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An Icon of Vice and Virtue Ville Valo

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I’m not all that into metal... Being eclectic is not a disease.


May 2010 SoundCheck [3]

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An Icon of Vice and Virtue

Metal In Brief

Ville Valo checked into rehab in a bid to get his life back on track, but since being discharged he admits that sobriety isn’t all it is cracked up to be (p8)

Access All Areas On tour with Trivium, Chimaira, Whitechapel and Rise To Remain (p10)

Festival Season

Exclusive previews of all the forthcoming metal festivals this summer (p16)

Getting Under Your Skin SoundCheck hits the streets to find out about all your tattoo tales (p6)

All the latest news rumours and gossip from the pit (p5)

Editor Speaks


Heavy Metal Profile

Craig Shepherd, from Euphony events gives top advice to all prospective bands looking to book gigs or get signed to a record label (p26)

The Pit : Live


Live Reviews Metal Detector Gig Guide

(p19) p6


Imogen Heap and Tim Exile

Trivium, Chimaira, Whitechapel & Rise To Remain Stormcorporation, The More I See and Fire In The Empire May 2010 SoundCheck [4]


elcome to this months exciting new issue of Sound Check Magazine. This month we have exclusive interviews with Florida’s finest thrash metaller’s Trivium, who taught Sound Check all there is to know about. Toni Braxton?! And served it all up with a helping of peanut butter on toast. (We didn’t want the jelly). Ville Valo will be in the Sound Check spotlight after confessing about his struggle to stay sober after admitting himself to rehab in L.A. on completion of HIM’s album. Sound Check also presents Rise to Remain, a band set for certain success having been nominated for a Golden God award fo the best new band. Contemporary metal is no longer about skinny jeans and bad haircuts while music remains secondary. A new breed of band are here to resuscitate the music industry. Rise to remain are bringing metal back. We have all the latest reviews of metal and alternative acts as well as a feature on the best UK festivals for this summer. Indulge at your peril.

Francesca Editor

Metal. In. Brief The cause of Blink 182 R. Patz is the new Kurt drummer’s plane crash Cobain? are revealed Rumours have The details from the inquest into the plane crash that critically injured Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker and killed four others have now been released. Investigators concluded that under inflated plane tyres led to the devastating crash in South Carolina on September 19, 2008. Travis is now fit and well and is preparing to play a series of UK festivals in the summer months.

been rife that Robert Pattinson to play Kurt Cobain in a forthcoming biopic about his life. Twilight’s lead character, R.Patz and heart throb to thousands of blood sucking fans all over the world has not yet confirmed this. Pattinson has made it clear since been hurled into the limelight has confessed that his real passion is his music and he has made plans to release an album later this year. L.A. starlet Scarlet Johansson is also rumoured to be playing the role of Courtney Love, Cobains widow and Hole frontwoman.

Clash of the titans (Su-Bo vs. Rage Against The Machine) Has Simon Cowell become a RATM fan since his X-Factor winner Joe McElderry was knocked off the number one spot by them last Christmas? It seems so, as the music industry mogul is in talks about Susan Boyle a support slot in their up and coming free gig in Finsbury Park. We cannot wait!

Shooting Stars

Jimi Hendrix’s sordid past comes back to haunt him The late and great Jimi Hendrix’s past will be coming back to haunt him as a tape containing footage of him having sex with a groupie is due for release on DVD. The film will be hitting shelves on May 3 and features six minutes of authentic footage of him having sex. According to the film makers the footage was recovered at a job lot auction in 2007.

Whitechapel reveal details of new album

Deathcore rockers Whitechapel have just released details of their forthcoming fifth album. The album, titled, ‘A New Era For Corruption’, was produced by Jason Suecof, best known for his work with Trivium, who the band have just finished a tour with. The album also features vocals from Deftones frontman Chino Marinio.

S oundCheck magazine has been hanging out with Trivium, Chimaira, Whitechapel and Rise To Remain this month (see

pic bottom left). To get your pictures featured with all the rock legends you have been hanging out with this month submit your photo and a brief description to

Adam, 21, ran into Corey Beaulieu from Trivium outside Big Bar in Manchester after their headline set.

Pascale, 19, hanging out at the merch stall with Bury Your Dead’s vocalist Myke Terry in Nottingham.

May 2010 SoundCheck [5]

Getting Unde

Name: Pascale Revell Age: 18 Number of tatt’s: 2

Name: Adam Mitchell Age: 21 Number of tatt’s: 13

Name: Nick O’Leary Age: 25 Number of tatt’s: 3

What tattoos have you got and why?

What tattoos have you got and why?

What tattoos have you got and why?

I have got some lyrics on my arm, underneath two heart symbols. I got this tattoo for sentimental reasons, it does relate to a band lyrically and graphically. One of the hearts symbolises myself, the other is a semi-shaded heart which represents my Nan’s spirit. I like how the hearts are linked together to represent our relationship. The lyrics say “You smiled like an angel, fallen from grace.” My next tattoo is a heartagram. I got that because I liked the symbol which I believe represents love and death, which life consists of and everything inbetween.

I have so many different tattoos, there are too many to talk about. I have a Beatles one on my arm though. I have always been a fan of theirs. They are a huge part of music history and I’m proud to be a fan, so I decided to have this tattoo as an ode to them.

I have one on the back of my neck of my last name. I got that when I was in Peckham. My boss was getting a tattoo and I was sat around and the bloke asked I wanted one. It only cost me a fiver.

A lot of people heartagram’s, does this bother you?

Have you got any plans for future tattoos?

Kind of, because I generally don’t like having the same things as other people, not because I want to be random or different but because I believe tattoos should be personal. But I’m sure everyone has their own individual reasons for having that tattoo, even though the tattoo is not.

Well, I recently got engaged to my girlfriend who is also quite heavily tattooed. So we will probably design something together to symbolise it. I think that would be pretty romantic and special. Engagement and marriage is a commitment that we should make for life, and therefore the permanancy of a tattoo encapsulates that idea perfectly. Apart from that I don’t really have much planned. I have to find some decent art work first to provide me with inspiration.

Have you got any plans for future tattoos? Yeah I would like quite a lot of floral work on my back..

May 2010 SoundCheck [6]

Are there any tattoo’s that you regret? Not right now, but because I have so many and they are all large sizes, I’m sure there will be some I regret when I am old and wrinkly.

I also have a star on each ear lobe. I got them because I wanted them done for ages, at the time when nobody had stars. I had a couple of drinks with my mates and I thought, sod it! Last of all I have one on my forearm, with “Can’t Stand Me Now” written on it, some lyrics taken from one of the Libertines songs, which was relevant to my life at the time as, I was taking drugs and I lost a lot of friends and family, which was the message the band were trying to get across in that song. Around the lyrics are some more stars. Stars have been used a lot in tattoos recently, does this bother you? Yeah, it breaks my heart, because everyone’s got them. I got mine done when I was 18, and I’m nearly 26 now, and at the time hardly anyone had them. Now they’re really popular. I don’t regret them though, they are a part of me.

er Your Skin SoundCheck hits the streets to get up close and personal with members of the public adorned with tattoo’s. Rise To Remain’s Pat Lundy gives us the low down on his ink and SoundCheck gives you some tattoo top tips .

RTR’s Pat Lundy gets his ink on. Name: Pat Lundy Age:19 Number of tatt’s: Countless! What tattoos have you got and why? Man, I have so many it would be ridiculous to tell you all of them. I am pretty much covered head to toe as you can see. I even have a small tattoo on my face. How do you think you will feel about that when you get older? Probably not great. I’m only 19 and I already have all of these done. It’s quite young to make a decision like that especially when it comes to permanently

marking your body. However, from an artistic point of view, the body is a canvass, and we should be able to use it as a form of individual expression. I’m lucky in a sense as my job allows me to do that. Other people don’t get that kind of freedom. It’s a real sham. Are you planning on having any more work done? Well to be completely honest with you, I’m running out of space. I could probably squeeze a few more in. At the moment though there are none I really have in mind. Maybe I will consider getting a few more next year. At the moment I’m really busy with my band, so I don’t have the time.

TATTOO TOP TIPS Do not drink alcohol or consume painkillers prior to a tattoo, they thin the blood meaning, you will lose more as the needle penetrates the skin. Make sure the artists environment is sterile and that you feel at ease in their company. Do not get tattoo’s of people’s names. They tend to be the most regretted type of tattoo and may result in laser removal which is painful for both the body and the bank balance.

May 2010 SoundCheck [7]

Ville Valo

In Love and Lunacy

He is known as the gothic heartbreaker, or even the Scandanavian sex-pot. He is lusted over by thousands of girls and loathed by their boyfriends. He fronts a band that has sold millions of albums worldwide and have now broken America. But all has not been well for Ville Valo the past few years, he lost his fiancee an old friend and has confessed his fears of losing his mind since checking out of rehab. It’s time to explore the bittersweet world of metal’s very own solitary man. It has been a tough few to have a heart failure soon.’” Rock ‘n’ Roll prides itself Now two years sober, you on its spirit of rebellion, but years for the Finnish frontman. will find Ville supping green the truly successful artists In 2005, rumours were tea as a more liver friendly are the ones who learn to rife that the chain-smoking alternative to alcohol. But it play by the rules without crooner was suffering from turns out sobriety isn’t all it’s ruffling any feathers. After terminal lung cancer due to cracked up to be. years of battling with every rock stars best friend his ridiculous 80 cigarettes a Now, two years sober, you day habit. He was arrested will now find Ville supping and number one enemy, needed lifeline for many of green tea as a more liver Ville Valo now has the their fans. However, Ville friendly alternative to balance right after being has fashioned something alcohol, but he remains firm forced however belatedly, beautiful, f*cked up that sobriety isn’t all it is to acknowledge his flaws and poetic, in tales that cracked up to be. and mistakes by checking juxtapose conflicting ideas into rehab. However Ville of love, death, and solitude. remains adamant that he Some might say that it is has not been seduced by all part and parcel of the sobriety. Join SoundCheck rock star lifestyle, but his as we enter Ville’s garden of proverbial good and evil. subsequent dependency on alcohol which led him Ville hails from Finland, to check into rehab meant a country whose climate that there was a very fine dictates its inhabitants line between living up to wallow in angst and rockstar protocol or death, sorrow and where suicide and Ville was flirting with it is prevalent. (Finland has In an earlier interview Valo one of the highest suicide said: “It’s nice not to vomit mortality rates in the world and shit blood. Right before as a result of Seasonal I went into Affective Disorder SAD). rehab, I went to see the It is this that inspires HIM doctor and said, ‘It’s either to provide a soundtrack to rehab, or it’s the emergency all the dissolute melancholy, room, because you’re going which is often a much-

“When somebody has to be sober it is a sad existence. A lot of people think that if you’re sober everything’s good, but in fact you see all the shit much clearer. Sobriety is a fate worse than death”

May 2010 SoundCheck [8]

“Music comes first.

The band comes first and my heart is

secondary. Music

is the only love that never left me.�

Image:google May 2010 SoundCheck [9]

A.A.A. Access All Areas


oundCheck joins Trivium on board their tour bus as they begin their headline UK ‘Into The Mouth Of Hell We March’ tour and learns all there is to know about thrash, Toni Braxton, and how to make a good slice of toast. Already aboard the coach are the three other support acts on the bill, sitting around a large table stacked high with kebabs, burgers and fries. Paolo, Trivium’s bassist asks: “Would you like some?” SC: No thanks Paolo P: Can I get you anything else? Maybe some toast? Do you want peanut but and jelly on that? Cue the interview. SC: How was the gig then guys? M: The gig was great, it’s always nice to play the UK. It was the first place to really embrace our music. This is like home to us.

May 2010 SoundCheck [10]

Trivium’s new line up: American thrash metal’s answer to the Sugababes

C: Yeah totally, our fans here are really sweet and supportive, they always come out in full force ready to tear it up with us. We always do what we can to show them that we appreciate all they do for us. We hang around outside the venue afterwards and take pictures with them and sign their sh*t. It really keeps the fans happy and I think it would do other bands a lot more favours if they were as appreciative of their fans like we are. SC: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you? P: They don’t do too much weird stuff, they probably don’t want to freak us out. A lot of them have tattoo’s, some of them bake us cakes and bring us gifts. I’m afraid to say that is about as adventurous if you want to call it that or even as

rock ‘n’ roll as it gets. Speaking of that I think we should crack open a couple of beers. [Paolo gets up and walks to the other end of the bus. He returns with a few bottles of Coors and Toni Braxton playing in the background] P: Dude I love Toni Braxton, do you like it? SC: No not really, and I definitely wouldn’t have had you guys down as fans either. M: We’re not fans. Its just Paolo. P: Toni Braxton is amazing, she has a beautiful voice. I could listen to her all day man. SC: So is this what you guys always do after a tour? I was expecting groupies, and the typical rock star debauchery.

New drummer Nick Augusto gets to grips with his kit

May 2010 SoundCheck [11]

While my guitar gently weeps

On the Road: Into The Mouth of Hell Tour

Guitar Heroes

“I’m with the band” C: We are pretty relaxed most of the time. This is the best tour bus party we have ever had so thank you for joining us. SC: It’s a pleasure. What makes this the best tour bus party you have had. Aren’t you breaking all the rock star protocol by not inviting girls on here, and getting blind drunk? M: We like to chill out and relax after a gig, and have a few beers. Our gigs are like one huge party to us. Everyone is there having a good time and so are we. We feed off that energy, but is exhausting. We are getting old man. C: What Matt means is he recently got married and now he is p*ssywhipped.

May 2010 SoundCheck [12]

[Everyone laughs] M: Oh my god, what a jerk! SC: Your last UK date is tomorrow. What are your plans after that? N: After our gig tomorrow we have to hang around for a couple of hours before making our way to the airport. Then we will be hitting up the studio for the start of our new album. SC: Have you written the album already? M: We have written most of it. It’s not going to as political as the last, that something we want to stay clear of. The next album has to be something completely different, something the fans won’t expect to keep them on their toes, otherwise you lose your credibility.

Plus, we have a new member now, so obviously our writing style has had to change to adapt it. SC: That brings me to my slightly awkward next question. What caused Travis to leave? C: At first we had to claim that Travis was taking a break for family problems. It was becoming obvious he wasn’t committed anymore. We knew he was thinking of leaving. Paolo new Nick from school and he had already filled in for Travis at a few dates. We then made the phonecall to tell Travis, he was just like, “Ok then.” We have a promising future now though, and we look forward to a great new future, as a band, and as a family.

Soundcheck gets a serving of Trivium on toast

Tour bus antics: Trivium talk thrash, Toni Braxton and toast!? May 2010 SoundCheck [13]

SoundCheck Presents...

RTR’s Pat Lundy: ‘Flippin’ the bird’


Rise To Remain

very now and then metal gets a new act that gets people buzzing. The most recent to cause that amount of hysteria were Trivium. Now their successors have arrived in the form of Rise To Remain. Despite only forming in 2008, the band have just been nominated for ‘best new band’ at Metal Hammer’s Golden God awards. They have also been announced to play slots at Download and Sonisphere festival as well as support Bullet For My Valentine at their new album launch. So, kick back, relax, and witness the inexorable ascendancy of Rise To Remain.

May 2010 SoundCheck [14]

SC: Hey guys, how are you all doing? A: We are great thank you, pretty f*cking tired though. We just finished our set supporting Trivium. Wetore it up out there. The crowd were amazing. SC: Was it a good gig? W: Ahhh man it was awesome P: What! The crowd were crazy! When I saw those guys circle pit after Austin told them too, I was like dayyyyum! Wouldn’t like to be in that. When Austin told those guys to form a wall of death they were all over it. They are mad motherf*ckers. J: It’s great to watch people enjoying your music like that. It gives you the most amazing feeling.

How are you finding metal fans are taking to you? J: The fans have been amazing. We have always had our own small fan base who have always been loyal to us, but since we have been doing these huge tours, we are getting heard by more people albeit it they are fans of the bands we support. But our facebook fan page is growing by the day so people must like our stuff. P: Yeah, I’m getting much more groupie love from the girls man. It’s all-good, we love it. W: Pat is getting all the groupie love, nobody else. He’s the pretty one. The rest of us get no attention, it sucks! [Everyone laughs]

Joe Copcutt: “I slappa dee bass man”

Rock Royalty: Austin Dickinson

RTR: The aftershow party begins

Hit me with your rhythm stick

SC: It is becoming metals worst kept secret that frontman ,Austin Dickinson, , is the son of Iron Maiden’s frontman Bruce Dickinson. So we are in the presence of royalty, and the heir to the throne. Is it hard work being the son of a behemoth of heavy metal or does it have its advantages? A: This is one thing I would love to clean up. I constantly get stick from people because I am the son of Bruce Dickinson. I either get compared to him or criticised because people think that he is going to do all the work for me. The truth is he doesn’t. My father worked hard to attain that level of success and that is what I am aiming to do, if people would give us the chance. So in many ways it is more negative then positive. Our style is very different to Iron Maiden’s and we don’t have anywhere near the same level of experience as them. But hopefully they will be harbingers of our future.

SC: So far 2010, has been a great year for you guys, how are you feeling about it so far? P: Everything is happening so fast, we literally don’t have time to think. We have so much stuff planned for after the tour. We are going into the studio to work on our first proper album following our debut EP. Then we have a whole heap of festival slots, another mini co-headline tour with Holy Grail. And we are supporting Bullet For My Valentine at the launch of their new album. Oh yeah and we have been nominated for best band at the Metal Hammer Golden God awards. SC: How did you react when you found that out? Funnily enough it was our fans that told us on facebook. We didn’t have a clue. We were really stoked about it. It’s great news. But in a weird way I personally would kind of prefer to be nominated next year instead, I think that would have probably worked better for us as a band.

SC: Why is that? P: I’m not being ungrateful or anything like that. It’s just that I’m not sure we are ready yet. We have so much more that we have in the pipeline to really earn us that title. I’m starting to get exhausted. I can’t keep up. [smiles] I just want to party, play on my PS3 and listen to some music. SC: What do you like? Surprisingly I’m not all that into metal. I like dub-step, hip-hop, drum and bass with a sprinkling of hardcore. A mental mix. Being eclectic is not a disease. SC: 2010 looks set to be your year, how are you hoping to finish it. P: In style baby! A:We want to get our album on the shelves and hopefully everyone will dig it. It’s our first album and we want to get it right, and hopefully that will lead us down the path of a long and happy career in the industry. Maybe next year we will get to headline our very own tour.

May 2010 SoundCheck [15]


IEW V E R P L A STIV E F E V I S U EXCL 2010 R E M M U S The sun is shining and the fields are green, surely summer must be upon us? This can only mean one thing. It’s time to dust off your tents, stock up on beer, and get ready for some intense aural pleasure. SoundCheck will be telling you all you need to know about metals most grandiose festivals and providing you with some top tips. First up is the mother of all rock festivals. Tens of thousands of black clad death metal revellers will be descending to the pits of hell, less creatively

May 2010 SoundCheck [16]

known as Donnington Race Track for another dance with the devil at Download Festival 2010. The festival will be held on the weekend of the 11-13 June. And this year is extra special, as the festival will be celebrating 30 years of years of heavy metal heritage, formerly known as the prestigious Monsters of Rock. Headlining this year are AC-DC, rock renegades Rage Against The Machine, and Aerosmith in a bid to commemorate the festival with a classic rock them. Also playing Download 2010 are, Deftones, Megadeth and Bullet For My Valentine.

Bloodstock Open Air Festival will also be celebrating a very special 10th Anniversary. Each night after the headline bands have finished their sets is heavy metal karaoke to give all the festival-goers the opportunity to play their own festival. Headlining the open-air festival this year are, Twisted Sister, Children of Bodom and Heaven and Hell. Sonisphere Festival 2010 is set to be the biggest yet with headliners such as Metallica, Iron Maiden and Rammstein. As a result the festival has shifted hoards of tickets and looks like it is going to be a definite sell out so snap your tickets up fast to



avoid missing out on potentially the festival of the year. The great acts don’t stop there, also playing Sonisphere are acts such as Alice Cooper, Placebo and Bring Me The Horizon. The festival will be held at Knebworth from the 30th of July. Reading and Leeds Festivals are twin festivals that share the same lineup. The festivals feature rock, alternative, indie and a few metal acts. Up to 80,000 music fans gather each year to watch their favourite acts play. Reading and Leeds are the most mainstream out of the festivals outlined, with a diverse range of

people attending. Headlining Reading and Leeds are, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Arcade Fire and Blink 182. These are supported by bands such as The Libertines who have reformed especially for the festival, as well as Lost Prophets and Billy Talent.

Each of the festivals has something unique to offer each festival-goer depending on the experience they hope to get. For those of you more into metal, then Download, Bloodstock or Sonisphere would be ideal choices. For the more alternative music fan then reading and Leeds offers a great experience where all kinds of people from all walks of life come together to enjoy an eclective range of acts play over a three day duration. Whichever festival you choose, you are guaranteed and unforgettable experience, in which you will be a small part of music history.

May 2010 SoundCheck [17]

image: google



Imogen Heap: Mistress of dark tranquility

A Total Ellipse of The IMOGEN HEAP /TIM EXILE Manchester Academy 2, Manchester

It’s the first night of Imogen

Heap’s UK ‘Ellipse Tour’ following the release of her second album. Some of you might be thinking “What the f*ck is Imogen Heap doing in a metal and alternative magazine?” Admittedly, she is not the normal kind of act we would feature, but she is an act that has caught our imaginion and redefined our idea of what ‘alternative’ is. Tonight her support is a musician called Tim Exile. His act is similar to Imogen’s, as they utilise a variety of musical instruments, including some slightly unorthodox May 2010 SoundCheck [20]


way to create unique sound. Tim Exile uses a ‘bop-it’ style machine as a control panel for his sound system whilst singing the vocals himself. The music almost became less important than the actual mode of delivery itself. Tim Exile is an act well worth going to see purely for entertainment value if for nothing else.

Imogen now takes the stage, armed with a box full of tricks and her trusty laptop. The set doesn’t get off to the best start, as her first song is about to commence, the sound of a laptop shutting down echoes through the venue. She puts it down to “ a slight technical glitch” and then tells the crowd to “talk amongst themselves” as she attempts to rectify the problem. Minutes after the false start she prepares to start again. The lights dim to reveal a mysterious and enchanting set. She runs around the stage frantically waving instruments in the air, and singing in a gentle whisper. A completely different ambience to the gigs SoundCheck normally experiences. Imogen is an example of compelling craftmanship and musical experimentation.




his venue can truly be described as a diamond in the rough. A small pub tucked away in the winding roads of Preston, plays host to some of the new most exciting unsigned acts loaded with musical dexterity. The first band on the bill tonight are, Fire In The Empire. A rap metalesque quintet that aspires to the sonic style of Rage Against The Machine, just like many other bands who often end up becoming tribute acts. This band regress from this almost

inevitability. The More I See are the next band to grace the stage. The lead guitarist and backing vocalist used to be a member of the Prodigy, so Preston is in the presence of musical greatness tonight. The More I See do everything to prove it. The band are note perfect and their vocals delivered with machine like efficiency. Preston’s very own home grown Stormcorporation are the last up. Their performance is invested with adrenaline and conviction, as the audience watches a divine interplay between the band members. It is clear that musical expression is as natural and urgent to this band as breathing.

The guitars bleed with new ferocity, perpetuated by the frontwomans soul splintering vocals. Stormcorporation continue to deliver a half an hour set of 7 songs from their EP, brimming with anthemic melodies and laced with beautifully empowering lyrics such as ‘Stand up and be counted.’ Tonight’s acts demonstrated why it is important for people to invest in their local music scene. There are many talented bands that do not get the opportunity to showcase their talent. These bands were an eclectic musical canvas that restored faith in the local music scene. For tonight, The Ship Inn really is the boat that rocks.

May 2010 SoundCheck [21]







Manchester Academy 2, Manchester

Kickstarting the night is Rise To Remain, a new and largely unheard of band from the streets of London. The band are mostly in their teens, but they mean business if tonights performance is anything to go by. Frontman, Austin Dickson delivers melodic vocals and juxtaposes them against menacing growls that sound like he has has pulled them from the depths of his own soul. Rise to Remain deliver their set with primal energy, the crowd responds with an unmerciless malevolenc, beating the s**t out of each other on command. Chimaira however are a different story. They perform a set with tracks taken from their most recent album. An album that was disappointing compared to the bands back catalogue of songs. Whitechapel pick the pace back up again with raucous riffs that make you want to tear you face clean off. Their sound breaks new sonic territory, with heavy as sin vocals that make you feel that you should be perished to the very depths of hell for listening to them.

May 2010 SoundCheck [22]

TRIVIUM Carling Academy 2, Manchester


Manchester Academy 2, Manchester Florida’s titans of thrash have been on the receiving end of much critism from bands who have been around before the Trivium members were even born. Why you ask? Maybe it has something to do with Trivium appearing from nowhere, and then becoming one of the most successful new metal acts following the release of their album, ‘Ascendancy’. Outside the venue you can hear the eager fans chanting,‘TRI-VI-UM’ in a football-match like chorus. Desperate anticipation written across their faces and sheer determination as they push one another to get to the front. They are all here for the same reason. To see the band that has dominated the metal scene, worldwide. Suddenly the lights dim to a misty blue. Smoke begins to seep onto the stage as the shadow of Nick dances across the backdrop as he gets into postion. The set begins with the melodic piano instrumental, ‘Everything Ends’. Cue the rest of the band who enter one by one onto the stage, firstly Paolo followed by

Corey and new member Nick and finally the newly wed frontman Matt Heafy. The venue is filled with piercing screams as the band charge into the hard hitting raw track ‘Rain’. The fans immediately go into a frenzy. Circle pits, mosh pits, crowd surfing, and pure mindless insanity. Although ‘Ascendancy’ was the bands biggest success, fans were desperate to hear tracks from Trivium’s newest album, ‘Shogun’, with its distorted thash metal sounds that have been abscent from the metal scene for decades, since bands like Iron Maiden and Megadeth, the fathers of thrash. Trivium have been the ones to reignite the dying flame with their fresh new material. After playing a medley of songs from,’Ember To Inferno’, they returned once again to ‘Ascendancy’ getting an overwhelming response to ‘Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation’ and the girls’ favourite, Dying In Your Arms’. As the set goes on, Trivium treat the fans to songs that the legendsturing

of metal brought to the world. Initially the band play some Iron Maiden tracks, including a rendition of the classic ‘The Trooper’. Last, but definitely not least was a Megadeth cover, one of guitarist, Corey Beaulieu’s favourites. Not many bands would dare consider covering a song by renowned renegades of metal, but Trivium as ever rise to the challenge, and their outstanding attempt was greatly received. The band continue to ‘wow’ the audience once again with their shredding solo’s and raging riffs, courtesy of Matt and Corey. All the men in the crowd see this as the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how ‘macho’ they are. It’s almost like a tradition at rock concerts. They tear off the shirts as the circle pits continue to grow, spiralling with ferocity, claiming more victims as it draws people in. Fists flying, pummelling people to the floor. It is all part of the experience for many. Matt Heafy glances around, a smile of content beaming across his face

May 2010 SoundCheck [23]

our T h arc


T Into

eM W l l He f o th 010 u o 2 M

Trivium’s frontman is replaced by ‘Cousin IT’

May 2010 SoundCheck [24]



as he witnesses the energy of the crowd. On the left of him is Corey, doing his turbulent trademark windmill head manoeuvre at 150mph. As the set draws to an end, Paolo, Corey and Matt begin throwing their plectrums into the crowd. Fans frantically throwing themselves around to catch one in their grasp, a momentum that they can treasure forever. The band say their goodbyes and thank the fans before leaving the stage. Everybody wants more. They begin chanting Trivium’s name again, and clapping for an encore. The band reappear. Giving in to their demanding fans. Travis begins pounding the drums for the introduction of the song that got them where they are today, ‘Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr’. This was the ultimate climax to the evening.

There’s one last surprise before Trivium , as a rather odd looking Mr. Blobby stage dives into the pit. Trivium, being from the USA, look dumbstruck, as Matt comes out with the comment, ‘What is that, a prawn?’ The band, now accompanied by a beer drenched Mr. Blobby leave the Manchester Academy stage for the last time, with only a few dates left of their UK tour before flying back to Florida to record their new album. The fans cheer with gratitude, as the stage is left deserted. Trivium have become a phenomenon. Not many bands can say they have been hailed next Metallica. Having come so far in such little time, the band look set for the future they have always dreamed of, being up their with the rock gods that inspired them.

May 2010 SoundCheck [25]

The Last Word Craig Shepherd Euphony Events Metal Profile

The last word comes from Craig Shepherd, a music industry expert in band promotion and advertising. He gives sound advice on taking the first steps to success as an unsigned artist or act. When did you set up Euphony Events?

It’s something I have wanted to do for years. A friend of mine used to promote small gigs around Manchester and that got me interested. After a lot of planning, I finally felt ready to set up Euphony Events in January, this year. What does Euphony Events do? In a nutshell, we book bands, book the venue, then try to promote the package to the right people. There’s loads more to think about too, and it’s slightly overwhelming at times, but I find it exciting to think about how the gigs will turn out. What genre of music do you scout for?

All genres and sub-genres of rock and metal. Strangely though, I have been contacted by loads of bands and musicians that don’t fit into these categories at all, but would still like to play at a Euphony Events gig. What made you decide to start your own company in such a competitive business?

I’ve been around, a dealt with many bad, unprofessional promoters who don’t respect the bands, and sometimes not even the fans who spend their money on coming to the gigs. I wanted to start a more thical promotions company that is fairer to the bands and to all paying customers who decide to come and see them. The ,music industry is hard enough for any act to break into. May 2010 SoundCheck [26]

Is Euphony Events a long term career plan?

It is definitely something I would like to carry on with for the forseeable future. Do you want to expand? What would be the ideal future for Euphony Events?

Eventually, I’d love for Euphony Events to be hosting gigs all over the country. It is going to take a lot of hard work to get to that point, but I think organising a small festival a few years down the line would be awesome. What qualities do you look for in a decent band?

to rubbish the Euphony Events name and my own reputation by putting on tedious bands and unforgettable nights. It wouldn’t be doing my company any favours and it wouldn’t be doing the band any favours either. Do you believe in that case that you have to be cruel to be kind?

Definitely. In a business like this, mediocre bands do not stand a chance. Now with social networking sites such as Myspace. more and more bands are working hard to get themselves heard. It’s all about self promotion when it comes to getting gigs and building up a fan base. If you have nothing different to seperate you from all the millions of other bands that are out there trying to make it, then you may as well give up. Leading bands on to think they are better than they are will cause more problems in the future than telling them straight.

I look for bands that I find brilliant. Bands that have raw energy and stage presence. Sometimes performance is more important than the actual quality of the song writing. Nobody wants to pay a few quid to see another bland band that is playing the same typical What advice would you give to bands that want to chords and take the first steps towards getting signed? riffs. That offers Getting signed by a label should not be a number up nothing one priority for new bands. Concentrate on writnew, nothing ing and perfecting a half hour set of songs that the exciting or crowd like. innovate, and that lack of Record your songs however you can and share talent in a band them. Build a loyal fan base and most importantly doesn’t exactly keep them interested. In my opinion, this will do bode well for a more for your band in the long run. succesful music career. If you still feel the need to be signed to take you to The last thing the next level, then start sending out your demo’s that I want is to record labels accompanied with a press pack.


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Arch Enemy Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall May 27, Glasgow Academy 28, Manchester Academy 29, London Kentish Town Forum 30, (with Enslaved and Sabbat).

Coheed and Cambria Glasgow ABC June 22, Newcastle Academy 23, London Kentish Town Forum 24.

Download Festival 2010 With AC/DC, Rage Against The Machine, Aerosmith, Stone Sour, Lamb of God, Five Finger Death Punch, Stone Temple Pilots, Bullet For My Valentine, HIM, Motorhead, Megadeth, Deftones, Donnington Park Racetrack June 11-13.

Fozzy Glasgow Cathouse May 13, Nottingham Rock City Basement 14, London Highbury Garage 15. Hammerfall Manchester Academy 2 May 1, Glasgow Cathouse 2, Sheffield Corporation 3, Nottingham Rescue Rooms 4, Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall 5, London Camden Electric Ballroom 6.


Sheffield Arena May 1, Newcastle Metro Radio Arena 2, Liverpool Arena 4, Birmingham LG Arena 5, Dublin 02 Arena 7, Glasgow SECC 9, Manchester MEN Arena 10, London Wembley Arena 12-13.

Metallica st Odyssey Arena May 11-12 Belfast Odyssey Arena May 11-12.2

Pearl Jam Pearl Jam

Hard Rock Calling @ London Hyde Park June 25.

RATT London Islington Academy July 8.

Slayer Leeds Academy May 26, Glasgow Barrowland 27, Birmingham Academy 29, Manchester Academy 30, Nottingham Rock City 31, London Kentish Town Forum June 2-3. Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind

London Shepherds Bush Empire May 13.

May 2010 SoundCheck [27]


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