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Omaha, Nab:. Fri., April 26,197B

Some See Ford's Mideast Remarks As Encouragement to Arab Oilmen Wt, tram HM^had, ter it^ Snnday's cwifmnttMon at Joaljn-11»

In tbt niddto .(JP Photo)

'Lotters Being Written to Jodyn' BjrRldMfdFMri OMAHA-Lettera to the Joalyn Muieum board of dlr«ctori protesting the language tited by a Jodyn official during and after an encounter at a demonstratloa April » were being written thif mak, according to one of the demonilration'i organixera. Shirley Golditeln, cochalrmao of the Omaha Committae for Soviet Jewry which organlaed the proteit that alao featured memcben o( OmalH't Lltfaoanlan and Ciechoilovaltian corolaunitles, said she will write one lattar and has been told by othen—including some not involved in the demooatrallon-that they also wiU write. The Joslyn official Is Laurence R. Hoaglund, who is aarving as managing director of the museum. The demonstration and confrontation took place prior to Sunday's Joslyn Chamber Music program which featured the Russian Borodin Quartet. Mrs. Oolditala eitad •pteUtealljr tk* words to "tha to UwrnbyHoaghnd.




Mrs. Goldstein said the protest was not against the Quartet's presence, but rather against what she deacribed in her handbills as "the Inhumane performance of thoae In the Soviet Union who threaten with death or imprtnnment Jews, Ukranians, CaedwalovakiansandPolaa." She explained the objective of the denKNUtratlons by sUting, "When artlsU return to the Soviet Union after tours, they are debriefedquestioned by soviet authorities about what went on on the tour, the reactions of the people whom the artists encountered This time when they go back, they can say that the people of the Midwest United States-in addition to thoae in the Eastern U.S.-are alao protesting Soviet prac-

ticea toward minority groups." The pnXeat, which drew about M participants carrybig signs and handing out leaflata, was held on the east .tiPld Street) and nofth (CifMal Avenue) sides of Joslyn in the hour before the 4 p.m. program Hoaglund challenged the group's right to be there. After being shown the permit which Mrs. Goldstein obtained from the City of Omaha, tuf, reaaaerted his initial data, BtaUng that CapKol Avenue had been vacated by the dty and purchased by Joalyn. Hoafland claimed the oaBtBaowtra oooM Boi oa <• Ikat pnparty to paH Ml wkat IM rslimd to aa "dOMd haodbtUa" and aald tba danaaairatan wouM hava to moM to ttvl flinat. Maat tt tha MO wto attaadad Ika oonoart ware at die ttaMa» torlBg tha bntldlag tnm CapMoL Mrs. Qoldstein and cochairman Miriam Simon told Hoaglund they were Joalyn members and a non>Jewiah demonstrator with a European accent told him, "I bring my little boy to your museum to get culture. I support your museum." Howard Weinstein, Plains States regional director of the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Lroague and executive director of the Jewish Federation's Community Relations Committee, told Hoaglund that there apparently had been some misunderstanding with the city because the demonstrators had utilized "all the proper channels kr securing permisskMi." Sgt. G. Berry, the Omaha policeman In charge of the detail assigned to Joslyn Sunday, told the Jewish Press he dlsaiiadfid Hoaglund from havbig the polk» remove the demonstrators. "The only charge would be trespassing," the sergeant said, adding he told Hoaglund the effort might cause more trouble than II was worth because the police were there mahtly to aee that

everything was orderiy and peaceful and that thus far. It waa. Hfrathtml. appamUy lUI

WASHINGTON (JTA)Preaident Ford's remarics on the Middle East Tuesday night were viewed by some ol>servers Wednesday as restatement of the long muted American policy of "evenhandedneu' in the Arablaradl conflict and as almost

an invitation to the Arabs to harden their position. They felt also that the President's reference to the inevitability of another oil embargo in the event of a new Middle East war clearly encouraged the Arabs to employ their oil weapon to force the

nght 911 l9S9i to Bring ZMonFmnKsM Today

ban and wbOa addrsariaf the OMAHA - Good old United Airlines Right 911 Is audtoooe, "apotoglsad for HM going to do It again this afternoon. If all goes according to elowaa aatslda,'" aaid schedule.' CMalian LMMO, • nedtoal Two weeks ago, on April 11, Flight 911 landed at atttdant at Cratghtoa E^ley Airijeld with Omaha's first Soviet Jewish imUitrmily. "IbooadaadikHW migrant family in the current battle between the United war* Bome hltaat. He States and the Soviet Union over emigration rights of looaupuol csRi^pt paoBta Ou* Soviet residents. fnard. That family was the Leonid Protugels family, now In "II waa a totally inapthe process of settling into their new home and their new propriate remark becauae of country. tba aertouanesa of the cauM at Today, FUght Ml, aeheduled to arrive at 2:37 p.m.. Is the demonstrators outride," to bring both the Julian Utvlnsky family and another Larsensaid. family reported to be relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Sacks Beatrice Sommer, wtio of Council Bluffs. attended the concert with Litvinaky, 3S, a native of Kelv, Is a civil engineer and Laraen and hia wife, said Mrs. is said to speak and write Russian and some English. His Alfred Kennedy, president of wife, Rosa. 33, from Timofeyevka, has tuining as a food the Joalyn Chamber Music technok>glst and holds a diploma in bookkeeping. She also Society, knew beforehand of speaks Russian and a little English. They have a the deraonstratkm and dkl not daughter, Inga, whose birthdate is listed as April 25,1968. object. Ms. Sommer said Mrs, The Litvinskys will be neighbors of the Portugeis Kennedy allowed her to pass family, with whom they became acquainted during the out leaflets inside Joslyn families' stay in Rome. announcing an upcoming piano concert by Sedmara Rutstheln. Mrs. Marvin (Barbara) moramant to the SMpandari Bjr David Landau Taxman, a Joslyn member, JERUSALEM (JTA) - DOfDtlatlaaa with Washington said the Soviet musicians Joined concert-goers after the Foreign Minister Yigal Allon over new anna contracta. But Allon put that Indicated on his return from program in a brief reception. A planned dinner receptkm by the U.S. that a thawing speculation to rest when he the Joalyn board had been process had begun In Israeli- said that while the flow of cancelled by persona ap- American relations but that military hardware already parently representing the the chill which set In after the contracted for was continuing musicians "a month ahead" of collapse of the interim talks at the agreed pace, no conconducted by Secretary of tracts have been signed yet on the concert, she said. Mra. Qoldstain laid State Henry A. Kissinger last "certain elements that were promised." Federation Praridint Harlan month is still felt. Alton's week-long lour, hfoddto bad gIviB ponniarion He seemed to be referring to criss-crossing the U.S. on negotiations for Israel's for dw damoMlralkn. behalf of the United Jewish purchase of the new F-15 Jet The text of the handbills Appeal, wound up with a fighters and the "Lance" distributed Sunday was three-hour meeting with ground-to-ground missile. The headed "Remember TlM>ge Kissinger In Washington. negotiations were suspended Who Are Not Free" and la Allon described the meeting during the Ford Adreprinted below: as the beginning of a renewed ministration's current This afternoon when dialogue which would be reassessment of American the .curtains open, you continued between the U.S. Mideast policy. will enjoy a brilliant and Israel. He said that In performance, a display of Allan told reporters on his retrospect he did not regret Ruaaian culture at Its the visit, though he admltfed arrival that he and Kissinger very best —an unto doubts before embarking on had agreed not to divulge the forgettable afternoon details of their talk. He it. with the Soviet Borodin Souroeo doaa to the Pantgn acknowledged that they could Quartet. We welcome the Mlnlstar aald they "hoped that not avoid discussion — inBorodin Quartet! Their tba bDprovement In retathna cluding some discussion that appearance at the Joalyn would ba raflectad not Juat In was "not easy" — over the this afternoon nuuta a atmoapbarlca" — moaning failure of last month's Israeli(Continuedon Page!) that they anticipated Egyptian negotiations

Allon: Israel Thaw Begins

U.S. to apply stronger pressure on Israel tor territorial concessions. The President made his remarks on the Middle East hi the course of an hour-long interview In the Blue Room of the White House with three CBS reporters which was broadcast live on nattonal television and radio. Commenting on the President's statements. Rabbi Israel Miller, chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizatkms said In New York, "We are concerned lest the Arab governments misread and misinterpret the President's remarks as an invitation to harden their line, to re-institute the oil embargo and to adopt policies that wUl lead to still another Arab attempt at the military deatructkxi of larael. "At OM same dma, wa abar* tbe PnaMent'a asntlmaala that pnfnan toward peace ta tba MkUa Eaat muBt not ba intamvtod and that tba food oMcaa o( tbe United Stataa an aaaintlal tor nauming dM mooMiitum toward peace that Mtoibeflnt( There was no official reaction In Israel to Ford's remarks and political circlea in Jerusalem were wary of comment. Foreign Minister Yigal Allon who returned from the U.S., made no reference to the Ford Interview, Sources in Jerusalem tald he may not have been aware of its contents Ford added that three "options" now exist. One is to resume the "suspended negotiations without making a commitment to go to Geneva." Another would be to "go to Geneva and try to get an over-all settlement—which is a very complicated matter. People advocate It, however. But," he continued, "while you are going through this negotiation for an overall settlement, as a third option, you might have an interim negotiated settlement between two of the parties, such as Israel and Egypt." While the President said, "We have not made any decision yet," it appeared to observers that the third option is the one the U S. still hopes to achieve, prior to making Arm diplomatic, military or economic commitm«nts to Israel.

Th» J»»i»h Pf«i

AmilZS. 1978

JCC Nominating Committee's Slate Is Elected; 1,581 IVIembers OMAHA - TDe aUte of 10 candidates propoied by the Jewish Community Center's nominating committee were elected to office at the annual meeting held Sunday. April 20, at the JCC. A crowd of atMUt 100 pcraoos elected the following: Ooe-Yev Terns - Mis. Jerry (Saranne) Gitnick; William Kully: Millard Rosenberg; Mrs. Robert (Bea) Pappenlieimer; Mrs. David < Sue) Meyers Tvo-Year xinns - Jay Uerner; Mortoa Glass: Dr. James Wax; Allan Noddle; Mrs. Joe (Maxine) Kir aiwnbaum. The lltb candidate (or daction, whose name was placed on the ballot by petition, was H. Lee Gendler. ^Tben other persons serve on the Center board by appointment. Charles A. Monasae, who concluded his tenure as Center president, encouraged Center members to contact board members to get answers to qneitions or to offer

Federation President Harlan i 1I7S, ttie patron and family Noddle as a man "wtio has total was i,ia with IM •pent SO per cent of liis time in patrons. TMal memberriilp the Center and the man who untU was l^-"«|iicfa eibrought it to fruition " oieded our hopes but was in Bat I thanked Monasee and keeping with our eithe Center board for their ptctatkat." "outstanding work" and Health Qub naembersltip asked Center members for has grown from 151 members, their support and help in the including 35 females, to 308 coming year. individuals (including 68 Hy Tabacbnick, Center females), he said.

ginqaeby Mn^adBejr (JMM)

director, praised the outgoing board for Its coopcratkm and decision-making. He introduced tde Center's department heads and a number of staff members. Noddle told the audtence the Center Is "a aupcr facility" and that "the Center ai we see it Is what we have. We cannot radically alter the physical facility and so we need to work with what we have." Monaaee'i PrcaMent't Raptct nalMt that, to Majr 1, lt74-a km days afUr Ike OMter oOdaOy optOMl April »-there vera W paina lad family meaitoB loil W Mai .OaApcll

SPMD li lypfVClKlOQ tfl Bil vwfc aa bdutf of OM Omer. Back ot ttae ootfot^ iMwd •ambers also received plaqaas aad Braea PWawn, U.taaafMr. a^Mn-Tsn rmaua, aaoooaced tfeat •peelal plaqaca coaiaNaraaiy of ikt atw Outtt amnki dam mi wtalfi tt pnantodatalatardate. Norman Batt, who succeeds Monasee as Center president, was officially introduced. Batt, who headed the buUding fund arm of the Center, was described by Jewish

Nevirs Briefs Nobwoadt

Calling for H^p OMAHA - Harold Zabin, Ml, Md TMaibm CbalnnaB Sain Fried armiuwuiw»tli< Sunday to the MorrHIaduitrMofflCB. aikli« naidnia to talp tte UTS Omaba JowM Philaotlinpias

Canvalyi. Fried nportad that dw fir, hii roup bad potten nroimtt DkeCtor't about IMO to doaatkw fnai X people win had out gNea the ywu- before. Howevar, to eqaentd "itock" that mm M tedDies - about S per <XBt of tto JowMi canmuaKy - last year gave tno. Tto Mcthon eontteuM Uiia Sunday.

Women's Federation Opens Its Election Meeting to All OMAHA - InviUtkini went Uvltles involving women. In honor of "The Year of the this week to all Jewish women of Omaha to attend the Woman" now being Monday, May 5 salad lun- celebrated internationally, an cheon and annual meeting of outstanding Omaha comthe Federation of Jewish munity leader will speak. Mrs. Arthur Goldstein, past Wonten's Clubs. This U the first time the president of the Federatkm of Federatkm has opened Its Jewish Women's Clubs and annual spring election chairman of the nominating meeting to the entire com- committee, will present the munity of Jewish women slate of officers Nominees are affiliated with Jewish Mrs. Ervin Simon, president; Mrs. Sam Herman and Mn. women's organizations. According to Mrs. Morris C. Norman Fred, viceFellman, president, "It was presidents; Mrs. Millard the.deciskm of our executive Rosenberg, secretary. committee that all affUlated Reservations for the 12:30 Jewish women should have an luncheon may be made with opportunity to share In our Barb McCormick at the JCC, annual spring meeting which 334-8200, by Friday, May 2. really merits the attention and The charge is $1.S0 per person, participation of a greater fitter service and rides may number of our women." be requested. Honorees at the luncheon meeting at the Jewish ComA World-wide Fight munity Center will be tnThrough an international etcoming and outgoing change program, the American presidents of all Jewish Cancer Society iponiori the women's organitationi, ACS-Eleanor Roooevelt Cancer chairmen of standing com- FeOowihipi. Cootimie this work mittees and community ac- by giving to the ACS during ib April Crusade.

Bait, Ml, raealvHpiaqiae Crsia

C/mmU OF JEWISH EVENTS tATUBMT.i Hodouah Onag SIOUM. D«. SIMT How*. 1 p.i KT.« i«M« N Mwi'i Oub IUMMH MMtlng. f ojn.

Olrfw AdutH lunthtom. XC. I p.m. Caraar Woman at HodmMh wwatlng.} p.m. Fttm Clo««ic. "IMiraali". JCC, 7:30 p.m. Mtaroctil Junior Laogva SpoghattI Supfar. JCC, 7 p.m. «Vaa< Omaha Monlataori and Jawlth Day Sdmot Opan HawM 7:Mp.fl<.

•alt) a tklariwod Inmh Conlaranca Oldw AAiHtmaatlng. JCC. I« Yaunfl laodanhlp iMaHng. JCC, 7: W p.m. • nai tVMh anm^kt*^n, Firaaida iMlaiirant, t«oon •'n«< frHti Co-nihwdicr lodaa maatfnf rad«faWe«i taard maattng. JCC, 7 JO p.m. Miiradil loord maating oi Jannta toar't honi*

Monasee announced the Center's outdooi; swimming pool Is to open Memorial Day Weekend and said the tennis courts were opened April 7 Other highlighU: -180 children involved in the RecreationI and Day Camp, ISO In the Kiddie Camp last summer; 1( arts, crafts and dance classes were started and the B'nai B'rith Youth Organization program was moved into the Center; the Center Theater opened with "Cabaret" and drew approximately 2,100 persons; the Senior Otizens moved from Beth El to the Center after an agreement was worked out with Metro Area Tramit; —then are now iSO Older Adult Group members and 125 in the Old Timers retired bustneaHnen's group: the fall segment of Center classes registered over 1,000 persons; the pre-school opening enrollment last fall totalled 45; swim and gym classes for Lost to Cancer all ages have become a dally Cancer has claimed nich ouloccurrence; some 90 itanding people as Babe Ruth, youngsters are in the Tom Doofey, Eddy Duchin. Nat children's program with alwut "ICing" Cole, Gary Cooper. This 2S children per day visiting the year 365,000 other Ameficani will die of cancer. More than gameroom; four plays have . iSi million vohinteett of the been produced in the Theater Analican Cancer Society are and 'although the house for leeldng your supooit for proall could have been better, the grams o( researcti, education productioiu were extremely and lervlce during Am Apfil Crusade. well done."

^-k »TH6 FUN PLAC6^

munvAr.ifuv i

MiU*.4o 9jk. tofwrdanr ' t»«JH.fmNM«


rindan^ MIIHary A«o. ••rimtmkVmtCmmi!'

<Mtt.-%m. "im miMnnttunr wi.TuM '•Martar

aOofldsy^rlday Sstiir4ay aaJH.TIIINMn

700S0UTH 72nA St. it


(Continued from Page 1) higb point in the cultural life of our community. We applaud and acclaim this group I6r Its artistry. We know that these performers are ariists, not politicians, and that anti-Semitism and other acts of repression against minority groups do not flourish where they gather. We do not applaud, however, the inhumane performance of those In the Soviet Union who threaten with death or Imprisonment Jews, Ukranlans, Csecboslovaklans and Poles. We sadly remind this fine quartet and Its audience that there are other artists, other Russians In all walks of life, who are oppressed while theae artists are free; other who suffer, while these enjoy the privileges of work and travel; others who are bound, while these artlsU are at liberty And while you welcome and enjoy the Borodin Quartet, we ask you to remember "those who are not free".

0) 3


•'nol M'ltth Cemhwkar baard mtg. (Momm). I pm. OwMha Mgh Sdwal al JawMi Studlaa loord mig., • pm

^MVffl^V|r^T aWT

WASHINGTON (JTA)-The national director ot B'nal B'rith Hillel Toundatlons took issue with the view that Arab propaganda, accelerated with petro-dollars. Is making antiIsrael or anti-Jewish inroads on American college campuses. Dr. Norman Frimer told Hillel's national commission at its annual meeting here that "such dire conclusions, already given credence by some spokesmen in the Jewish community, are still unwarranted fears."


A Private Showing EnanrMa by Hedy Gershman of Omaha Sculptura by Adolph Klugman of Kanaat City

Saturday, April 26,2-9 P.M. Sunday, April 27,1-6 P.M. For further infomuUon conuct Mr*. MlchsU BIm, CoordirMor, 333-4833

April g. 1976



Edhh Graetz at 90: Very Independent— To Be Honored Sunday OMAHA - A "wry Independent" person will be honored Sunday by her family and friends on the occasion of her 90lh birthday. She Is Mrs. Edith Graetz, mother oi (our children, grandmother o( seven and great-grandmother of five. The setting wUl be the Beth El Synagogue Social Hall from 2 to4p.m. No invltaltoas have been Issued. All relatives and friends are invited. "Yea, I am vary !•depeadant," aaid Hie wldnr o( beoo Oraaix In aonrar to a quaatiOB. "I live by myaalf, I taka can o( myaalf, I do my own wafk aod I aoioy avffy Mt o( H," *e dmeided. "In fact, the harder I «oit, the belter I

An avid reader of hiatory books, biographies and autobiographies - "the laat book I read was about Dr. Chriatlan Bamaard, the heart sinfBon, a wonderful book called -One Ufe'" - Edith Graetz has lived a life full of Its own historical aspects. Coming with her father and mother, Martin and Golda Trustin, to Omaha from Chicago 78 years ago. Eolith graduated grade school and then went to bualneas college — making her apparently one of the first Jewish girls In Omaha ever to attend such a school. She became a stenographer "and 1 worked for the first bigauto dealer In Omaha - H. E. Frederickson. who was one of the first to sell big cars here.

He made them pave the streets because be wanted the people to have something smooth to ride on." She worked for Frederickson from 1902 to 1905, when she married Leon GraeU. Later, Leon and Edith were to become charter members of Beth El, where Edith still att«ds Friday night services regulariy. Today she can point with pride to her son Marion, an auto parts dealer in Lincoln, and his wife, Marjory, whose son, Michael, is a rabbi In Israel; to daughter Isabel, California resident whose daughter, Judy, l> a UCLA graduate; to son Saul M. and wife Esther of Omaha and their three children (Mariln, graduate of Massachusetts

Institute o( Technology, now living in London; Anabel, graduate of Indiana University and Boston College, now teaching voice in Lexington, Mass. and Linda, an artist, -tnarried, living in Houston, Tex.); and to Janet, wife of Samuel Berek of Fremont and their two children (Jonathan, earning his medical degree from John Hopkins and Joyce, a Nebraska graduate, housewife and mother living in Lincoln). Bdtth came from a (ttnlly with arran children (thre tUbm and OM brotber).

BwMtnkig are her brother, Hairy Tniatln and a aiatar, Mn. rtiada Bramaon, wMim «( Jack both of whom lire In Omaha. Edith says that "aa long as my eyes hold out, I'll read" — but she won't read today's magazines ("they make me sick, they're terrible"; "the 'new morality is what I call the 'old immorality' "). She likes to read about "real people, people who amounted to something in this world." She says young people "should learn to be responsible, learn to be real mki and women ... Everything today

Is so mediocre. We need great people to bring something to the younger people, to Inspire them." She said she Is "heartsick about Watergate. I think this is the most wonderful country ever. It's the only country that has done something for our Jewish people, given them a chance to sivow what they can do." Isabel says her mother goes out for wallis "every day — we have to really work to keep her inside when II rains. She does needlepoint, goes to concerts, has luncheons for her bridge groups."

The Committee for Soviet Jewry in oooparation with th* JMviih Comnwnity Canter

Independence Day Show Draws 450 SEDMABA RUTSHTEIN, PIANIST short 27 years of Israel's statehood that we must celebrate tonight." The existence of such an army "Is Uie first mark of a nation's indef)endence in a hostile world." He said It Is every American A near-capacity audience of Jew's responsibility to press around 350 watched the for a redfttion of hostility by program In the Center Israel's Arab neighbors but Theater organized by Michael noted that until "the political and Miriam Oren In con- ' climate changes and becomes junction with the Jewish less hostile. It would be ImCultural Council. The post- moral and irresponsible for program Israeli food fest drew the government of Israel to at least lOO more penom. The take major risks with the lives Jewlah Federation sponsored of her people. It must remain theevent. ^ land's first responsibility to be able to protect Ita citizens The Yom Ha'attmaat from attack." program, enUUed "brarf on Morris, an Israeli win wu My Mind" featured an bom and reared In Belfast, opening mamoiial aanrlea and prayer by RabU laaae NadoK of Bedi larael Synagogue; a candWlgMlng oaramooy M by RabM Barry Wetaitein of Temple larael and (eaturiog tbe Temple Youtb Onwp and Sabbath School giving readlnga from Tbeodore Henl, Chalm Wetonann and David Ben Gurtoo; mualcal aeleetlooa by tbe chamber group enaemble of Arnold Epelein, WUUa Ann ROM and Steven Hancoff; a youdi dance program choreo^apbed by Mn. Oren; a community itng led by Beth EI Cantor Chaim Najmaa; main addraaa by Rabbi Mark Blsman of TUeratb larael Synagogue In Lincoln, Neb.; remarka by gueat Yaacov Morris, a member of terael's foreign ministry; doalng prayer by BelliBIRabMMrar8.Krlpke and die singing of "HaUkvah" bytbeaudleooe.

OMAHA - Approximately 450 penoas' were on hand WedDMday night, April 16, to participate in the Omaha Jewish Community Canter's celebration of Israel's 27lh Independence Day.

Various Israeli foods, such as pitta filled with lelalel, and wines and Juices were served In the Auditorium, which also saw some Impromptu Israeli folk dancing. Rabbi Blsman, who noted he wu Vfx y—n old when Israel gained its independence, pointed but that "the real unlqueneaa of Israel in our day Is that Israel has an army to defend Itself, to protect lU citizens from forces hostile to them. "It Is the success of an army tested too many times In the

Nortiiera Irsland, spoke tint to a Jewtab PUIanttmiplaa rampalgi worken' dtonsr. He waned them that American universities seeking Arab moniee "will sooo be ktaded wWi Arab studies. You can expect a bugs amoiBt of Arab propaganda, the extant of wiilcfa we cannot now ]udga." He said that the big outpouring of money by American Jews during and after the Yom Klppur War of 1973 only means that "you have to compensate" by "coming up to that level" this year. ."As long as we are true to our Jewish tradition—to ourselves, to our characteristics—all the petrodollars In the world cannot hurt us, as long as we are one," be said


L J 1 > 1

W* iM«d clothing on hongort, odd* ond ondt of glottwor*, brlco.bfoc.. dlihm, poll and poni, tvorhlng opplloncMl Wo connel afford o pichup Iruch. TSonli you (or bringing contrlbutloni lo our itofo - Hi dodutllblo Volunlmrt noododi Coll tnt KrMno:SSa-n23ortara«ilOihln«iiy:S33-330).




2918FARNAM Jusf Wast of "KIng't" OnM lUNOAY THIU nilOAV 1 liMMiOO

Program: Baatliovaii Sonata in D-mlnor

Sat., May 3 8:30 pjn.

Proliofieff Sonata in D-Mmor

JCC Theater

CHofNn Rondo iri C-minor, op. 1

" . If lilM It any guldillnt, this Now Yoric Dabut will mark Iha (tart of a major Amaricar) caraor. . Robwt Shaiman, Nt|» Vorii tlmaa, Oo. 27, 1S74, foHowina Mn. WuttWoin't concan at Lincoln Camar.

> '





Wh*r*v*r you live In Omaha, you'r* only minutM aviMy from

ot 72nd and Dodge Streets Por Th« Gr«atMt Selection /

OF KOSHER FOODS.. * in tlia Fraaiar, Cold Maots, Doiry, and Dail Sactlons • Empire Kosher Chickens • Chicken livers • Milady's Blln'tzes • Vita Herrings (a dozen diHorent kinds) • AAorParv Morgorine • Clautson's Kosher Pickles and Tonnotoes • Feinberg's Baloney, Salami, Knockwurst, FronkJurtars • Sinai Polish Sausage e Lender's Bagel • Migdal Cheeses • Breakstone Butter • Joseph's Horserodlslv e Bast's Baloney and Salami • Vita Lox • Whitefish


Mr. and Mn Nadua Scbwalb of Omaiia enfoy Israeli food during Yom Ha'atsmaut caMratlon. Both have lived In Israel.


ina OMMfii ConcMt for Soviat Jawry


In th« Expanded Koshar Food Soctlon e Pocono Kasha • Joyva Halvoh • Osem Israeli Rice • Monischewltz Rice and Beef in Tomato Sauce and other conned meat products • Mother's and Manischewitz Gelllte Fish and Fithlets (jars and cans) e Keller's Noodles e Goodmon's Prepared Soups • Rokeoch Borscht e Telma Soups e Tom Tom, Pizza, Garlic, Onion Crox e Cookies e Jellies • Candies • Gelatins • Mother's Schov e Monischewitz Soups and Soup Mixes e AND MORE I


Rokeach Kosher Honey Grahams





April 26.1978





Balonce of Poyments Deficit 1tl«



(In billions)

Consumer Price Increases


tLI MiiM j

•^0*''^Mmm Ml




tat I

Repayment of Debt: 18% of Budget

Gap Between Imports & Exports (InblHtoni)

Letters to The Editor 0ENER081TY PBBCIATED


On Monday. April 7. a kmg awaited ^riione call from HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid and Shelter I came from New York announcing the pending arrival of our first Soviet Jewish family in Omaha on April 11. Subcommittees within the Committee for Soviet Jewry bad been (.•aligned months earlier and had laid whatever ground work possible in anticipation of "the" day. The time was DOW—it was all systems.go! The zeal and efficiency with which our committee started functioning was a thing to behold. Through their magnificent efforts and the generosity of so very many In our community, the apartment awaiting Valentlna and Leonid Portugeis and their young son. Vladislav, was furnished, stocked, well \ organized and ready to be I Uvedln.

Tlw Jewlfli Frets Published weekly on Friday by , Jnrish Federation of Onvotw. Stanford llpsey [


frcii CamniittH Oioiniwi

Richard B.Ptorl




Judith Mortvrg




Suzanne R. Sofflbaro DabiJoAbroms Atf««r1i>int

SKond Cloti Poi'og* Poki t of On^oho. N«br. ond o* \ oddtfionol moitrnf offk«i. Annual Subscription S7 SO '^iMvvrtiting la<M on Applicolion

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Now we anticipate the arrival of the Lltvinsky family. Their apartment, likewise, is ready and awaiting Its tenants. To all of you who gave so generously and graciously of your tinte, your efforts and your goods, the F>ortugeis and Lltvinsky families and we are deeply, sincerely grateful. ShirlayOakUalB IflilaBStaMia OfrObttimen

CM&nlitaa iar SovM Jewry RELIGIOUS EXPOSURE NEEDED We all owe a debt of gratitude to the Committee on Soviet Jewry. Their assignment was carried out wtth great love and devotion and they have done all that can be done to welcome the Portugeis family and to make them feel comfortable and among friends. In Jewish traditMm, the mltxvah they performed is known as Pklyaii Sb'vuyim, the mttxvah of the redemption of captives. They have literally helped set free an Imprisoned family and have given them a new lease on life. Jewish law views this mitzvali as among Judaism's most sacred acts. Soon another Russian family will be arriving in our community and yve all ea^rly look forward to their coming. The Committee on Soviet Jewry will again give us reason to be proud. Their work will reflect upon our entire community There is, however, one aspect of the committee's work which needs lo be defined in order to avoid a contradiction of what should >8^,^ goals and !••••«« <

bringing In these Russian families. I refer to the ahopplng trip that was arranged on Saturday "to get Vladik some school clothes—blue jeans, tennis shoes, and a cowboy hat." HK quaatton lltat Buuqr are aaklng la: Wlqr on SatonlayT WoiMat taiday have bean Jattaafood? In the case of the Portugeis family, there is a special dinwnsion to this question. They have come from a country where Jewa have experienced spiritual genocide. Soviet authorities have systematically diecked off all religioui life and religious exprcsaon. For over 50 years there has been a crud suppression of any fOrm of Jewish Identlficatioa. The Jewish community of America has not remained silent. Tt has repeatedly railed Its voice In pn)test >igainst these acts of religious persecution, against the ckMlng of synagogues and the prohibition of religious practice. Letters were written and telegrams were sent Jn the hope of alleviating their plight. Matzo packages, prayer books and prayer shawls were sent to Jews in Russia, so that religious expression will remain alive among tl^ Aad aow one of these faraUlea lives In Omaha, We thank God lor the privilege and opportunity that Ja ours. We can DO* fiU the gaps In their lives sod kindle a rellgkNis flame in their hearts. Wouldn't il have been more to our credit to have taken them to a synagogue service on Friday night and on «. » »m » »

Saturday morning and left the shopping for Sunday? Wouldn't it have been more In keeping with our concerns on behalf of the Jews of Russia? We've not yet met our responsibilities by merely supplying them with food and clothing and the comforts of American society. As Jews, we must also introduce them to Jewish life, of which they have been so totally deprived for all their years. Otherwise, we are merely perpetuating the very evils of which we accuse the Soviet Union. While we dm't want to Impose any form of religious life upon them. It Is our MCf^o expose them to rrilgknis life They will eventually make their own choice, but while we are helping la their adjustment and micgration, we should not withhold from Uiem the rellgkHis experience. It Is our opportunity of savbig souls for Judaism. II is early enough lo make the necessary correction. Isaac Naiialt,RaM)l B«tb land Synagaeie

(XmGRAIULATIONS . As a member of the Jewish community of Omaha, I would like to thank Miriam and Michael Oren for their efforts In putting together an excellent program for Israel lHHependence Day. It was a most professional endeavor and a rewarding experience for both the performers and the audience. HetcairpalBln Omaha

SUCCESSFUL PROGRAM Editor's Note: Tlw foUowlng Mtar was aent to Chuck Ar•oM foBvirtng the Pap TaMlpc d^ baid at tba


Iba ollhanwi^iaBBipjf OgmUaa Ualt of lh> AflMriean CaDoarSocMy. The Uterine Tasii Force Committee would like to thank you very much (or the use of your facilities for the free Pap Testing Program duriog March. Because of your tremendous cooperatkm and assistance, the physicians examined approximately 1,200 women in the overall program. The program could not have ^one nearly so smoothly without yourbeJD. IVe HRpe to work with you In the future. Rofsr 8. Jcmatram. H J). ChalnnaB, Uterine TM Foroa THANKSTOAU. liy husband and I wish lo thank the many people who helped make our Yom Ha'atzmaut program poaslble—the rabbis, the canton, the senior citizens, the Community Center Staff and Cultural Council, the musicians, the speafcara, the decoralMt, those who donated




food and drink, the mothers who helped with the makeup and costumes and the students who performed In the program. Everyone was just wonderful and we thank them all for the opportunity to work with them. MIcbaalandlfMamOraB Omaha HAZELTOV A hearty niaaal Itnr and congratulations to Michael and Miriam Oren on. Iheir complete organization and fine community-wide programming of the Omaha Israel Independence Day criebration. They are to be commended as it was their Impetua that helped to bring this community together last Wednesday. II was a communitywide sharing at a very Important time. Howard WalHtata ExacuUvaOlractor vOOUIIQDity •VCMBQOQS





CM "^ *^ HOUSE coMi awjov ujwGH oa OHWaaATOMIMMr

locAnow: Mil caMim Party Roofn up to ISO AkoOntmioOoi

laaavtriHii M TM cocKTAa uwanc voua SAvoMn amauiaaa


" I

April 26.1976

Our Man in Israel

by Cart Alport

Every Israeli Should Learn Arabic —^HAIFA - Jewish pupils studying Arabic In Israel's school system have Increased In number from 20,000 eight years ago to 50,000 today The figure is not one to be proud of. Most of these pupUs get Uttle more than a smattering of the language for a relatively short period. Only 20 schools In the whole country have Arabic departments where the tongue Is taught intensively. The arguments in favor of teaching Arabic should be obvious. This little country Is surrounded by millions of AralHe-tptaking neighbors When peace comes we must be able to establish normal relations with these neighbors — diplomatic, commercial, cultural. That can be done successfully only In their language. And if a state of hostility continues It Is no less Important that our people know the tongue of the enemy. Is enough being done to encourage the study of Arabic? Vaacov Eyal, chief Inspector fo^ Arabic in the "Mlnhitry of Education, told me of what the Ministry is doing In the last year or two, 90 schooli have begun teaching colloquial Arabic in the fifth and sixth grades. To make it easier for the children to learn the pronunciation the text is given in Hebrew letters. Geula Ootan, flenr mraiiwr o( tte KoMMt trom the Ukud party. It not Mtisfled "We're in this ooUBby to stay," Ae told DM, "and everyone here ibould learn Arabic. The teartitng of the languagt abould be made oompulaory tram the ftrat grade In Bchool, together with a (uU scale course in AraMc literature and ctiltare ai well aa knowMftoflalam." At the very least, she (hinka, H ahoOld be conaidered no less Important than English No one should be permitted to

graduate from high school without a mastery of Arabic. The provision of teachers for an expanded Arabic program would be no problem, Eyal feels. Both he and Miss Cohen see in the Arabic population a k>gical source of qtiallfled personnel once they are given adequate professional training. Especially among the Druzes, Miss Cohen adds. A high ranking army officer with whom I spoke said that the military authorities are also interested in stimulating study of Arabic, and efforts are made to encourage the best of the youth to specialize in that subject at high school. Mlaa Cohen's argument that the Jews are here to atay aeems lo have been accepted acroaa the border a* well, for Egypt has recently embarlMd on a broad program for teaching Hebrew, and Jordan la making similar plana. Even If preaent rootWatkxi is not neceaaarOy friendly, it coukl wdl be that these cultural features may yet serve aa bridgeheads to a brighter tomorrow In the Middle Eaat. In the terrorist raid on Tel Aviv's Savoy Hotel last month, the heroine was an Israeli girl, Cochava Levy. She was the only one of the civilian hostages who could converse with the terrorists In their language, and she served as intermediary during the first crucial stages of the Incident. It should not require a' dramatic event like this to underline the fact that aa a matter of national Interest every Israeli should learn Arabic. This is a long range goal, and the Israel Government should lose no further time in moving lo have the subject made compulsory In all schools.


'Soul-Trapping' of Jews Not Justified; Christian Historian Rejects Conversion NEW YORK - Soultrapping of Jews by Christians is not justified by any passage in the New Testament and such efforts at conversion should be stopped. In fact. In the Bible "the plan of salvation expands outward from a Jewish base; It does not contract away from that center," and Christians could themselves benefit from adopting some aspects of Hebrew worship — from which Christianity evolved. These points are made by Franklin H. Llttell, a leading Christian historian, in his new book, "The Crucifixion of the Jews," published by Harper & Row. The author of many books, Dr. Llttell teaches at Temple University. He served as chairman of the Theological Working Party on "Israel: the People, the Land, the State" for the Nattonal Council of Churches and the National Council of Catholic Bishops from 1970 to 1973. "What is It if not prcaumptkxis for us to aasume that'the Jews,' called by God to be carriers of history, should deaiie to blend into the gentUe world?" asks Dr. Uttell.

"Clirlstlans Aould afllnntbe right of the Jewlali people to self-Identity and selfdeflnitkm. No brotherhood can develop if one partner is constantly endeavoring to boxln the other party. "The murder of six million Jews under Hitler by baptlied Christians, from whom membership in good standing was not (and has not been) withdrawn, raises the most Insistent question about the credibility of Chriatlanlty. The churches have not dealt with

the truth that the mark of Cain is on their foreheads. "Since earliest Christians all were Jews, Jesus, Paul, and Peter would have perished at Auschwitz. To many of Its own members, Christianity has t>ecome Incredible because of the action and Inaction of Christians In the Holocaust. "It is we who must change," he emphasizes. "The same wicked lies about the Jews which made the Holocaust possible are still taught In

semlnariea and by theological faculties." Dr. Llttell recommends thai the Christian annual calendar Include a special service memorializing the Holocaust victims, so that Christian congregations can "come tq^ terms with lis meaning." While the Christians preach "the suffering of the cross," the Jews have lived It, he points out, and they have found ttieir resurrection in the reestablislunenl of Israel as a refuge.


Jewish Community Center Culturol and Performing Arts Deportment presents o film classic

"DISRAELI" The afary of the Jwvirlah Prim* Minister of Ingloitd. This Academy Award wlnnmr stars Oeerg* Arlli and Joan Bmnnatt,

Sunday, April 27 7s30 p.m. JCC Theater Adults: $1.50 (members $1.00) Children (12 andunder) .75 (members .50) .Wi<lll<lr><MtfWybl4k.<brfMl<trilMKU<WtfMMMMMIIMtfWtfUyWl<MUMliUMW«MKM»UMWWMKM^:

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/was, »»7S

Omaha Organizations

sy iiiiffOfl lie iietivitte^ OiiMha Brth liritl

Omaha BathB

1CE8: FrVtay: Traditional Evening Services tKabbalat Shabbati 7 p.m. throughout the summer montliv. Late Friday evening family service at 8; 13 p m. conducted by Rabbi Isaac Nado((. Cantor Leo Fettman and the Beth Israel Choir. Saturday: Morning Service: «.C am. conducted by Rabbi Nadoff and Cantor Fettman The Talmud class will be conducted by Rabbi Nadoff at 7:30 p.m followed at I p m Mincha. Sholas Sudo* and Maariv. Minyan 9 a.m. followed by breakfast and Rabbi's class in Miahna. DaOir: Services at 7a.m. andSp.m BABMITZVAH Jamea Amkvir FMidB, son oit Or. and Mri. Arttaa- F. FWiUn will become Bar Mitzvah Saturday. May 3, at «

Omaha Dr. 8har Homa SERVICES: Saturday: 9 a.m. Men of the community are invited to the Home to make a minyan.

Omaha B'nal Jacob SERVICES: Satantay: Morning service: S:45 a.m.

SERVICES: Friday: 8:15 p.m. Puipit guest will be Rabbi Albert Poltkin, spiritual leader of Temple Beth Israel m Ptwenix. Arli. who will speak on "Facing; the Future." Ratibl Plotkin Is a long-time friend of Rabbi Brooks and will be here as a special guest of Mr. and Mrs. Morris E. •Jacobs of Scoltsdale. Ariz, who are former Temple Israel members and are currently members of Rabbi Plotkin's congregation In Phoenix. Musical portions of the service will be provided by the Temple Choir under the direction of Miss Ida GiUin. ITiere will be a Sabbath Coffee Hour. Satwday: 11 a.m. BARMnZVAB Oarid Jaosta Paalilv, toB «( Mr. Md Mra. Chariaa D. PMblar, Jr. will become Bar Mitzvah at II a fiv. Saturday. April 26. DINNER POSTPONED Due to the^galh of Rabbi Weln»t»Jjrtfalher, the couple's club dinner has been postponed to May 10,7:30p.m.

CouncM Bluffs B'nailaraal SERVICES: Saturday: 9a.m. Sunday: 9am. Both services will be conducted by Mr. Sam Sacks.

Lincoln B'naiJaahurun

SERVICES: . FrMajr: 8p.m. Service conducted by Rabbi Kaiser. MonUng Service: I a.m. Mayor Sam Schwartzkopf Services conducted by 'will discuss "Lincoln RetnMpeet and Proipeet." Rabbi Abraham Eisenstein.

Sabbath Candle Lighting prMmJMwfl4S.1'»* M"> jBcnedktton for Kindlitig Sobboth Lights: liorukh Atah Adonoy Eioheinu MeMch Hoolam, AslMf Kideshonu -Bemitzvotav Vetzivonu LehodlBc NtrShelShobbot. (Blessed art Thou, 0 Lord, Our God, King of the Universe, Who sprKtifies us by His Conv mondments oiid has commonded us to kindle the Sobboth lights.)

Service Preserrted as a Courtesy by

OMABA fliVUfOS AMD LOAMAHeOOimOW •H.M».«I IKh i HtiMir S4i-r*ro *riK • WMI 0M«« foW MF-rsoO K^

SERVICBS: Friday: Sabbath Eve Servkea in the Sanctuary at8:isp.m. Rabbi Myer S. Kripke will deliver tbe sermon. Cantor Chaiffl Najman. and the 8th Grade Students will conduct the musical service "And Thou Shalt Love." Third grade Hebrew school students will be coDsecrated under direction of Mrs. Annette Rublnatein and Cantor Najman. Satnrdagr: Morning Service 10a.m. Mincha-Maariv 8 p.m. Sunday: «a.m. Wadtd^yi: Services at 7 a.m. and 7p.m. BARMmVAH fUchaitl StacB, son of Mr. MMl Mn. Annid Stam, wUI become Bar Mitzvah on Friday. April 2S and Saturday, AprU26. CONSECRATION Pupils of the third grade will participate in a special Consecration Service on Friday evening. May 2 at S:15 p.m. in the Main Sanctuary An Oneg Shabbal in their honor will follow tlx iervic^. NOMEETING * The Beth El Men's aub meeting scheduled for Sunday, April 17, has been cancelled.

Brimer-Zorlnsky Engagemant Told ST. LOUIS, Mo. - Mr. and Mrs Ronald S. Brimer of St. Louis iiave announced the aDgafRnent of their daughter, Sheryl Lyim, to Eldon J. Zoflneky, son of Sara Zorlnsky of OaudM, and tbe late Sam Zorinaky. Misa Brbner is a graduate of Horton Watklns Hl^ School and ii a senior at the University of Miiaouri at Columbia, where she is working toward a degree in nursing. She Is past president of her nursing class and treasurer of Nursing .School Council at the Univenity of Mlasouri. She la a member of Sigma Theta Tau Natkmal Honor Society of Nursing. Her fiance attended IllinoU InstiUite of Tedwology in Chicago and CreigMon Univeraity in Omaha, where he received a badiekN- of science degree In physkx, math and chemistry. He Is presently a second-year graduate student In physics at the Univeraity of Missouri at Columbia and a teadilng assistant. He U In Who's Who In Aoarleaa Cdleias aod is a naenber of Al|<u Epaihia Pi fraternity.

I ••! »• k M J«N* ma laa ir •

DaaMoinaa ChMranof SERVICES: Regular minyan services Monday and Thursday 6:45 am Saturday: Morning Sabbat: aervice. 9 a.m at Iowa Jewish Home Sunday: ta.m. Special Vahnelt service, everyone is wdome. Mrs. Biber, secretary, 2778601.

SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. with Rabbi Barry D Cytron and Cantor Pinchas Sptro. An Oneg Shabbat will follow the service. SatHRtaqr: Morning Services: «:)Oa.m. Mincha 6 p.m. 8nBday:8:Wa.m. Dally: 7 a.m.

BathEIJaoob SERVICES: FrldBy:'6:30 p.m. and 8:1S p.m. Saturday: Morning service V a.m. Leamingaervice 11 a.m. Rabbi's aass 6 p.m. Mincha, Sholas Sudos 7:30 p.m. Sunday: 9a.m. Monday and Ttauraday: 6:45 a.m. Tussday, WaAiasday, Frldsy: 7 a.m.

DaaPfloinaa Tampla B'naiJaahurun SERVICES: Friday: Evening Service 8 p.m. An Oneg Shabbat will follow services. BARMRZVAH Sslh MalMl. son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Malaai will become Bar Mitzvah on Friday. April 25,8 p.m.

Unooln iifafain Miaai SERVICES: Friday: (p.m. Saturday: s*") Jr. Congregation lOa.m. Sunday: TIflllinaub.Oa.m. ^AMMfWAA^^MMSWV^MMMMAMAMMfi

Ws'nl firTsanlitonifs

1976 Book Sirie Wa wdlyouroM

HADAS8AH LenI Crounse wlU present a program of songs at the monthly Hadassah Oneg Shabbat, Saturday, April 26, 2 p.m. at the Dr. Sher Home. C^hairman is Mrs. Joe Sokoiof; Mn. Jack NoodeU and Mrs. Charles Fellman are cohostesses. CAREER WOMEN A regular meeting of the Career Women of Hadassah will be held Sunday, April 27.2 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Alice Heeger. Main business wilt be the election of officers. Tbe Nominating Committee presents the following slate: President-Ida Skolnik. Fund-raising Vice PresidentShirley Wagner. Program Vice President-Julia Zuker Recording Secretary-Alice Heeger. Treasurer-Llllle Becker. Financial SecretarySue Mayer. Corresponding Secretary—Jennie Rosenblatt. Mrs. Aaron Edgar, a past president of Hadassah, who has recently returned from an entendsd stay In Israel wlU speak on "Living In Jerusalem." MIZRAGIDJR.LEA1QUE Tbe election of officers will be held at the Mizrachi Jr. League general meeting and

spaghetti supper at the Jewish Community Center, Sunday, April 27, 7 p.m. Cost is $2.25 per person. For reservations call Georgtanne, Steinberg 55S5813 or Gorla Goodman, 3333351. JOfNTB'NAIB'RITH The first Joint meeting of all Omaha B'nai B'rilh members (both men and women) In several years Is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 30 at the Ranch Bowl. Members of both Comhusker and Henry Moosky lodges and both women's chapters wUl bear Howard Weinstein, Great Plains regional director of the AntiDefamatfaw League, speak on "Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Israel But Were Afraid io Ask." "We'll take a hard h)ok at Israel-American relations la the context of the military buildup," Weinstein said. SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE An open house for parenta and other persons Is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Sunday, April 27, at the West Omaha Montessorf and Jewish Day School. The event will offer vlsllors the opportunity to both see the facilities and talk with the teaching staff, including Rabbi Jack Zelasko, head of Jewish Studies at the school.

K^^T:*T:7JIFI DORIS SELO Graveside services were held Wednesday, April 23. for Doris Selo at Oak Hill Cemetery In Council Bluffs. Survivors: father, Dr. Rudolf Selo; mother, Irene Selo; sister, Elaine; brother, Richard.

KITTT AStYU thanks oil ol har ralativas and friends for thair cords, contributions, flowars ond gifts sent during har r*cant hospltotizolion.

fVADCalendarl wmr. l«ty tftumut. amm. *:M p.m.: mnkn, • pm RSvp arw* GMdaua Sl-tm apiS M - Party « •S US. - twmH UH« tv YAO gniv. S^BiUVN-VAO)



kfe-Wf lia>Mnn CallS4S-asS4









litfcf Wflirt) Sl.ieu.)

W* aarry • «MipM* MM of «rMl at all tlMM.


^ . •- V. •- V 1_ •.AMMMMaiAaM


April 2S. 1976


Jewish Day School Students To Celebrate Holiday OMAHA - No bow« and •rrowi. No picnics. No hunting. Yet, Lag B'Omer - Omaha JewM Day School ityle will be celeiH-ated Tuesday, April 29, when (he gtudenU of the School, bringing their (riendi, (he studenU o( (he

West Omaha Mon(e8»orl Elementary School, come (o the Jewish Community Center to enjoy the holiday their own way. The youngsters will have a day of fun. Including swimming, racing and oUier activKle*, according to Rabbi

I Jewish Quiz Box I ByRtfMDr.SamiMlJ.Pte WWnoil^*to(toJmbiwllMiram»^ • of AM oilKl «dlKl oaontiiM oaontiKi win win nmttmhi^ imttabiy k. be rateMd• to IvaalT ^kNBWBB: The basU for this belief Is In the Bible In the book ot Deuteronomy (30.3) It U written that (he Almighty "will return and gather thee from all the peoples, where the Uiti thy Ood hath dispersed (hee" The prophet Isaiah wiDte (Isaiah U:U): -And He wUI assemble the exiled of Israel " Similar •tatemenU are found In other booics of the PropheU (e g Eieklel 20:34). TliU promise Is regarded as a basic part of the covenant that exIsU between the Jewish people and the Aimi^ty. QUBmON: Wbgr doM JiwWi faradlilan nqnin ttiat OM MMMMilMMlMbiitiMaMMniraodiiattanltil^ AH8WE*: The Talmud (Berakot B) claims that one who •rtsWwwly « hta table wlBIive longer. Some claim this Is so WMUM the UWe at which one eaU U iilie the alUr of the holy Temple. The altar was a means of forgiveneH and so Is the famUy W* at wMch one eaU. Forgiveness brings longevity of lUe which might otherwise have been lorfeited because o< one's •ins and shortcomings. Obviously, one who eaU deilberateiy at his table will not rush into hasty decUloni and spend amora pleasant life which would Indeed ptwhice longevity. There are some who claim that the tradition to eat leisurely •nd slowly protai^ithe mealtime and thus a poor man has more lime to knock at the door and be Invited In for the meal Otherwise, he would have less chance to receive attention when iuKKklng ai the deorin his sUte of hunger.

Jack Zelasko, director of Jewish Studies. "Naturally they, as well as their teachers, have been counting the days," said the rabbi. He pointed out that In many Hebrew schools, Lag B'Omer Is a day of outings and picnics 'But how many Khoolt' youngsters can boast of a day with the professional sUf f of a Jewish Community Center?" he said.

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Ug B'Omer, day of field outings, is the 33rd day of the counting of the Omer. In ancient Israel, an Omer of barley (a half-gallon) was brought to the Temple every evening from the second night of Passover until the holiday ofShavuot.


The period has historical significance. Some say Uie 33rd day commemorates an Important victory by the Jewish general. Bar Kochbah, during a Jewish revolt against the Ronijuu — thus, the significance of field games today. It i> also said to commemorate the end of an epidemic which took the live* of scores of Rabbi Akiba's students. Others cite Uft hunters' garb of the students of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochal, who defied the Romans by continuing to teach the Torah; while stIU others note the celebration held on the day of his death which was the last request of Bar Yochal - he wanted no mouminc.

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AiKiiaS, 1876

dcA^ iiMMiies iic^mi^jv seetioi Mrs. Rutshtein Performs May 10

Emergency Meeting of UJA Listens to Mrs. Rabinowitz

The concert will be SaturDES MOINES - Sedmara philosophy." she said, "Oea day, May 10, at B p.m. at the Rutshtein is an accomplished Moines was the only compianist who has been living in Hoyt Sherman Place Tickets munity to conduct two Des Moines for over a year. are $4 for adults and t2 50 for separate campalgro during Even though she has spf>eared students Checks are payable theYomKlppurWar." In otlwr concerts, this Is her to the B'nat Jeshurun Temple "Our caA now, " Mra. first appearance here as a Sisterhood, 51 St and Grand RaMoowtts cflatlmMd. "tiai (S03I2). professional artist. t«it »,M0,00O to UJA doc* She is an artist of outOctober 1V7S; w« are • "Tte Temple Sisterhood Is standing ability and talent. camnuntty of 3,000 Je«i. Wten she plays, she generates very proud to te able to LorlA.Pomeranlz FVooi July of 1(74 to date, Dw a feeling of excitement and present Mrs. Rutshtein In this MoiDM' UJA coatrlbutiMW there is much joy In hearing recital, which Is also partially bavetoUled|4n.OI»." her perform, many of her funded by a grant from the Mrs. Rabinowitz told the listeners have told the Des Iowa Arts Council," a DES MOINES - Lori Alyse MotnesFederatkm. Sistertwod spokesman said. assembly of Oes Moines' recent consciousness- Pomerantz, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Pomerantz, awareness sessions with will become Bat MItzvah at 8 Gerda Klein and Israeli pm Friday, May 2, at Consul General Ehud Avriel, as welt as telling o( the other Tifereth Israel Synagogue. In lieu of personal insensitivity experiences which all friends are function in the cultivation of vitations, welcome and cordially invited good public relations and support for Israel from the to ioln the family for this "political, business, and service and receptii^n following. Christian communities " "God helps those who help themselves," Mrs. Rabinowitz said. Ultimately we must do DES MOINES - The Robert for ourselves. "Des Moines has grown. Our emotional, and Anna Lappen Scholarship intellectual, and financial committee has announced committment to Israel will that a S500 scholarship will be awarded lor tlie academic ooiitlaNelnl975." Sedmara Rutshtein year 1975-76 on the bftsis of academic achievement, Hadassah Plant Saminar on"Wonien In The WorldToday' participation in community affairs, both Jewish and nonWedM«lay,liay7 WeifcNaday Eveolag, AprU » Jewish, and financial need. DES MOINES - Several on memberships dues. 9:30-11:30 a.m.. Speakers: Mrs. 8 pm, Tifereth Israel Clubhouse. Tte sctMlarshIp will be important events have been On June 5, the open boardl Elizabeth Beck. Advanced Sales Analyst, Speaker, Senator Minnelte Doderer. awarded in July to a student at announced by Des Moines meeting at Mrs. Newgaard'sl Paul Cartwrlght, Certified Life UnReception following - Husbands cordially a college In Iowa. Appllca^on B'nalB'rIth Women. teme will feature voting ool derwriter, will talk on Insurance — types, Invited may be made by letter to programming for the] titles, beneficiaries. Following sessions will be held for On May 1', an open board organization. Charles E. Kramer, 920 12:15-2:30 pm., Keith EUerman and Women Only at Olmstead Center, Drake Savings and Loan Building, meeting will be held at the Dennis Whtpp, Certified Public AcUniversity (Parents Hall), "ZMh and Oes Moines, 50309. Deadline Is home of PaIti Newgaard, 915 On May 29-30, B'nai B'rith | countants, will discuss taxes. University. 45th SI. Purpose will be to vote Women will have its garagfe July 1,197S. Registration fee of IS cavers lunch for nmrMtaqr.Majrl sale. Tte organization wants twosewiens, 9:30-11:30 a.m., Charles Harris and many "useful things to sell Pl«aae mall your check to: ^ward Power, attorneys, will speak on as all our money goes to the Mrs Harold Weiner tlVills&Tmsts. Children's Home In Israel," 3960 Clinton Avenue 12:15-2:30 p.m., Richard Carey and said Mrs. Newgaard, whose Des Moines, Iowa, J0310 rold Wellander. Trust Officers, will talk Bw Mll»ili-S«h Mrtari-TMi^ B'Ml JcilMnm home wllrbe the sale site. She For further information, pleaae call financial planning. Investments, scrMB*V.A|rt» can be reached at 277)004. Mrs. Maurice Bucksbaum, 274-2270. ies offered by banks today. Brandtti AH AiKttan M Tllmlli hntl SyiMSBSW

CHICAGO - Five members of the Des Moines Jewish Community were called to an important emergency meeting of the United Jewisli Appeal here 00 April 27. The leaden attending were General Campaign Chairperson Mrs. Roselind Rabinowitz; June Daniel*, cochairperson ot the Women's Cunpaign; Harold PIdgeon. Campaign Cabinet team leader; Ron Daniels, chairman of the Campaign Olh'elopment Commission, a|Kl the executive director of t-lie Jewish Welfare Federation, Dr. Gerald Ferman Moshe RIvlin. head of the Jewish Agency, the body which allocates and administers the expenditure of the UJA dollars in Israel, delivered a comprehensive report on the current state of affairs. RivUn noted that then have been deqierate cuts of social services due to the ladc of fund*. Rivllfl appealed to the leaden of the more tban 40 Midwest coomimltiM pnacnt to

to complete this year's campaign with great lucw. He wnphadwd the fact tiiat tte BMdi el ifn aetauUy exceed Ibe nted levei ^Mdt tnunedlataly followed the YomKlppurWar. On the diplomatic front, Ylgal AlkHi, Israeli foreign minister and deputy prime minister, revealed that despite the suspension of disengagement tallis. Israel is ready and willing to continue the dialogue for settlement under tlie auspices of Henry Kissinger or by way of International conference. Des Moines, one of four communities recognized at this emergency gattierlng. was honored when Mrs. Rabinowitz was asked by UJA General Chairman Frank Lautenberg to speak on campaign progress and the response of the Des Moines Jewish community. Mrs. Rabinowitz stressed the importance of a "meaningful and innovative approach on an ongoing basis" to cope with constantly changing needs and conditions. "To point vp this


BBW Plan Big Events

^DesMoines Calemtar]


CommunitY Forum: The American Dream

Wlcr's Note: Tlw goal of in the ways of his fathen and tte Community Forum forefathers — a rich heritage Colnmn la to piwide aa op- 5,000 years old. p«rtntty for OMmbtn o< tbe ThU life and ridi heritage to apoae tMr he lived at home. Yet. on (he •od opiokas. 11M ouUide. on the streets, bis dMMnates and other boys used to hit and club this boy riaRt dnMoltktDwIloiMt and torment him for being of tte JtwWi I^nM Jewish - I which was) a great tte JewUi WHfrn crime. iPUwatkn of DM MolDM. His parents became nnare ByMra. and more frightened, yet they In tiris adult world there has prayed to God and did not [ not been a "once upon a time abandon their faith to God. story" written In a long, long God was good to them and lime. I would like to tell you helped them escape to America' before war broke onemw. Once upon a linw In a little out. The boy grew up and (own in Gennaoy there lived a ^JnrWi family - a father, bacaiw M American dllzca. He weitf to tte univenity fnalhcrandaaon. < The boy was bom into the earned a doctor of phik^sopby ^ world at a wrong time When degree. The more aetedliig he [IK WM 5 mcatto old. Hitler acquired, tte less Jewish he [rote to power. Tte boy grew became. While he was I as an OrtlxNin Jew taagM growing up In tte VS., Ms

iyMdqr,*srl> AnouU M««(ln« o< NttkmU ConUron «(ChrMlam Mri Jm Imartns Sidney KiAtn

mttmity.Aritm 7.10 |i m -Htdmiti Community KOxukm lor mm ni vMim at Tihrnlli Jewish neighbors from Germany with millions of VI other Jews were murdered by H«da>uh Pnfrun - "Wornn la Hit WafW Today-Thtl IwMn YM"-AII Diy tte Nazis. 7:10 p m - JcwW) IM CntmPmnllim Putttc Mcnini M BcU Bl Jaok Tte years rolled by and he married first a Jewish wife Op« tatri M«tti«. P>IU Nmrgurd. lis «*h PurpoH lo volt ta Mm Later he divorced her. The pntimntiifl »'MI B'rtlh Wenitii American dream worked and BM MSmk-Uci PoMranU TUeralli lirwl 8yws>|i». te readMd a very high level of govenunental position. So far it is a simple legend tte lilUe Jewish boy from Germany becoming a very Oatr CUMrraof Des MOIDM; important person In America. WE NEED YOU I Your friends on tte Jewish Community Now, II you were Jewish, If Center Camp Committee are looking for a terrifk: design to you grew up like this boy te printed on your camp shirt and bag. seeing tragedy that happened The design sbouM include "J.C.C." or "Jewish Comto your people, seeing a little munity Center - Des MotaMS." state In the MkhSe East Every camper will receive an official T-shirt and camp growing up from broken teg. Send your design to the JCC, 954 Cummins Parkway, remnants of survivors and before May 2S, 1875. Believe us, we will award one winner reaching high posUfon, wtet and two runners-upprizes, which will be dynamite! would you do? Join us at Camp Stelom and Camp K'ton from July 7Forget that you are Jewish? August I. Plaase tell your 3- and 4-year old sisters and Turn your ,^^ck1 Bring brolters about Camp Risl^nim July 7-Augu8t i. Watch for preAnirt oit your own people tte mailman; registration forms will be at your boys* jMion so no one would blame you for \, •rrrr—.-,-.—.n-.—-::^ JCCCanpOommittM your mistakes? I ask you.

Sand in Your Design Today

On May II, Mother's Day, j tte BBW will pay tribute to all' mothen at Charles' Show, Place, which will offer the contedy "Everybody Loves Op«l".AU proceeds will go tte Children's Home in Israel for emotionally disturbed youngsters. ( "Wtet a nice way to say 'I love you," said Mrs. Newgaard of the event, which will begin with cocktails and dinner at 5:30 p.m. Cost Is «» per couple, (teiervatlons are due May ». CaU either Mary Woods l27$-3223l or Mrs. Newgaard (277-1004). .Special Education More than 53 million Americani now alive will develop , cancef, rsports the American { Cancer Soriety. If their dlsetie ii diaoioMd and treated esriy, th« cnnncei of cure will be giKid. Yotir contribution to the American Cuiic-er Society sup- ' ports ~ liijt only re<earrh, but I public education sbout lafe-i Kiinrd» nich ,11 early detectlo


Open House \-

OpaiBoMM llie Bureau of Jewish Education announces an Open House and Pre-reglatratlon for those Interested In observing the pre-fdwol and play-school programs in action. Pr^idwol - 4- to S-year-olds... 3-5 times per week Play-school — 3- to 5-year-olds... 2 time* per week An excellent program. Instill your children with Jewish customs, Hebrew songs — experts In puppets and drama will make the experience fun and enjoyable. Weekday mornings 9 to 11 o'clock, visit the Bureau and learn more about this tine opportunity (or your child.

Omahans in the News

Dancers and Singer Gill Star in Independence Show DBS MOINES - Tbe IiraeU poet Abba Kovner called Israel "the new beginning " i'te 27 years, the dream bas survived. The De* Moines Jewish Community celebrated that survival In an Israeli Independence Day Celebration at the Ccntw April)«. Many involved In making the program a fitting tribute for Israel's 27th birthday are thanked (or their time and effort The commemoration opened with a symbolic dance choreographed by Shiomo Beoderly. The dancers, Suaan Tai>or, Lori Wlnlck, Diane Jagieilo, Linda Brown, Becky Kreamer and Suxy Eogman, each graqiiflg a red roee, wert> accompanied with a delicate melody by fluitists Rochelle Braverman and Debbie Wieder; guitarists David Shneyer and the voices of •tudents of the Bureau of Jewish Educatkm. PiwMni«(Ik* JOC Mtiljr WahSmtr Mrrad M maMer of ceremoolae latredurtiig a loa^tBM aettf* mmbm ta eommaalty sMalra, Lo« MtooiilM that Jem iMt la larail and btra at Feature performer of the evening was Israeli recording star Geula GUI. a daxzllng. bubbly entertainer who moved the audience from Joy to tears with such well-known songs as -L'Shaiiah HaBaah," "Oseh Shalom," a medley from ; "Fiddler on the Bool" dedicated to Israeli actor Halm Topol, everyone's favorite "Jenisalero of Gold" and the touching "Ell Eli." " Geula's sparkle was enhanced by a coloasal emblem, a silver menorah

OMAHA - Halga Unoofai of Onute hat lotnid ttia Unttwl Way o( the Mktaidi (lormeriy United OoounuBlty Service!) as campaign i—clate, aeoordlng ^ Jwry Buane, UWM associate director aad campaign diredor. Mi. Uneoln. board member aad execnllve oopunlttee menlMr of BoMi B Synagopw, haa done robmtear mrfc for several ana iHivttals aad Joslyn Mnseura as wril as (Mtad Way. Her wortt win beneffl the mors than # sodal sirvioe agndcs in OM OmahaOoancO BlnOsSaqqr County area wiildi are afflllated wUb United Way.

Oariaaa mounted on the number 27. This spectacular backdrop, the creation of Ben Beider and Steve Silverman with the help of Jeff Kreamer and Brad Davidson, was the product of hours of patience and dedication. Ah, but where would w« all be without light? Credit must be given to Marsh Ofsteln, JCC Youth Leader, an important "behind-the-scenes" person in charge of this technical provision, and to Avraham Stemlioht, who was the overall coordinator of the program, ^onaored by the Bureau of Jewish Education and the JCC in association with the 1975 Women's Campaign. Each year as we celebrate Israd's Indqwndence with the proud national anthem "Halikvah" sung from our hearts, we are hopeful for yet another year of existence and thankful for the year that we had

Budget Hearings Schedule OeS HONES - HH airisM Hcwkwi ar*an K*MM 10 b«s>n H 7;Mrm •) UnmilcBnHJMiunai IttJ««MiniHMMyI*knrIMletllmd May S-JwMi litllBrimii. J«wWi WdOra PadmdM, OmnuMcMton. CoMminlty Itotallam. CoMeiBiitffrt. NalkiMl and Ovw«Ma May S^-Banau al Jf«Mi Edvcauan. ./nriili romnwnHy CaMcr. Adull educMMa M«)rS-lkiir«J(«MillMm.J*wl<l)FaiiUlr8anr|cn May IJ—Pifiaiawl. MayU Fliulliuils><4

I.Q. Answers



•QISMtSil&B^ by Leonard Schroeter. N.Y. Universe, 1974.432p.~— The story of the Jewish underground movement in the Soviet Union as told through hundreds of personal Interviews. Gone Altng to Israel by Rat>bi Halm Kemdman. Minneapolis, T.S. Denlson, 1873.240p. — A children's guide to Israel through photographs artd story. Ike Image of tlie Jew In Amarlean Literature by Louis Harap. PhUadelphia. J.P.S., 1974. Step. - The Jewish character in American literature from early Kepubllc to mass Immigration. Ses and the Family in the Jewi* Tradttion by Robert Cordis. N.Y. Burning Bush Pr.. 1967. 64p. - A popular presentation of the family and Its role and function within the Jewish tradition. Ike Waitargi; Tbe Story of a Family, by David Farrer. NY. Stein A Day, 1975. 2S5p. - Biography of an extraordinary and powerful family whose influence baa been felt for the past 400 years. Zaimssi, or the Madbsss of God by Elle Wleael. NY. Random House, 1974.172p. — A drama about a Russian rabt>l who, In the presence of a visiting foreign theater troupe, dares to renounce the Soviet regime.

Jewish Cooking FELAFEL By Norma Baracb Several people have requested a recipe for felafel, one of Israel's most popular "street foods." The following Is a lot of work, but has a nice taste. Serve the felafel balls hot with toothpicks as hors d'oeuvres or tucked in a pita (Middle Eastern bread) with cut up tomatoes and cucumbers and tehina (ground sesame) sauce. Soak cMckpeai In water lo coMr for M houn. Paal Uiein Grind UM cWdipoai and larlic In a (rlnder twin MU wtm wlieal germ and apkvs. Form Into baOa about I loch In dianwter Deep try Oat balte In lul oU. Drain and larvo M. MakaaabotitWbaUa. lfc.*yiSli>iiM

Bruce A. Klein has been appointed vice president of McCalferty and Aaaodates. Inc., a newly formed security and investigative corporation in the Omaha area. Klelit was formerly associated with National Auto Sound in KanaasCity.

Be vrfMfo tho action Is— shopping, shows, fun—b) either West Omaha or in Council Bluffs (2 minutes from Downtown Omshs). Cotof TVInsvery room... "I^smper" panels beside over-sized beds... indoor pool . . . lounges . . . saunas . . . 0>nie room and moettflfl rooms . . . right where the actk>n is! itliikMtMr Msiu/insf aMtist iftc iili



1. c. Jewish Family Services 2. d. Adoption Services 3.b.tH,SS0 4. b. 110,000

DES MOINES - Here are the answers to the Federation I.Q. quiz which appeared In the April II JevWi Praia.





-.-.•.*.'V.r». i r?t4,v.f.;~-'TriT


ntJttnHttPnm AgfiaiOT ^Su Anti-Semitism Female Israeli Journalist: Luxurious Entertaining is Panel Topic OMAHA - Tamara AvidarIn a luxurious Uracil times more per galkxi of gas Ettnger, OMAHA - A --Panel on Anti-Semitism" will be held Monday, April 28,7:30 p.m. at the Jewish Communtty Center Social Hall Sponsored by the Young Leadership Group of the Jewish Federation, the panel Is open to the Jewish Community. Speakers will be Howard Weinstein, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League; Dr. Herbert Garfinkel. provost of the University of Nebraska-Omaha and Dr. Ezra Kohn, associate professor of social work at the University ol NebraskaLincoln.

J&Msh Great Books Group Is Planned OMAHA - The Federation Library will sponsor a Jewish Great Books Discussion Group. Led by trained Great Books leaders, sessions will be held on two weelcday mornings per month. No specific background or education Is required for participation. The group will begin after sufficient response has been received. Anyone interested or desirous of further information should contact Edythe Wolf at 334-8200,

Eisenman Visit OMAHA ~ Gad Kisenman, Israel Aliyah Center representative from Chicago, uill be in Omaha Tuesday. April 2y. 12-3 p.m. to speal( to persons interested in going to Israel as well as those merely seeking Information about Israel, Aliyah and various kibbutz programs. Call 334it2U0. Kxt 49 lor an appointment

Meeting Slated By Federation OMAHA - The conclusion .of orientation, featuring (he Bureau of Je^k'ish Education, Community Center and the Family Service, is part ol the agenda of the Jewish Federation of Omaha tward of directors meeting at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, AprU 30. at the Center. Other items scheduled Include the demographic study, mlMkm to Israel, executive director report, personnel practices code, pension plan an(l bylaws revision.


Etlnger said she objected recently when a St. Louit radio Interviewer started asking her aome "Dear Abby"-typequestkint. "I'm not here for that," said Mrs. Avidar, a veteran Israeli journalist who is editor of the "Lifestyles" section of Israel's only afternoon daily newspaper, Ma'irtv. "On the contrary," answered the interviewer, "I want to show that Israelis are really no different from anyone else—that they have the same problems as people do elsewhere." And, pertiipa caoMqiMaUjr, that became • chM pwpoM of Mri. Avltlar'i cnrrent wtdilwiiid tour o( aboot OMhaU of tiM Untied States (11 dtlee In IMS than Bye weeks): to tbam that, despite tiie cooitant Ihraal of war and tcmrtit adi, lanMili ai« oat to live normal Utes ttws cooparaUe to that at oilier dttaens in other lands. For instance, Mrs, Avidar, mother of three sons, said she has a live-in maid. The maid is an immigrant from North Africa who has been with her 17 years. "That's something you can't replace with all the money in the world," Mrs. Avidar said (rf her makl. "You treat her like a friend, you overlook some of the things she does which aren't the way you'd like thetn done, and she doesn't want to leave you She's like one ol the family." Mrs. Avidar. guest of honor at a reception given by the Omaha Chapter of Wonten's American CRT (Organization for Rehabilitation Through Training i. agreed life in Israel today is "peculiar" t>ecause "we have to guard our children's lives in the nursery schools. But the fact is, we go on giving parties and being Interested In fashions." Stie said Americans know "we live in big tension. Our nooods are set by the media— what we read in the papers and see on television The only way not to be morally finished In Israel is to lead a normal lile. "Tlie main role of women In

Births Dt. and Mrs. Bruce Veamans announce the birth April 14 of a daughter, Jennifer Fay, Dr. Yeamans is currently a resident in the Family Prailice Program at Crelghton University. The Yeamans are from New York City

Israel now Is to be itraBaBr, to mataitaln family Uve-flOt as If nolhlBC has tuwiBid. Imt to try to not be atftcted; to overcome the hlgb cost o< Uvtag by cutting down, to stop dreambif of wlut we cant afford. We have i life of meaning, of purpooe, end this laourhiniry." The current heavy taxation and extreme inflation In Israel resulted in changes In her reporting style, she laM. Now she underplays descrtptkms of the homes of the very wealthy-II she describes them at all-choosing instead to write about people working with widows, orphans and the underprivileged And when US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and his wife Nancy were entertained


TJELE.H1LE.I T.E.E. H.E.E. ifond for Technical Engineering Excellence. And Highly Extrovogont Exiros. Stondord equiprrtent like: • Four-speed oilsynchrontesh stick shift • Heavy duty rear suspensior) e Torsion bor front e Three-speed heoler/ defroster test drive the number one selling import truck at your Ooteun deoler. tite Small Car Expert. Drive a Datiun..,tk«n d«:kU.


We can service Des AAoines and all other cities in Iowa.




with Call collect: (402) 9S8-B4S9 We tMp by le«M pmtat — rfelwery

Mrs. Avidar

CallleAterfiKHee yeur nest move OHic*: 339-3U«

Horn*: 9VI-M73

BELUVUE MOTORS ITMOelvinaeerf •ellevue,Nefcr.


restaurant, "I wrote In my column that this is a very bad thing to do, that we are not going to compete with those Arab nations who can afford to treat their guests that well. "Such entertaining Is not the thing for Israelis to do t)ecause it is not in the style we have to live," she said. "We were entertaining them as If nothing had happened." She said she would, however, write about the comforts of America as compared to those of in Israel—"one can get spoiled so quickly here. "People are complaining about the price of gas, which is a joke—you don't appreciate what you have. It costs five

In Israel than here and four times more income tax is paid by the average worker. But we know it goes for our protection, so we don't complain." She said her newspaper, Ma'ariv (which Is translated as "The Hour of Twilight" in English), has a natkmwide circulatkm of about 240,000, comparable to the Omaha World-Herald. Her husband, Amos


is a television producer and songwriter and Tamara, who travels and writes under her maiden name, Avidar, said she found a numt>er of his songs on records in the Omaha Federatkm Library.

CheckkOut The Amehcan Cancer Society layi that a breast lump may not mMn cancer, but only your doctor can lelL Early detactioo coukl live your Ufe.



INTBnMTIONAiCUnWf 2400lngersoll OetMolnee

LookUpavoid pomer Enes While you're working outside, be alert to power lines. On ladders, ..working with pipes, downspouts, trees ...stop and look around for electric wires Those wires are NOT INSULATED. Tt>ey are live and dangerous II certain power lines are a hazard where you're working, call us. In Omaha, phone 556-7800; or contact your nearest OPPO office. We are interested in your safety.

Refervotlons 2M-2M*

Apf«2S. 1976


Zorinsky: More Recognition Is Needed

Al leaat one penon I talked to exprened anger that not more than a handful of Jewish people showed up for the demonstration Sunday outside Joslyn Museum. He also said it was "absurd to rationalize their apathy by claiming they don't believe In picketing cultural artists." For the record, the Omaha Committee for Soviet Jewry spearheaded protest at Joslyn on behalf of Jews and other mlnotltlec in the Soviet Union who are not free to travel as were the nnemben of the Moscow Borodin Quartet, which gave a performance that afternoon at Joslyn. Now that the moment Is past, let's analyze It. Whether there were 24 wtlcipants or 240 Is not the rtaLjsne. Nor Is It Important that the community's advance notice WIS sbort. The significant fact Is that a "community demonstration" wu planned and took place. It was • "first" for Omaha In that Its Jewish Community took a stand on an Issue of vital Importance and acted upon It publicly, peacefully and proudly. Let us not be hasty to criticize those who cUdn't attend: there will be other such opportunities for action. And the next time, there will be even greater success. That «inly a "handful" stood up to l)e counted this past Sunday Is not to be taken lightly. Our community is one step farther ahead today because they acted.

HENRY WBIN8TEIN Funeral services were held Monday, April 2t in Las Vegas, Nev. for Henry Weinstein, father of Rabbt Barry L. Weinstein, associate rabbi of Temple Israel. Mr. Weinstein Is also sw'vlved by his wife. Pearl, and another aon. Eldward.

El Al AcquIrM New Boeing 747 TEL AVIV-In an expreuion of confidence In the roie of El Al In Israel's economic future, the Israel government has authorized its national flag carrier to buy a fourth Boeing 747 for lU fleet, bringing the total number of its Boeing aircraft to 14. Delivery of the new Jurtbo Is slijted lor November, 1975. The primary function of this fourth Jumbo, which will be a 747 C model. Is pUnmd as a freight carrier (the aircraft is capable of carrying up to 80 tons of cargo between the UnitedSUtesand Israeli The 747 C can be speedily adapted for either cargo or passenger configuration or a combination of both.

AZANo. 100 Elected April 20 as chairmen of the 1875 AZA No. 100 Sweetheart Dance were Marlon Weiss, head •chairman, and Jeff Cooper and Geoff Werthelm, co-chairmen. Coming up will be AZA No lOO's football championship playoff game against AZA No. AZA 100 officer elections are May 11, with the Installation that evening. BOWLWO, ANYONE? Several teens have asked about a Summer Teen Bowling league. If you are Interested, please contact the Youth Office, 334-8200, ExU. 35 and S3. We'll need volunteers for a Teen Summer Bowling committee to arrange the' schedule, organize teams, make all necessary arrangements with the alley, etc. Let's hear from you. YOUTH EMPLOYMBNT The Youth Office has received one request to date from a prospective summer employer. All business and private parties who have possible summer employment opportunities lor teens are asked to contact the youth office Immediately. There are a number of teenagers waiting for a chance to work. Do a "mitzvah" and employ • teenager this summer! IflCVRAHSURnUSB On Tuesday, March 2S, Hevrah's Beau Candidates surprised the girls by waking them at 6 a.m. and taking them out for a "homenude" breakfast. A great morning was enjoyed In the Jewish Comniunlty Center Youth Lounge, followed by lunch and a lunfllled afternoon at the Family Teen Center. On Aprti S Hevrah BBG and AZA No. 100 held a joint Movie Party-Casino Night. Jack Fetlman won a special prize. The evening's program was a fundraiser for ISF.

Campus Notes Neil Cooper, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Cooper, wu initiated Into the Phi EU Sigma freshmen honor society at the University of Texas at Austin. He Is a member of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity. Joshua Rlber, son of Mr. and Mrs. Israel Rlber of New York City, has been accepted by the University of Nebraska College of Medicine.

OMAHA - Mayor Ed Zorinsky said he wished more civic organizations would recognize Uie work done by Omaha's policemen and firemen on behalf of the city's residents. "Hie mayor spoke Sunday, April 20, at the annual Cornhusker B'nal B'rith Past Presidents' Recognition Award ceremony honoring retiring Omaha firefighters and policemen. The lodge gave awards to 20 members of the Omaha Fire Division and nine members of the Police Division in the ceremony at the 72nd and Groer Sta. Holiday Inn. "We have to make the public more aware of the work of these men, which no textbook can teach. Many times In their careers these men are confronted with situations which only their God-given Intelligence can deal with. I'm very sorry to see the city losing these people and the experience in emergencies which they symbolize," said the mayor, hlmsell a member

3*3-* III




Some of those honored were forced into early retirement by Injuries suffered In the line of duty, according to Dr. Norm Sheldon, awards chairman and function coplanner with Glenn Decker. Listed on the program were Gerald Novak, current Cornhusker president; Richard Roth, Omaha public safety director; Vernon L. Van Scoy, Jr., fire chief; and Richard R Andersen, police chief. Zorinsky and Steven J. RIekes, honorary chairman of

Pioneer Women Schedules Annual Child Rescue Dinner OMAHA-Evelyn P Kaplan, national coordinator of the Midwest Area for Pioneer Women, will be the principal speaker at the Pioneer Women's Annual Child Rescue cocktail-dinner, Sunday, May 4, 5:30 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center. Mrs. Ksplaa. a native Chk»goan, has held many offices in Chicago PkMeer Women and was twice president of the Council. She is On the national board and was

Adult Singles The April It "Games People Play" party of the Adult Singles Group (fomterly the Over-Nlners,drew interested singles from Sioux City and Des Moines as well as Omaha. Scrabble and Tripoli were played and there was conversation, music, nosheh and set-ups at the Omaha Jewish Community Center. "A Day at the Ak-Sar-Ben Races" plus an evening cookout at a member's home is planned for Saturday, May 17. Future plans Include a trip to Kansas City to meet with their singles group, a dinner theater party, bridge and backgammon groups and-or classes for same. Call the Jewish Community Center, 334-«200, ext. 49, or Rose Kaufman, SS6-733S, for information.

Pulverente Monument Co. Ml ((wkhy) Pvl««r«i««


of Comhusker Lodge. Afterwards, Zorinsky, who was accompanied by his wife, Cece, explained that he felt the job is in "getting people to know they (the policemen and firefighters) don't do it (the work) for themselves. "People seem to have the Idea today the government Is on one side and the people are on the other. My feeling Is, people is government and the people should know the sacrifices made in their behalf."

35 Ysors' Expsrisnc* WithJmvJih Isttsring and Msmoriols

nils*. Ml


a Pioneer Women delegate In Israel to the Zionist General Council and the Jewish Agency in 1873. In 1871 she led Leadership Study Mission comprised of 32 Pioneer Wonken leaders to Israel. Last here four years ago, Mrs. Kaplan has been to Israel seven times. She has a solid background in Zionism as her parents were very active In the Labor Zionist Movement and her mother, Clara Pathman, was a founder of Chicago Pioneer Women. Mark W. Zaikln. the featured vocalist, will present a musical program with accompaniment by Mrs. Irving Schwartz on the piano. Mrs. Charles (LID Guss will be toastmistress at the dinner, which raises funds to help Israel's children. The entire community Is Invited. Mrs. Edward (Barb) Parker and Sarah Shrago are co<halrmen of the dinner. Call Barb (393-51130) or Sarah (558-7966) for reservations.

Zorinsky prcswts award to Pattaviaa. (JP Photo) the Past Presidents Committee, presented the awards to the following: rmOhrMa PIrrfllhlen-Jalin BlrnM. IKS-74; Ed Birtunek. lHS-74; Piul BoMn. I««l74. CtpUlm-Rldivd Bnnnifi, lt»74: G«or|i H«mun. IM2'74: Nornun JicoliMai. IW.74: Gem Lacy. I»4.74: Juim McEUIgMt. IM1.74; Cliirtn Neimlal. It4r74: e<lw>nl timU, tm74; Uoyd PUka. IMS.74; Bdwln TtilllKnder. I93S 74 LIcul'nanKBcnurd Koiol. 1S»74; Loult N«fMU, 1^74; Edwud Skardt. IMV74: Ray Stooiit. 1M«.T4: WUIIam TcfnoNldck. ••4174: lUynwnd Vallcii. 1941-74. AaaMam ChM-EdwantLyndi. INS-74 Baualllon Oilef- Ctrl RMfall. IMl-74.

iMll-74: Ralpti Parmmter, 1900.74. Scrseanla-Franli Commlnoll, I93S-74; Stanley Labedi, 1934-74. Join Lealiy, 194274 Lleulenanl-Charlci Blankenihtp. 1934.74 Captain-wmiam PalUvlna. 194274





Com* to


• Ltd.


Listen and Donee to "Ughtnin'Lylo"

? I

POLKS DIVISiaN Palrolmeii-itoy Oarcta, HW-74: Tony Mm. IM4-74; Ttaaodort Kranb.

Come ot 8 p.m. to got 3 your reserved labio j^ $1 Cover 4 RSVPHonna, 333-2446 4 i-k-k-trtrtrk-trkifk-k-k-tr


by land, sea, or air

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Honoring 177* Mid tanousJotMln AmoricMi Mstery tucltlng occounit ol J«wlth potrlott In HI* crMllon ond •iMpIng of tix notion. VoluoW* roodlng tor oil ogot. KNO 50* (NO tTAlRn PlEASf) TO: Jowlth Potrloli, •ox 4411, Orond Cwilrol Stonon,M.¥.,N.Y. 10017.

OprniCvtrYDrnf, 11:90A.M. mnP.M. "Bevwly SOU near 7112







Omaha Jewish CommMnity Calendar Of Events •pm -OiiMaMkiiBafilaiaiiaimiaiiaiiBl ipm -TiBipliliilleeyf •dCiallimaltmi

•p.m - B'uiB'rMkOinlaat • pm ~OaukaHI#ackMlt«J«*Mi

DR. ZWEIBACK EXPLAINS PROGRAM Ttie (Uacovery of peraom who may already have cardloiNiliiiaQaty dlaeaie - which produces no symptoms in a great many Indlvtduals - and the writing of' proper "exerclM prescriptions" (or them and others are two of the ob}ecUves of the niedicaUy su|)erv)sed physical fitness testing conditioning program to be offered soon at the Jewish Community Center. The program will be open to all persons who get referrals from their personal physicians, according to Dr. Eugene Zwelback, JCC medical committee chairman. Asymptomatic individuals could be harmed by too vigorous activity. Dr. Zweiback noted. He added the tests, which are simple and quick, also will determine each individual's exercise tolerance level so that a proper exercise "prescription" can be written. The tests involve lung measurement and (unclloning and atress teatlng using an electric treadmill and decIrocanfiogram*. Center meratiers and other wishing to participate should contact Chuck Arnold, director of the J's health aiid physical education department at 334-8200 RAOQUETBAIX LEAGUES OmCLUDING Inclement weather and the recent holidays have moved back the conclusion of racquetball leagues' play to Sunday, May 4. All games must be played by then. If the Phys EkI Department feels insufficient games have been played In a particular league, no trophy will be awarded. SPRING, SUIOIER TENNIS NEWS A full spring schedule of tennis Instruction will be offered beginning April 28 with Rich Hines, former Burke High School net star and teaching pro at The Tennis Club, assisting Gene Slarmer with the classes Also, those Center members wanting to join summer leaguas tiiouid check the schedules below for league and entry deMBines. GYMNAffnCS MEET AND EXHOUTION A full slate is scheduled Sunday, May 4 — our second annual gymnastics meet (or youngsters, preceded by a gymnastics and karate exhibition by those students. The event, beginning at 1:30 p.m., Is open to Uw public. Awards will be presented at 5 p.m.

i^iortMScheduhtandSoorm tnnnmmcumu tt0mlt «••• ~ Mootfiy Ikni FrMt>. M.U ma. A^rantd - Hmity Itni Frtday Ham noon OMdMril - Twwtay. t.7p.m. W«te*day. t-? nd 74 p.m Jr.aadfe.a0Bi[^Mn-.T1an4ayiMdPt1il«y«. 4-Spni InMintdlale aid Mvannd - T>«df]r>. M p n aattm-t Sf^Mn ' MomMyi in« Wtitwfcii. 4-> f.m. MmmtHUi ml Atfvanmd ~ Thmdayi. 4.$ p m

wiam TENNIS LEMitm ' »W:M • m <nd 10 nnoon. Jim I7-Aii( l>. PM II* Ealiy OudUw: Jwtl. Untl M WmftDmmm- *-7 II p.a. Md 7:3M p n Jm M-Ai«. a PIM: IM EKry Oeadlor: J«BC4 UmllM MtadDnHs- S «-7:ISp.«i •id7:IM:«pn Jm IC-A^ M rwNptr (MplFprrgl^X Eatry DndlMc: JUKI. Ham Hcmttn. Ma**!.!** Bi^ - A Kktdulr of •«tWy laiRtM win br poritd al the CMaand nulled lo ndi player May »Aug n Fe* B per player EMry Devlllne May II

•Mm HMH vai,nMU,nnLn AlAN*.m"A"IS.Il. IS AZANo l"B"2.l<.l

SV0'A"liU.7 ClialaWciiauMi-8"U.I«.IS BifelMiflvtatfMf 4Slfl S7 la.m. AZANe.m'A'nTI'i WaaL-CMm«MaBani-'A"vi SYO"*"

Aquatics Notebook ByGaryJavHcli JOG Aquatics Olraetor Because of the huge number of people expected to participate, registration for all summer swimming classes at the Jewish Community Center wUI be handled by mall this year. To sign up for either the advanced beginners, Infftermediate or swimmers ; groups, a member must have a swim registration permit, which all those presently


enrolled in classes will receive Anyone not enrolled can get a permit by having his or her child come to the JCC lor a swim test any afternoon from 4 toS:30 p.m. This applies only to tboae elementary school students wdo wish to enroll In the three aforementioned groups. There will be three sesskMis, each meeting dally for three weeks. No fees are charged JCC members for the Instruction classes. To accomodate the expected huge turnout, a parent will be able to sign each child for only two sesskms of classes. And clatses cannot be repeated. For example, a child can sign up in Session I for beginiiers; if a second class is desired, the child can sign up for the next class In progressloa (I. e.. advanced beginners )ln8l«IOD II- if, of course, the cMId pssKS the first course.



AZAN* lpigiindmO«rWMtaa4 SMrtqr.M^rl •:3lpa.-SnMJfvryPlanaCimcen'SadMralMMMa TtapltlarailMM'iCMBrMklnt wMilUIM.



«.«p •. - OmcS mribUJA Kictoll DIaMi 7:Mp n - "I L«w Yaa Raaa" - PUn - JCCThtMrt


II Mpm -Wo Ipm -B'nalB' •:»rra - BaOiBBUrtiiiil •ni<•mm^ *:«a.n -B<llilarariaMirt«dBaardawlla| Will llll.M^T II p m. - CRT "Hmor Rail" Unctoan

raUBAV.IiATS U:llpni -B'ilalB'rHtaMonkyiteeularBicaUasiinaiaal ~ SotnParmtifmipiiweUni Career WaoMi a( Hadaiuti - Parly al Dr. Sber Hant 7;Mp.m - "neCrcal Zlefnatd"JOCTIiaatn HOTHEIfSDAY MaSV.MapU •:»a.B - Hadiaaak Baard iiiaeU« - JCC 11: • a m. - ODauaaaKy Ratailom Commlilae maetlns MbgtU U:»p.Bi - BaOi n SMdtoMt Refular naaUif limpa -BaailiriiUMiiliiiidBniilB aiiinn •iMpai.-Tewpleliraal •:M a.n. - MliracM Baaid aMeUof 7:Mp.aL - Teoiple Ivad Boaid ofTniiUe aMCUas T:SS pai - SaeM Jevty Syavoaiani - JCC l:« - Nail ODUncI) of Jevlali Woawa board meetkif

\ Senior dtaenScerw] ByiWeDNewmaa The protectkm of money and property was the subject of Bruce L. Morrison's talk at the April 21 meeting of the Older Adult Group Morrison, who Is affiliated with the US National Bank, elaborated on the system wliereby Social Security and ottier checks can be safdy handled by having tiiem sent directly to your bank or financial Institution. In celebration of Helen Papier's birthday, wine. Ice cream and cake were provided by her daughters Evelyn Temin, Ida Sacks and Esther DePorte Mrs. Bess DePorte and Mrs. Papier's grand-daughter and greatgrandchildren were also present. Bertie and Jack Lazar's daughter and granddaughter, Mrs. Joanne Winter and Elyse, were visiting from Houston, Tex. MIn Cutler, who presided in the absence of President Betty Welzmann, welcomed new members Mrs. Fannie Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. David Hahn, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Newman, Mrs. Ben Blatt and Eva BUtt and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lagman The Sunday, April 27, luncheon will feature entertainment by a group of chUdren under the dlrecOoh of Mrs Vt Kaplan. Chef Allan Turchin and Molllc Delman have promised a special menu Including roaM brisket ol beef Make reservathMs with Mln Cutler, 4S&-7143, Rose Raznick, 393-7972, or Mollle at the JCC.334-B200 There will be a regular meeting on Monday. April 28. Upcoming events include a Mother's Day iuncbeoo on May 12 and the histallathm of officers May 19. A trip to Grand Island Is also planned for May. The Senior Council of Douglas and Saipy Counties Is qmiaoring hobby shows at

I^ucas Hall Auditorium May < and at the Croasroads May 9 and 10. Bring your hobbies to tliese locations at I p.m. Ballroom dancing will be added to our activities at the regular Monday meetings. Starting April 28, Mark Zalkln, director of the Cultural and Performing Arts Department of the JCC, wUI make the dance studio available to the group. Donations of old rhlnestone Jewelry would be appreciated by a woman who uses tliem to make new Items to sell. Leave them with Mollle at the Center. So that we may continue to enjoy the lO-cent bus fares write to your representative at the State Capitol, Lincoln, requesting that LB 443 be passed. The group extends sincere sympathy to Rabbi Barry Welnstein on the death of his father, Henry Welnstein of Las Vegas. BtiUiday WMM la Mn. Helen Papier Iran MoUye PranUta. BenSee Kalain. Abe KapUn. Lm ud lank Uafn-, •.rah AdeWela. Mn OonAiMniH BIcUiday aWm oa Ma Wli MrtMay In San Jaeitow f ran Ma «Me Olia CM mil wMea lo Oaaale Slre< ol Oarkaon HoipMal Iran Bcraloe Kalman amllkaOmiip. OM »M wWiea Is Max Sadu al LaUMffHi Moipllal Iran Helen Papier, Saa and Paniy MaavHi. Bemlee Kakaaa and lite Graup. Gal-atll BMM/ia Becky Brtier il datkaaallMplHJIwaiUieCiaap Ga|.«r<a •tthal la On Vafle al lallieran Hopllal (ram Mln and Uu CMIerandUMGmp <M ««fl nWHa la Dkia Lc*lna u LaUMraa Hnpllal Irani Mln and Uw CMIer Gel weU vMiei la Lau Sacka al SI Jaacpli Hoipltal Iron Sam and Panay ManvHx. Par OK racovory al Lou I^anper Irom Epinlai •criBHa aad laoiUy. Mr and Mn Manfeal ZaSda, Male tMl Allan Zalkln. Mr* Jaaid* Mlhr, Mn. KaUier Caopir. Mn. IsMFiriaMUaf. Par Ml ntmmj M Sank nd LM Lusn' (!*• Mra BaniH BaOi, Irv and WH lli«kiaa, MHI/a Pi Irtia la amman •( laadoet Patat rraoi Eidiralni Berpnan and lanUy

SHAVUOT SWH|,IHirB •UVtlOT • p m - BeUi n Aaaual medlH - Balk El Synaaofue 7p.m. - BeUi larail SMaikaad "Art Auction" lhaSqr,llarlt HadaaaahCaatnnUaaUinii^lfeatlnl nilllU.imf Jf: a p.m. - Nal'l OeuaeU of JewM Woman Ratular meaUai ipm -PloaaarWaaaaBoardmaetlni «MBaa««r,lia)rll ll:Mp m - HadamakRafMrnMcllni U:llp.m - MliracttlaalaUaUoaofOfficart 7:lip.m - HlfSaadOoiBiiry Club Board oMaUag 7:»p.m -MlawMJr LeafualnaUBaUoaafOmean T:lip.B. - brail Saali "laalarMdp BMallns" U:Jipffi - B'aalB'riaiManaky Boardmaediv JCC Annual SporU Award Nl^ IpkaHi.MafSI i:«p m - B'nal B'rMi diapMn - Sadal Cnal - Omaka Martaa : p m. - Caraer Woocn ol Hadaaaak li:»p.m - JOC Family Maccabaa Mmikir.llVB MEMORIAL DAY TlillD.myg tt:lip.aL - MkracM R«(ular meHIH •p.m. - Pknaar We— Rajdar aiHllat *i >l,lli|r» •p.m. - TMapla braol AnuMl NaaUae Ipm. - B'aal B'rUkOrakuokarElacUeamaaUi« (aM*l iMmSii.MairM Ipm - HadaaaakOnefSfcabbal - Or Sher Home

Meverson: Nebraska-iowa AIPAC May Be Fanned Soon OMAHA - A regional committee for AIPAC, consisting of Nebraska and lows Jewish people, may be formed In a couple of monllis, according to Omaban Leo I. Meyerson. Meyeraon, former Council Bluffs resident who represented the Jewish Federation of Omaha and Nebraska Jewry at the annual meeting of AIPAC American Israel Public Affairs Committee - in Washington April 14-15, said he visited with the four Des Moines representatives about starting a regional group. Meyerson said representatives from Lincoln, Neb., would be Included. The Des Moines men were Harlan Hockenberg, Gary Rubin, Robert Daniels and Jim Brown. "AIPACtothstrtylsUiytag p«9 that has a band in iattlng iBlormatkm abool Israel to our legWaiora in WMUogion," Hegrmon lahL "And I was aorpriaed st bow little some or them know shout Israel. You kind of »«Mld think they would know all about It, but Bome of them were asUog a lot ot questions. To some ol them, Israd Is just another oouotry. For example, Curtis (Nebraska's U.8. Senator Carl) wanted lo know the size of Israel and other thhip. •There's a lot of public relations by the Jews of America that's still needed," Meyerson said He said that Nebraska's other Senator, Roman Hruska, had been one of the signers of a petition last fall which supported Israel. "Unions have lobbies, oil companlte and others have lobbies, so there's nothing unusual about It. Why can't we have lobbies for Israel? The purpose of AIPAC Is to promote good relations, between Israel and the U.S."

The AIPAC meeting, which

witnessed the reflremeni of I. L. Kenen, Its kmgtime head and vaunted expert on the Middle East, drew SSO delegates from all over the United States. Meyerson said over 1,100 persons attended the Tuesday night banquet at which U.S. Senator Henry Jackaon and Israel'i AM»< Et>an spoke Those In attendance Included Sens. Ted ' Kennedy, Daniel Inouye, Abraham RIblcoff, Jacob Javits and George McGovem. Meyerson, who had breakfast with 2nd District Congressman John Y. McColllster of Omaha, said all of Nebraska's legislators expressed siopport for Israel. , He said one of the explanations offered for President Ford's seeming hard line against Israel was that he "was limited In what he could say " lo the Egyptians out of concern for keeping their good will and because of the oil situation. He said Iirael'i Ambassador to the U.S., SImcha Dinitz, said Israel wants peace and would go "anytime, anyplace" to secure It. Meyerson alio said Israel would prefer to have Secretary of State Kiiainger make another try at gaining an agreement and Indicatkm were that this might take place prior to a resumption of the Geneva Conference, from which Israel doesn't expect too much. Morris Amilay Kenen as AIPAC dlrsdor. Old Saying "Fight Cancw with a Checkup and I Check" is nmelhliig tiwl the Ametinii Cmiocr Society vulunteen have l)een laying for ynn. A check to the Sodefy during lU April Cmlade will go far to fight canrer, while a health checkup if an excellent way uf ufcfpurding your life againit Ihii diieaie.

April 25, 1975  

Jewish Press

April 25, 1975  

Jewish Press