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Rory Polite ‎" Attention drug dealers, gangsters and assorted criminals......I betting my life that these kids end up as these men,I'm serving notice, want some? "@RealMistaPNut: SHOUT OUT to my boy @Yung_NoBail!! I see you! Makin them moves. #Salute Y'all hit that follow on him!" Look out 4 @MARDOE Boonopoly Trillest God is Good ! #mamizondagrind Christopher Love my new pop tune singalong, bless GadManDubz Uploaded the File: GadManDubs-SingAlong GadManDubz has just uploaded a new song'GadManDubs-SingAlong'. Check it out & find the best new Independent Mike-Charles PaperBoy Nahounou Click to listen to #AmericanBorn by #PBDOLLA artist @joenvazquez | #TheProject by @royal860 coming soon! Undaground Madness ‎.Undaground Madness ATL TV Show Taping March 16 4-9pm Live Performance and Interviews sponsor by Krispy Kreme artist sign up today IAMU Magazine February 4 should we do an awards show in Atlanta,GA what do you think?

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Ms.Flava.j Ceo of Runandtelldatmusic IF YOUR LOOKING FOR SOMETHING NEW RunandtelldatMusic Presents Ms.Flava.j Feat.Todd.b-(New Single Hollywood) —


Maya Angelou You will face many defeats in your life, but never let yourself be defeated. 3

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last year we had Rock singer Onia on our cover.. She was the first of her kind. Young African-American woman who looks pretty enough to be an R&B singer but she instead chooses to do her own think Rock Music.Kudos to You Onia for not following the trend or it’s mind set of you have to do this in order to make it... Music is like life in so many ways when make choices that you don’t agree on in the first place you will always be unhappy.

J.Genius Publisher M.Williams President N.Harper V.President Y.Ellison-Perry Marketing Director

My choice in the world of media is to give the little guys a chance with out ripping them off. Give my readers the truth all matters and share knowledge and wisdom with those in need. always remember don’t do anything that your heart is not in to..

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Status Update By Hopsin like this status if you are honestly sick of the music on the radio and would change it if you had the chance to.

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We send our apologies to Veto VanGundy for Misspelling his name in Last month’s Issue of IAMU Urban Magazine... J.Genius

The INSIDE Contents Features MonaGoody2Shoes Dem FreshMen Karpay Diem Boonopoly Young No Bail Strictly Business

Mississippi Rapper Mona goody2shoes

Young rap goup from Alabama

Joe Blow & More Articles Who is Molly

Rap’s constant reference to this new popular drug.

Meet the Crooks the oil company


consistant financial rape of the american family

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Canadian rapper Joe Blow tells us how all he needs for a great show...

always reppin compton yung No Bail sits down and answers your questions

10 things

karpay dm needs to record!!

1.Good motivation - helps with dealing with the wait of one day being discovered. somedays seem longer then other and staying motivated helps you get pass these factors u deal with on a day to day basis

2.good environment - U need this ..very important to be able to feel safe when your trying to be creative..good vibes and a safe environment are key for this factor in recording 3.great track- a good track makes it all worth while .a

good track with a good beat or good feel to it will help with the motivation of wanting to create somethen incredible

4. snacky snacks - sometimes hours go by before you know it and leaving a session that your paying for by the hour is a no no so bringing snacks that u like but wont effect the recording is wise. microphone - it all starts here this is what links you to the world and beyond, "the mic". the better the mic the clearer and the closer yu will sound coming out to those listening

6.smoke session -some times a pow wow ses-

sion is a must when minds are all coming together to create something for one purpose

7.Drank in da cup -this loosens up the tension,

recording can be a bit personnel and sometimes a lil shot of somethen here and there can relieve this tension before and after stepping from the booth

8.good engineer -this is so important becus

every star has good make up team..well this is the same thing only it involves buttons and effects. your engineer has the key to make you sound 10 times better then yu sounded when yu came in.

9.water -very important to stay hydrated water is also good for when you have been in studio for hours. it helps restore you in ways juice and soda never could

10.catchy song - if the song aint catchy whats the point?. the idea is for people to learn and sing your music.we believe the catchier the song the more chances those listening will catch on and sing along too.



Dem FreshMen D

em FreshMen is a local group from Birmingham, AL that consists of three young men, Brandon J., CJ and Lil Dee. This group has a very unique sound and style. They recorded their first single, "Snap, Snap" which was very successful. Their current single "I Gotem (Snap Back) Remix" received over 78,000 hits on YouTube in one month, was rated as the hottest pick of the week in January 2013 and is #40 on the Top 40 Indie, Urban, Hip-Hop Charts with the Starfleet Music Pool. They even have their own DJ, DJ Style WorldWide from Jacksonville, FL who keeps the beats going as they perform. They were fortunate enough to participate on brief Christmas tour with Mindless Behavior throughout Alabama and Tennessee. Dem Freshman have opened for artist such as: Mindless Behavior, OMG Girlz, Jabias Da Kidd, Supertink, Pastor Troy and 2 Chains just to name a few. They are currently on tour in the southeast region with the We Are Dem Freshmen

Download our Dem FreshMen App 2day if you have an Apple, Android phone our app keeps all of our fans up 2 date on us Checkout Dem FreshMen I Gotem Snap Back Remix Music Video Like,Share,Comment gtPrXdEK#TeamDemFreshMen S/o to all of our followers and fans keep supporting ya boys,following, & watching our videos join the team #TeamDemFreshMen #GucciFabolous Check us out on Instagram Flexing @ dem_freshmen follow us and we’ll follow back #TeamDemFreshMen

"Work Hard, Play Hard...Stop Bullying Tour, which promotes non-violence and stopping the bullying in schools. They are also a part of the Black College Expo Tour. For more videos and information you can find them on YouTube (Dem FreshMen), Facebook (Dem FreshMen), Twitter (@Dem_FreshMen) and Instagram (dem_freshmen).

Stupity is not a jedi mind trick or is it?


even the pooch misses MJ guess who turned off the lights at the super bowl

ok a little bit confused who more ghettoer than who? hum


immetria Nat`e Thomas aka( Boonoply) later changed to Boonopoly was born and raised in Houston, Texas. As an outstanding artist and hairstylist she is driven by her creativity and ambition. She is influenced by strong women like her mother and listening to screw music like S.U.C and swisherhouse. �. Some of her favorite artist are 2pac, Bun B, Pimp C, Eminem, DMX, Lauren Hill, Eminem, Ludacris , lil keke, j-dawg and many


more. She got her name from a group of homies she hung around because she always on her game. She lived in the acres home area along with her two sisters and Mother. As a child she was pretty much anti-social and took to doing hair, art and music. She won the texas rodeo drawing twice in school as


a child on art and concept in which she placed first and second. She was also in a Christian praise dance group under her mother Pastor Renae Hildreth, in which she had the opportunity to be on live television (channel 22) when she was 11 years of age. Also at the age of 11 she began writing rap music where she felt like she could express herself in her notebook. In 2007 she thought she should take her writing seriously and started actually letting people listen to her music. In 2008 the father of her kids, who she had been in a 6 yr relationship with, died in a car accident. After feeling hopeless for a year she started back writing again and connected with a producer. In 2009 she worked on her mixtape called OuttaBreed which was changed to Passn Go Colletn and released in 2010. Although, she’s unsigned she enjoy working with different Houston and Atlanta labels such as Kurncy ENT., Mixtape Heavyw8, Juug City Ent. And Thug Mafia. Waiting on her time to shine Timmetria aka Boonopoly is hoping to pursue her passion by being creative and delivery Trill Inspirational Music.

IAM Boonopoly 12

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ot your average type of lady, hate to be blended in, love to take the lead, and show others the way. Mona Goodie2shoe was born Jessica D. Bracey, July 05, 1989 in Jackson, Mississippi. Mona lived most of her life on the westside of Jackson. Despite her surroundings in the west Jackson community, Mona had a positive outlook on how things would be different in her life after giving birth to a baby girl name Sennila D. Kelly in 2008. Mona decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia in 2009, to further her chances of accomplishing her goals, and to make better opportunities for her and her daughter. Mona enrolled herself into fashion school in 2009, and began to make her way in a new and bigger city. Later on that year, she was introduce to the music entertainment industry and began pursuing music. Mona met with songwriter, Mellikon (signed with Warner Bros.), who inspired her to write her own music. Hip-Hop/ Rap is the only genre she fell in love with, coming up as a child, but would love to expand her music 14

Follow us on Twitter @ southerrnkingz Shout out to Mona Goodie 2 shoe, represented SKE to the fullest with her performance in the ATL..well done!! Shout out to the rest of the SKE camp, yall on deck!! “youtube/ themona601” “last nite was mad real tho” into other genres, as well. Mona Goodie2shoe was motivated to rap in 2010, when she started being around other talented artists that were pursuing music, and was asked to spit something on the mic and ever since then she has been doing her thing in the industry. Mona is currently working on her mixtape entitled “Good Spit on da Mic Vol.1” and will soon be release by 2013. Mona has performed at various open mics and has done perfor-

mances for DrahmaTV, which is a local network in Atlanta, GA. Mona Goodie2shoe not only has rap success on her mind, but she is also trying to pursue her career as a freelance designer, entrepreneur, and to be a role model for the State of MISSISSIPPI.

Follow me IG:@monagoodie2 Twitter:@ monagoodie2 Wanna see my videos??? Youtube:Mona Goodie2shoe

Southerrn Kingz Entertainment Jackson, Mississippi Ph: (601) 665-5952 Email: southerrnkingzent@

Transformed Health and Fitness Ministries LLC is located in Bloomfield, CT and recently celebrated its 2nd year anniversary as their focus is to serve, support and seek out in the community to change the minds from a holistic approach to help people understand the importance of health and nutrition. Kelvin "Coach"Moore who has been in the industry of health and fitness for 32 years and has worked with and trained many professional athletes and actors, high school and college athletes, doctors. pastors, children and all who have come to him determined to make a lifestyle change to save their lives. The photo above is of my client Sonja Matchen who is 51years old and started out with me over a year ago. Her starting weight was about 229lbs and at 5'3" she had some medical issues with high blood pressure and cholesterol. Sonja is now weighing 126lbs and in 8 months she is down 103lbs and is off

all medication! At 51 years old she is now training to do her first bikini competiton in April. Coach has been training people and training himself.He still competively competes at 52 years old and has improved, empowered and saved the lives of many with his holistic approach to fitness. Transformed does primarily functional training, plyo, band resistance and core stablization. The core of his client base is 85% female that range from age 35 to 70 years of age. The focus is that people be heart healthy and understand that this is not long term but life term. the surgical, synthetic approach does

not work and its short term. Coach does not just motivate but educate his clients. Coach has trained many clients both state side and around the world. He recenlty got back from Brazil training athletes over their and is scheduled to go to both Venezula and Greece this year. The Transformed location has been chosen to be the site of an upcoming movie and has been recognized for its outstanding community service and contributing to the health benefit to many in the state of Connecticut by both the Mayor and Governor.

Many of our talented middle school and high school athletes either don't know the importance of conditioning or are not exposed to what conditioning really is. Tory Moses found out as she was training to prepare for the season for girls basketball at East Hartford. Our focus is on conditioning but being heart healthy. Tory dropped over 25lbs for the season and looked and felt better. For more information you can call Coach at 860-250-9314. "Conditioning takes over when talent runs out..."! Follow us on Instagram at coachkelvin.

“Coach� Kelvin Moore 15


ashon J Fisher, 26, was born and raised as the only child in a single parent home in the city of Camden, New Jersey. In a crime-infested environment, Rash Boogie is only one of many diamonds in the rough. Without even noticing, music was always his love. Listening to a wide range of hip-hop music, he was curious to what goes down behind the scenes when putting together a record. Most of all, he was eager to hear what his voice would sound like flowing on top of a beat. In 2001, Rash discovered his passion for rapping in back of a yellow school bus where he spat his first two bar rhyme. From that day on, the rest of his years in high school were spent filling up composition books, making beats, and engineering his own music. After several locally released mixtapes, Rash decided to take his craft serious when he decided to enroll in Full Sail University in 2007, where he gives most of the credit for his musical and technical knowledge and abilities. Since then, he has done production with local artists, as well as compiled a IAM Rash Boogie

“I think i’ll be the only rapper that won’t be able to tell that story, because I pushed everyone away during hard times...I’m not trying to be that person anymore...I’m not.”

mixtape titled 'Camden City Blues' which can be found on He is currently working on another mixtape and album for 2013. Rash's long-term vision is to become a worldwide inspirational figure and express to the masses that each living soul is not without purpose (Jeremiah 29:11). Each day, he strives to utilize his gift as a tool to help others discover their own, just as someone had helped him.

Rash Boogie is currently part of C&C Entertainment Firm who handles all of his promotion, marketing, booking, and distribution. More

info can obtained at

Good morning y'all! Let's make this day a productive one! Greatness is a virtue. I hear stories of rappers that made it talk about how nobody was there when they were broke. If I keep this up, I think i’ll be the only rapper that won’t be able to tell that story, because I pushed everyone away during hard times...I’m not trying to be that person anymore...I’m not. I can put together some of the most creative songs and come up with the most wittiest rhymes, but without love, I am nothing. I can rock the best shows or come home with the most awards, but without love, I am nothing. I can even use my riches to feed the poor, my words can move nations, I can save lives with these songs...But without love, yea, we can finish the rest now...Let’s put love on the forefront of our minds and let it become our greatest virtue. This world will be a better place... -1 Corinthians 13



onovan Davis (aka BAMN) and Eric Powe (aka Quota), collectively known as the rap/hip hop duo Strictly Business, met as co-workers in December 2010. BAMN (pronounced Bam) heard Eric singing Usher’s “Moving Mountains” and saw him as a potential tenor accent on a couple of tracks. After meeting once, the two realized they had similar views and opinions on the distinctions between rap and hip hop. As the discussion of Eric’s rap skills, as well as singing skills, came into play…Quota was born and Strictly Business gained a

by Homebwoi Fi as posted on his facebook


rtist don't get fooled with the email list scam. I have doing music on a professional level for over 10 years now. Allow me to break this thang down... 1. The music industry is a small community. The real key players are not plentiful. So when these online promoters tell u they can send your music to 750 A&R's, know that 90% of them are small fish & don't make the call on signing you. 2. Imagine how many emails A&R's get on a daily basis. They do the same thing you do when you see emails from people you don't know about artist you've never heard of... SPAM!!! 3. Understand that this is a BUSINESS. No matter how good you think you are. If you're not POPULAR. They won't take a chance on losing money on an artist they don't know will sell or not. 4. If you're going to the record labels trying to get a deal & they're not blowing your phone up. You can get a record deal but your deal will be straight shit! 5. Focus on your own company. To do this you must be willing to pick up a book & learn the basics. Just cause u got a few thousand dollars don't mean you gone do shit if you don't know where to put it. #DoYourHomework

second cornerstone. In 2012, through a mutual friend, Strictly Business was introduced to Derek Gettis, CEO of Jackson, Mississippi-based record label Southerrn Kingz Entertainment (SKE). Under a dedicated management team at SKE, the duo released their first debut mixtape, self-titled “$trictly Busine$$”…which produced such local hits as “Kuntry Bred”, “Addiction”, “Jacksonian”. Quota’s “attacking point of view” and BAMN’s “medley of metaphors” combined with a blistering beat selection, Strictly Business is anxious to prove that Mississippi has the wherewithal to be the criterion for rap/hip hop hits for quite a while.


Southerrn Kingz Entertainment Jackson, Mississippi Ph: (601) 665-5952 Email: southerrnkingzent@gmail. twitter

@ IAMUUrban email


Where they @! is a Grammy Award winning rapper best known for his work with the musical group Lost Boyz, and his career as a solo artist. The Jump Off Lights, Camera, Action! Reminisce 03’ Crush on You Lights Camera

Sammie Bush, better known by Sammie, is an American soul and pop singer. He is best known for his hit, "I Like It" from his debut album, From the Bottom to the Top. He returned with his second studio album, Sammie in 2006

Mario Winans is an American R&B singer, songwriter, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Born Mario Brown, he is the son of gospel recording artist Vickie Winans and her first husband, Bishop Ronald Brown I Don’t Wanna Know 2004 Through The Pain 2007 Don’t Know 1997 Never Really Was 2004 You 2002 So Fine Ridin’ 2008 3 Days Ago Pretty Girl Bullsh*t (feat. Foxy Brown) The Game Ready for Love (Interlude) 2004 This Is the Thanks I Get 2004 Stay With Me 1997 How I Made It 2004 Do Your Thing


Germaine Williams better known by his stage name Canibus, is a Jamaican-American rapper, actor and member of The Hrsmn, Sharpshooterz, Cloak N Dagga, The Undergods, and one-half of T.H.E.M. Canibus rose to fame in the mid-Nineties

1. a set list. who is your audience? where is the venue? these things have great importance on the songs u should choose. For example, if you're playing a big club you probably want to pick songs that get people moving.

7 things I need before a show... 4. Energy. You gotta bring that energy. Whether its a light show, fog, or just you flipping out. Bring. That. Energy. 5. Merchandise. From T's to CD's. Merch will help the memory of your set live on when they wake up hungover in the morning.

2. A promoter. As much as we all like to think we are in touch with the masses, hiring a promoter to fill the venue is usually more successful while allowing you time to focus on the music.

6. Cards or flyers. Got more shows coming up? its always better to have something to give away that can let your new fans stay connected.

3. A possy. That being said, its always good to bring a group of friends that will go crazy during your set. It will make the people who have never heard of you before feel more at ease to enjoy.

7. Social Game. For an artist starting out, just performing isn't enough. After the show u need to hit the floor and make some new friends.

IAM Jo Blow twitter

@ IAMUUrban email


Tweet (born Charlene Keys, March 4, 1971) is an American R&B and soul singer-songwriter. “Oops (Oh My)” (featuring Missy Elliott) “Call Me” “Turn da Lights Off”

Vyshonn King Miller (born June 18, 1975), who records under the stage name Silkk The Shocker, is an American rapper and actor. He originally went under the stage name Silkk, but later adopted The Shocker after the release of his first album and a couple of other releases from No Limit Records in 1996.


Timbaland & Magoo are a rap duo consisting of producer and rapper Timothy "Timbaland" Mosley and rapper Melvin "Magoo" Barcliff.[1] Originally from Norfolk, Virginia, the duo first met when they were teenagers. They later paired up as a duo and released their debut album Welcome to Our World, spawning their highest-charting single "Up Jumps Da Boogie".[2] They would release two more studio albums as a group, Indecent Proposal in 2001 and Under Construction, Part II in 2003. The latter was meant as a sequel to Missy Elliott's fourth album Under Construction. They later joined the Virginia-based supergroup the V.A. Playaz, with Missy Elliott, Skillz, Pharrell, Clipse and Fam-Lay

Delmar Drew Arnaud[1] (born May 25,[2] 1973, Long Beach, California), better known by his stage name Daz Dillinger (formerly Dat Nigga Daz) is an American hip hop producer and rapper mostly known for his membership in the rap duo Tha Dogg Pound, with Kurupt, and his work with Death Row Records.

Where they @



Remy Cash is an Indie Artist, Rapper, Songwriter and Femcee. Raised in Paterson, NJ she,s traveling city to city making her mark in the rap game. Studying Music at Eastside Highschool as well as Virginia State University, she knew that music would be her career and first love. Giving Back To the community, she has mentored and volunteered at The Garrett Morgan Academy as well the Dani Organization. (Dreams Are Never Impossible) located at Passaic County Community College both in Paterson, NJ She was also on the bill for the back to school event at local HS John F. Kennedy along with Fred The Godson and hosted by Cherry Martinez. She got her start in music professionally, working as a production assistant for Big League Entertainment. Alongside Naquan Busby, Rudechick Remy Cash worked the 105.1 Birthday Bash as well as the GUNIT XMAS Concert. The job allowed her to work for artist such as Keyshia Cole, Busta Rhymes, 50 Cent, etc. Rudechick Remy Cash plans to start a non profit organization catering to women and victims of rape. She aims to sell millions of records, aspires to make timeless music, and knows that you are only allotted fifteen minutes of fame and

plans to make them work in her favor. Class Is In Session The First Mixtape dropped June 2012 Featuring the singles Paper Planes & Double Dutch Recess. The Album Signing and Listening Party was located at The Gumball Gallery Center City Mall Paterson, NJ . It was hosted by Dirty Games KK Holloway and also featured Shadyvilles Own DJ Moeskieno . The event was put together by Rudechick Remy Cash and was successful. Contact info and Web Locator: Email- femizfatal@gmail. com Twitter - @1rudechick remycash Credentials: Snapbacks & Tattoos Video 106&Park Bralikk Animals Girls Music Video Featured Artist

Trill Bizness Mixtape www. Featured Artist Featured artist www.gsradio. com Queen Of The Arena Showcase GUNIT Showcase Rudechick Remy Cash is ready to take on the world. I have set out to accomplish my dreams and I am passionate about music. I intend to make a mark in this industry, in history in general and refuse to take NO for an answer.


IAM Remy Cash


arius Holland

was born on May 6, 1991.

At a young age he watched his father produce and dj different genres of music. He grew up studying the art of music from the way vocals are arranged, the details of every instruments, and etc. When he was 12 years old, Darius started to make beats on a program called Super Duper Music Looper. After graduating from 8th grade, his father gave him a music program called Reason. Darius fell in love with the program and began to practice and practice. In his sophomore year of high school, he was given the opportunity to produce

two songs Far Away From Here and After Work Set for ZackLove. Darius started to become known as a rising producer. In his junior year of high school came, he already produced songs for Nudai and started to work with his best friend Rockboy K9. The two friends made songs that people considered classics. Darius and Rockboy K9 popularity grew to the point that they were in the class of 2009 year book section entitled Rising Stars. After completing high school, Darius was ready to take the next step in his life and music. He is now a senior at Eastern Illinois University. While attending the university, he has been in the newspaper twice for his performance

of the song Lady in my Life. Darius was also given the opportunity to work with other artist such as Jeniece Mitchell and Tonebone Exclusive. He is currently working with a variety of artists and musicians. HIs sound has matured. It is only a matter of time before the world will experience music by Darius Holland. Darius Holland has produced songs for various artist such as: Rockboy K9- Songs: Blue Magic, Studio Time, I Want You (Baby) Album: Married to the Game Mixtape Jeniece Mitchell- Songs: My Heart, Just Friends, Restless, New Day, and Man on the Side (Interlude) Album: My Heart


Tonebone ExclusiveSongs- Be Myself, Take a Ride, and Peachy King Album: Stuck in the Chuck Mixtape Nudai- Songs- Heaven (To The Top) and You know What it is Album- Mixtape King ZackLove- Songs- After Work Set and Far Away From Here Album- Dreamers Never Sleep

Album Reviews


Chante' Imme Tays Llamf! You better know it. Who the fuck are they anyways? I'ont know them like that. Only, Martin, Williams, Smith, Thomas, Parker,etc. Ha! You know, ones I've grown from knee high to a grasshopper. Lol. 2 minutes ago via mobile • Like • 1 •



Ok i’m an old school head

when it comes to my music, because every thing that’s being played on the radio is corny and sounds ignorant as hell. so i stumbled upon this cd by an artist that has a funny name but he’s flaunting the all american theme. listened to the MP3 and that was it my first take on the Cd was it’s ok then. Then i listened it to it after 2 weeks and played it three times over to come up with this conclusion Joen is Good. His Production is good and unlike many artists these days that have millions of features on an already terrible song Joen has less than a handful and each feature compliments each song. why don’t i just give him five micshow else can he get better if he has already made a classic..


before I got a chance to listen to their demo CD thought your typical rap group from the south stuff .but I came away quite impressed and didnt mind it only had 7 songs on it.I was not searching for the eject button to throw it ou the window i actually listened as i drove up and down the road to my destination. if the demo showing a hip-hop label that has together i can not imagine what the album will be like with a little bit more direction... I gotta be fair its a demo and not an album. Colin St.John

Classic Ride Music Good

Good( Could Have been Better) Ok Wack

Colin St.John

a few seconds ago • Like

Album Reviews 25



Meet the Crooks by Antonio Lewinson


his article is not here to bore you, we just want to educate you on how much money that your spending on gas per year, while these CEO’s are Yelling Dave Chappelle’s “I’m rich Bitch” by no means are we hating.. Just stating some facts that need to observe. our math percentage was broken down by the average middle class house hold of $40,000 per year... ask your self when is this ridulousness gonna stop.. When you make $40,000 per year that means your recieving $3,333.33 before taxes. Gas is 3.72 per gallon. a 15 gallon tank costs your $55.80 per fill up.. what if you had to fuel up 2x a week. humm $446 per month has now left your wallet and is sitting in your gas tank.. times your monthly by 12 and wahla $5,352 has now left your bank account and hands.Your Kids christmas present is getting less an less bills are constantly behind because you don’t get paid enough.. when these guys are living it up ... when is enough going be enough? Who say’s that this has to be the new world order. pay all this money for gas and rely heavily on the goverment to give you money for food...

who wants to live like this.. to be honest them terrorists need to re educate themselves and leave regular folks like our selves alone. Why they want to blow unnnessary things when they came aim their anger at oil refinearies or oil company offices too. unless their stealing gas more so they are then they too need to be terrorized because; oil companies got us enslaved to their high gas price reasoning hook.. What is our solution to this problem... BoyCott their asses. not for a day not for 5 days. lets boycott for one month, maybe 2 months hell even 3 because our car is a convience not a luxary. i know your not gonna boycott because you don’t want to be inconvienanced.. So let’s be clear cut down on your usage of gas. Start using Public transportation more. 2 Car pool more.. 3 use other means to get around like bike or just walk.. to be successful it has to be a group effort not just one individual. last but not least use your car only when necessary.

Gas Prices Around The World Peter Voser Shell CEO Peter Voser €6.75 million salary plus €3.5 million bonus

Metro Atlanta $3.72 Venezuela Caracas $0.12 Puerto Rico San Juan $1.74 Netherlands Amsterdam $6.48

United Kingdom London $5.79 The London-based oil giant gave current chief executive Bob Dudley a raise, though his $6.8 million pay package of salary, annual bonus awards, and stock grants and options remains smaller than those given to most of his counterparts at big oil companies such as Exxon Mobil or Chevron.

Ireland Dublin $4.78 Japan Tokyo $4.24 Croatia Zagreb $4.81

Augusta, GA 3.671

Greenville, SC 3.547

Rex W. Tillerson Exxon Mobil, CEO Exxon Mobil Corp. (US:xom) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Rex Tillerson, will receive a bonus of $4.587 million in cash and shares, according to a regulatory filing on Tuesday. Half of the bonus will be paid in cash by year-end, and half in deferred company stock. Tillerson is also receiving 225,000 shares of Exxon stock, worth $19.6 million at today’s closing price.

BP paid out $1.1 million worth of shares on Feb. 15 to former chief executive Tony Hayward under a three-year incentive plan, even though Hayward resigned in the wake of the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010. Hayward also earned $194,973 in fees in 2011 as a director of BP’s TNK-BP joint venture in Russia, according to the company’s annual report released Tuesday. The company’s stock price is down more than 20 percent since the spill.

Meanwhile, John Watson, the chairman and CEO of rival Chevron Corp., CVX -0.80% received about $25 million in total compensation in 2011, up 52% from the previous year, according to Chevron's securities filing. 2011 Mr. Tillerson received around $2.4 million in base salary, $180,000 more than in 2010, and cash bonuses totaling $4.4 million, up from about $3.4 million a year earlier. He also received shares of Exxon stock valued at around $17.9 million, a 16% increase from 2010. Other compensation, including his use of a company aircraft, life insurance and home security, was valued at around $519,230. His pension in 2011 gained in value by around $9.8 million. 356604577339811805597128.html

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Who is Molly?


by Antonio Lewinson

ave you ever asked your

self what are my kids listening to when it comes to rap lyrics ? honestly i grew up a fan of hip-hop but i never really liked rap!!. the Mc’s that stood out to me back in the day was KRSOne, Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane, Nas,2pac, Big L and of course Biggie Smalls..

Not all of today’s rap artist can match up to the legends that hip-hop produced but what they are say is driving me crazy for real. We as parents are already fighting to keep our children from joining the destructive part of society but then here come this crap about popping molly’s. what is molly is a white gir they having sex with? might as well call it that because it is Xstacy at it’s purest form.. What’s the big deal? remember crack in the 80’s... angel dust in 2 Chainz, on Nicki Minaj's "Beez In The Trap" the 90’s and Meth in the 2000’s "Got your girl on Molly and we smoking loud now for the next decade african and drinking." american community’s will be Ace Hood, "I'm filled with idiots on the molly? Fucked Up" because some of these artists "Them bitches assed make it seem cool to be caught out, Molly pop, they up on this drug. Next time you all bi." think little johnny reciting the lyrics is cool ask yourself what am i really teaching my child?

Chris Webby, "I'm Gone" "Molly and some acid tabs, yep, that is the right dose."

French Montana, "Molly" "Now you know I'm on that Molly, I'm not trying to poly."

Gunplay, "M1" "Every Molly got my body feeling like I'm out of body."

Danny Brown, "Die Like A Rockstar" "Shot of Hennessy, spike that with some Molly."

Gucci Mane, "Trap Back" "Got your little sister on the Molly."

Kanye West, on G.O.O.D. Music's "Mercy" "Something 'bout Mary, she gone off that Molly."

hero or Vigilante ?You decide by Colin ST.John

As he eloquently wrote a name is all man in born into this world with. rest assure because we are media you have to decide how his name will now stand. Will it stand out in the crowd as a vigilante hero or a villian amongst whom you conversated with..


am sure there are some police officers out there that won’t agree with this article but guess what freedom of the press allows me to write what i want to... I do not condone Chris dorner’s actions whole heartedly but in the end when you push a man to his limits the results could be catostrophic.. before you make your judgements Have you read his vividly detailed manifesto. thats explains the wrath that he had to bring unto is former co-workers.. Why did the L.A. police department go through hell and back to find this man whom they accused of killing 4 people.. did he have incriminating evidence against his former

bosses who were part of the Rodney King case. In the aftermath many of his peers started to ask can they get their cases reviewed, some who claimed they were discriminated against but found the courage to fight their wrongful

America was built on drastic measures that equaled a drastic change for better results.. How do you cope with the tradegies involved in this matter . We cannot ignor it because every dog will have his day. A Martyr yes. Serial killer no. let’s just hope all that he did does not go invaine because the next man the L.A. PD or any other Police Force in that matter pushes over the edge will be 5x worse than Mr.Dorner. Change your corrupted policies and practices now for the sake of those who has nothing to do with your filthy laundery...

dismissal from the L.A. PD due to Chris’s bravery. Yes i said it “Bravery”. What are the principles that you hold the most. in Dorner’s case his name. A name in which he served honorably for his country.


How do you get ready for a Performance? I mentally picture myself rocking like the Staple Center or thousands of people in a Woodstock environment and giving people their money's worth. I've studied some of my personal favorite performers like Method Man and Red Man, P. Dizzle, Young Jeezy, T.I. and Most of all Tech Nine. I imagine what if im on tour with them, I can't perform with meritocracy. I have to posses the energy of that from the late greats like Michael Jackson and all of the old school cats that had people wanting to see them perform. Because at the end of the day people want to see a show, a performance. I get my mind "Right" with a little chiefin. Sip on a L.A. Water or two and do what I do best, Entertain. what's your favorite chill spot in your home town? My Gma'z crib on 126th between Wilmington and Willowbrook. Also Compton Community College that's my Alumni. I know some professors and coaches there still. favorite city to perform at? My favorite city I've performed at so far is Pittsburgh.They showed us so much love out there. Shout out to Carson Street Live, Maxwell Million, A.

hurt. All I felt was hands of consoling and comfort. People where touching my legs like "We feel you, We hear you." That was probably the best fan interaction of my career so far thus to date. for the ladies, do you like to order off the menu for them or they gotta speak up? Well i'm a take action kind of guy so I would suggest something but let her make the final judgement. That way if she don't like it and she chose entree. Uhhhh it ain't my fault.

was roccking the show my emotions caught up with me and as I was performing this song I started crying because this song a chapter in my life I talk about on "Lyfe In The Trenchez" Chapter II Mixtape. I looked up and there was these girls right in front of me and name some of your I can see that they were wildest fan inter- crying also and really bobbing to the record. action moments They was actually listento date? I did a show in Silver City ing to my words and I sat New Mexico, I have a huge on the edge of the stage following out there. I have at the end of the third verse with my head down a song called "Darkness sheddin tears of joy and Bright" ft Paramore. As I Lee, Mr. 412Uncut, Deejay Drastik, and the whole Burgh and 412. Also Albuquerque New Mexico I always have fun performing out there. I always bump into Spice 1 and Rappin 4 Tay, The Duke City keep them out there they love Westcoast rap. twitter

last but not least what artist are you listening to in your ipod? It varies with me because I change my musical appetite quite often but as of right now. It's myself, I rehearse and listen to my songs so much because im a fan of music and people love prrformers. They remember performances so I perform even when im not performing. Other than that Young Jeezy and Jim Jones I like they way of telling they story of life and still be who they are and not a GIMMICK.

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