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==== ==== Are You Suffering From Vaginal Odour? ==== ==== What causes Vaginal Odour? Living with an abnormal vaginal odour is often embarrassing. You isolate yourself from crowds because of the fear that they might smell you. You would not dare bend over because people around might smell the strong scent coming from your vagina. Bacterial vaginosis or BV is the cause of this vaginal odour. Several bacteria are the main culprits of this condition. These bacteria are part of the Mycoplasma genus, specifically Mycoplasma hominis, certain Streptoccocus species, and Bacteroides species. Normally the flora of the vagina is usually lactobacillus and Gardnerella vaginalis, which are more abundant than the rest of the bacteria when the pH of the vagina is acidic or normal. It is the imbalance in the pH of the vagina that causes bacterial vaginosis and the accompanying vagina odour. Sometimes certain drugs cause the vagina to be more alkaline. These drugs may contain sodium carbonate. Since the normal pH of the vagina is acidic, this should be maintained carefully to avoid the occurrence of bacterial vaginosis. BV is sometimes also characterized by itching and inflammation of the vagina. As you scratch it, the more the condition worsens. The vaginal odour will also become worse, so you should refrain from washing too much to prevent further irritation. What are the microbes identified in bacterial vaginosis? What is the main cause of this this vaginal odour? The microbes can be identified by using differential staining with two stains. The application of the first stain is for one minute to the correctly prepared smear of the vaginal secretion. After a minute, the smear is washed off in normal tempreture water. Grams iodine is then applied generously. After a minute, wash again with tap water. Acid alcohol or acetone alcohol should then be applied for at least 30 to 40 seconds to decolorize. Wash again with tap water. Apply safranin which is the counter-stain, for between one to two minutes. Rinse well with tap water and then air dry. Identification of the microbes will be based on the colour they acquire during the stain. For the streptococcus, they will be gram-positive which means they will be violet. If the microbes are gram-negative, they will take on the colour of safranin, which is pink. This is how you can identify the causes of BV causing your vaginal odour. Knowing the exact microbes that cause the condition will help a lot in getting rid of it. The major cause of the vaginal

odour however should be treated first, which is the imbalance in the pH. When these two factors are treated then you will be cured of BV.

==== ==== Are You Suffering From Vaginal Odour? ==== ====

Do You Suffer From Vaginal Odour?  

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