in a drumming activity can help a child feel safe enough to express his/her feelings. Additionally and speaking from experience - thereʼs nothing much better for releasing anger than banging on a drum

ology & Resea r c h ych Ps Communication Human Essentials

By participating in a drumming experience, children can be working on attention, impulse control, and decision making skills. Playing a drum or percussion instrument can be a useful way to communicate non-verbally and to “listen” to another personʼs non-verbal communication

Characterised Face

Nylon Drum Skin

Contains Beads For Varied Sound


Spinning Shakers

brand extension - new market Develop a product in association with Speedo and their existing swimming range, so as to encourage a new Chinese market to integrate swimming into their lifestyle


Hard shell


Top Lid Compartment With Silicon Flap

Focal And Firm Leather Body

Zip Off Wet Compartment

i m a g i Or

Process Analysis


Primary Research A documented trip to a swimming complex gave us a personal and detailed record of the overall task.

Business Sporting Bag The Sports bag encompasses the necessary compartments for wet and dry clothes, and additionally compartment for day to day equipment.

Here, we encountered the laboriousness of the pre/post process

inese Mark e Ch t

With a detachable compartment for wet clothes or used sports wear, as well as a lid compartment for keys, wallets and other valuable items - space is in abundance, but not at the expensive of a large duffel bag to carry around the city

Marketing Business Personal Though China is expansive, the urban business individual was the chosen demographic - for their access to pools, increasing need to be healthier and more suitable lifestyle


Vie Back

Forw a Lid rd Fold i for S afety ng


artmen p m o C able Detach Clothes t for We




Disaster AID

new solution - present problem short-listed

Develop a product that would be deployed in the event of a disaster, delivering essentials to the victims

Container for Needs The necessary, essentials and life saving/preserving needs of people, who have a lack of infrastructure

Quick Deployment

Easy Access

When disaster strikes a body of land and people, efficiency is essential for life saving action

This design must be easily understood, explained and accessed

Claims 1.3 Million Lives

Affects 4.4 Billion People

90% Caused by Extreme Weather

remove support screws

slide out storage container

remove support frame

10L water tank

VR Vision

brand extension BBC - new technology Propose a VR concept for the future of the BBCĘźs entertainment and information platform, to integrate new technology into the lifestyles of a specific BBC audience, in association with Innovia

The Concept Recent efforts to bring VR and AR headsets into the market through immersive, bulky technology have been slowly on the rise, but also at the expense of mobile, subtle and non-intrusive outcomes

3D Printed Component Hinge Free

3D Printed Frame

Curved Projection Lens

Component Casing

The Experience To address the problem, we sought to produce a pair of AR projection glasses, influenced by timeless and iconic eye wear, used similarly to a pair of simple reading glasses merging it with progressive technology, and used through intuitive interaction

Connect glasses to bluetooth device

Open chosen application or website

through mobile device

View multiple platforms over an expansive display

Control through touch / motion gestures on glasses

brand extension - new concept Propose a self set extension for Hermen Millers brand to expand their range in the market - with guidance and direction from MATTER (design consultancy)

520,000 people

Suffer from workplace stress, depression or anxiety







15 1




Personality Workpla r e ce Us

Practicality of space in the workplace environment as well as human variations were needed to be considered for logistical reasons however, I had more room to work with due to the problem arising in larger workspaces

Subjective ways of improving well-being should be considered, especially in the context of a large company, with social diversity I found the workplace traits that were most helpful for a holistic design were Introversion Extroversion




1000 800





400 200 0





1800 1600 1400 1200


Fa c to r s I n t r i n s i c to Job

I n te r p e r s o n a l Re l a t i o n s h i p s

Changes at work

12.5 Million Days Lost

to these conditions within the UK

Pe r s o n a l Development

Tr a u m a

All Work Sizes

Small (-50)

Most Affected

Medium (50-249)

large companies were most affected by these findings

Large (250+)

Consideration of time and efficiency was important to consider for any company that values work ethic and order However, clarity of mind and individual stability can only aid in the work produced which is a key insight for my approach

Rotating Screen Hub For Workplace Relaxing



Extravert Open top

Stillness Solitude

Contemplation Inspiration

Enter Opening

Adjust Settings

Screen Rotation in Motion

However, If Floor-Level Exterior Light is Pulsing, Then the Hub is Occupied

Colour & Air Flow Temperature

Outer Screen Rotates for 10 Minutes Allowing Time to Find Head Space

Finished Flooring Vibrates as Signifier That Opening is Occurring

Select From Warm

The hub provides a private, personal area for the individual. Allowing space to breath, think and re-centre - in turn reinforcing the working collective




Activating Defused Colour

Air Flow

Screen Rotation

Design Project self proposed - new solution From self conducted research, I conceived and develop a product that addressed the problem of unhealthy snacking habits, behaviours and attitudes


of our current younger generation are predicted to be obese in the future


habitual process


meaningful attitude Using Rituals To Evoke...

Parents play a fundamental role in their childʼs habits, behaviour and attitudes toward food

Professor Wansink “We found a really strong tendency towards the food which is visible.”

79% of snacking

occurs in the home where food habits are reinforced

Solution in the kitchen

is a conveniently located and intuitively interactive dispenser, that contains three portions of your favourite nutritional snacks to encourage health habits and valuable responsibility

Residing Magnetic Holder

Snack Container and Propeller That Attaches To Lid - Twist Lid To Refill Snack Portion

Changeable/Customisable Lid. Attached To Propeller Used To Refill Portion

Contextually Customisable

Older Market Personal Preference


Collect Whiteboard / Draw On Lid

Younger Market Magnetic Face Building


Day and Night

Design Thrown

Drum Thr


Thank You

Joshua J Stewart Portfolio  

Nottingham Trent University. Student of Product Design.

Joshua J Stewart Portfolio  

Nottingham Trent University. Student of Product Design.