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Introduction to Shatter The Strongholds

Before You Begin

Before You Begin

We want to share the progression of how each chapter will flow with you. Each chapter will have the following: an introduction to each stronghold, a scripture we find relevant, a discussion of how Jesus can relate to our struggle, some reflection questions, pages for you to journal on, an area to set your hearts' intention, and lastly, a coloring page.

The best way to use this book is to start by reading the introduction, scripture and the discussion portion. Next use the journal pages to answer the reflection questions. When you reach the hearts' intention page jot down the main impression there or an epiphany or new thought you’ve had!

Know that as you embark on addressing and challenging different strongholds in your life, that thoughts and feelings will come in waves. You can keep your first thoughts or the most important ones on the intention page. Just know that you may find yourself having new thoughts along this journey. We highly recommend that you continue to journal those. If you use up all of your journal pages answering the reflective questions—that’s awesome and we love that! However, if you find there’s still room left, don’t worry! We have a series that delves deeper into each stronghold and these pages would be a perfect place to keep journaling.

Our hope for the coloring pages is that they would serve you whatever purpose you need. Whether that is to doodle while you pray, to decompress with God, to spend some time reflecting—whatever your heart needs! And if coloring is not your forte, feel free to skip on past the designs, but do take a moment to read the words atop each page. ‘His Banner Over Me is Love’ is a line from a song we recalled when writing these prayers and we felt Jesus was asking us to share this beautiful reminder and promise with you. Whether you’re battling through a specific stronghold or feel you are just getting through another day, remember—HIS BANNER OVER YOU IS LOVE!

Invite Jesus into these places with you-- the good, the bad, the ugly, the hard, and the joy. If any doubt ever creeps in regarding your worth or who Jesus says you are, join with us to whisper, shout or cry out ‘No, HIS BANNER OVER ME IS LOVE!

We want to be clear that neither of us are theologians. We are just sharing our thoughts on the Jesus we know!I

I (Jennifer) have read the entire Bible twice, own seven different versions of the Bible and have been studying His Word since I was a child.

I (Amber) was raised in a household of Faith and I too had Gods Word written on my heart; I just didn't realize it until much later in life.

We both have gone through seasons of extreme doubt that led us to places where we felt like we couldn't trust or feel God. After both having recently recommitted our lives to Jesus, we have seen Gods Word reactivate in our lives in unique and personal ways.

By definition, a stronghold is 'a place that has been fortified so as to protect it against attack' or 'a place where a particular cause or belief is strongly defended or upheld.' It's something that is tightly knit together that bonds you. That’s an amazing thing if you’re being held tightly by say, love? Or in compassion, understanding or joy? But in the opposite case, it’s a horrendous reality to be knit together by any notion that you are unworthy, undeserving, insufficient, that you could be too far gone or that you are not what the words of Christ say you are.

Take heart. Lean into the positive, stronghold truths that God says over you. Know that moving through even a single stronghold will bring you closer to being free. Rather than the well-known quote 'Jesus loves me this I know,' there’s another saying ‘Jesus knows me this I love.' Have you ever thought about how entirely you are known by Jesus and how entirely he loves you? That’s the most beautiful thing about this relationship that Jesus wants so desperately to have with you – that you are completely known and completely loved. Where else in life on earth can you experience that? The closest we can come to this is in our authentic loving relationships. However, nothing could ever compare to the love of our Savior.

Again, we are honored to share our journey with you.

Amber and Jennifer