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Pets looking for a loving home

Oakwood Dog Rescuewww.oakwooddogrescue.co.uk

Toby M1 I would like a home with lots of toys and comfy spots! I would also love for someone to continue my basic training with me!

Mae F3 I am a very bouncy, very playful girl! I love to play and taught myself how to fetch!

Penny F10 mths As I am very fussy, I would love a family that will work with me to build up my basic manners.

Smokey F2 I am a friendly girl that loves attetion and affection- I also lovemy toys and treats!

Alf M3 A family that will offer me unconditional love and show me what real security is for the first time in my life.

Max M6 I would like a family home to settle down in, I've had a hard life and think it's about time someone took me home.

Dogs Trustwww.dogstrust.org.uk

Poppy F5 A clever girl who already knows sit, down and paw some food motivation will definitely be great to teach her new things!

Rachel F8 wks Rachel will need help settling in and some training, she will need someone at home most of the day for this.

Caitlin F8 wks Caitlin will need help settling in to her new home and help with toilet training, she will need someone at home most of the day.

Catherine F8 wks She will need someone at home most of the day to help with her toilet and basic training.

Lulu F1-2 Lulu is such a sweet girl who loves both people and dogs. She does have a cheeky side but in an adorable way.

Lassie F8 She enjoys the company of other dogs & likes a game of fetch with a ball.

Daisy F5-7 Daisy loves a cuddle & will happily lie on her back while someone tickles her tummy & behind her ears.

Dustin M2-5 A fun-loving, active boy who gets along well with people & other dogs. He sometimes forgets his size when he leans in for cuddles!

National Animal Welfare Trustwww.nawt.org.uk

Harley M13-14 I may be an older gent but age is just a number to me; I am still quite active and love playing with tennis balls!

Roxy F7 I'm still pretty active so you will need to be able to provide me with plenty of exercise. I could maybe live with a cat.

Barney M8 I walk fairly well on the lead but I am quite keen and can be very enthusiastic so occasionally need reminding!

Juno F6 I am a very energetic little terrier who enjoys meeting every person I come across! I love exploring!

Benson M10 Bouncy is a good way to describe me and one of the reasons why I need to live with children over 12 years old.

Eddie M8 I am also full of energy and I’m looking for an active home where I can go out exploring with my new owners.

Samara F4 I am a shy girl who enjoys a gentle fuss once I know you. I walk nicely on lead and don’t need a lot of exercise.

Barry M5 I am a happy, friendly greyhound looking for my forever home. I walk nicely on the lead and don’t need a lot of exercise.

Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre

Brutus M3 Brutus is a very BIG, strong and playful boy who loves attention. Brutus can be very vocal when on his own or in busy environments.

Harp M1-2 He loves company and can become bored easily if not given enough stimulation.

Luna F7 Luna is full of fun and has so much love to give. She will certainly make you laugh and keep you company!

Cleo F2 Cleo is a jumper and has been known to leap almost as high as the previous owners 6-foot fence.

Brandy F1 She is very full on so would be better suited to a home without young children.

Rolo F2 So she will require some house training. She lacks basic training and can be quite scatty on the lead.

Akamura M He is friendly towards dogs he meets, but may be a bit too full on for small breeds.

Bell F1-2 She will need an owner who can dedicate time to training and socialising.