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THE BIG STORY CELEBRATING 110 YEARS AS A FAMILY RUN BUSINESS 110 years ago, Herbert James Pearce opened a jewellery shop. Today, Pearce Jewellers remains a family run business. Read all about the history of Pearce Jewellers on page 6.

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Stinky Bay Brewing Company was set up by school friends Matt Topman (22) and Digby Ibbotson (24) in 2017. They say the idea came as a result of drinking too much beer at a local karaoke night in Vancouver. Islanders can now find a Stinky Bay beer at various restaurants and drinking holes as well as being able to order online. We caught up with Matt to find out how things are going. Read the full interview with Matt on page 3.


IS YOUR WEBSITE A GENUINE JERSEY DOMAIN? Businesses in Jersey are being urged to show their pride in their island by using the .je domain for their websites. NEWS

Digital Jersey has been working with the wholesale provider of the island’s own web address register to dramatically reduce the cost of registering such addresses. Changes to search engine algorithms, including Google, means

people in Jersey will see websites ending in .je higher up in the results. Tony Moretta, CEO of Digital Jersey, said: ‘ was the first website registered on a .je domain, and we now want to encourage as many other people and businesses to follow suit. We all take pride in Jersey’s heritage and symbols, including the Jersey flag.

I now want us all to show that pride in a digital age, by using the .je domain.’ For businesses that operate globally, a .com address remains the most sensible option when it comes to appearing in search engine rankings, but for those whose focus is Jersey such as shops, pubs and restaurants using .je will give them a competitive

edge. Mr Moretta added: ‘A number of years ago it cost £80 to £90 to register a .je domain, but that’s now been reduced to free or a tiny admin fee for the first year, and then just £25 after that. There are a growing number of local web development companies who’ve slashed their own fees to join

us in encouraging as many people as possible to take pride in Jersey’s own domain.’ Another advantage of the .je domain is the availability of shorter website names that may no longer be available as a .com and we've no shortage of excellent local web design companies ready to help.



Sales: Mark Wilkinson | 07829 838844 |


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Ward boards to inform patients New boards have been put up at the General Hospital to make sure that patients, relatives and carers can find out key information about each ward. NEWS

The boards include important information such as visiting hours, mealtimes, the ward’s staffing levels on each day, hygiene and cleaning scores, and training rates. They also show who is in charge of the ward each day, so that patients know which nurse they should ask if they have any questions about their care. Becky Sherrington, Head of Nursing and Governance, Jersey General Hospital said: “These boards form part of our commitment to be open and transparent, by allowing patients to see key information when they enter a ward. “We have previously produced information posters that were displayed on notice boards in our wards and departments. Staff and patients told us that there was no standard or consistency from one ward to another, and often

the posters were too small to read properly. “We have listened to patient and colleague feedback by putting up large ‘Transparency Boards’ in every inpatient area. To create a standard, the same information is displayed on all of the boards and each board is located in the same place: at the entrance to each ward’s clinical area. This means that all patients, as well as their relatives and carers, will be able to access the same key information about their ward. “The boards also remind patients that we would like to hear from them. Patient feedback is really important to us: when patients share their experiences, it helps us to see where we can make changes to improve patient care.” All of the hospital’s nursing teams worked together to develop the boards, which are now on display at the hospital.

Catching up with two local brewers



Stinky Bay Brewing Company was set up by school friends Matt Topman (22) and Digby Ibbotson (24) in 2017. We met with Matt to find out how things are going. INTERVIEW

Hi Matt, where did the idea for Stinky Bay come from? The idea came as a result of drinking far too much beer in a little town on Vancouver Island, whilst Digby was visiting me in Canada. It was locals Karaoke night, Tuesday, that says it all really! We launched our first beer in February 2018, and we brought out our second a few months ago. Did it take a long time to come up with the recipe or was it a straightforward process? Yes and no… when we started home brewing a couple of years ago the first beer we ever made turned out to be great, and it’s loosely the base of the Session IPA we make now. But after that first fluke, and some thoughts of “this is easy!”, we started

experimenting and discovered a million ways to make an awful beer, before coming near full circle again, back to where we started. What did you both do before starting the brewery? Before working in the brewery I was doing summer’s here in Jersey as an outdoor instructor, and winter ski seasons, and Digby was working on luxury yachts all over the world, not a bad mix! But it does get old and we wanted to see if we could get something of our own going.

Did you have any experience before starting out? The only experience we have is drinking beer! The internet has everything you need! Honestly, we always managed to get a good idea from Youtube tutorials or brewing

forums, and then we would put it into practice, tweak some things, and see what works. We would purposefully do the ‘wrong’ things, just to see what the result would be, and so we learnt by making deliberate mistakes too. It can sometimes be a slightly frustrating process, as you have to learn all the little tricks yourself, but at the same time, I think it has meant we’ve been fairly roundly influenced by all sorts of ideas.

Has everything gone as planned since the launch? Hell no! The biggest thing I’ve learnt is that there are way too many factors in play for anything to go as plan! Sometimes it goes great, sometimes it’s a disaster. The important thing (cue cheesy advice) is to learn from your mistakes. But saying that, getting a perspective on the bigger picture is a skill that you need to learn, and something we’ve both sometimes lost. The brand has grown so far in such a short time, so much faster than we thought it could have, and that’s amazing. We started this venture with a pretty simple idea; It would be awesome if we could one day walk into a Pub and order a pint of Stinky Bay, and see other people drinking it too. We’ve got there now, and we’re still quickly growing, so I think we’ve been successful. Where can we find Stinky Bay? I’ve got a bit of a smirk on my face when I say the list is a little long to print, but check out our website for a more complete list. We are now on tap in many local restaurants and drinking holes. Our bottles can be found on the shelves of a number of shops too.

Is Stinky Bay available anywhere else in the world? We’re only available locally at the moment, and although we’re looking into it, there’s nothing in the pipeline to start exporting in the near future. You can buy cases of beer on our website, and merchandise too, but if you’re in a rush to get some, or you’re

just wanting a few bottles, head to any of our retailers! They are all awesome and have supported us from the beginning, and we’re extremely grateful for their help.

Have you taken the beer to any local events or festivals? We’ve done a few events locally, some beer festivals and public events, and partnered with The Groove Collective to deliver a community festival down at The Watersplash last summer. We’ve got some ideas for events of our own, and collaborating with some friends of ours on some cool projects. Give us a follow on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date with everything! Can we expect to see any new drinks in the near future? We have some plans under wrap for a new beer to compliment our other two, this will be launched later in 2019.

What are your long term goals with Stinky Bay? I would really like to see the company grow to new heights, and stay true to the values it started with. We’re a lifestyle oriented company and we try to ensure that we’re having fun in everything we do. I’d like to see the company become an icon of the unique lifestyle that we have in Jersey, and share that with locals and visitors alike. There are some hard yards to be put in for sure, and we’ve already come a long way, but if we keep producing great beer on a bigger scale, whilst staying true to the our brand’s values, that’s the dream!



JCG highly commended for the Independent School of the Year Community Outreach JCG has recently been highly commended for community outreach by the Independent School Parent Magazine. INSIGHT

The award recognises the community involvement of the College through its JCG Serves programme. Harriet Cottrell, organizer of the Independent School of the Year awards stated: ‘We created these awards to celebrate student experience and give schools a platform to tell their story and educate a vast audience on how, each day, they are helping their pupils experience more, understand more and achieve more. Every entry was carefully

scrutinised and our panel were enormously impressed by the depth and breadth of the entries, as well as the evident impact the winning and highly commended schools are having on their pupils. We were overwhelmed by the response to our inaugural awards and Community Outreach was a highly competitive category so it is an incredible achievement to have done so well.’ JCG Students are encouraged to serve the community at all stages of their education within the College. As well

as opportunities given for students to serve independently, the College also offers some structure to foster service. In Year 7 each class prepares, organises and participates in an afternoon tea at Pinewood Nursing Home. The event includes entertainment provided by the students. In Year 8, all forms recently participated in environmental work at Val de la Mare and in Year 9, students read with young pupils in our Prep School. From Year 10 onwards, students are more able to organise their service independently, but we offer help to students in their search for ways to serve their community. JCG hold an annual JCG Serves Fair when representatives from charities come to the College for two days and all students have an opportunity to find out about the work of the charities and how they can volunteer. In recent years students have volunteered in a variety of ways with many charities, including St John Ambulance, Jersey Zoo, The Shelter Trust’s Soup Kitchen, Autism Jersey, Scouting and Guiding, Every Child Our Future, Cry Jersey, Headway Jersey,

 Clockwise from top: Year 7 students chatting with

residents of Pinewood, Year 8 students volunteering on a Trees for Life project at Val de la Mare, Year 11 students volunteering at Shelter Soup Kitchen

Jersey Youth Service, JSPCA, Trees for Life, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Jersey Cancer Relief, Family Nursing and Home Care, Variety Jersey and Jersey Action Against Rape. JCG also has a long history of charity fund raising, especially through its house system, and in the last academic year raised over £22,000; funds donated to local, national

and international charities. JCG’s community outreach stretches beyond the island and a group of students recently left Jersey with 45 suitcases of purchased and donated resources for the Crossover International Academy, a school and orphanage in Ghana. JCG students helped with building projects and tree planting as well as assisting in classes during their time there. Mr Howarth, the College’s Principal,

commented: ‘It is wonderful to have the efforts of our students recognised at a national level. We are so proud of the time they give and what they achieve in and for our community. Being an active citizen and serving one’s community is not only incredibly fulfilling but is also the glue that holds society together. I am always delighted to hear from former students who tell me how the grounding JCG has given them has enabled them to go on to have a positive impact on their community and their world.’


Primary school children, constables, the media, and Women’s Institute branches are preparing to sow their seed potatoes as part of the annual Genuine Jersey Royal Potato Growing Competition. COMPETITION

The event, which is sponsored by The Channel Islands Co-operative Society, sees children and other Islanders compete to grow the heaviest crop of Jersey Royals and to achieve the highest yield. A particularly cold and stormy beginning to 2018 made last year’s competition tough with more than a few entrants disappointed to discover that their buckets yielded no potatoes. It was the schools that demonstrated the best green fingers, with St Peters Schools producing the highest number of tubers per bucket and winning in three of the School’s competition categories. Every primary school on the Island is now involved with the event with 8,025 pupils taking part last year. Growing your own Jersey Royals serves as an important lesson on the value of fresh, local produce and also teaches youngsters about Jersey’s heritage. Each entrant receives a free growing kit comprising of two Jersey Royal seed potatoes, compost, fertiliser – and a bucket to grow them in. All buckets are judged at a weighin event to be held in early May at St



SHARPENING Dog and horse clippers. Grooming, hairdresser, sewing and upholstery scissors. Penknives and kitchen knives. Garden tools, shears etc Lawn mower blades. Circular saws and Chainsaws. 200m north of the Union Inn. Contact Philip Johnson on 864130 or 07797 888293

Tiny Tots Hand Knits • Boo�es • Mi�ens • Cardigans • Hats • Jumpers • Toys • Ponchos • Headbands • Pram Blankets Double knit, Aran and Chunky wool available. Orders taken, please ask if you would like something specific Ouen’s Parish Hall. In addition to the Co-Op as main sponsor, the competition is also

supported by Belles Fleurs Garden & Plant Suppler and The Jersey Royal Company.

 Children at Bel Royal

Nursery enjoying their Jersey Royal potatoes

St Peter’s Indoor Market Every Wednesday & Saturday 9am - 3pm



Celebrating 110 years as a family run business

110 years ago, Herbert James Pearce opened a jewellery shop. Today, Pearce Jewellers remains a family run business. INSIGHT


nce upon a time, 110 years ago, in a little town in Jersey, Herbert James Pearce (H.J.) opened a jewellery shop. H.J. had been apprenticed at The London Jewellers & Silversmiths at 35 King Street, later C.T.Maine. The family have since managed to trade through various world changing events including the Great Depression, two World Wars, Nazi Occupation and the recession of 2008. Pearce Jewellers at 3 King Street is the little black shop on the corner where they still sell almost everything, just like they did back in the day. H.J. ran the shop from 1909, later assisted by his only son Paul and then Paul’s wife Kay also joined the business. In 1965, having trained as a silversmith and engraver, the youngest of their five children Peter returned from Jewellery College in Birmingham to assist his then widowed mother until her death in 1983. At 72 Peter is now referred to as retired, but is still very much involved in the company today. The shop is currently run by Peter’s wife Jane who joined in 1984. All of their five daughters and many family members have done a stint in the shop at some point in their lives, and a daughter is still involved today. As Jane says; ‘Retail isn’t for everyone, it can be challenging at times to be happy and accommodating all day. We try to remember that everyone walking through the door has got their own lives going on. You might be a 10 minute distraction in one person’s incredibly busy lunch break, or a welcome chat for someone who hasn’t spoken to another person all day, so for us maintaining the highest standard of customer service and care is our top priority. Small shops like ours are a big part of the local community, we often joke we have an invisible Information Bureau sign outside the door. Almost every day there

is a request for assistance from a member of the public, only some of which is jewellery related. Just last week I was tracking down stamp hinges for a gentleman whose son worked for us years ago! We’re always glad to help if we can. Over the years we have employed a large number of wonderful young people on Saturdays and the school holidays, some from age 14 all the way through to 21. We’re always delighted when they stay in touch. It’s lovely to receive a card of thanks for what they’ve learned about working as part of a team and their part in the local community. St Helier is a vibrant place and there is a lot to be grateful for in our beautiful town centre. We love having generations of the same families shopping with us; it’s a privilege to be briefly involved in significant events in people’s lives. We might be helping excited godparents choose a gift for a christening, ordering bespoke wedding rings for a happy couple, or gently discussing engraving details with the bereaved and offering to put ashes into a memorial locket. The relationships we have built up with our customers are very special to us. We often hear “you always have exactly what I want so I came here first”. The products we sell have changed since 1909. We no longer sell grandfather clocks but still sell pocket watches. We have always sold heavy gold signet rings for seal engraving; it’s one of my favourite items to sell as the end result is unique to that person. Although fashion dictates the shape and cut, diamonds are

 Left: Herbert James Pearce

Above: Pearce Jewellers, 3 King Street, St Helier

always popular for special occasions as are coloured gemstones. Titanium jewellery was something we hadn’t considered until I had

time on a buying trip to stop and chat with the manufacturer. A few hours later I was happy I knew everything I could about the product and felt confident that it was right for our customers. We have been delighted with the gorgeous products and enthusiastic customer feedback ever since. Surprisingly in 1909 it was quite common for a jeweller to also be an optician. This was an important part of the business for H.J. and to advertise this service he displayed a large pair of spectacles above the door. No longer opticians we keep to more of the traditional aspects of the trade but we do keep ‘borrowing glasses’ for those who’ve forgotten theirs. Ten years ago we decided to offer ear piercing and have been pleasantly surprised at the reaction from our customers.Very quickly we seem to have become the leading provider of ear piercing in Jersey, enjoying the excellent reviews of our many satisfied customers.

When buying stock for the shop, family-run manufacturers are our preference. We are still trading with some companies who would have been dealing with H.J. back in 1909. The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter plays a large part in our business as we have so many friends there and the quality of the work being produced is outstanding. We believe this workmanship stands us apart from chain stores and the internet.’ Pearce Jewellers is proud to provide many traditional services from repairs, alterations and restoration of jewellery, re-stringing and redesigning necklets and bracelets, all types of engraving, and jewellery and silver valuations for insurance, probate or scrap.


Jersey Post employees nominate the JSPCA as their chosen charity for 2019 The JSPCA Animal Shelter has been selected as Jersey Post’s chosen charity for 2019, following a staff vote taken in November of last year. NEWS

The JSPCA is one of Jersey’s oldest charities and in May last year, they celebrated their 150th anniversary. To commemorate this millstone, Jersey Post issued a set of eight stamps, illustrated by wildlife artist Andrew Hutchinson. Operating as a non-profit organisation, the JSPCA provide care for Jersey’s unwanted, sick, lost, aged companion animals and operate their own on-site veterinary surgery, where all the animals receive the treatment they require immediately. The charity relies completely on donations and fundraising activities and in the last couple of years, they have seen an enormous increase in domestic pets and wildlife needing help. Since 2013, Jersey Post has committed a year of fundraising to multiple local charities including Headway Jersey, Macmillan Jersey, Jersey Alzheimer’s Association, Jersey Cheshire Home and Les Amis, raising over £90,000 in

total and increasing awareness of these charities through a variety of individual, team and company-wide initiatives. Tim Brown, Chief Executive of Jersey Post, said: “The JSPCA are facing some real financial challenges and we are delighted to be in a position to support this important charity. We hope to not only raise funds but also to increase awareness of the vital work they undertake to care for Jersey’s animals and wildlife. We hope that working with the JSPCA and other supporters within the community, we can help them to continue the great work they do. Kevin Keen, Interim Chief Executive commented “We are absolutely delighted that Jersey Post will be supporting our shelter in 2019. Given that we have been struggling to raise funds to cover the important work we do in helping animals, such support is even more vital in helping us to raise funds but also awareness of the Save Our Shelter (SOS) campaign amongst

islanders. We are looking forward to working alongside Jersey Post in the year ahead.” To donate, islanders can visit and search for save our shelter. To volunteer, register at volunteer. More information on the JSPCA can be found at www.jspca.

“Look fabulous for the age you are”

Established in Jersey since 1997

Deputy Governor celebrates 30 years

The Deputy Prison Governor, who rose through the ranks after joining as an officer in 1988, has been praised for his loyal and hardworking service. Nick Watkins has served for 30 years at the prison and in that time has been awarded the Queen’s Golden and Diamond Jubilee medals and the Prison Service’s Long Service and Good Conduct medal. The married father of two, who describes his family as a ‘tremendous support’, joined the Prison Service in September 1988 after working at Ronez quarry. “Within two hours on my first day I was labouring again, digging trenches to help with the installation of new perimeter security measures,” he remembers. Mr Watkins, who was appointed Deputy Governor in 2014, has worked in all areas of the prison. He set up the Vulnerable Persons unit with the help and support of colleagues and has been instrumental in introducing digital technology to the service, including being involved with the development of an electric locking system which has now been deployed in many other jurisdictions. “I have enjoyed some great times during my career and learned so much from the people I have come into contact with, and I still continue to learn,” he says. “The best thing about my team, which is not limited to uniformed officers

but also includes support staff and civil servants, is the people. We are all different but have a shared interest in looking after people and helping them break their offending behaviour. I do believe that life’s experiences and situations influence the path we tread and the choices we make. Sometimes it just takes a little effort to help someone get back onto the right path. “The Prison Service has great people working for it, and the island can be proud that people of this calibre serve them. Our business partners and colleagues from other services also do a tremendous job to support us. Without them we wouldn’t be as successful.” A proud Jerseyman, Mr Watkins loves “the beaches, the coast and the people” of his island home, and, when he isn’t working, enjoys playing golf, shooting, watching sports and spending time with family and friends.



Nick Watkins

Nick Watkins has worked for the SoJPS for 30 years with pride and distinction, rising from Officer to Deputy Governor and recently acting Governor. Jersey can be proud to have such a dedicated, loyal and hardworking public servant. On behalf of all SoJPS staff, I congratulate him and thank him for his service to Jersey. - Prison governor, Nick Cameron

NON SURGICAL PROCEDURES, LASER, DERMAL FILLERS AND WRINKLE RELAXING INJECTIONS Now introducing the revolu�onary PLASMA PEN, rejuvena�ng all parts of the face, with

RESULTS LASTING 3 YEARS OR MORE Contact Julie Naidu or Kathrin Baumert on 888272 to book your consulta�on or email Island Medical Centre, 14 Gloucester Street, St Helier



YOUNG ARTS WEEK IN ST HELIER Young Arts Week, the brainchild of three Hautlieu students with sponsorship from Young Arts Jersey, will take place in St Helier from Friday 15 February to Wednesday 20 February inclusive. EVENTS

The event, based in Liberty Wharf, will display student art from schools islandwide and host a variety of performances and workshops. These include graduate textiles designer Kyle Moody, demonstrating his skill at turning fabric into fashion; artist Tim le Breuilly ,who will conduct a workshop on drawing and mindfulness; and art historian Geri Parlby, who will be speaking about the darker side to William Morris’ iconic designs, which have recently been revived by H&M. Organisers Keira Melville, Lizzie Pirouet and Ione Howells are all members of Young Arts Jersey, an offshoot of the Arts Society Jersey run by 14-20 year olds. The February event is intended to celebrate creativity and individuality in

student arts and highlight the wide range of arts available, encouraging and inspiring young people across the island to get involved.


 Leila Arthur (above), will be demonstrating papercutting at the event. A sample of her art (right).


“Established over 45 years, the company provides a bespoke, personalised service from design to installation.”

Young islanders invited to ‘Design a Fairtrade Bag’

With Fairtrade Fortnight taking place on 24th February until 10th March 2019, The Channel Islands Co-operative Society Limited is inviting pupils from Jersey and Guernsey to take part in its ‘Design a Fairtrade Bag’ competition. NEWS


The Co-op is looking for students to design the new Fairtrade bags, which will be available to purchase by shoppers in stores. Participants must illustrate the positive effects that buying Fairtrade products can have in their designs. The competition is open to students in Jersey and Guernsey, aged between four and 18 years old. The Channel Islands Co-operative Society’s Chief Executive Officer, Colin Macleod, said: ‘We thought this would be an excellent opportunity to involve Channel Island students, working with their local community retailers in Jersey and Guernsey, to make an environmental difference by designing the Co-op’s new Fairtrade bags. This is in line with the Society no longer stocking single-use 5p plastic

carrier bags and increasing its range of reusable bags on offer in stores. ‘As the largest supplier of Fairtrade goods in the Channel Islands, we will be celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight with a range of activities at the Coop, including showcasing our range of Fairtrade goods available through instore tastings. Our Community Officer, Tanya Dorrity, will be attending primary school assemblies in both Islands to help educate pupils on the big difference that shopping choices can have on the lives of farmers and workers in developing countries.

We will also announce the winners of the ‘Design a Fairtrade bag’ competition,’ he added. There will be two winners in each Island. The four winners will receive a goody-bag of Fairtrade items as a prize. The winning designs will be printed on 250 bags each and 1,000 Fairtrade bags will be available to purchase in total. The closing date for entries is 11:59pm on Friday 22nd February and the winners will be announced on Monday 4th March 2019. To enter, please go to: www.channelislands. coop/designabag


Local charities and community groups invited to apply for Helping Hands fund Local charities and community groups invited to apply for funding from The Channel Islands Co-operative Society Limited’s Helping Hands fund. CHARITY

Now in its 24th year, Helping Hands provides support and funding to local organisations and groups, so they can set up extra projects that would usually be out of their budgets. So far the fund has donated over £301,000 to worthwhile causes in the Channel Islands. In 2018, over 130 organisations applied to the Helping Hands fund. The Society was able to give £18,155 to over 30 charities, schools, churches and organisations across the Channel Islands. Some of the recipients of the 2018 funding in Jersey included Beresford Street Kitchen, who offer people with learning disabilities and autism the chance to develop workplace skills and engage with the community in an inclusive, safe and supportive environment. Funds also went towards Healing Waves’ ‘waterwheels’ floating wheelchair and converting a trailer into a mobile office and changing facilities. Healing Waves enables individuals, despite their condition and/or disability, both physical and neurological, to

Helen Journeaux from Beresford Street Kitchen serving a customer access the ocean in a safe way. Guernsey recipients included Dementia Friendly Guernsey, a partnership of charities, organisations and professionals

committed to making the Island a place where people with dementia can live well. The organisation’s funds went towards significantly increasing awareness of dementia through the


delivery of 98 awareness sessions to 1,035 people in 2018. Funds were also donated to GO - Giving Opportunities, a nonprofit charity which provides

training to people with social and communication difficulties as well as those with mental health problems, to enable them to find worthwhile employment. The Channel Islands Co-operative Society’s Chief Executive Officer, Colin Macleod, said: ‘We are proud of all the great work achieved by the charities and community groups in 2018 and are very much looking forward to seeing what the 2019 applicants will bring. ‘Charities and similar organisations are the heartbeat of the Channel Islands’ communities. For nearly 25 years the Society’s Helping Hands fund has been in place to make a difference to hundreds of local community groups across the Islands. As a community retailer, we recognise that many of the smaller charities and causes can get overlooked so we make the Helping Hands fund as accessible as possible. Sometimes there are those extra projects where a few hundred pounds can make all the difference to their positive work,’ he added. Apply online at www.channelislands. coop/helpinghands by 11th February.



SKIPTON INCREASE COMMUNITY FUND TO MARK 10TH ANNIVERSARY Skipton International is celebrating its 10th year in the Channel Islands by giving more community projects a helping hand, adding an extra £10,000 into their Community Fund for 2019. NEWS

The extra £10,000 in the Community Fund pot brings the total sum available for grants up to £30,000, with applications up to £1,500 being considered for each project. The leading Channel Islands bank will be launching a programme of anniversary celebrations throughout 2019, with a strong focus on the community and how to best celebrate the Island. Aaron Walden, Commercial Manager of Skipton International said: “We had such enormous success from the Fund last year, assisting so many worthwhile projects in both islands that really benefited from us shinning a light on them. We hope that with this extra sum of money available we will be able to attract even more projects

to apply to the Fund and grant us the opportunity of helping many more inspirational and worthy causes. “We are immensely proud of what Skipton has achieved as a bank over the last ten years. Not only have we continued to grow as a business, but we have supported some of the Island’s most successful fundraising events/ community events such as the Skipton Open Studios.” The Skipton Community Fund was created in 2018 to assist with smaller not-for-profit projects. With donations granted for events, exhibitions or fundraising schemes, Skipton aim to demonstrate that a little can really go a long way. Last year the Fund handed out £20,000 to 24 organisations across Jersey and Guernsey, assisting with projects that enrich the lives of islanders.

Aaron said: “Skipton’s aim is to be the preferred bank of the community, to better service our clients’ wants and needs by understanding what it is that drives them and by embracing what makes our Island such a wonderful place to live.” Skipton is now accepting applications for the Skipton Community Fund for 2019. Further details can be found on their website at

 Recipients from the Fund, Jersey Youth Service’s YES Project and Jersey Marine Conservation

Education Minister to redesign funding for nursery places

​ he Minister for Education, Senator Tracey Vallois, has established a new Policy T Development Board to focus on Early Years that will include addressing a new system of funding for nursery places. NEWS

Senator Vallois said that the intention is for the academic year (Sept 2019 – Aug 2020) of the Nursery Education Fund (NEF) to be phased out in order to develop a new approach in 2020. Currently, almost every child in Jersey has their nursery education subsidised by the States when they are 3 to 4, in the year before they start school. Through the Nursery Education Fund, all families can receive 20 hours of free nursery education for 38 weeks in term time at a private day nursery, pre-school or school nursery. In a statement, Senator Vallois said: “The Council of Ministers is committed to putting children first,

as set out in the Common Strategic Policy. Closely linked to this, I have established a Policy Development Board, currently in shadow form, with a focus on Early Years. In advance of its work, I am committed to give as much reassurance to parents, carers and nursery providers as they plan ahead for the next year, which is why I would like to make this announcement on the funding of nursery places for 20192020. “For 2019-2020, as with the wider Government Plan, we will have a transition year, ahead of a broad new approach to Nursery funding from 2020. The current scheme of 20 hours of funded nursery education will remain in place until a new scheme is

developed and implemented, which we are hoping will be in 2020. I am committed to keeping parents, carers and providers updated of the plans as we move forward. “To give as much advanced notice, I can confirm that the hourly rate for 2019-2020, paid to nursery providers, will be £5.36 per hour. The figure is a 2% uplift on the current rate (£5.25). While financial challenges are considerable at this time, this shows a commitment to giving our youngest children and their families continued support for the best start in life. “The Policy Development Board will work hard this year to devise new and sustainable plans to fund early years in the future.”



Tech roles boost local job market More jobs vacancies are appearing within the Island, as technological advances create additional roles. NEWS

Optimus Recruitment have experienced a 51% rise in the flow of tech jobs through its agency in the last two years, as businesses look to adapt to the changes brought about by the digital revolution. In the last year the number of techrelated vacancies on its books has increased by 10%, a response to developments in technology, legislation and governance. Chris Patel, Senior Consultant at Optimus Recruitment, said: “Trends in AI, machine learning, cyber security, Blockchain, IoT [Internet of Things] and edge computing have driven the creation of more jobs in the Island and caused many existing roles to evolve. Nearly every company that we work with now is digitally transforming. “For us as recruiters, we have had to ensure that we are well informed on what changes are taking place so that we are well placed to best service the needs of our clients. This surge in demand shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.” Technology has topped just about every list as the fastest growing occupation, with LinkedIn research showing that AI skills were among

Tel: 01534 862938 Les Charrieres Nicolle, St Lawrence JE3 1HJ

TONY GOLDHAWK PLUMBING & HEATING Complete plumbing & heating installations and repairs the fastest growing between 2015 and 2017. This demonstrates a shift in corporate interests as the need for highly technical skills reflects our increasingly digital world.

New festival to bring Zest to hospitality

The Jersey Hospitality Association is launching a new three-day Spring festival, Zest, which will include a number of exciting events showcasing the best of food, service and skills that are on offer in the Jersey industry. NEWS

The festival runs from 3 to 6 April and will include workshops and competitions, including a cocktailmaking event, butchery and fishmongery demonstrations and ending with a special community event which will be announced shortly. The three days will also feature special training sessions and tutorials run by the JHA’s partners in organising Zest; Skills Jersey and Highlands College. “We absolutely want to show off all the best that this industry can offer, both so that people see the variety of careers and skills that hospitality encompasses and also so that people can enjoy the best food and service in Jersey and have some fun. We would love our members to take part at some level, whether that is hosting an event,

• Power Tools • Hand Tools • Air Tools • Automotive • Welding • Outdoor Power Equipment • Workwear Clothing • Safety Boots

a full menu or a menu item or a tour or masterclass. This is a not-for-profit event and the idea is for members to do their take on superb hospitality in the style of their own venue,” said Jersey Hospitality Association Chief Executive Simon Soar. Simon said that the JHA were asking all its members to get involved in the festival and the public will be able to see which venues are taking part on a Zest app which will be live shortly and provide a map and event and menu details. Zest flags will also be available to participating members. “We’ll be trying to make sure that people can find news about the events and workshops as easily as possible so we have developed the app and we will also be posting regularly on our Zest Facebook and Instagram pages in the run up to and during the festival,” said Simon.

Chris said: “People who possess digital and technology skills are currently in huge demand. For those starting out in their career or wanting to change career paths, this

is an area that will enjoy continued growth, great opportunities and good remuneration given the current skills shortage on the Island.”

Contact us for a free estimate: 01534 721792 07797719659

REPORT ON HOUSING Graeme NEEDS IS PUBLISHED Le Maistre An independent report which gives an evidencebased estimate of Jersey’s housing requirements between 2021 and 2030 has been published. NEWS

The Objective Assessment of Housing Need Report estimates that almost 7,000 additional homes will be required in Jersey by 2030, assuming that recent trends in net inward migration continue. While the report provides the estimate, it will be for the States to determine the most appropriate policy solutions to deliver those homes. The findings will help the Minister for Children and Housing, Senator Sam Mézec, and the soonto-be-established Housing Policy Development Board to make policy decisions about the number and type of new homes that are required. Senator Mézec, said: “This independent report is an important piece of work in informing the decisions this government takes around meeting the island’s future housing needs. The projected figures in it show the impact of differing levels on migration on the demand for housing and, while it is for others to consider Jersey’s migration policy, this report will help frame the discussions around both housing and our population

policy. “The report emphasises that the additional demand would not all be met by new-builds. It highlights how Jersey should consider how we make best use of the existing housing stock, including bringing vacant homes back into use, tackling under-occupation and the provision of key worker accommodation.” The Objective Assessment of Housing Need Report was undertaken as part of the preparation for the next Island Plan which will be considered by the States Assembly in 2021. The report was carried out by Dr Michael Bullock and Chris Broughton of Arc4 Consultants working with stakeholders from across the island’s housing sector. The report considers a number of different population scenarios and takes into account demographic changes, such as an ageing population, and the economic need for a sustainable level of inward migration. The maximum figure is based upon an assumption of a continuing trend in 1,000 inward migration leading to a demand for an additional 6,700, plus a 250 uplift for key worker accommodation.


Graeme Le Maistre specialise in all technical sports. They also sell clothing for ladies and men, socks, energy gels, protein bars, electrolyte drinks, recover bars and hydration packs.

The Templo state of the art ‘Gait Analysis’ properly assesses your running style. A slow motion video playback allows the staff to demonstrate the properties of each of the shoes, explain how they apply to you and ultimately find the ideal shoe for you.

Tel: 733429 Bath Street, St Helier

THE SOCIAL CLUB Shingles vaccine for 70 year olds 12

Islanders who are eligible to receive the shingles vaccine are being urged to take up the offer, as evidence from the UK confirms its protectiveness in preventing shingles and the debilitating complication of nerve pain. NEWS

In Jersey, people are eligible for the vaccine in the year of their 70th birthday. This year, 981 people born in 1949 have received letters recommending they have the shingles vaccination. Before the vaccine was introduced, Jersey had 80 to 90 cases of shingles per year among 70 to 79 year olds. Offering the vaccination will reduce the suffering amongst older people from shingles disease. Dr Linda Diggle, Head of Preventive Programmes at Health and Community Services, said “Evidence from the UK shows that the shingles vaccine is worth having. Since introducing the vaccine in 2013, the UK has already seen the incidence of nerve pain (post-herpetic neuralgia) fall by 50% amongst the age group targeted to have the vaccination.” Over five and a half thousand elderly Islanders have had the shingles vaccine since autumn 2016. Dr Diggle said: “If you were born in 1949, you should have received our letter offering you a shingles vaccination. Please phone your surgery and make an appointment to get this important protection. It’s a quick injection and you only need to have this

vaccine once. “Shingles is a very painful condition and whilst it can occur at any age, it’s those in their seventies that are most likely to suffer from the condition. This age group are more likely to suffer

from shingles for longer and have an increased risk of complications, such as ongoing nerve pain. There is no cure for shingles, so preventing the condition by having the vaccination is, by far, the best option. And if someone’s already

had shingles, the vaccine will boost their immunity against further shingles attacks.” Health and Community Services recommends those eligible to have the vaccine to get it as soon as possible,

as their GP surgery will be expecting them to call. The surgery will charge a consultation fee to administer the injection - but the cost of the vaccine is funded by Health and Community Services (the vaccine itself would cost around £100 if an individual were to purchase it privately). Shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox (herpes varicella-zoster virus). The vast majority of people had chickenpox as a child (even if they don’t remember it) and afterwards, the virus lies dormant in the body. As a person ages, the virus can become re-activated and cause shingles. You cannot catch shingles from someone who has chickenpox or from someone else with shingles; those are myths. Dr Diggle added: “It’s best to prevent shingles in older people. It is often an unpleasant, debilitating illness. The older you are, the worse it can be. It usually lasts between two and four weeks but can lead to complications, such as severe nerve pain which can persist for months or even years. Many who have experienced nerve pain tell us they would strongly recommend friends or relatives to be vaccinated rather than suffer what they have been through.”






ACROSS 1. GATHERED (6) 5. SHREWD (6) 8. LAST (8) 9. INFANT (4) 10. FAVOURITE (3) 12. VISION (5) 15. SORROWFUL (3) 17. STRAY (3) 18. VASE (3) 19. FELLOW (3) 20. BURST (5) 21. ELDERLY (3) 22. OCEAN (3)

7. SHINBONE (5) 10. FOOT-LEVER (5) 11. TAUT (5) 12. FEAR (5) 13. URNISH (5) 14. QUIETENED (5) 15. MUZZLE (5) 16. EVADE (5) 25. LIVE (5) 27. COMMAND (5) 28. FOLLOW (5) 30. HAPPENING (5) 31. MISTAKE (4) 32. ESSENCE (4)

23. BIRD (3) 24. SHELTER (3) 26. DRUGGED (5) 29. GOLF-PEG (3) 33. INVOICE (4) 34. ORDAINED (8) 35. COMA (6) 36. PROPERTY (6) DOWN 2. ASCENDED (5) 3. LOCATION (4) 4. GIVER (5) 5. STADIUM (5) 6. DUCT (4)













Start saving today with solar energy Did you know that switching to solar energy could save you up to £500 a year? We caught up with Mark Brandon, Director of Sun Works, to find out more. INTERVIEW

Hi Mark, tell us about Sun Works and why you started the business… Sun Works is a solar technology solutions business. We provide a complete end to end service, from the initial consultation right through to the handover, so you have one point of contact for all services. We offer solar installation, energy storage, electric vehicle charging and, more recently, energy management and home automation. The system now makes energy decisions for you based on how much sun is available and what appliances you use. I’m an electrician by trade and noticed a gap in the market in Jersey. There isn’t anybody solely specialising in solar energy, so we started the business on the basis in 2013. Why should people start using solar energy? People look at it from different perspectives - some might want to do it just for environmental reasons, regardless of the cost, but for most it’s a balance of environmental, selfsufficiency and reducing bills as much as possible. You’re more likely to spend money upfront if it’s going to save you money further down the line. I do think Jersey should be making the most of its natural resources for energy.

How long do the installations take? Solar has very minimal disruption, there’ll not be any power cuts or anything, usually an installation will be installed within 2 or 3 days. It should be looked at as a supplementary energy supply, you have your grid connection from Jersey Electricity and then it’s like adding in an additional source. Sometimes you’d be using 50/50

from each, but the way you use power will be exactly the same. There won’t be any cutting out or stop/starts with it. You can manage and view your energy consumption from an App too.

Are there any limits to the size of the installations you can do? There is no particular limit, but you do need to take into consideration the kind of consumption the building needs, so you don’t over specify the power of the system. We do both commercial and domestic installations, but it simply depends on the size of the building. Solar panels can be fitted to virtually any roof or garage so it’s ideal to make use of any redundant space you have by turning it in to a way of sourcing energy.

How much money can people save by using solar energy? The average saving for a system could be up to £500 a year, but it depends on the size of the system. If you were to consider the fact that energy prices will increase this would then start saving you more again essentially, so it’s certainly something worth investing in. Can you sell energy back to the JEC if you have generated a surplus amount? Yes, you can. It isn’t cost effective to generate surplus energy just to sell back to the JEC though, as it costs more to generate than what they would buy it back for. It’s in your best interest to use the power on site which is where the Energy Management comes in. Have you noticed a demand for solar energy on the island? Currently, we have just over 70 installations across the island, of which most don’t need too much maintenance unless they are

larger installations but most are self-monitory because the system is linked up to the internet so if there is an issue or an in regularity the system will send me an email notification so I can usually find out what wrong on the computer so it’s a simple process.

How many people are involved with Sun Works? We’re a small team of three. When you buy a system with us, I’d expect to continue a relationship with our clients moving forward. Every system we sell has a 12-month workmanship warrantee on the installation, with a

minimum 12 year product warranty, and if customers have any questions I’d go and see them for free, so this helps with building relationships. To �ind out more please contact the team on 01534 498822, or visit the website


LOVE Letto’s


Following the new year stock take, Letto’s now has two windows full of items reduced by at least 25%! With everything from silver spoons, watches and jewellery to cufflinks and pens, this is the time to buy.

There are Charles Green signet rings and cut crystal decanters, including a ship’s decanter (the whisky decanter pictured is reduced from £199 to £149). There is also a collectable Carrs Silver Jubilee decanter with the limited edition Jubilee hallmark.

Get wrapped up with Madame Wang’s Emporium

Keep February chills at bay with an oversize scarf/wrap at just £16! There are loads of colours and designs (most are ‘one-offs’) and the quality of these has to be felt to be believed – many are cashmere mix and are sumptuously soft. There are also gorgeous ethically sourced soapstone boxes and figurines from £5, buddhas from £6, bags from £8.50, dresses and more... visit the shop at

The Bosdet Foundation

– applications now open for funding

The Bosdet Foundation is donating an additional £110,000, from the profits of Les Ormes, to complement the existing charity commitments of £131k and £28k of Bosdet internal programmes.

Selected Graf von Faber-Castell fountain pens are in the sale along with just one desk set in black leather with platinum finish.

Treat him to a pair of Halcyon Day cufflinks – there’s a choice of designs now reduced from £78 to £58.50, or if he has automatic watches he’ll love a double watch winder. There is also a huge sale range of ladies and gents watches by Longines, Rado, Tissot, Mondaine and Michel Herbelin. New items being added to the sale window all the time so do keep calling into H. Letto & Son Ltd, 18 Charing Cross. Tel 730952. Follow Lettos on Facebook.


At present, the Bosdet Foundation is supporting 11 projects that will make significant changes in our society. Nigel Campbell, Chair of Bosdet’s Charity Committee, explains: ‘We are now looking for projects that support children and families that have long-term impact and significant changes in society.’ The level of funding available for a project is a maximum of £30,000 per year for up to five years. There will be 6-monthly reviews with an annual review to ensure that the project is meeting agreed criteria.

‘You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.’ Buddha

As part of the process, all applicants will be invited to meet with Alan Le Pavoux, Bosdet Charity Manager, to discuss their applications and to gain further insight into the operation of the charity and how the funding will benefit the local community. Alan said: ‘Our reason for taking this approach is that we are fully aware that some of the smaller charities struggle with the application process and from experience we know that during the meeting we get a much better understanding of the impact the application will have.’ The application process is now open. Forms and other documents can be downloaded from Contact Alan Le Pavoux at or call 483405 for more information.

Absolute Pest Control

Offering the cure... plus the preventative measures It’s been a busy few months for Absolute Pest Control. With the cold weather settling in mice have been taking refuge in loft spaces across the Island. As they scratch and gnaw to make nesting materials, rodents can cause many sleepless nights – they can also chew through electrical cables and damage precious possessions being stored in the attic. It’s not just mice that have been causing

problems – bird feeders have been attracting rats who then take up residence in garden sheds and outhouses. Absolute Pest Control uses tamper-proof bait stations to rid all the nooks and crannies of your home and outbuildings of unwelcome winter lodgers. Give Howard Durell a call now for a quote and to find out how they can help.

It may seem too early to think of nesting seagulls, but if you had to tolerate a summer of noisy and aggressive nesting birds

last year, prevention is definitely better than cure – you can prevent returning gulls nesting on your property by having gull deterrents fitted now. Whatever the pest, talk to Absolute Pest Control.

Call Absolute Pest Control on 07797 748288 or 07797 829885 Visit

To have your business featured in Let’s Talk next month email me at T: 07797 716879

TALK with Sarah Jane Holt

Hemp for health

Jersey Hemp CBD Oil is the first of its kind to be made in the Channel Islands and provides a high-quality nutritional supplement. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid extracted from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. The health benefits are endless, it can be used for a whole host of health issues including diabetes, anxiety, menstrual pain, arthritis and sleep problems. Jersey Hemp oil, including culinary oil, can be found at 100% Health in Conway Street.

Neptune – don’t miss the incredible sale offers PLUS the £10 bargain rail!


Feeling the cold? Well you can stock up on cosy buys in the Neptune sale where there are LOADS of bargains to be snapped up to make your money go further. Neptune is busy making room for new stock so there are incredible reductions throughout the shop: Gorgeous down-filled coats are now half price! – and just wait ‘til you see the bargain rails: On the £10 bargain rail I found trousers, T-shirts, knitwear and a great choice of evening tops. £10 bargains are being added to this sale rail daily so don’t miss the opportunity to grab yourself a sale bargain before they all disappear... Neptune on Gorey Pier is open Monday to Saturday 10 am to 5 pm. Tel 851243. Follow Neptune on facebook to keep up with the latest news.

LADIES! New season Robell trousers and Marble knitwear have arrived at Neptune – team these together for your stylish spring look

The Lunch Set Menu – far too good to miss STARTERS

Coppa Salami & Peach

With chicory, wild rocket, lemon, parmesan & herb green sauce

Beetroot Salad

Beetroot, cucumber, caper, yoghurt & linseed crackers

Bruschetta of Atlantic Prawn

With tomato mayonnaise, baby gem lettuce & pepper tomato salsa

Les Ormes Homemade Soup of the Day With freshly baked bread


Grilled Chicken Breast

With braised chickpea, tomato, chorizo, curly kale & herb green sauce

Half Rack of BBQ Smoked Ribs

With red slaw, smoked bbq pit beans, sweet corn & potato wedges

Les Ormes for corporate events, ‘away days’ and parties Les Ormes, with its modern facilities and plenty of onsite parking, is Jersey’s premier destination for all occasions. They like to do things differently at Les Ormes; whether you’re after a team golf day, wanting to celebrate a big birthday or to just simply enjoy fantastic food in Les Ormes Brasserie, they offer it all in abundance. At a team bonding day you can all enjoy the views and embrace the fresh sea air playing golf on the superb 9-hole course. Or for something more extreme why not book out the whole Activity Centre

for your team which opens in July – bookings are now being taken for adrenaline-fuelled fun! Follow activities by dining in the Brasserie on good food and good wine whilst sharing stories of your day’s adventures. Les Ormes can guarantee you that your staff will remember the day out for years to come. The private function room, which seats up to 70, is available for presentations, meetings, training courses and corporate dinners. Katherine, Les Ormes events coordinator

Prices per person start from: Golf Breakfast packages from £19; Golf Lunch/Dinner packages from £29.95; Activity Centre packages including food from £30.

Visit events for further details on events and corporate days and to view menus online. Or call Katharine on 497038 to arrange a bespoke event to suit all your needs. Email: DID YOU KNOW... With every visit to Les Ormes and its facilities you are contributing towards the Bosdet Foundation which is committed to helping local Jersey charities.

Fish & Chips

Beer battered cod, crushed mint peas, chips, tartare sauce & burnt lemon

Ravioli Of Spinach & Ricotta

Finished with tomato, sage butter broth & Parmesan


Sticky Toffee Pudding

With vanilla ice cream & crushed walnuts

Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart With triple chocolate ice cream

Blackcurrant Mousse Cheese Cake With lemon sorbet

Available Monday to Friday 12.00 - 14.30 3 courses £15.00 or 2 courses £12.50 To book your table call now on 497000.

To have your business featured in Let’s Talk next month email me at T: 07797 716879

Time to call The big, BIG sale at into Letto’s Ellis Collections


Letto’s has reduced prices on a range of ladies and gents watches by at least 25%! Watches reduced include selected models by Longines, Tissot, Rado, Mondaine, Michel Herbelin – and there are just two Omega watches left but you’d best be quick!

Make it a fabulous February with armfuls of incredible fashion at knockdown prices from Ellis Collections. The shop is having a mini refurb so to clear the way Ellis has been slashing prices all around the shop – I snapped up a Frank Lyman dress and jacket reduced from £199 to £50! Animal print furs, longline cardigan jackets with fur trim and gorgeous coats are all perfect for keeping the cold at bay.

The classic Mondaine Evo Big with date. Was £165 now £110


You know you deserve it, but don’t hang about as there are limited sizes in some of the most popular ranges. Ellis Collections in Colomberie. Tel 732465. Keep up with the latest news by following Ellis Collections on Facebook and Instagram.

Dry body brushing is the ideal way to boost circulation, oxygenate the skin and bring nutrients to your body. It helps stimulate the lymphatic system, a vital way to rid the body of toxins and it’s a great way to smooth cellulite too! The Organic Pharmacy’s natural bristle body brush can be found at 100% health.

Red Mondaine ladies watch. Was £243 now £169

At just £35 this red and black check knitted Available in dark green and mustard yellow this This mustard ‘Teddy’ coat is reduced from cosy faux fur coat is reduced from £159 to £75 jacket with faux fur collar is a must £149 to £75

Tissot Special Edition NatWest 6 Nations Watch. Was £324 now £243

Tissot ladies watch with gold tone case and hands. Was £144 now£108

Leave the makeup bag in the drawer – and still look good 24/7 How much money do you spend on makeup? Eyeliners, brow liners, lipsticks... it all soon adds up. Plus it doesn’t last – you have to keep reapplying which is a real chore if you’re on holiday.

The fashion for oversize painted-on eyebrows has been with us a while. But wouldn’t you rather have natural looking brows, brows that require little maintenance?

Ladies Omega De Ville Prestige Was £3,045 now £2,284

Rado Hyperchrome white ceramic chronograph. Was £3,036 now £2,270

Jacquie Callaghan is the Island’s semi-permanent make-up specialist and can transform your eyebrows, especially over-plucked or sparse eyebrows, with delicate 3D hair strokes to replicate each individual hair for a truly natural look.

MADAME W ANG’S emporium

Along with eyebrows, Jacquie offers Lip Blush treatment which covers the whole lip surface not just the outline – I can HIGHLY recommend this, just ask me about it! I’ve also had the ‘glamourise eyes’ treatment to define my lash line which has the effect of making my eyes look bigger.

Semi-permanent make-up enhances your features, making you look more attractive and feel more confident. Jacquie is Harley Street trained so you now you are in safe hands. Perfectly shaped brows, professionally-lined eyes and softly defined lips, yes you know you’re worth it!







Jacquie works with ASC (Aesthetic Skin Clinic) at Lido Medical Centre. She would be delighted to answer any of your questions prior to a consultation. Tel: 07797 711088.

purveyors of a diverse selection of ethnic fashion, fashion accessories, unusual objets d’art Home parties by arrangement 07797 716879

TALK with Sarah Jane Holt

Dr. Seuss

Am I hungry? Learn how to eat

what you love and love what you eat If your January diet went out the window weeks ago there is a way to learn how to eat what you love and love what you eat. Wendy Allenet-Simpson of Labyrinth Centred told me, ‘We were born with the ability to know when we need fuel and when we’ve had enough. There are lots of reasons we lose touch with this basic skill and many of us have a ‘love-hate’ relationship with food that gives rise to a disordered relationship with our bodies. You need to be aware of why a habit needs to change to have the motivation and understanding to be able to change it.’ Wendy’s 8-week ‘Am I Hungry’ course shows you how to break habits and especially, break out of ‘Eat, Repent, Repeat’. The course guides you to reconnect with your physical signals to the awareness of when, what, and how much to eat without restrictive diet rules and will help you to recognise and cope with triggers that may be the root cause of your struggle with eating. The Am I Hungry? Mindful eating course is 8 weekly workshops of 90 minutes each, broken into three parts: psychological, nutritional and activity. Spaces are left on the Winter course starting Thursday 7 February.

Unpackaged + 100% Health = zero waste shopping

‘Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.’

To discuss your relationship with food and the Am I Hungry? Eating Course email wendy@ Tel: 727779. Do check out Wendy’s website and be sure to follow her on facebook for all the latest updates.

TESTIMONIAL: ‘It wasn’t until I took Wendy’s class that I realised how much I’d taken for granted. How mindless I’d become with my eating. Although certainly my body had very much been aware for sometime. Restrictive eating then secret binging was my food history. ‘Wendy puts her whole heart and soul into teaching and into helping students to understand healthy eating but not denying yourself the pleasure of a treat if you want to. ‘If you’re serious about changing the way you eat, treat yourself to a seat in her class.’ JR

The finishing touches for your big day

Looking for something different for your wedding, special occasion or even your home?

North Coast Designs was the brainchild of Sam, a carpenter, and Bobby, an electrician. Together they have always had projects on the go and decided to put both their skills together and build a company doing things they both love.

Did you start the year vowing to be more ecofriendly and eat more healthily? Well you can do both with 100% Health. 100% Health offers an extensive range of organic health foods, vegan products, grab-and-go snacks and salads from Nude Food, all the vitamins and supplements you need PLUS the new Unpackaged zero waste system.


Unpackaged has a self-service weighing scale which makes it really easy to tare (remove) the weight of any container you bring. If you forget your container, the shop has organic cotton bags to buy and reuse to get you started with your conscious shopping.

Unpackaged gives you the opportunity to make small, ecofriendly changes by shopping with your own reusable bags and containers. And it’s so easy to get started: When you’re planning your next visit to 100% Health bring any containers you have – Tupperware, ice cream, yoghurt and takeaway tubs work really well – then simply fill them up with your daily essentials from the Unpackaged zero waste system.

At the Unpackaged stand you can choose from organic porridge oats, quinoa, lentils, chia seeds along with a variety of nuts. There are also snacks such as banana chips and milk and dark chocolate buttons plus much, much more. The best news is that shopping this way is also cheaper as you are not paying for all the packaging, you’re just paying for what you and the environment need. If you’re at all confused on what to choose, helpful staff are always on hand at 100% Health in Conway Street. Tel 610638.

The newsletter everyone should subscribe to...

Take it from me, the best free newsletter you will ever subscribe to has to be the 100% Health newsletter. Each week I am blown away by the postive, empowering messages, the recipes, health tips, seasonal health advice and so much more – I actually look forward to it dropping into my email box each week! To subscribe call in store or log on to and follow the prompt to the newsletter.

A walk. For men Men Walk, Men Talk is a new men’s health initiative – it’s a walk, for men. The 5km walk is easy, non-competitive, nonjudgemental. It encourages conversation and allows you to escape the treadmill of life, an opportunity to get things off your chest with your fellow man. It is a myth that men won’t talk. Statistically, men will talk but for many it needs to be in the right environment. At Men Walk, Men Talk, you are there to walk. The chat comes second and it’s usually with the chap next to you who is sipping a coffee and staring at the trees!

Proving incredibly popular for weddings are custom made signs which can be personalised just for you – or they have a choice of signs to bring real impact which can be rented.

Walks are the last Sunday of every month, start at 9 am at Les Quennevais Playing Fields rear car park and it’s free. Turn up every time. Turn up once. Turn up whenever you like. Walk with someone and talk with someone – a friend or a stranger. Bring a coffee too! The simple act of communication can throw someone in need a lifeline. You can contact Sam and Bobby through facebook:

To find out more visit

To have your business featured in Let’s Talk next month email me at T: 07797 716879



Make this the year to get Active!

Hopefully you’re still on-track with your New Year’s resolutions? With prices frozen at 2018 rates, why not take things one step further and become a member of the Active community?


ctive Membership offers great value for money and a range of training options. With annual, monthly and six monthly pass options and reduced prices for senior citizens, students and those able to exercise off peak between 10am & 4pm, there really is something to suit every-one! Be sure to download the Active Jersey App so you can easily book and manage classes and keep up to date with all the latest info. Active has something for everyone! Active centres focus on constantly improving and providing services at affordable prices. Customers can choose to exercise from early in the morning until late in the evening. Each centre offers a comprehensive gym and an extensive class timetable to suit all levels of fitness from beginners through to advanced. Choose from High Energy aerobic workouts to improve fitness, stamina and endurance to a slower paced class such as Yoga and Pilates to stretch and tone your body, improve flexibility and relax the mind. Friendly and knowledgeable qualified instructors are always on hand to offer assistance with any equipment, weights or exercises in the gym or fitness classes. Les Quennevais Sports centre’s 25 metre pool offers daily designated lane swimming for a total body workout and ultimate aerobic activity. You can also choose from various Aqua classes and get fit in the water, great for anyone with back, joint or mobility problems. Relax and unwind afterwards

Healthy Food Swaps

Cappuccino Or Latte > Americano With Milk Or Herbal Tea Save up to 300Kcal

Granola > Homemade Muesli Save up to 200Kcal

Breakfast Fry Up > 2 Poached Eggs And Slice Of Lean Bacon Save up to 500Kcal

with a sauna and steam. The small pool is great for bringing little ones swimming and the Active Swim School offers lessons during school term time with discounts available for

Active members. Fort Regent and Les Quennevais also offer indoor sports such as badminton, squash and table tennis, and each Active centre offers facilities for arena sports; five a side football and basketball.

Exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle Sport England recommend for adults to be active daily and your weekly schedule should in-clude aerobic and strength exercises. • at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity such as swimming, cycling or brisk walking or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity such as running or a HIIT class • plus strength exercises on at least 2 days a week that work all the major muscles (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms) It’s your choice! 15 minutes

of vigorous activity provides the same health benefits as 30 minutes of moderate activity, so you could exercise for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. For those of us with a desk job we should also remember to break up long periods of sitting. Take the stairs not the lift, move from your desk and walk around, especially during your lunch break. Regular exercise can reduce the risk of major illnesses such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and some cancers. It can also boost selfesteem, mood, sleep quality and energy, as well as reducing risk of stress, depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Make sure your new year includes a fit and healthy lifestyle and encourage friends and family too! For more information about Active, visit

Biscuits > Oatcakes Save up to 100Kcal

Cream Cheese > Cottage Cheese Save up to 100Kcal

Chips > Roasted Sweet Potato Save up to 250Kcal












Members can view and book classes anytime, anywhere

for further information visit



Get financially fit this year

Although New Year's resolutions to improve financial fitness may seem daunting, they are achievable, and their effects can be significant. FINANCE

While it is important to pump iron and feel great physically, it is equally beneficial to pump up your savings and take steps to secure your financial future. Here are five simple ways to help achieve better financial fitness in 2019: 1. Trim down debt: Eliminating debt is a worthy goal shared by many. If you have credit card bills, an interest free balance transfer card could be for you. A 0% interest balance transfer card can offer 6, 12 and sometimes 18 interest-free months. Your full monthly payment is applied to paying down your total debt, which can save you money in the long run, keeping more of it in your pocket rather than the provider's. 2. Set a realistic budget: Every financial fitness plan should start by establishing a budget that is both effective and achievable. The first step in creating one is to identify your essentials like mortgage or rent, car

payments, loans - and determine how much each of these expenses cost you per month. Next, average your spending in key categories that occur on an ongoing basis, such as food, gas, clothing, commuting costs and your gym membership. Combine those two figures to determine what your actual expenses and monthly budget are, and any money left over can be considered discretionary. Part of each month's discretionary budget should be dedicated in advance to savings. Financial fitness introduces a level of discipline to help people make a proactive commitment to saving each month. 3. Shred unwanted subscriptions: With a budget in place, it's all about tracking expenses and ensuring that your spending aligns with what your budget requires. Keeping a tighter rein on your spending makes it easier to trim costs and stick to your budget year-round. 4. Pump up your savings: Look for savings accounts with higher rates

that can help your money make more money. There are plenty of banks that do not require a minimum deposit, making it an easy way to begin growing your savings with the cash you already have. 5. Find a workout partner: Working

out with a partner at the gym helps to establish shared goals, while encouraging accountability. The same is true for financial fitness. Your path to better financial health could accelerate if you can partner with a family member, friend or significant

other who's also interested in their financial well-being. Plan monthly check-ins, arrange mini-competitions for saving more and organise "no spend days" together. You'll keep each other responsible and build positive mutual support along the way.

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GR8 Recruitment takes off at Eagle Lab

A local entrepreneur, who launched his business with the help of the Barclays Eagle Lab at Jersey Library, is celebrating a successful first year in which he has grown from a single-person organisation to a team of six working in his own premises. BUSINESS

Lee Madden, founder and Managing Director of GR8 Recruitment, started his company in January last year. When launching the start-up, Lee chose to base the business at the Eagle Lab so that he would have support to develop his business. The lab provides a range of services for start-up businesses, including desk and meeting space, mentoring and coaching, and access to digital fabrication equipment. Lee explained: “When I first started the business, I was working from my home office in St Mary. While working from home has its benefits, I frequently had to come into town for meetings so I started looking for somewhere more central. Commercial premises can be expensive, particularly in Jersey, so starting the business at the lab meant that I could save on overheads and focus on growing my business. The facilities and support at the lab are amazing, and helped me to build the business to where it is today.” Lee’s business, which originally focused on recruitment in the construction industry, now also provides recruitment agency services

in hospitality. The company has also grown considerably, from a singleperson organisation to a team of six. Lee said: “The Eagle Lab has been instrumental in my business’ success. We used everything there – even the laser cutter to make signage for our new premises. The staff there are really friendly, and it was great to be able to interact with like-

minded people. I’d encourage any entrepreneurs looking for a space to go and speak to them – the facilities are second to none, and they even offer free tea and coffee.” Ed Jewell, Chief Librarian at the Jersey Library, said: “We’re really proud of the Eagle Lab that we have here at the library. The lab builds on our library resources to help small

businesses and individuals to learn, create, innovate and grow. “Thanks to the support from Barclays, we’re able to offer a wide range of services that entrepreneurs may otherwise not be able to access, from dedicated desk space in our co-working area, to sophisticated equipment in our Maker Space like our 3D printers and laser cutter. “We’re delighted that the lab has helped Lee to grow his business, and we wish him and his team all the best in their new premises.” Neil McCluskey, Head of Corporates at Barclays Jersey, said: “We are delighted that by taking advantage of the Barclays Eagle Lab, Lee has helped to secure his future prosperity, and created five new jobs. Hopefully his example will be an inspiration to others, and we would welcome visits to the lab from all budding entrepreneurs and existing business owners.” The Eagle Lab is sponsored by Barclays and is run in partnership with the States of Jersey. As well as providing services to businesses, the lab’s Maker Space is also open to islanders who would like to learn how to use digital fabrication equipment.


Oben is delighted to announce that Sharon Wake has joined Oben Regulatory as Senior Manager. Sharon is a chartered accountant and was a key figure in the Examination Unit at the Jersey Financial Services Commission where she played a central role in the development and design of the revised risk-based examination methodology, contributed to the themes set for supervisory visits and led visits to regulated entities. Prior to performing this role she had been a Senior Manager in the Commission’s Enforcement team, where she managed all aspects of an enforcement case. Her supervisory and enforcement experience gained whilst working at the Commission will add further strength and depth to Oben’s expertise.

A single source solution for translation, typesetting and conference services ‘We translated into Chinese on behalf of the States of Jersey which assisted them in obtaining the contacts for Jersey milk to be sold in China.” We translate, typeset and print every language: websites, manuals, software, patents, claims, books, prints, etc. Jersey based Tongue Tied can translate, typeset and print websites, manuals, software, patents, claims, books, print and plenty more in every language. Launched in the UK in 1989, Tongue Tied moved its headquarters to the Island two years ago where it has expanded from

simple translation and typesetting to offering complete conference facilities. This includes providing interpreters, sound boots and roving microphones anywhere in the world. We can also arrange worldwide event management. The company, which has developed franchise businesses in the UK and the US, also owns 50% of UK technical translator, Tech Trans. From its home

in Jersey, it is partnering with island based international businesses looking for a wide range of translation services around the world, including complex websites. Tongue Tied’s three USP’s - Price, Quality and Delivery translates into 92% client retention.

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