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REACH serves foster youth in Johnston County

REACH serves foster youth in Johnston County

SMITHFIELD — Remember Encouragement Always Changes Hearts is a mentoring ministry for foster youth in Johnston County. The organization’s motto is “Each One Needs One.”

Its mission statement is “Bridging the gap by building relationships with foster youth.” REACH’s goal is to create an atmosphere where lasting relationships can be formed between Johnston County adults and foster youth which can help provide support as they mature into adulthood.

According to information from REACH, founded and operated by Susan Stem, an average of 100 youth are in foster care in Johnston County at any one time. There are about 45 active foster homes in the county.

Foster youth are in need of families and mentors to show them love and support. There are many opportunities with REACH, including prayer partners, event set-up and clean-up, food preparation, games and activities coordinator, advertising, mentors, board members, public relations liaison, tutors, financial partners, skilled people willing to share resources such as sports, cooking, etc. and people willing to share testimony or devotions.

In addition, REACH is in need of gift cards for youth in the county who have aged out of foster care. These cards could be for clothing, fast food, gas and other needs.

REACH often plans gatherings for foster youth with meals, devotions, games and gifts. Volunteers are needed to help with these gatherings and in other ways.

REACH is a 501(c)3 non-profit. All donations are 100 percent tax deductible. Contributions can be sent to REACH at P.O. Box 2631, Smithfield NC 27577.

For more information about REACH, visit its website at www. reachjohnston.org, its Facebook page at reachmentoringministry, or contact Nicki Williams at kwilliams.reach@gmail.com or at 919-518-5515.

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